(1941-03-21) Hogwarts Quidditch 1940-41, Game 05 - Hufflepuff versus Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1940-41, Game 05 - Hufflepuff vs Slytherin
Summary: The fourth Hogwarts Quidditch match of the 1940-1941 school year pits Slytherin House against Hufflepuff House. Final Score: Hufflepuff - 290, Slytherin - 379
Date: March 21st, 1941
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Hufflepuff Team


The Slytherin Team


The Quidditch pitch is almost invisible from the air above, and even those few in the stands can barely see the goalposts from even the closest seats through the blowing snow. The clouds are so thick that it almost looks like nighttime as the snow comes down thick. High winds stir it up even more, turning the falling snow into almost painfully icy blasts.

Bundled up in her black and white striped winter wear and robes, shivering and clinging to her trademark Silver Arrow Broomstick, Madam Hooch blows her whistle to signal the teams to start filing out of each locker room. Wand to her throat, voice amplified she announces as the Slytherin Team comes out of the locker room first. "I present your silvery snakes! Your Keeper of the hoops and Slytherin Team Captain, Abraxas Malfoy! Chasers of the Quaffle, Lucretia Black, Walthorn Max, and Bowen Nott! Here comes the bat wielding Beaters, Antonin Dolohov and Oberon Lestrange! Here she comes we need not Seeker anymore, Walburga Black!"

Another blow of the whistle is given as the Slytherin team take their positions on the pitch and more names are announced by Hooch as the Hufflepuffs file out. "Here they are our brave badgers! Alicia Rowle as Keeper! Chasing along after her, Dean Hawthorne and Asmund Fawley! Beating them to the pitch though it's Oscar Foxhall and Sierra Higgins! Seeking to bring a victory to her team, Erica Stainwright! Give them your respect and cheer them on. I want to see a game that betters my puns! Shouldn't be hard. Am I right? The weather is horrible, I know, because of this there will be no limit to time-outs. Take your places. Let the Slytherin versus Hufflepuff game BEGIN!"

A flick of her wand away from her throat and down at the box of Quidditch balls and the box bursts open and the bludgers go gnashing through the snowy air. The quaffle pops straight up and high into the air between the two teams that are hovering in waiting. After it gets above their heads it tips in Slytherin's direction and the chaser's snatch it up and away they go. It's more of a sound than sight as the snitch buzzes as far and quickly as it can from the box.

From his position in front of the hoops, Abraxas Malfoy leads his team. Their strategy is as subtle as any to spring from a Malfoy mind. Grinding defensive play, trapping the quaffle in the midfield, then, when the moment is right, striking. Steadily, the goal counter rises, showing a mounting Slytherin lead.

Hufflepuff's problem, though, goes deeper than the mere chess game between Edmund and Abraxas. The Malfoy scion plays an inspired game in front of the hoops. Again and again the quaffle is misdirected by a flick of hand or broom, and then quickly passed out to the Slytherin chasers, who manage to slam them home for points. It seems like every time a Hufflepuff makes a break for the goals, there is a flash of platinum blonde hair and a spectacular, swooping save. As the game drags on without much sight of the snitch, the Snakes score two goals for every one from the Badgers until it seems that, in a quidditch rarity, the snitch might not decide the match.

Erica can't see anything. It's not an exaggeration either. During the very long, very drawn out, and extremely cold game the Hufflepuff Seeker more often than not played the game by the old adage that if you're lost, stay in one spot and eventually something or someone will come by. There are times when she sees a flurry of colour through the blizzard but it's rather quite lonely up above most of the action, doing her best to stay out of the way so there's no collision. Numb to the bone Erica must finally call for a time out. So that she can defrost in the locker room for a short while. The opportunity to strategise allows them to put together a plan that has her below the action, with the stands providing some protection and at least one of the Hufflepuff Chasers above her as often as the plays would allow. It's in this protected zone that for the first time all game Erica can see more than a foot around her.

When Walburga seems to be actively flying around in an area, Erica curiously drifts closer. Then suddenly she's struck in the chest. Is this what getting shot feels like? Looking down her black and gold scarf is flapping about but against the wind, not with it. As Erica tries to unknot the wagging mess she gasps when a silver wing buzzes out from under a bit of knit wool. "OH I GOT IT!" She squeals. It has been such a very long game and it takes all of her concentration and strength to work the snitch out of her scarves and into her hand. When she goes to seek out Madam Hooch she nearly runs into the Referee but manages to pull up short and display the snitch in her hand. "I got it!"

Hooch lifts her whistle up into her blue-ish lips and gives the end of game tone. The wand goes to her throat and her voice is a little shaky from the shivering. "Hufflepuff - 290, Slytherin - 379. Hufflepuff has gotten the Snitch, but Slytherin WINS!"

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