(1941-02-28) Scoundrels Beware
Details for Scoundrels Beware
Summary: During a discussion of how each others day was, Soleil makes it sharply clear what she thinks of scoundrels. ((This Scene is on Pause))
Date: February 28th, 1941
Location: Gerald's Flat - Mysticked District - London

Soleil arrived with several bags of groceries. She's already put most of them away in his icebox and pantry but has a pile of them on the counter as she works on making Sunday Lunch. That very British Dinner of Roast Beef, Roasted Potatoes and Carrots, Yorkshire Pudding (which is just puffy dinner rolls), Mashed Neeps (Turnips) and Gravy. "Dinner is almost ready Ger." She calls over her shoulder towards the rest of the apartment.

Normally Gerald is in one of three places if he's home. In his bed asleep, on the sofa asleep or in the kitchen scavenging for something to eat. Today, despite the woman in the kitchen cooking Gerald is /still/ savaging. He found an apple. It's his favorite fruit, why not? Slumping against the counter near Sunny, he takes a moment to watch her before he turns his attention on his snack. "So other than going to the market for me, coming back and putting it away before you started cooking, how was your day?" His brows arch. He will forever be amused at her ability (and desire) to take care of him….just like the mother he avoids. "Anything exciting happen?"

Soleil pulls the roasting pan out of the oven and lets it sit on the stove to rest. "That was for dessert." She comes over to give his belly a poke and smirks at him. Then in a spot of devilishness she leans in to take a nip of apple for herself. "Not today, nothing really exciting, oh! Well there was a thief incident at Carkitt Market when I was doing all of the shopping. A boy only. So he was caught, spanked and gave the item back. So ye be warned." She points to him and then the apple and then back at him with mock sterness. "Liable to get a spanking, or worse, no dessert." She ducks in for a quick kiss before she fishes the vege out of the bottom of the roast pan to get it onto their plates. The plating has begun. "Yourself? Anything grand?"

Gerald hums, a smirk parting his lips before he takes a bite of the apple. With a wink. He listens as he chews, though talk of the thief gets a small noise from him before he turns to better inspect the food that's being plated. Gerald can, and possibly would, eat himself into a grave. "Nothing. Nothing even worth mentioning." He admits with a wave of the hand holding the apple..though he does pause long enough for her to take her bite, and to accept the offered kiss. "I feel like I'm turning into a woman. I spent my afternoon listening to an older work mate complain about being caught in an affair. Apparently one can have a fling with a sister in law, but having one's possession hurled at you from above is degrading." He finds only humor in the situation though, and it reads on his features.

Soleil reaches back the small distance it takes in the close quarters kitchen to give him a tug by the front of the shirt so she can lean and cuddle back against him as she puts together their plates. "I was almost expecting to see you come swooping in to throw the boy of your shoulder and scare him straight. But it sounds like you were a bit pre-occupied with office gossip. He is lucky that it was only his possessions that were being thrown at him. Maybe it was him being a Hitwizard that saved him from being hexed to kingdom come. I know some women that wouldn't let such titles quell their wroth if they were betrayed in such a way." She gives him a too too sweet smile after she says that, making it ever so clear that she is one of those women. The fact that she has a carving knife in her hand while she smiles like that adds an extra edge to the threat. Then comes the hacking of the end of the joint of beef of with a precise slice of the blade. "Hungry darling?"

To be continued…

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