(1941-02-18) Hogwarts Lunch
Details for Hogwarts Lunch
Summary: During lunch at Howarts the subject of the settling Centaurs comes up.
Date: February 18th, 1941
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall
Plot: Centaur Civil War

Riddle puts a pair of chicken legs onto his plate along with a jacket potato and some roasted vege. Well balanced diet. As he cuts up his potato he offers rather generally. "So how is everyone feeling about the centaurs having established a more permanent residence in our campus?"

Lorcan, who his sitting close to his fellow fourth year Slytherin leaves others to reply to that. Perhaps he has no opinion on the matter of centaurs, perhaps he's too busy eating his lunch or perhaps he doesn't care one way or other. A friend sitting beside him nudges him and they exchange a few whispers. "Centaurs smell.", the other boy finally comments.

Alicia had just happened to be walking into the hall. The bookish young woman was on her way to the Hufflepuff table when she overheard the conversation. "It's most peculiar that just a few months prior they were attacking us, and having battles on our campus, and now…" Alicia couldn't help but observe, "And now this."

Riddle gives a little gesture to a vacant area across the table. "Rowle, if you would like to discuss that is." He is no barbarian as he plucks the meat off of the chicken leg with a fork and eats it that way. "It is very peculiar. As I understand it though, we are harboring the weakest of the herds. They were bullied and came crying to Dumbledore. I will be very grateful to Dumbledore forever for bringing me to Hogwarts. But this… I just don't envy his position. It is a bit like the American Indians and the colonists. Their fateful Thanksgiving. I don't think any of them are thankful anymore. Hmm? I just have concern that we are the Indians in this situation."

Lorcan still doens't talk. His dark eyes bore into the talky Hufflepuff girl, especally when she's invited to sit down. He arches an eyebrow and turns back to his friend for another quick round of whispering. "They're weak, they're scared, nothing they can do, huh.", Lorcan finally offers by way of making a contribution.

Alicia blinked a bit. She didn't know she could sit with the Slytherins. This was new. She sat at the vacant seat. "Well, I must confess I don't know much about the dealings of magical creatures," Alicia started, "But they seem rather warlike to me. I don't know if it's worth all the trouble, especially with everything else going on."

Riddle has some pumpkin juice to wash down his last bite and pat the corners of his mouth. "Precisely. The mud-gleborns are being sent to Hogwarts as some sanctuary from Hitler's War. I wonder how their parents would feel if they were capable of understanding that they are just getting placed into another war entirely. I mean truly, what is the R.C.M.C. good for? They are just sitting back and letting Dumbledore handle things. Refugee Centaurs is the last thing this Campus needs. Some of us are trying to get an education."

Alicia nods her head slowly. "I am rather confused by that," Alicia confessed, "Surely someone has complained to the Ministry, and surely they must be intending to do /something/, yes?" Alicia sighed. "I wish there was more I could do about it. These days I feel all I can do 'bout it all is complain," Alicia said dryly, "It's very frustrating."

Riddle pats his mouth again with his napkin and a small shrug. "The current Board of Governors trust and adore Dumbledore to the point of where he says he knows what he's doing to them, and they smile and nod. So far at least it seems to be the case. But now with the Starchasers going omen crazy about the meteor, I think everyone is just waiting with baited breath to see what he is going to do now. Hastey is not in Dumbledore's vocabulary it seems. But I think we might be in the minority in our worry about this. I've heard others simply gushing with excitement that the Hogwarts has its very own Centaur Herd. In my opinion what should happen is the R.C.M.C comes in, whips the rabble rousers around and clears out the aggressive Centaurs from the forest. The the Professors all get together, levitate the meteor up off of campus grounds and put it down in the Starchasers old village. Send them back to where they came from."

Alicia nods. "I feel like that would be for the best. I've already been caught up in their battles twice, and that's twice more than I'd like to be involved with such a thing," Alicia said, "I don't want anyone else to be hurt again. But, like you just said, most everybody doesn't seem to see cause for concern! I just hope somebody does or says something, before it becomes too unsafe to even /be/ here."

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