(1940-10-22) A Hairy Vision
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Summary: Cassandra has had a strange vision of a future crime, so rushes to report it to the victim.
Date: Oct. 22, 1940
Location: Ministry of Magic - Law Enforcement

Cassandra is patting her hair upwards to try to get the intricate waves to fit back into a cascading fashion as she steps out of the elevator. The silk hair scarf used to protect her coif from the rain is folded up and slid into a pouch. A cloak is removed so it can be hung to dry by the elevator as she does no wish to drip on the marble. A droplet of rain is patted away from her cheek before she removes her gloves to likewise place them into her bag. "I would like to report a future crime please." It's only when she speaks that an air of nervous tension can be caught. For all outward appearances this witch has poise in spades. A tense but friendly enough smile is aimed at the secretary, "Auror office." The seer adds as she is hunting around her pouch for her credentials. "Cassandra Vablatsky. I need to speak to that chiseled fellow with short brown hair, about this tall." She bobs her free hand out to the side at roughly 5'10 inches high from the floor

With the description the secretary would give a little nod, "So, it is Longbottom you want to see." she says in a wispy little voice, and makes to send a summons to Broderick to notify someone had made a call. And soon he appears, the short haired man clad in the traditional flowing black robes, the gray coat and white shirt beneath peeking from the chest. Offering a smile to the secretary, and seeing only one witch, he steps forward to offer light nod of his head, "Auror Longbottom, Ms. So, I heard you have a report to file…for the future?" he asks, his voice smooth, warm and welcoming as he gestures her over towards a comfortable little seating area.

Cassandra wrings at the strings of her pouch once her credentials are tucked away. A rather bemused expression on her face not knowing if the name is what she wants at all. But she trusts the secretary that works with the aurors to know that better than she. "Ms. Vablatsky. Yes. Yes I would Auror Longbottom. I would like to report that you will be attacked." She raises her hand to block the light from the near by sconce and squints her eyes and tilts her head as she examines him in the different light. "Yes. It was you. A werewolf attack." Her head tilts back upright and she allows that to sink in. Thin eyebrows arching up expectantly, she's sure he's going to have plenty of questions.

As the auror guides the pair over to the little sitting area, he listens. "A future attack, by a werewolf no less?" Broderick question, lowering himself into one of the comfortable armchairs. "Tell me, Ms. Vablatsky, how is it that you know this will be happening? Also, can you identify the witch or wizard who took the werewolf form when I was attacked?" he asks further, his tone calm and polite, though his sly grin and some of that body language hinted that he might not take this full story to heart.

Cassandra lifts her chin a little bit, there's no real pretentiousness in her tone like most have when they say something like, "I am Cassandra Vablatsky." It's not a 'don't you know who I am!?' but more of a 'Here's my credentials' manner of expression. "It's also werewolves of a plural nature. I saw a minimum of three. With the full moon only a week away, I thought you should know."

"I see…" Broderick says, his tone quickly becoming a little less light, and blending into a mixture of apprehension and disbelief. "So, Ms. Vablatsky. You saw three werewolves attack me, presumably during the next moon cycle? But, you do not know who these wolves might have been? This is important information, if they appear to be hunting as a pack.." he says, not as afraid about the attack upon him it seems, but more upon the new fact that they were working together while transformed.

Cassandra glides her head through a slow nod. Really it was the multitude of werewolves working together that got her attention as well. "Correct. I am sorry that I don't have more information really than that. The Beyond is often quite stingy with what it reveals. I will however continue to scry and look 'to the bones' as they say if you would like me too."

Broderick lifts his hand to scratch idly at his chin for a moment, nodding as he did so. "I think it might be wise to keep looking for other clues or hints, it would be greatly important to have an idea of who these monsters are." he says, a bit of disdain in his voice. He knew people had never chosen to be infected, but those who embraced this change so…eagerly, it disgusted him. "When did you see this?"

Cassandra idly slides her purse strings back and forth between her fingers. "I will endeavor to do so then, Auror Longbottom. I was in the District at Carkitt Market purchasing some items." The purse is opened enough for her to slip her hand into and produce an idol of sorts, just a little silver figurine, ancient Germanic by the looks of it. "I had just picked this up, it was also busy and I was bumped at approximately the same time. Of course I don't often need to be touched or touching something for the sight to be triggered. It is just unusual enough to give me pause and wonder if I had a Psychometric experience. I came straight away, once I had my wits about me. I bought this trinket for evidence and came here."

"Well, I guess I will have to offer my thanks to you then, Ms. Velbansky. I will ensure that I am on my guard at all times as the full moon comes this next week." Broderick says, that charismatic smile reappearing on his lips. Then he glances down to the small silver trinket, and listens as she states she had this vision after being bumped. "Did you catch sight of who dumped into you?"

Cassandra shakes her head with an expression of deep regret. The trinket is offered out to the Auror to take. She really did purchase it as evidence. "Unfortunately the vision took me directly." She was too busy seeing Broderick being chewed on to get a look at any sort of face or description for her jostler. "I am very sorry that I can't be of more help. I hope that just being on guard will be enough to thwart this vision. Good luck to you Auror Longbottom. If you have any need of me, my address is with the secretary."

Broderick slowly lets his hand slip out, taking the trinket and looking it over. But, he ws not gifted with any kind of sight, so he just set it down upon the table. "Well, I do hope so as well, Ms. Vablansky." he says, offering her a reassuring smile. "One last question, and then I will not take up any more of your time. Do you happen to recall where this attack took place? Or if I was able to receive assistance?" this time there is a bit of nerve in his voice, though who wouldn't be nervous knowing three werewolves were stalking them?

Cassandra slides her pouch up onto her wrist and her free hand reaches to place a hand on his forearm. "If you come for a visit I can read your fortune and hopefully be able to help you further. Unfortunately all I saw was the middle portion of the attack. You have assistance, I will do everything I can to make sure what I saw does not come to pass. Visit me please and we will investigate further."

Broderick glances down to her hand as it reaches to rest upon his forearm. "Well, if you believe that you would be able to assist with the investigation, and hopeful evading of such an occurrence..I would be more than happy to visit for a reading." he says with a light nod, glancing to his watch. "I am still required here for a bit, but can stop in after I am off." he says, sliding the watch back away.

Cassandra nods, "Then I will expect you at some point tonight. Be well, Auror Longbottom. I look forward to giving as much help on the matter as I can." With that she bobs her head with a soft smile in farewell and sees herself back to the elevator so she can whisk away home to her shop in Hogsmeade. That is after she's done the shopping she was meant to do earlier before she was interrupted by visions of werewolves ripping apart aurors.

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