(1941-01-27) Coffee and Catching Up
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Summary: Solstice Merrythought is having a late night study session at a local hot spot when she runs into her old flame, Colton.
Date: January 27th 1941
Location: Sip and Sonder

It's getting later and the coffee shop which hosted its after dinner attendees is beginning to thin. As the mugs are cleaned and tables vacated though the few bodies there seem to plan on taking up residence. Solstice is amongst them, pressed into some cushions with a few books open, her wand idly lofted as she taps her coffee mug and what was cooling is now steaming again - less than half full.
She's dressed not in her regular clothing but something far more practical for the outdoors. A button down shirt tucked into high waisted wool pants and her jacket off to the side. Her red hair is pulled back into a braide that wraps messily around the back of her head. She quietly turns the page and continues on through to the next page. Her wand is set aside and she narrows her eyes upon something she reads before reaching for coffee, though in essence it is likely mostly hot chocolate.

Colton swaggers down from upstairs turning his fedora in his hands. He gives one last friendly smile and wave of his hat upwards to the top of the spiral stairs before he turns to stroll over to the counter. "Did I tell you you look very nice Marie?" The shop girl nods to him with a smile she'd trying to suppress. "Before you went up." Colton ahhs with recolection and nods. "That's right. Well yee just might look nicer than before. May I have a cup a joe please?" Marie seems to be very used to his antics and she goes about the process while he leans on the counter and waits.

The earlier Solstice may have missed the entrance of Colton - absorbed in books rather than what is around her. But a familiar voice is enough and then two and two are put together and she stares at the surroundings. Here. Right. Pale eyes regard him from over the top of her book and she hesitates as she considers him and how he waits. Her gaze flits to the loft and then back to him before she sits up a bit straighter and waits. Yes, she waits as patiently as one can, finger rested at the edge of the page to ready it for turning.

Colton picks up a stick of rock candy and holds it up to look through the sugar crystals in the light. It's then that he sees a dozen or more blurry but familiar forms within the saccahrine facets. He lowers the stick that's used to stir and sweeten coffee more than be a candy treat down. "Well lookie loo! It's yoo!" He grins wide and big and peeks over to Marie and points to Solstice's table. Then he pushes off the counter and bobs and weaves over to help himself to the chair across from Solstice. "You look great! Wow! Look at you!" There is something different in the way he compliments Solstice to the flirting he was doing with Marie. A little thing called sincerity is in his tone. "Well, hi!"

Perhaps not what she was expecting, Solstice at first flusters for a response. Finally she finds her words as he makes his way over to take up a seat in front of her. All at once it is obvious she had forgotten his will and ability to bounce back. Blinking rapidly she forms a faint smile, "Colton, hello. I should have expected to see you here, but then I had forgotten," she admits faintly. But she rallies and sets her book aside, marking her spot with the press of a ribbon between the pages. "Do tell me, how have you been? I trust well?" she asks of him, seemingly more grounded and a tad centered in the here.

Colton is doing that entranced staring thing, but he catches himself and blinks and sets his fedora down on the table. "Wot? Hmm? Oh! Yee mean?" He points upstairs and then to himself with a little shake of the head and a soft, "Nah, just a friendly dinner. We have them when our travels allow. I am doing very well, aye, thanks. But you know me." Mr. Nothing gets him down. "Wot bout yee? Wot ever it is yer up to, it suits. There's something different bout ye, in a very good way. I like it. Yee are doing R.C.M.C. work, right?" At least he kept track of her that much after they graduated.

Glancing up again at his motion, she smiles and gives a light nod as she reaches for the coffee, doing so to keep her idle hands unidle. She cups it, sapping what warmth is left as she tilts her head, cutting her way through the thick accent. Her smile curls up a little more, leaving dimples in her cheeks. "Yes, I am. And surprisingly not in the field I had thought to take up…" she hesitates, glancing down at her books and then up at him. "I am training to be a Werewolf hunter," her voice is pitched so as to keep the conversation between themselves. A sip of coffee follows.

Colton whole issue, possibly since birth and the crux of their separation reveals itself again. Because she might be keeping her pitch to between themselves. But an already cheery Colton is down right excited, "Stop the lights! A werewolf hunter!?" He gives the table a little slap. But Marie's come over and he leans back with a massive grin. "Marie do yee know Solstice? We go back, putter on me tab tonight, aye? Thanks doll." He looks back to Solstice shaking his head still grinning as he lifts up his coffee for a first sampling sip.

There are those enjoying a quiet respite and turn to study the two younger of the room. Solstice dips her head, showing her original colors with a great measure of embarrassment, "Colton!" she hisses after the slap unsettled the mug in her hands - thankfully empty enough not to spill all over her. She daps at a few spots on her hand after setting it aside. "Please…" she begs of him and shoots Marie a look before glancing back to the warlock across from her. "It seems that the Merrythoughts are highly regarded in use of the skills against the Dark Arts..seemed I fit well enough. Though I am on my first field test tonight.." The fitted and rather woodsy attire might hint at that. But she changes the subject quickly. "It /is/ good to see you again," the words said with genuine inflection.

Colton grins sheepishly and ducks his head down apologetically, adorkable. "Sorry, just got a bit of shock. That's amazing though. Good on yee. Tonight?" He looks around at those gathered. Now he's whispering, "Do yee think there's one in'ere?" It's 3 nights since the full moon so he suspects she's monitoring a werewolf that was up to some mischief during the weekend. The whole subject change obviously went righ over his head. He's still peering at the other customers. A great big smile and cheerful, "Good evening!" Is greeted if he gets spotted.

Expectant as ever for his cheery attitude, she just smiles and watches him for a moment from over her cup. Solstice does not interrupt him from greeting others, merely seems to take it in silent stride before she shakes her head, "I don't think so? I know I am to stay here for a time. My mentor will come gathere when I am needed." She glances around the room then to take in those around her. Could there be? She chews on her lip and lifts a hand to idly tuck a loose strand of hair back behind her ear. "So you travel then, what do you do?" she asks, steering the subject as best she can against a powerful wave called Colton.

Colton doesn't see any unibrows or hairy palms or that such folk lore tell tale signs so he turns about to completely face her now. He holds his cup like a claw machine over the top of the mug. Lifting it and tilting it to take his steady drinks. "Well we all can't be as excitin' and unpredictable as yee Sols. I'll give yee three guesses." He winks over at her holding up three fingers of his other hand. The life of a Curse-Breaker is something that he's wanted to do long before he even met his old flame. It's pretty clear by the grin and the way he teases her about his predictability means he's doing what he's always planned.

There is an easy smile he lures from her and Solstice considers his three fingers. "Strange, the idea of guessing games…when the most direct route is to share. But I will play along if that is what you wish," she promises. Her eyes focus on his fingers and consider her choice with a hmmmming sound. "A….hmmm. Yodeler." she declares with earnest interest, a smile crooking at the corner of her mouth as she waits for his ready no. But her hand has long abandoned her own empty cup to the table.

Colton takes another drink to hide his ear to ear grin. Lowering the cup he retorts, "I remember yee love a good game…" Oddly, but that's Colton, he lowers his middle finger first. He does begin to yodel, managing to keep it at a coverversational volume. "Noooididdee yodidididdilee preeeeddyyyy laAAaAaadedee!" He then wiggles about his ring finger with an eyebrow lifted. "See, innit this way more fun then just sayin?"

A clap sounds as takes up yodeling and the young witch is given to cheer him and clap when he is done. Solstice lets out a long breath and dips her head, "Yes, it is…but now..now I have to come up with a very extravagant second guess.." she muses and considers it thoughtfully. She taps her lips and considers, "You are a pugilist..I dare say I have to be right," she intones. A brief glance to Marie and then to him, waiting for his next display.

Colton is even more cheered by her good response to his yodeling and he down right giggles with glee into his mug. Her next guess has him snorting his coffee just a touch. "That is a family hobby, nae something I get paid for." He winks to her and lowers the previously wiggling ring finger down. "Only one last guess and then ye will lose and that will mean they ye will have to treat me to a nice dinner. So we can better catch up."

"I figured it was a good choice," Solstice says in response and then studies him. Pale eyes lower and she thinks. "You…you are a highwayman, a rake, a cad always moving and never stopping. An outlaw..stealing women's hearts and making away with them like in the stories of old. I know I can not be wrong so you owe me dinner," she seems utterly convinced she is right and keeps her gaze on his to show she would like him to argue the point.

Colton is a regular here enough to know when Marie is starting to get to the point where she's going to start cleaning and shooing people. While she gives him the old one-two-uppercut he grimaces inside the protection of his raised mug as he drains it. It's set down with a light thunk and he takes a deep breath and puts on a charming grin for her. "When and where shall I fetch yee?" He will give no argument there, except for a small correction. "There was only one heart I cared to keep." But they can talk more of his stupidity in not understanding what was going on or the surprising reaction for the both of them that they had after his blunder. "Walk yee out? Marie'll be sending us packin soon."

At his acceptance of taking /her/ to dinner, Solstice begins to gather up her books, placing them into a satchel that seems to have more space than it should. In either case the strap is set to her shoulder, his admittance to something unsaid in direct terms causes her to glance up at him briefly. A faint smile tugs at her lips and she rises slowly, "My mentor has yet to arrive," she begins, glossing over the talk of hearts. "But out it will have to be, I can wait there," she tugs the shoulder strap off and pulls on a coat before rising again and getting things into place. She looks far more severe and strong? Given her choice of clothing. "I am glad though, that you are doing what you want. I am certain you are more than good at it…you will have to tell me of all the places you have been." She moves around the side of the table to join him and make their way out.

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