(1940-10-13) A Gift for a Centaur
Details for A Gift for a Centaur
Summary: Oliver and Wren venture to go get their first up close and personal look at their Centaur guests. The come bearing presents. Ealisaid stops them from getting too far.
Date: October 13th, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - The Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knolls

It is a fall night at dusk. The weather is cool and misty.

The Hogwarts Campus grounds are expansive and just how much so becomes very clear in this area where grassy knolls spread out for over a square mile. Just vibrant green groomed grass densely covers the small hillocks and spans of flat areas. When the weather is right many a picnic blanket - often sporting House Colors - can be found spread out here and there for picnics, studying, socializing or simply rest and relaxation watching the sky above.

The grass is covered in knee high whispes of mist and Ealisaid's leather armor and dark golden coat glitters with small beads of water as she stands guard at the entrance to the cantaur camp. Her blonde hair also glistens and it sticks to her neck and face some from being dampened by the mists and the light drizzle. She nods to the younger centaur warrior that patrols around the perimeter as he passes by. A torch is passed to him when the sun is getting very close to disappearing behind the mountain.

This bright idea has been spawned by none other than well, Oliver didn't know her name. It was some Hufflepuff student that told them that the Forbidden Forest was borderline suicide. Instead, the task should be to visit the centaurs on Hogwarts grounds! With a little knapsack strapped about his shoulder, the first year Gryffindor student strides purposefully along the plush grass, even as the light starts to fade. A bright smile is on his face as he makes his way to the Grassy Knoll, his head turning to Wren. "We can go into the Forbidden Forest another time." Oliver rationalizes. "Meeting these centaurs for now is a good starting point, don't you think Wren?" Oli's lithe and wiry build is largely covered by the thick robes he wears, though his hands can still be seen gripping the straps of his carry-all.

Wren is bundled down in what probably seems like entirely too much extra, for the weather. She's got a scarf wound 'round her head and neck, and her robes are a little bulky, the extra sweater beneath bogging them down. She doesn't look particularly bothered, striding along beside Oliver purposefully. "Certainly." The girl agrees, all solemn, like it's perfectly reasonable. "I would so love to meet them. They sound…" It seems that she doesn't actually have the words, a hand flapping outside of her robe wildly. Something big, maybe? Or possibly chaos. Who knows. The drizzle either isn't getting past her scarf, or doesn't bother her; the girl glances sideways. "I forgot the tea, do you think they'll mind?"

Ealisaid's voice is a bit on the gruff side, "The forest gets its name for good reason child." The quiet of the area and keen hearing on her part picked up 'into' and 'forest'. The shield she's holding before her is lifted up just a bit higher and the spear in her hand is leaned outward more at an angle to bar the entrance into the ring of tents that glow from within and cast centaur shadows against the canvas and leather walls. Ealisaid squints at the approaching children. "Who goes?" Her words are heavily accented and thickly brogued in a scottish-esque fashion. Scottish but not.

"Do you know if they even drink tea?" Oli replies. His tone doesn't resemble one of mockery, but rather genuine curiosity. "I think they'll be okay with it. I read in that book that they're pretty tough." Rummaging about in his shoulder pack, he fingers around for his own gift. "I brought them a scarf. Since it's going to be getting really cold soon, I figured that they could use the extra warmth. We can say that it's from both of us if you want?"
Pulling the scarf out, Oli waves it about with a small chuckle. The thing is obviously homemade from an generation ago. Made of wool, it has very, very faded colours that combine to resemble some sort of dull grey.
The call from the centaur catches him by surprise, his attention wheeling back to his front to just stare at the incredibly creature through wide eyes. His jaw loosens, heart beating suddenly faster. "I - uh," He stammers, suddenly unsure. "I'm Oliver." He introduces. "This is Wren. We've come to visit." Suddenly, after seeing such an incredible specimen, the dated scarf he's holding seems a rather foolish notion.

Ealisaid nods her head in what might be considered a bow of sorts in greeting. Or she can just be sizing the visitors up. "Oliver. Wren. Speak your wants." English is her second language and it shows itself in some phrasing. But she says the words with confidence and like they make perfect sense. Her dark forehooves paw at the earth beneath her, one and the the other and it acts to knock the water that's gathered on her fur and armor. The warrior has a rather penetrating gaze like she's reading their minds as she waits for their answer of intent.

When the centaur nods her head just a bit, Oliver is keen to match said greeting, bending even at the waist to bow in respect. When he comes up, his eyes lock onto the piercing stare of Ealisaid. "Um," He stammers again, shakily offering the old scarf forth with two outstretched arms. "It can get cold out here on the grounds at night, and it's going to get even colder. We thought," An eye goes to Wren there, before darting back. "That, uh, you could use this to keep warm." Oliver swallows, praying that this won't be taken as some sort of insult.
"I just wanted to see a real centaur. Meet one." Oliver admits finally, deciding truth is better than any facade. "I didn't know anything about you guys, and Wren and I really wanted to meet some." The lad forces a smile. "You speak really good English. I was told that it isn't your first language?"

Ealisaid lifts her spear and uses the butt of it to extend and catch the dangling part of the scarf to lift it out of the boy's hands and rise it up til it slides down the shaft to her hand. "The gift be good. I am met." She nods her head an lowers the spear back to its angled position. "The herd is in their supper. Come back with greater sun." Another small nod is given to accept the compliment and answer his question both.

Oliver watches the scarf slide down the shaft of the spear, his heart beating a bit faster with pride, a non-forced smile then coming across his face. "Yeah! Sure, we can come back during the day. That sounds like a good idea, when people aren't eating and stuff." Chewing on his lip, he dares one last question. "Are you allowed to tell us your name? So when we come back, we can ask for you or something?" With the scarf taken, his hands go back into his robes - protecting them from the cold drizzle that falls from above.

Ealisaid smirks and lets out a sound that is breathy and staggered. The cadence of a wicker with guttural gaelic-esque words hidden inside of the sounds. They just got spoken to in the Centaur language. "Ealisaid." Soon is translated for them. "I guard much. I hear more. I will know. I will come. No mischief." The last part is warned in the gruff tone again. "No Forest. Make oath to Ealisaid."

"Ealisaid." Oliver seems to almost struggle to say the word properly, having to roll it around in his mouth a bit. "Alright. I promise not to enter the Forbidden Forest." Oliver says as solemnly as he can. "Right, Wren? We'll stay out here. We have no reason to go in if there are some centaurs out here to see." The boy grins, before taking a step back and tipping his head again. "Um, have a nice night. I hope you guys can stay warm in the cold." With a brief wave, Oliver turns to make his leave, striding just as quickly as he did when arriving. Maybe even a bit quicker!

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