(1940-10-22) As the Cards Fall
Details for As the Cards Fall
Summary: Cassandra gives a Tarot Card reading about a potential Werewolf attack
Date: Oct. 22, 1940
Location: Hogsmeade - Fortune Teller's Shop

The evening had set, leaving the partial moon and stars to light up the sky with soft glimmers. A cool breeze rolls through the air as a crack is heard in the streets of Hogsmeade. A black robe dances in the breeze as the gray suited figure makes his way towards the fortune teller's shop in Hogsemade. Once upon the doorway, he offers a light rap upon the door. "Ms. Vablansky, it is Auror Longbottom. I am here to see you in regards to the reading." he calls out.

Cassandra answers very promptly, like she already knew he was at the door, so soon he's barely finished knocking and introducing himself. She is in full regalia when she answers the door. The clothes he saw her in earlier were fine, but now she's down right fancy in her green and black feathered fascinator and sparkling gown. "Auror Longbottom, do come in." A gesture towards the table in the center of the room is gestured to and the chair closest to the door slides out from the table and turns a bit outward to ease his sitting. "I hope you have had an uneventful day since we parted ways. Please have a seat and choose from the table your preference in divining tools." Upon the table is rather every fashion of divining tool, tarot cards, runes, a crystal ball, a tea set, a fish in a small bowl, and a toad under a glass dome.

As the door opens almost instantly, Broderick gives a knowing grin to Cassandra. "Ah, it seems you really do have a gift with the sight." he says being complimentary. "Ah, very uneventful indeed. I think your visit was the most interesting part of my day, to be honest." he says, offering her a nod of thanks as she invited him in. Moving over he would slide into the chair that she had offered to him. "Well, I guess, I will choose to see what the cards have to tell me." he says, sliding the tarot cards from the tools.

Cassandra nods and with one hand she gestures to the cards as she glides towards her seat across the table from him. The other hand with wand in it is flicked and swished and slid through the air so that all the other tools on the table rise in the air and float over to a side table to wait for another customer. "Shuffle up the cards with your question foremost in your mind. Shuffle as long as you want, until it feels right. Then place the cards down on the table and cut them once and re-stack them and then we will begin." When she sits down the lighting in the room dims down and the crystal ball now on the other table glows and gives the seer a halo affect where she sits.

Broderick offers a light nod, slipping the cards up into his hands. He was not completely ignorant to the ways of seers, so he had expected to do such. As he thought of the werewolves he would think 'Will I be able to survive?' as he shuffled the cards in his fingers. It went three times around before he set the deck down, split the cards, replaced the top and retracted his hands. "Alright, the cards are yours now."

Cassandra takes a deep breath with the cards in hand and with her eyes closed she takes the card off of the top and lays it down on the table centrally. Here eyes open, "The 8 of wands. This position is what is called the Basis. The general tone of the reading and the problem at hand. The card means that success can be attained through quick action. A fast process. A time to move quickly and not allow distractions to enter the picture. Efficiency." The next card is placed in her fingers and slightly lifted up. "Would you like to ask any questions during the reading or wait until after it's all laid out?"

"I can wait for all questions until the cards have fallen where they may." Broderick says with a friendly smile and nod. As the first card is dealt, he looks it over. So, he could have success if he was quick and efficient, he thought. Then his dark blue eyes would move from the card to the deck in her hand.

Cassandra lay the second card out laying 'crossover' the top of the first side. "Obstacles, The challenges or obstacles that lie in your path. The Sun means Life - It is the source of all growth and progress. Happiness and joy are powerfully represented here. An environment of positive growth and change. All things are easy to see. The sky becomes clear." She tilts her head a little looking at Broderick, "Do you have trouble in finding joy in things Auror Longbottom?"

Broderick raises an eyebrow at this. "Life is an obstacle?" he asks a bit perplexed by the idea. "Well, I can't say that I do. I often enjoy a nightcap at the Cauldron, or taking in one of the Arrows' games. So, I think I enjoy myself." h says, obviously thinking of things he might see as obstacles with happiness and joy.

Cassandra hmms softly. "Perhaps it is at one of these locations that you will face. Or makes you a victim. Werewolves even out of form can be bitter and jealous, can they not? Perhaps it is your joy and life that irks them and makes you a target?" As she postulates the next card is lifted and slide into place rather close to her, below the other two cards. "This is the position of Subconscious, How you truly feel about the matter. Hidden thoughts, fears or emotions which may come into play now or at a later time." The card is, "The Fool, Beginnings - Youthful naivety. Showing optimism. One who charges in to new things and embraces new ideas very easily. The beginning of a new process or journey. Young idealism." She gazes up through her lashes at him with her head still bowed towards the cards. "Tell me Auror Longbottom, how long have you been an Auror? Have you had any dealings with werewolves before?"

"Well, I cannot say that my joy would not bring a bit of jealousy upon me. I find that I do have quite a good life, I must admit." Broderick says with a bit of a grin as Cassandra offers the possible other explanation as to why the three wolves might have singled him out. then the next card is drawn and placed by her. "The fool, hmm? Well I have been with the office for nearly ten years now I believe. As for werewolves, I have not had many dealings with werewolves though, no." he says, thinking a bit. "But, if this speaks of youthful optimism, I can see this representing me. I always believe there is an explanation, and often dive in head first to find it."

Cassandra smiles over at him, there is a bit of slyness in the expression. "You do seem to have quite a youthful exuberance about you." She mistook him for being quite a fresh recruit and there was a moment of surprise hearing he'd been in the office for at least a decade. The next card is laid to the left side of the crossed centrally located cards. "The position of the Past. The events in the recent past that influence or affect your question. Possibly a person, an event or a previous psychological or spiritual state." She rests her fingers on the card, "The Ace of Pentacles. Yes, I think my earlier thoughts were on the right course. This card means, Bountiful Success. A new and unexpected windfall of spiritual wealth and life opportunity. Success leads forward in a clear path to other opportunities. Your success, your good life. It has surely earned you enemies." She continues the spread laying the next card above the crossed cards.

"Well, I have always tried to maintain my youthful outlook on life. After all, just because I work in a dangerous and deadly job, doesn't mean I cannot have fun and enjoy a laugh now and again." Broderick says with a nod in return. Then the next card arises and he sees the Ace. "Ah, so someone does have something against me, then?" he asks, almost to himself, his mind racing with names of potential grudges.

Cassandra nods and looks to be considering what he says. But then remembering that he preferred all questions to the end she more quickly gets the cards laid out and then goes back to explain the position and card meaning. "While the Fool at the bottom here is deeper thoughts and feelings this card at the top is more surface feelings and the card is The Tower. Ambition - It leads to conflict and strife. A tower is built high into the air — a symbol of personal drive and ego. Goals lie in conflict with powerful surrounding forces, and forces of nature." Her expression again looks like she feels what she was onto earlier is only becoming more and more valid.

Broderick can only raise a brow as the tower is laid upon the cards. "Well…" he starts, but then he gives a shrug. Thinking a bit more upon it, he did have a bit of an ego. Or at least did not shy away from putting it on as a display, he saw it as courage and thought it would inspire. Then he simply nods to her, his eyes on the cards, curious where the fortune would lead.

Then the next position and card is placed to the right of the central crossed cards by Cassandra. "The Future. An event, state of mind, person or spiritual state that will occur in the future. This card is the Four of Cups - in the inverted or upside down position. This card inverted means a clarity of thought. A clear path ahead. Knowing what you want."

Broderick cannot contain a soft laugh and a nod at this last card. "Well, I must say, this is not a surprise from the cards. But, I will give them their credit, a correct assessment indeed." he says, that charismatic grin resting upon his lips as he gestured to her to continue in her own time.

Cassandra can't help a small soft laugh herself. "Yes it is quite clear that they understand that you clearly would like to see yourself come out of this unscathed." The rest of the cards - four of them, are laid down in a side column to the right of the Celtic Cross spread. The bottom card in the column is tapped by lightly resting fingers, "The Querent: This position gives insight into your current attitude and how you fit into the situation. The Inverted Five of Swords is known to mean, Overcoming opposition. A contest of wills proves difficult but ultimately victorious. Success is clutched from the jaws of defeat. Ooo, a positive out come. Let's hope those jaws of defeat do not mean werewolf jaws and you come out victorious…but changed. We shall see…"

Broderick nods with a smile up to Cassandra for a moment before his attention back upon the cards, mainly the four freshly laid. As she taps and explains their meaning, he smiles. But that smile is weak, and nothing like is usual confident, charismatic smile. "Ah, if it does mean the jaws of a werewolf, then positive might not be the words I would have chosen." he says with a sly laugh. "But, I guess if this is the case, it is better then death." he says, almost dismissively.

Cassandra's head gives a little waver back and forth. Seems she can't entirely agree that getting Lycanthropy would be better than death. But she's here to help him so she gives him an encouraging smile and continues at the second card up from the bottom of the column. "Here we go with Location, this position is The Environment: The relative surroundings of the querent in this matter. Also consider relationships including friends, family or professional associates. The inverted Hermit - A disconnect with oneself. Focus elsewhere has caused you to forget yourself. Personal values are tossed to the side. Perhaps you go someplace you know you shouldn't be?"

This card causes Broderick to think, unsure of where he ought not to be, or where he was not himself. But, the more he thought, the less anything seemed to come to him. "A place that offers a disconnect from myself, that is a curious one." he says, nodding to the next card.

Cassandra drums her manicured nails over the third card up from the bottom of the spread. "Hopes and Fears, this position provides insight into your outlook about resolutions and outcomes of this situation. The Knight of Pentacles… Materialism - One who cares only for material wealth. A powerful yet misplaced ambition. Hard Work. Professional success at the expense of spiritual growth. Obtuseness." After revealing the typical meaning for the card she offers. "Do you mayhap look forward to the glory and possible promotion in work this event might mean for you if you are victorious?" Her queary hopefully taking a bit of the rather harsh edge off of the exact meaning of the card.

Broderick watches as the nails tap lightly upon the face of the card. Professional expense at the cost of spiritual growth. He had felt that he had lost something in choosing his profession. But, as the argument goes, 'For the greater good.' "I may see some kind of reward for fulfilling my duties…yes." he says, not really expounding further upon this.

Cassandra gracefully nods her head slowly a few times as he reflects. Finally the last card is caressed, the one at the top of the column closest to his side of the table. "The Final Outcome: This position gives a glimpse into the final outcome of the situation and how it will play out over time." Cassandra's hazel eyes narrow speculatively at the card, most obviously curious to the reason it has appeared. She of course has her wild guesses, but that his a card she is playing close to her chest. "The King of Cups is the card of Fatherhood. A teacher and a provider. A spiritual or professional mentor and symbol of strength. To lead by example rather than force. A role model." She leaves the spread out and even casts some more spells so all of the cards lift up and spin clockwise until the spread is facing him so he can look over it how she just was.

Broderick would look over the spread of cards, his brow raising as this last card was reveled. "A role model?" he asks, again mostly to himself. "So in the end I will be able to save myself from death, which I threw myself in because of my youthful exuberance, only to find that I have recognition and am a role model?" he asks, this seeming a bit wild to take in. But, he may have had the wrong read of the cards.

Cassandra leans back into her chair and with her elbows on the arms of the hair her hands clasp in the air before her chest. "I think that perhaps with the foreknowledge of this that you can avoid the incident all together and with your companion's proclivity for similarly rushing into things you can becomes a role-model for them in being able to avoid a dangerous situation by using the tools available to you." Such as, her services for instance.

"Quite an interesting observation. One I would hope I can bring into being." Broderick says in agreement. "I would of course like to avoid coming into such contact, but at least if these cards are correct, if I /do/ find myself in such a situation at least I can hopefully open my eyes the next day." he says, a bit of death-defiant tone in his voice. "Thank you very much for the telling. What is the cost for your services?" he asks, hand moving to his pocket for his money bag.

Cassandra rises and soothes out her gown. "Gratuity is always welcomed, however I came to you and you have been nothing but receptive." At least towards the end if not the beginning. But she glazes over the skeptic start for the better. "If there is anything I can do. Please return or send an owl. Do be careful Auror Longbottom. Caution I believe is the key in thwarting my vision." She didn't verbally go into detail about the vision. But it's plain to see that it horrified her by the wideness of her eyes at mention of the vision. "It is late, would you like to use my fireplace to floo?"

Broderick stands, and fetches out a galleon, handing it over to her. "Well, at least take this for the reading. I would like to thank you again, Ms. Vablansky. I hope with this knowledge I will be able to avoid such a fate. If anything else comes to you, please let me know." then he is making his way to the fireplace. "If you don't mind, I will use your fireplace to pop off home." he says with a nod. Taking out the powder he would toss it over the fire. And once able he steps in, disappearing in emerald flames.

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