(1940-09-16) Training Grounds Scene
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Summary: With the Quidditch season starting soon, several students squeeze in some quick practice.
Date: 1940-09-16
Location: Training Ground

A hot summer day was a good enough time to practice flying, or so Alicia Rowle thought. The second-year was so excited to have secured a spot as a Keeper on the Hufflepuff team that she found herself practicing every moment she had the chance. Currently, Alicia was in the air on her broom, practicing various keeper related moves; some successful, some not so successful!'

In Terrance's mind there was really no question that he would secure the Keeper spot once again for the Gryffindor team…and so he did. NOw, he makes his way down from the castle, broom on his shoulder as he walked to the pratice grounds. Spotting the young hufflepuff already in the sky, he grins. Moutning the broom he gives a strong kick and soars upwards, "Just keep practicing, Rowle. You will get it eventually." he calls out, notifying his entrance.

Sometimes the stress of position makes one just want to run away… it's not all it's cracked up to be, and Elspeth isn't one who enjoys the ability to heard people around and tell them what to do. So, today has found the Ravenclaw running for the hills, or the training ground, as it were, with her broom in hand. While it was the latest model a couple years ago, and has been kept meticulously ever since her friend gifted it to her, her broom is no longer the latest thing available. Still, she is able to rise rapidly and throw in a few quick moves at the far end of the pitch before she has her breath and swings around to greet the younger one already in the sky. "Hullo," she greets, but the younger one isn't in her house, and isn't quite known, yet. Hearing another voice, she twists a little, then waves down towards Terrance.

Alicia smiled at Terrance. "Oh, hello! I remember you," Alicia said with a bright smile and a wave, "I made Keeper!" And her pride at such was overflowing. "Maybe with enough practice I'll be as good as you?" Alicia said humbly. Turning her head to catch sight of Elspeth, Alicia smiled at her. "Oh! Aren't you the Ravenclaw captain? Gosh, I picked a great day to come out — I get to see all the "pros" practicing," Alicia mused.

Terrance offers the younger Hufflepuff a wide grin as she pays such a compliment to him, "Well thank you, Rowle." he says, a bit off guard. Then as he spots another with a broom, he shifts in the sky, looking towards the Ravenclaw in his year rocketing up to meet them. Ah, looks liek the skies will be full today! How was your holiday, Rosen?"

"Green," Elspeth greets with her little smile. "It is going to see you. I am not sure if I wanted it to be longer or shorter." There's another little smile, then she nods to Alicia. "Rowle," she repeats to remember the name. "Well, congratulations, I am sure we will being seeing you in full action soon enough. I am Elspeth Rosen, Ravenclaw captain, yes. I am not sure how much of a 'pro' I am being."

Alicia nodded her head. She was Rowle indeed, and quite happy about it. "Practice makes perfect," Alicia said to the Ravenclaw Captain, "At least that's what I've been telling myself all summer. I for one am glad to be back in school, even after all the business with the centaurs." Alicia backed up just a little bit, to make sure everybody had ample room to practice.

"Oh, I think I know where you are coming from, Rosen. Though, I don' mind it being over and finishing up our last year." Terrance says with a wide grin, doing a sloth roll, just for the practice swipping his hand as if making a block to a lower ring. Then looking to Alicia, he nods, "And you have it in one Rowle, just keep practicing and you will be amazed what you can do."

With another smile to Terrance, Elspeth nods as she continues to fly in a slow arc around the other two. "Practice is indeed making perfect," she agrees. "Or, as close to perfect as one can be." She raises into the air on a curve, then dives down, straightening out as she plummets, skimming a couple feet over the grass of the pitch before rising again and swining around to the other two.

Alicia smiled at Terrance and Elspeth as they started to do their moves. Well, the bookish girl wanted a chance to show off her tricks too. Alicia started to do a series of rolls, from one ring to the next to try and alternate from each of them as quickly and smoothly as possible. "Wee!" Alicia called out, a little uncharacteristically for her usually dry-humored self! Even a book loving violinist had to let loose sometimes, after all.

Terrance grinned a bit, happy to be up in the air again and watching others flying about as well. One more year and he would most likely only be doing this for training, which often tended to be a bit less fun then free-time flying. But, what else would you expect if you wanted to go pro… "Not bad, ladies." he said with a nod to both the Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff. Then deciding it was time for a bit more practice, Terrance zoomed a bit away from the two centered to the hoops and starting to figure eight so that he crossed the path of each individual hoop every couple seconds.

Elspeth chuckles. Although she doesn't echo the 'wheeee', she understands the sentiment. She banks into a hard rising turn, spiraling upwards in ever tighter circles as she goes until she spins to a stop just above the hoops. Giving a 'phooooof', she blows a stray wisp from her face, and turns to focus on the other two, dispelling her dizziness

Alicia finishes her roll, although doesn't rotate herself back all the way upright. Instead, she was upside down. "Why does everything look so… oh. It's because I'm upside down," Alicia said as she flipped herself right-side up. Looking up at Elspeth, "That was a marvelous approach. If you were the Chaser I don't think I'd have gotten to that one in time." Then, looking over at Terrance as he did his impressive figure-eight, Alicia did a little bow and said, "Why thank you, sir!" Very posh.

"Well, it is being a good thing for you that I am not being a Chaser anymore, then," Elspeth replies with a smile to Alicia as she steadies once more. "Thank you," she adds, remembering her manners where the compliment is concerned. She looks to the figure eight flyer and then up to Alicia. "He was always being hard to get around to score a goal," she adds with a grin. "I am sure he can teach you some handy tricks, if you are buttering him up just right."

"No problem, Rowle." Terrance says, coming to a very hard stop at where the center hoop would stand. "And you are too kind, Rosen." he says in regards to him being a tough one to score on, "I think I have to give the credit to the team, they put up a good wall in front of me." he says, knowing it not proper to try and claim full credit for success. "And if training is what you are looking for, I wouldn't mind flying a bit with you Rowle. But, at for now I need to head down and get back to my books. I have a 12 inch long essay to write for Defense Against the Dark Arts…" he said with a roll of his eyes. "Have a good one, ladies." he says, and slowly turns from them and to the ground.

Alicia nodded at Terrance. "It was nice to see you again. I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon," Alicia said with a polite smile as she started to lower down to the ground as well, "I've got to work on potions, myself. I want to stay ahead of the curve." Alicia waved at Elspeth, "It was nice to meet you! I'll see you about, then."

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