(1940-10-31) Halloween 1940: Contests and Dance
Details for Halloween 1940: Contests and Dance
Summary: The winners of the Pumpkin and Costume Contests are announced and the Dance begins.
Date: October 31st, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall

What could be more fun than feeding hundreds of kids candy and sweets for dinner and then letting them unleash all of their sugar rush in a fancy dress dance afterwards? Once dinner/dessert has been had the four tables are slide out ot the walls and more drinks and appetizers of less teeth rotting nature appear upon them. The High Table is also slid back for the dais it is on to be used as a stage for the Costume Contest. The podium is to one side corner of the stage to maximize open space for 'performances'. Soft background music tinkles softly as Patil stands at the podium and announces, "Would those who are participating in the costume contest please gather and entry by entry present your costumes along the stage. Please keep your presentation brief and appropriate to School Rules and Spirit. Please also make sure that you've written down your votes for all of our amazing pumpkins and have those in. Thank you.

First to use the stage to their full advantage is the legends, two by two in their suits of armor the Knights of the Round Table march onto the stage. Marching in unison into place to create two columns down the center of the stage. Swords are all drawn as one and lifted overhead and tilted to creat an archway of steel. Below this canopy strolls a king with his Queen. Tom Riddle as King Arthur strolls regally down the aisle created by his Knights of the Round Table with Samira, his Queen Guinevere on his arm. He looks over the crowd and gives a genteel smile. "Welcome to my court, one and all. Feast, be merry and have a wonderful Halloween! Now a few words from my Queen." He quarter turns to Samira and gives her a bow.

Samira drifts to center-stage on Riddle's arm. The Queen Guinevere to his King Arthur. Though he is a couple years younger, the pair stand at equal heights. She smiles with supreme assurance as Riddle addresses the crowd, welcoming them to his court. As Riddle turns to her, she offers him a courtly in return. Then turning back to address the crowd, she says, "On this Hallowed Eve, may the we dance and revel in the magic in our blood."

Turning to the student standing beside her, Madeline murmurs in a quiet voice, "Do they know they're dressed as Muggles?" She applauds politely as she admires the group's costumes - but looks a bit baffled.

After Tom and Samira, Abraxas and Walburga are next, the former dressed as Merlin, complete with a long white beard - and with access to magic, there is no need for fake whiskers. His staff THUMPS as he makes his way up to the front of the stage with the younger Black.

This being his first ever Halloween event at the Castle, Oliver has decided to not partake in the various competitions that are occurring. Instead, he has chosen to just admire and see what the other students had done! Granted, he still DID dress up - a loose tunic with matching pants thrown over his body, along with a patched vest and pirate hat. An eyepatch is stuck over his left eye, and a stuffed toy parrot permanently stuck on his shoulder. Somewhat unremarkably, it is unenchanted. A plastic cutlass can be seen hanging from his low-ridden belt, just to round out the look.
Currently, Oli stands not far from Madeline. The young first-year finds himself tilting from side to side, trying to get a better view of the parade.

Lissie is a little bit late in arriving as she's been having to manage tying feathers into her hair. She flutters in, rather literally, wearing her handmade owl costume. Perhaps notably, it contains no magic whatsoever. Still, she looks about, whispering to other students to ask where she goes to enter the contest.

Walking down the arched path beside Abraxas is Walburga dressed as a Slytherin legend, Morgan le Fay. Opposite of his booming staff thumping on the ground, each step of hers is light and silent, a walking fell shadow.

Walking in just slightly after Walburga, though she probably left her as she met with Abraxas, a rather well dressed Demon walks in. Penelope smiles as she does her best to show off her outfit, while at the same time trying to not get told off by the teachers!

When it's Madeline's turn, she starts to skip, going across the stage while humming 'Off to See the Wizard,' the blue checkered fabric of her dress swishing around her legs. She doesn't sing it of course - it would just confuse too many of the students, but the Muggleborns should get the joke! In front of her she carries a little whicker basket with a swinging lid - a black plush dog peeking its head out. At the middle of the stage, she skips in a circle, before continuing right back off again, without saying a word.

Lissie swallows, then flutters after Madeline, having apparently figured things out. She flaps her wings and hoots, soft and loud, then holds her wings out in a circling glide. In short, she does her best, while earthbound, to act like a real owl, quite happy in her costume made of hand-me-downs and worn-out fabric.

And feathers. Lots of feathers.

Augusta walks across the stage chewing on what looks like a baby doll. When a young student looks at her in horror she smacks her lips and in the best Haggish voice warns, "You're next. You look tasty firstie!" Long nails click together as she wiggles her fingers and hisses at the student. Then she steps down at the other side of the stage and comes over to comfort the first year and apologizing if there was any real upset.

Akilina dances across the stage with her eyes squeezed shut from stage fright. She nearly falls off the edge of the stage but she gets across eventually. Her costume magically transfigures from an ugly duckling into a beautiful ballerina like swan costume when she twirls and spins. When she waddles she's the ugly duckling so her presentation is a waddle waddle an then gliding and rather amatuer twirls and spins. A quick small bow is given at the other side of the stage and she quickly waddles off trying to regain her wall flower status.

Walburga looks over the various pumpkins as she stands next to Abraxas on the costume judging. "I think my pumpkins are the best, much truth is said in jest I'm told." in a flat tone. "How long did yours take to make?"

"Oh, I don't know, a few hours. The rune carving spell makes that bit easy." Abraxas says, looking around to make sure that nobody overhears - not that so minor a use of magic is like to draw any sanction. "I've been studying map making, it seems useful for a future career exploring lost places. And there isn't really a 'best' category…"

Walburga says, "I was going to throw pumpkins off the roof and pick up the pieces carefully to construct an artful mess and name it the Gryffindor quidditch team strategy, but that'd be too easy. And you used rune carving spells? Very nice, Malfoy."

Hearing the name Malfoy, Penny smiles over in the direction of Black and Malfoy, though of course not trying to draw too much attention to herself. Still, it's early yet!

"Things come in handy in ways that you wouldn't expect. Carving a pumpkin, for example. Though I wonder why we decide to work art out of common gourds that aren't even particularly tasty. I sense a creeping muggle influence." Abraxas says, with a shrug that moves his long white beard.

"Uh…hello?" retorts Walburga with annoyance as she gives a gesture around to the muggle influence.

"I think your owl outfit looks really great," Madeline informs Lissie as the girl finishes her own time on the stage. "You made it yourself? Or did your family help out?"

Penelope overhears Black and Malfoy, smirking lightly as she approaches the pair. "Black, do you mind if I join you two?" She smiles lightly, giving Malfoy a small incline of her head.

Not having worn a costume - Eutheria is keeping to the back of the great hall while the contest is going on, watching with a curious and uncertain expression. Some of the costumes really are very pretty, the girl muses silently to herself. Could she make anything like that….?

Lissie is decidedly part of the Muggle influence, though she is blissfully unaware of Walburga's and Abraxas' conversation. Instead she turns to Madeline with a smile. "Thanks. And aye, I made it m'self. Just asked mum tae send me my old nightgown an' an old bit o' cloth. An' I've been up the owlery lots o' times tae collect the feathers as the owls preen off. Plus my mum sent me the ones from the owls at home." She shrugs. "Yours is really pretty. It's that Yank film, right? I saw the posters but dinnae ever have the money as tae go see't. I love the shoes. Amazing." She looks down. "I dinnae use any magic in mine. Don't know th' right spells to magic it yet. An'… weel. My faether thinks Halloween is some sort o' wickedness, so I never got tae dress up before."

After the presentations are over the stage is outfitted in a set up for a band. Patil comes up to the podium and makes gestures to the vote collecting pumpkin. "Students please remember to vote for your favorites. In just a few minutes I would like everyone to give a very warm Hogwarts Welcome…" From somewhere in the great hall Tash pumps his fist in the air and gives a boisterous, "Hogwarts!" Patil only looks slightly annoyed at the interruption before she continues. "Please welcome Celestina Warbeck back to our school." As promised The Singing Sorceress takes the stage and performs some of her crowd favorites for the students throughout the night to dance to.

"Yeah - Wizard of Oz," Madeline confirms, smiling at Lissie for getting the reference. "If you get the money, you should go see it! It's really good," she encourages her. "And when you need enchantments for your costume, that's where knowing older students comes in- HOGWARTS!- in handy. You can get a lot of help."

Walburga hears who is singing and she says, "The witch who is always on pitch, Celestina Warbeck. This might be an even better evening." Looking to Penelope she says, "I don't mind, I believe I did summon you demoness. You can stand by me."

"Yes, she played last year, too. The one, the only, et cetera, et cetera." Abraxas says, as he turns at the introduction. "Oh, this one belongs to you?" he says, lifting his chin at Penelope.

"Penelope Iblis, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Malfoy." Dipping her head low, she moves closer to Walburga's side, adjusting her dress slightly.

As the Singing Sorceress takes to the stage, Samira seems keen to dance. So Riddle, as gracious King Arthur, dips in a bow and offers his hand. Looking pleased and perhaps a touch surprised, Samira accepts his offered hand and allows herself to be lead off to the dance floor. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are among the first to take up the dance. Samira moves with lithe grace, but Riddle maintains a decent lead.

"If I get the money, I'll spend it on things tae send tae my brothers. They're all fighting in th' war," answers Lissie. "I never have much anyway. But thanks. Maybe someday I will see it." She flutters her wings. "I thought about that… asking one of the older students… but I wanted to do it all by myself… Silly of me. Won't earn house points this way, but… I still did it myself, y'know?"

"Oh…" Madeline says - at the mention of Lissie's brothers. "Well, you're right, of course. They deserve little treats. A bit of chocolate or whatever can be spared." She shifts uncomfortably on her feet. "And it's, umm, admirable I think. The determination to do it on your own."

Walburga says, "This is one I have my eyes on." to Abraxas, as Penelope introduces herself. As the music continues, Walburga does take a long look around the great hall and then has a frown crest her features and shakes her head. "If you have a task though for this fell demoness, I'm sure she'd be able to assist. Not that Merlin needs assistance."

Terrance scans around, taking in the other students and the pumpkins being presented for the contest.

"Yes, I know who you are, Iblis. You're in Black's year, Ravenclaw House." Abraxas says, his hat moving up and down a bit as he bobs his head. "I'll keep Walburga's offer in mind, should I ever need anything. I do trust her judgment, most of the time."

"It isn't admirable," Lissie admits to Madeline. She flutters again. "More that I don't know any other way. It's…." She shrugs. "Anyway, thanks. It's brave of you, going as something so… obviously Muggle. It's hard…. you know…."

Penelope smiles at Abraxas and looks at Walburga. "Is there anything I can do for you, Ms. Black?" She asks softly, looking around, "Perhaps I can acquire the three of us something to drink?"

Walburga listens to Penelope offer to look for drinks and she raises a brow over to Abraxas as if saying SEE?. Turning to the demoness she says, "That would be good, I need something to wet my tongue as I spy some Gryffindors nearby that need a lashing. Whatever is there that you think I'll like, get it." Looking back to Abraxas she says "She's showing excellence in herbology, vastly ahead of those in our year." as she listens to the music being sung by the singer.

"Well - last year, I did a wizarding figure," Madeline answers. "A composer - a really interesting one! Because I wanted to show that Muggles can respect wizarding culture, too. But today…" She shrugs her shoulder. "I wanted to be Dorothy! The movie's just great! I told Colton what I was gonna be - and he said he wished he could come and be the lion!" she exclaims, before bursting into giggles. "It would've been great. Oh well."

"A pumkin juice sounds lovely." Abraxas says, giving his nod of approval, and then sighs slightly, "I tire of dealing with the noisome constantly. It's rather a never-ending struggle. One that can never, at least here, be definitively dealt with." A shake of his head, and he says, "Well, let us hope we win the contest!"

And Penny is off to get drinks! It doesn't take her long, and she might've slipped out of the room for juuuuust a bit, but she returns with three goblets of 'pumpkin juice' and passes two of them to Black and Malfoy, sipping her own, looking rather pleased with herself.

"We need the Gryffindors so we can be assured that we've sorted all the trolls, bumpkins and other undesirables out of the other houses. Can you imagine how crestfallen someone with some intellect would be if they were sorted in that house?" says the Black with coolness in her tone as she spies a few particular Lions in the crowd. When drinks are procured, Walburga says to Penelope, "You take a drink out of it first, then I will. That's how this works, demoness. I don't want you doing a faustian deal." with a smirk coming to her lips.

From the direction of the Entry Hall is the diminutive figure of Orion Black. Showing up late to the party, he obviously elected not to dress in costume given that he is wearing his school robes instead. As he steps into the Great Hall, he gives a casual brush of his fingers, smoothing his hair back behind his right ear as his eyes study the room and those dressed for the contest. After a moment's pause he is moving again with an easy stride that carries him in the direction of the Slytherin table.

"A real lion? That would be hard," murmurs Lissie. "I can't imagine. Lot of work, that." She tilts her head. "I wasn't sure what I might be… but then I thought… owls. My mum used to read me wizard stories, though… so I thought maybe I'd come as Babbity Rabbity. Couldna decide if I should do her rabbit or human-formed, though, an' I'm too small, really, anyhow."

In a quiet moment between songs Patil takes to the podium. "The award for the Scariest Pumpkin goes to…" She unseals the white wax skull on a small scroll and unrolls the parchment for dramatic affect. "Tom Riddle!" She applauds and in the entry hall 10 green gems tinkled in the Slytherin Hourglass as they join the other House Points. A scroll with a clown wax seal is broken and opened, "For Silliest Pumpkin: Akilina Moscovitz." More applause. "Finally for sweetest pumpkin…" A dollfaced seal is cracked. "Augusta Macmillan." 10 gems tinkle into the Gryffindor an Ravenclaw hourglasses.

Augusta accepts her scroll and beams happily to everyone. "Thank you for voting for me!" She giggles and slides the scroll ino her haggish robes. The contrast of sweet giggle from under a hag like nose once again has the same firstie looking rather disturbed.

Tom bows as he accepts the scroll and returns to his group of Knights and courtiers.

Akilina blinks a bit owlishly. She whispers to those around her. "Education is not silly." She shakes her head to Patil and steps behind a larger student. It makes Patil awkwardly slide the silliest scroll back into place on the podium before she gets to organizing the next announcements for Costume awards.

"Well - a real cowardly lion!" Madeline answers. "He could do it. Colton's amazing at stuff like that - I mean, you never got a chance to see it… but… well, Finley could tell you! They're brothers." Encouragingly she adds, "You could do Babbity Rabbity next year. I've always liked the Warlocks Hairy Heart the best, myself."

Walburga claps hearing the first name of Tom Riddle being called and then ceases with the others who win. "You didn't win, and my humorous wit seems to have fallen on the judges." the Black says helpfully to the Malfoy.

"I thought yours was the best, Ms. Black." Penelope says as she takes a sip from Walburga's goblet. "Don't worry, it won't KILL you, not at that concentration, anyway." She winks, looking at Black with a grin as she returns to her own goblet.

As his eyes locate Walburga and the others, Orion moves along to join them. As he draws nearer, his hands slip behind his back and clasp. "Good evening," he says, his eyes directed mostly toward Walburga, though he addresses the others as well. "I hope I didn't miss the costume awards?"

Abraxas takes a sip of his own pumpkin juice, and says, "No, Black, the costume awards haven't been announced yet. They just did the pumpkins." He nods his thanks to Penelope, as well - polite, at least. "I certainly hope pumpkin juice won't kill you."

Walburga sees Orion as he comes up and stands by them and she says "Happy Halloween, heir of Black. You should have dressed up, it's the most appropriate to celebrate the best evening of the year." With introductions she says, "This is Merlin also known as Prefect Malfoy who you know already, and this is my demoness I summoned, Penelope Iblis. Merlin and Demoness, this is Orion Black." as she takes her pumpkin juice and takes a long drink. Something brings a raise in her brow but she settles it down.

Madam Patil smiles as she lifts up the scrolls for the costume contest winners. "For Scariest Costume: Penelope Iblis." 10 more blue gems clink against the hourglass. "For Silliest Costume: Augusta MacMillan." "The Sweetest Costume by far, Madeline Evans." That means 20 points for Gryffindor again. "As for the Group award, if Abraxas Malfoy and Walburga Black could please come receive your award with honorable mention to what might be the largest group todate in the costume competition, nearly all of the Slytherin House!" Patil laughs sweetly as she applauds for each of the winners.

"I like the Fountain of Fair Fortune." Lissie grins. "I suppose it was easier to marry a Muggle when they knew about us. Thing is…." she sighs, looking around her. "If there were a magic fountain, you know… I mean, it wasn't in the story but… I mean, I'd only want to give the — Oh! Congratulations! You see, fair fortune." Then Lissie looks down at her wings and sighs softly.

Walburga claps for Penelope, Abraxas and of course…..her housemates. She looks to Malfoy, "Shall we go claim the winnings, Merlin?"

Orion nods his head in reply to Abraxas' comment regarding the pumpkin awards and then smiles as Walburga takes care of the introductions. He steps to her side and then is about to say something else until Patil begins announcing the awards. He grins and extends a hand to pat Walburga's elbow and says, "Congratulations! And to you Malfoy," and then begins to clap with the others.

"We did that play last year," Madeline remarks eagerly. "Sort of. The stage got set on fire. I was-" but she's caught offguard as she hears her name, and turns to stare at Madame Patil. "…oh," she remarks. "Oh! I won!" Basket still in hand - she eagerly skips up onto the stage - giving Madam Patil a hug when she reaches her.

Penelope smiles brightly at both Malfoy and Black as she hears their names, even more surprised to hear her own! "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Black." Penelope says as she looks at the first year, whispering something to Walburga.

Abraxas offers Walburga his arm, nodding, "Yes, off we go to collect our winnings." He waits, waving to those who offer them congratulations, and then heads towards the stage with the Black girl on his arm to accept their prize on behalf of Slytherin house.

Not having carved a pumpkin of her own, Samira applauds those of her house who ascend the stage to collect their winnings. But as things begin to settle down, she slinks off to fetch herself a bit of pumpkin juice. Having danced to her heart's content, she stands off to one side, observing the other students with a relaxed smile.
Riddle collects his pumpkin prizes with a winning smile. Now that Samira no longer wishes to dance, he remains retired from te dance floor, despite a number of hopeful girls watching him. Instead, he heads off to celebrate his victory with his knights and drink pumpkin juice.

Orion raises an eyebrow as Penelope begins whispering to Walburga before he nods his head and in reply to Penelope and says dryly, "The pleasure is mine, I'm sure." He continues to clap politely as Walburga and Malfoy go to retrieve their awards.

Lissie watches the winners for a few moments, then goes over to look at the pumpkins, finally. She frowns at it a moment, then walks away, shaking her head. "Sad, really," she murmurs to herself. Then she goes to find her way over to the pumpkin juice.

With her prize in hand, Madeline bounces back off the stage again - tucking whatever she'd received away in her basket. She won this year! With a Muggle costume! …granted, she'd enchanted the shoes, but it was still a Muggle costume! Still all smiles, she heads to the refreshments table to fetch herself a pumpkin juice.

Walburga scores a few points and loses some as well. Her chin is still held high though, not allowing it to seem to affect her as she stands with Abraxas to receive their prizes. When they walk back to the group, she says "I never was much good at pumpkin artistry. Or humor, I'm told."

There is a Gryffindor who did actually dress up as a version of Godfrey Gryffindor, his house pride showing in how his face has been painted scarlet and gold with a bit of paint on his nose and around his carefully painted lips to give it a more lion like appearance. His long hair has been fluffed and combed out to stand on end like a mane, with some extra blond and brown and red and black hair being used to fill it all out all mighty like. Around his shoulders is draped a scarlet cloak lined with gold and he wears a suit of knight's armor under that, his gloves and boots painted to resemble paws with claws. At his side, a fake sword in a sheath. He does however stand up to cheer for Madeline, loud whistling and pumping of his paw/fist. Yes, le Capitan…Cillian.

"Apparently we're inappropriate?" Penelope says with a grin to Walburga, licking her lips as she passes her goblet back. "Honestly, I just think no one here has any taste!"

Orion smiles openly at Walburga's comment, turns his head to look at her pumpkin and says, "I believe that the few points lost may have been worth it. It was quite funny to those sharp enough to see the truth in it." He pauses and glances in the direction of the Gryffindor table and adds, "I guess the sting is just too much for their delicate Gryffindor hearts. Father and Grandfather always said they were a… well, a sensitive lot, to say the least."

With her drink in hand, Madeline takes a large gulp from it - then bounces over towards one of her friends. "Captain! I won!" she exclaims (as if he hadn't already seen and heard). "As Dorothy!" She seems to enjoy this a great deal.

Walburga nods to Orion, "Sensitive is a gentle way to put it, but I don't want to talk about them any further, I don't think there's enough butterbeer to smooth the subject." She looks over to Penelope and nods, "Lesson learned." To the three she says, "Why don't we go sit at the table instead of standing up here on display?"

"Well of /course/ you did." Cillian replies to Madeline, flashing a feline like grin before shaking out his mane.

Penelope grins at Walburga and motions for her to lead the way. "And here I was thinking you were putting me on display, Ms. Black?"

Abraxas steps away for a moment after the costume winners collect their prizes, and then nods to his partner in crime for the evening. "That was… interesting." he says.

Nods along with Walburga and gestures ahead and says as he steps in with the older students as they move toward the table. Looking to Malfoy he says, "So, Malfoy, Prefect and Quidditch Captain. That was a good showing at the last game! The team did great." He smiles to Walburga, obviously including her in the compliment, as if it needed to be stated.

Lissie has found a place to perch, not quite literally, but she has a bit of food and her pumpkin juice. She isn't dancing, but her head nods in time to the music. For the now she is alone, but the isolation does not seem to bother her.

"Do you want to come dance, Captain?" Madeline asks. She has much too much energy to sit or stand in one place now. "We should all dance!" she exclaims.

Cillian looks thoughtful for a moment, turning his head two and fro before tugging from within the folds of his cloak a slender reed flute and he toys with it for a while before swinging his legs around and nodding. "Why not?" A glance goes over to Lissie and he grins for a moment before moving towards the Owl that is Lissie and he gestures towards Madeline. "Well then? Are ye joinin' us?"

Walburga sits down at a table, she makes sure that Orion is by her right and then Penelope and Abraxas. "At least we don't have that foolish half-giant stomping around here ruining the atmosphere." She seems oblivious that she ruins atmosphere. "You really ought to have dressed up, Orion. Next year, we'll come as a couple and win again. Speaking of winning, Penelope here can assist you Orion with your studies in Herbology. I don't have a green thumb at all."

"Do you know, I think we all look very fetching," Druella appears at Lissie's left elbow, sipping a tall frosty glass of pumpkin juice and looking about with evident amusement. "Nothing like a feast and dance to kick up excitement. I suppose classes on Monday will seem quite dreary compared to all this fuss."

"Yes, Black. Though I admit Quidditch Captain wasn't exactly something I planned for. We simply couldn't have that blood t… other boy as keeper, and it turns out that I have some skill for it." Abraxas says, as he takes a seat, putting his voluminous robes around him somehow. "Walburga did excellently for her first time out, though. No snitch will be safe."

"Nae, not dreary. Just hard. Though it gets awfully cold in some of the rooms. She looks at Cillian and shrugs. "I… erm… dunnae how tae dance…" She clears her throat, then shakes herself. "S'pose I could try it, though…."

"Everyone knows how to dance!" Madeline contradicts Lissie - taking the younger student by the hand. "Even babies. Com'on! Let's go have fun." She smiles at Druella, and nods her head towards the center of the room. "You too!"

"What, all of us together?" Chuckling, Druella's eyebrow arches up, even as Madeline enthusiastically tries to strong-arm both of the first-years onto the dance floor.

Orion smiles to Walburga and says, "Yes, that sounds wonderful. We have a year to think of something, that should be easy enough." To Penelope, "Perhaps if I fall behind I will take you up on that. I must confess that is why I didn't make the costume contest, I had a bit of homework to finish up." As Abraxas addresses him he looks back to the older Slytherin and says, "Well, regardless of whether it was something you planned for or not, you seemed to handle yourself very well. I watched how you directed the team while guarding the goal posts, it was quite admirable." He nods his head to the Malfoy in an honest compliment. Looking back to Walburga he says, "Oh, I agree. She did great herself. I knew there was no way she would allow a Gryffindor to best us." Lifting a hand he places it on Walburga's shoulder and squeezes confidently. "You guys will no doubt win the cup this year!"

"Ye look like a lovely princess, but with yer apples I'm going to go ahead and assume I am being graced by the presence of beautiful Atalanta?" The Irish teenager winks at Druella, his good eye that is as his bad eye is covered with a patch and he shakes out his mane. "Yes, yes, all of us together." Cillian offers his hand to Druella seeing as Madeline seems to have Lissie. "Its just about moving to the music or how ye feel in your heart."

"Mr. Black, if there is anything you ever need, you will let me know. I am more than happy to help you in any way I can." Pausing, Penelope looks to Walburga. "Or let Walburga know, of couse." She grins, taking a sip of her juice. "I wonder if they'll let us out a bit later tonight, lovely night, don't you think?"

Walburga smirks at Orion, but she doesn't say anything cruel. "Malfoy needs to train you up on being the new captain of the team perhaps, it is his last year and someone proper needs to take control. If that's fine with you, Malfoy?" she asks. "And we had to win that match, we couldn't have a bunch of filth thinking they could win. Every once in awhile you need to beat the pride out of them so they learn their place."

"I'm only a sixth year, Walburga." Abraxas says, with a grin, "One more year to go after this one. But there will be openings by the time that Orion is old enough for the team. Things work that way, yes?" He gives a shrug, "Yes, nothing is more important than beating Gryffindor. It was a hard fought match." The Malfoy looks at Penelope, and then at Walburga, and then back again. He shoots Walburga a look that says, 'we should talk later'.

"Owls don't dance. We soar an' glide," answers Lissie. She eeps as she is dragged up anyway, and she shrugs her shoulders. "A'ight, a'ight, but dunnae blame me if I step all over you." She grins at Cillian, then sighs. "Y'know what *I* like tae dance tae? Bagpipes."

"I play the bagpipes!" Madeline squeals - before spinning poor Lissie around, with an eager laugh. "Angus is teaching me! My father hates it - that's how he acts, anyways. But I know he's proud anyways. Dads are so funny, aren't they?" She grins - turning her head to include Cillian in this question.

Orion glances sideways to Walburga and then amends himself by saying, "By that I mean you have seen more of the past contests than I have. I don't have the experience to know what has been done, or what would top what." To the others he nods his head slowly and says, "Well, perhaps it is something that could be worked toward. I joined the Broom Club, I can't imagine it would hurt to get a bit of practice with the team Captain, if you are up for it." As for Penelope, she gets a nod of gratitude, though as he begins to look away from her, a slight furrow of his brow and tiny thoughtful frown mar his youthful features.

"I see," Dru replies to Cillian's playful invitation, a slight smile quirking up the corners of her mouth. Tossing her head, she looks over her shoulder at Lissie and decides, "We can soar and dance and whatever else we want, I'd say." She lets herself be lured out onto the floor in what is surely a flawed decision, though the next thing to pop out of her mouth is an incredulous - "You can -dance- to bagpipes?"

Penny slinks a bit away from the trio, but not exactly noticably as she tucks in to her food and juice, offering the odd tidbit into conversation with Malfoy and the Blacks, of course!

Walburga says in her caustic tone, "Wishful thinking, probably. Call it a veiled compliment, you act higher than your grade." towards Abraxas before flashing the barest of there smiles to her friend before her face folds into the usual coolness as she stares over towards other houses. There's a particular girl with beautiful red locks of curls she spies, and her eyes narrow even more. "Why do they laugh and smile so much? Is ignorance -that- much bliss?"

"Aye, they be weird. I have /two/ fathers. I would know." Cillian drawls in response to Madeline before his attention goes between Lissie and Druella and he spreads his arms when they say 'soar' and then sorta wiggles and rocks back and rother before nodding slowly. "Ye can dance to anyting really." And then he's showing the girls a few simple dance step patterns, just little 1,2,3s and such, jig style.

"Aye, ye ken," answers Lissie. "An…. I mean, I ken do Highland dancin', but I dunnae ken…" Lissie coughs. "Don't know how tae dance in a group. Were a reel or like, that's another thing." She grins, then claps her hands together before flapping. "Wisht had th' pipes right now. Could make a new dance: th' Owl Reel. That'd be grand!" She hoots, spinning around Madeline.

"We'll make up the owl reel tomorrow!" Madeline promises. "I bet Angus can join us too - maybe up on the roof!" she suggests. "I've been saving up - to get my own set of pipes. Instead of just my practice chanter."

"I would be disappointed were I a seventh year. I would miss getting the opportunity to win yet more quidditch matches." Abraxas says, with a little roll of his eyes. "And I'd be happy to have you come out to practice, Black. I'm sure you have the basics of flying a broom down."

Orion follows Walburga's gaze across the room toward the red head and then smiles and says jokingly, "And here I was thinking of asking if you'd care to dance!" He laughs aloud, making it not quite clear if he were actually considering on asking her or not. Looking back to Abraxas, Orion nods and says, "I do. I joined to Broom Club to learn a bit more, though I have no idea what position on the team I would like to play. Maybe a Chaser or Beater."

Cillian waggles his flute. "If ye need /help/ ye just let me know." He laughs and chuckles as he flaps his arms and spins around, swaying and moving to the music.

Walburga is probably staring at Lissie now if someone had a spell for laser beam eyes. "Orion, you'll need to make yourself available for Prefect Malfoy. Your studies can be made up later, it's just books anyways and I can help there, or find those who can. And make that two people to sign up for broom lessons, I want to be able to fly and knock the smile right off the next chaser with a quaffle." She might have adjusted her position a moment.

"Look here," Druella decides after a minute or two of watching Cillian prance about like a deck-side pirate, her expression of bemusement growing stronger by the second. "That may be a fine way to dance to bagpipe music, but this music is all wrong. Come here." She takes him firmly by the hands, looking up seriously at him as she explains, "On these slow beats, walk toward me, two steps, and then on the quicker ones, we step to the side."

"On the roof? Are ye daft?" Lissie asks Madeline, though she winks as she says it, and smiles broadly. "Or just tryin' tae get me killed?" Again, the wink. "Besides, somehow I think that'd get us caught, told off, docked a million points, and detentioned until next Hogmanay." She shudders, then laughs. "Wait. So…. a hop-flap here, and then…. see, kick here, an' then wiggle the tail righ' here, see… an' then…. swoop!" She laughs, heedless of the death-stare of the Dread Walburga.

"Oh, the roof's a fine place to play - as long as you don't do it at six am with the amplification charm in place, like a certain Gryffindor might have done last year - not me, mind!" Madeline exclaims with a laugh at the memory. "Angus is always causing trouble. But playing on the roof is fine! I do it plenty." As she talks - she tries mimicing Lissie's dance movements.

Abraxas waves a hand, "No, no, a firm foundation in the first year is important for young Black here. And to be a Slytherin means that we can't accept being second best at anything. But we'll find time for the broom lessons, too. Oh, and team practice this week. We'll have another match coming up before we know it."

Cillian then pauses when Druella takes matters into her own hands and his eyebrows raise a fraction as he gives a questioning 'mew' and then he smiles softly as he allows his hands to be taken and he nods slowly to Druella. "Ahh, well. We can do the proper dancin' as well." And he follows along quite easily.

Orion nods his head slowly and says, "If you don't mind then Malfoy, I may come and watch practice this week. And maybe get my mother to send my broom by owl if there is a chance of me getting to practice with you after the team finishes up." Looking from Walburga to Lissie and back again, Orion eventually offers Walburga his hand and says, "Well.. I simply cannot stand the wait any longer. Would you do me the honor?" He offers her a smile and tilts his head toward the dance floor.

"I like 'proper dancing,'" Druella points out with a fleeting smile. "It's very elegant, don't you think?" She glides backwards gracefully enough, as if there's been some footwork practicing earlier in her childhood, then with a sudden lilt of an eyebrow, she lets the Gryffindor guide her into a stylish spin.

Walburga has Orion apparently offer his hand. Oh dear, will she flip? "Very well." she says without too much coldness in her tone. Up she stands, and the two Blacks head towards the area where there is dancing but she first takes Orion towards Celestina. "This is the famous singer Celestina Warbeck, it'd be good to remember her name because I -like- her." states Walburga to Orion. To Celestina she says, "Please sing Stardust, it's an appropriately titled song for a formal dance." She then takes Orion to the dance section and for a moment, she lets him decide to lead.

"Nae, first y' need tae be standin' different. Like reachin' for somethin up high. Make your legs springy. Springy, springy. Like deer leapin' from hill tae hill." Lissie laughs; she doesn't seem to care what the music is. Instead she is now focused on creating the Owl Reel, which seems to be a mixture of interpretive owl movements, the Highland Reel, and a fair bit of rhythmic leaping about. It is, as they say, a rather vigorous dance.

Orion holds Walburga's hand and walks alongside her toward Celestina. He takes the not so subtle hint with a smile and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you." Afterward he turns to the dance floor and wastes no time as the tune begins and places a hand on her hip, and takes her other in his and begins a formal waltz that actually isn't too shabby at all. He moves gracefully enough for an eleven year old.

Cillian chuckles softly and nods slowly to Druella as he spins her with a small smile and then bows his head all regally like. "Yes, proper ladies with elegance about them all prefer the proper dancin', it allows them to remain ladylike while showing off their grace and skill."

"Yeah, okay, feet a bit closer in, then," Madeline remarks - changing her stance as she continues to dance with the other girl. "This is fun!"

Walburga is stiff and unyielding, but Orion is leading and he's doing an excellent job. The two Blacks are not doing a terrible job at all at the formal waltz as the song is being sung. The two Blacks are talking quietly to one another as they dance and something he might have said causes a lift of her brow but she retorts swiftly.

"If I have to show off my grace on the dance floor, it's to make up for my complete incompetence in flying lessons," Dru shrugs ruefully. "Alas. I may not be suited for a life of competitive sport."
Walburga whispers to Orion.

Orion continues to lead Walburga around the dance floor in an attempt at a graceful waltz. He smiles to his partner and for all appearances shows none of the other dancers any attention at all.

"Right, then. If ye wheel under my wing, and then I'll wheel under yours…. ah… sunwise for you an' widdershins for me, lucky owlet that I am." Lissie grins. "An then a circle opposite, sunwise for me, widdershins for you, an' then side-by-side again, hrmm?" Her eyes are glittering with competition, and she swoops happily about like a feathered lunatic.

Walburga clears her throat at whatever Orion said and she looks away from him a moment before scowling at seeing a happy Lissie. She looks back to Orion after a moment while the singer is still singing the song and the two dance.
Walburga whispers to Orion.

"Sunwise? Widdershins?" Madeline asks - laughing with delight at the terms. But with a little coaxing she understands them - and continues the dance with the first year, smiling in amusement. "You should be a… a… dance composer! There's a word for that, isn't there? Dance composer? What do they call it?"

"I'm not into the competitive flyin' ting either." Cillian gestures towards his bad eye and chuckles before offering Druella another spin and then calls out towards Madeline. "Choreographer."

Orion leans his head back in an open laugh at something Walburga has said to him, for a moment whatever associations there may be with his family name falling away and he appearing as any other care free youth. Looking back to her he pivots the pair in a slow spin, grinning as he continues with their whispered conversation.

"Och, nae, I'm nae choreyoo… cho— what he said," protests Lissie. "Dance like as not looks ridiculous. S'fun, though, an' tha's th'important thing. An'. Another hop, hop, and… flap! Now, if we got more people, we could make a proper reel of it." She pauses to take a brief breath, her face a bit flushed.

"Choreographer!" Madeline echoes back. "Thanks, Cap'n!" She continues mirroring Lissie - even as she argues, "But you are! And this is fun! You're a choreographer! It's great!"

Walburga nods to what her dance partner says, her lips moving as they talk. And then the waltz comes to an end, with Walburga giving a customary if old-fashioned curtsey. "It was satisfactory."
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Orion smiles openly at Walburga and nods his head, his lips moving in a quick reply. As the song winds to an end he allows his hands to fall slowly to his sides and offers Walburga a similarly formal bow and then offers the band exactly two claps of his hands. Looking back to Walburga he smiles and offers her his arm and says, "Do you want to go back to the others or do you have something else in mind?"

Walburga says, "It'd be rude to leave our companions to be, but it's been a very long time since we had a chance to talk privately. I suppose in this darkest of nights…." as she moves to his side.

Orion considers for a few moments and whispers something else to Walburga before he leads them back to their table. To Abraxas he says, "I think Walburga and I are going to go for a walk. I trust you will have a good evening, and I will see you back in the common room." He offers the Malfoy a nod and then to a nod as well to Penelope, "I will see you around, it was a pleasure to meet you." He stands still long enough for Walburga to say something to the others if she chooses before leading her from the Hall.

"Well, as long as it dinnae look completely idiotic," giggles Lissie. "Tha's one thing. An' the fun part, o'course. Then maybe in three hundred years little firsties will be dancin' the Owl Reel at parties an' wonderin' wheer it came from, hrm?" She shakes herself. "An' needs th' pipes, with hootin' sounds and all."

"We really should work on it tomorrow," Madeline says encouragingly. "It'd be fun! I love having a chance to use the pipes. I'm sure Angus'll loan 'em to me."

Walburga follows alongside Orion and she says in her cool tone to the rest of the Slytherins at the table and Penelope, "Have a good rest of the evening, and a festive Halloween." Once that's given, she continues on with the other Black.

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