(1941-03-28) First Year Transfiguration Class
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Summary: Color Changing Charm is gone over in Transfiguration Class.
Date: March 28th, 1941
Location: Hogwarts - Transfiguration Class

It is a spring afternoon. The weather is warm and overcast.

This large oval classroom is lined with small marble columns that end in decorative arches supporting a large domed roof. The sides of the room are lined with many large cages containing a variety of different animals and birds that the more advanced students can use as examples while practicing their skills. Three rows of old fashioned wooden desks, each sitting two people, fill the middle of the room. At one end of the room there is a small stone platform that holds the professor's desk and two medium sized blackboards housed in rolling wooden frames. The whole room is illuminated by four plain, round hanging chandeliers that look very much like metal wagon wheels turned on their side and fitted with lamps.
This room is open only during class time.

Enid is leaning on the front side of her desk. Arms crossed over her chest with her wand lightly gripped in her hands. As each student files in she gives them a big warm smile and greets them individually. While everyone has their own designated seat that they have had since day one, things might be a bit confusing. Because at each seat there are banners of a House that is not of the student assigned to that seat. "Welcome class. Everyone settle down at your usual seat. Do not be startled by what you might find there. I am not reassigning you to a different House. The sorting hat would be quite cross with me if I did that. No, today we are working on the Color Changing Charm. Please open your books to the proper page. Who would like to inform the rest of the class just what the encantation and effect of this charm is?"

Beauregard is one of the firsts ones into the glass room and he greets Professor Pettigrew, warmly and politely as he moves over towards his seat. He doesn't sneer at the banner behind him as some of his fellow Slythern classmates do. He takes out his books and parchment and quill. He uses the time he has before class to organize his space into just how he likes it. He gives a chuckle as he hears about the sorting hat being quite cross before he turns to the page that has the Color Changing Charm. He takes a moment to scan over the page to review the information presented and he raises his hand and waits to be called upon.

"Besides, ne'er seen noo house as is orange, nor sich an orange a' that," murmurs Lissie, startled into a thick brogue as she looks at her seat. She flushes, ducking her head, and moves over to the seat and takes it. She pulls out her book, then licks her lips as she turns to the page. Then, only then, she looks around her, like a mouse peeping out of its hole. "Orange as your hair," a boy mutters behind her, and she sinks low in her chair, tucking her hair as much as she can into her robes. Luckily some one else seems to want to answer. She, herself, has not looked at the book since she opened it.

Enid gestures with her wand towards Beauregard, "Yes, Mister Zabini, would you enlighten us?"

Beauregard lowers his hand and clears his throat, "The incantation of the Colour Changing Charm is Multicorfors." He says without a moments hesitation about getting the spell's pronunciation correct. "The effect of the charm is that it causes an object or animal to change its colour." He paraphrases the textbook definition of the spell as he moves his hand to the quill so that he can begin to write what the professor has to say next.

Lissie inclines her head, as if agreeing with the definition and the incantation. And then she turns her head around, hearing snickering again. "Oi, shut it," she hisses towards the same boy who was teasing earlier. "Just leave me alone!"

Enid clears her throat and while that is aimed at Lissie, her gaze is fixed on the boy behind her, "Stewart, you have something to share with the rest of the class? You seem to be finding something very intriguing indeed. Do, Share." "Sweetie." She coos at Lissie, and makes a 'turn around and settle' gesture with her wand. It's clear that this is that single chance Professor Pettigrew tends to give before docking points. Speaking of points, "Very well done Mr. Zabini, a point for Slytherin. "Miss Keir, do you have any thoughts to some creative uses for this spell?"

Beauregard inclines his head respectfully towards Professor Pettigrew as a thanks for the point. He is writing down the spell and has all ready written out a couple of uses incase he gets called upon. He turns his attention to Miss Keir to see what she has come up with.

"I…. erm. Sorry." Lissie's cheeks go redder still. Mr. Stewart shakes his head. "No Professor," he says sweetly. "Nothing to add." He is having a hard time removing the smirk from his face, though. Lissie rubs her cheeks, then sighs softly. "Well, When I was younger, I accidentally changed the sheep different colors. And would be a sight easier to change the wool a colour than dyeing it. Or maybe if you couldna find clothes in the shade you liked. Or… well. Aye."

Enid smiles and nods, "Exactly what a marvelous idea. Mr. Stewart, would you please stand up. Thank you very much." There is a spinning twirl from her wand and she elegantly encants, "Multicorfors." An orange puff of light sparkles at the tip of her wand and Mr. Stewart finds himself with hair the exact same color as Lissie. "Quite dashing." Before any complaint can be made she continues. "Now, that it's been demonstrated I would like everyone to take their banners and change them to the proper color scheem. Begin."

Beauregard sets down his quill so that it won't drip or make a mess and he gets up from his seat. He takes out his wand and he turns to stand in front of the banner that has Ravenclaw's house color and symbol on it. He takes a deep breath and moves his want in a very precise manner. "Multicorfors." He says in a firm voice as he tries to change the colors to Slytherin green and silver. For a moment nothing happens, but then the colors start to change. It starts at the top and then bleeds down towards the bottom until the parts that are supposed to be green are green and the parts that are supposed to be silver are silver.

Lissie nods her head, looking both amused and mortified as Stewart's hair changes color. She reaches for her wand, then points it at the banner, frowning. She lifts her wand and flicks it, then starts the incantation. Mid-word, she gives a little squakw, and almost drops the wsand, and she flubs the word. Nothing happens save for some snickering behind her. Shr glances behind her, and then over at Beauregard. She gives an envious shake of the head.

Enid slowly strolls along the aisles between the desks. Lissie's shoulder is given an encouraging squeeze, the girl's wand is picked up for her and the Professor even guides her hand into a good position for the first year to hold her wand for the most control in this spell. "Take a deep breath sweetie. Close your eyes and imagine the colors of your common room. The beautiful contrast of black and gold and then open your eyes and twirl your wand in a way that says, 'you will listen and obey Banner' and speak the word, smooth and slower if you have to." Another supportive pat is given to Lissie before she continues on praising Beau and giving Slytherin some more points.

Beauregard inclines his head politely in thanks to Professor Pettigrew as he gets praise and points. "Thank you Professor." He looks around to see how others are faring out of curiosity. If there was one thing he has learned is that very few of his classmates like when someone else besides one of the professors corrects them. He does get asked by one of his fellow housemates who turned their banner all green for some pointers which Beauregard is happy to supply. He says in a low voice, "Like Professor Pettigrew just said, you have to imagine the colors you want and then twirl your wand in a way to make the banner obey you. Say it slow, but with authority. You are in charge."

"Yes, Professor," murmurs Lissie, nodding slowly. She rubs at a spot on her back, but the wand that poked it has been withdrawn to its proper position in Stewart's hand. She looks at the banner, then lifts her chin. "Like the sheep, girl. Remember the sheep." She closes her eyes a moment, then gives a flick of the wand and then a sharp tap to the cloth. "Multicorfors!" The banner almost seems to shudder, and then yellow seems to just explode wildly across the banner.

Enid gives a light but genuine bit of applause for Lissie turning it around so strongly. More points are awarded with a cheerful smile. "Alright darlings, switch! Left, right, up or down, just mix and match so you can change the colors again."

Beauregard nods as he sees Lissie produce he desired effect and he leans over, "Great job." He says with a smile before he looks back at his banner and then he moves towards Lissie's, "Here why don't you switch with me." He offers as he moves to stand in front of her's

"Are we s'posed to switch seats or banners?" Lissie asks, confused a little, though she offers Beauregard a shy smile. "Thanks. Not as good as yours. Nor the Professor's," she adds, pointing back briefly at Stewart's hair.

Beauregard smiles, "I believe we are supposed to switch banners. I try to read up on what I believe will be covered in the next class and I speak with some of the older students if there is something I don't understand. Also observation helps. Last week one of the third years turned a second year's cat from black to pink as a joke." He turns to the task at hand and he moves his wand almost exactly the same way as before. He's a bit too cautious trying to get the wand movement just prefect and when he speaks the incantation the banner remains the same yellow. Beauregard frowns deeply at this and spends a few moments slowly going over his wand movement.

"No, no, you showed me right," murmurs Lissie, brandishing her wand. And then she freezes, because suddenly her robes are the same color orange as her hair. She whips around, staring at Stewart. "Right! I've. Had. Well. Enough. Of. You!" Her wand whip-flashes. "Multicorfors!" she shouts, and Stewart's skin turns a flaming, unmistakable hot pink. Then she bursts into tears.

Enid's voice is that very crisp mother's tone of 'that is it!' "Alright, Miss Keir and Mr. Stewart. You will both see me for detention after dinner tonight. You will not, either of you do a thing to put yourselves back to rights and you both have lost 35 points each. Now sit down and continue your class work." A handkerchief is pulled out of thin air and is offered down to Lissie. "He does it only because he knows you would earn more points than him, if you didn't let him get to you so. Let me do my job Miss Keir. Hmm?"

Beauregard winces at the loss of 35 points and that Lissie is crying. He turns to do his classwork as that's the best course of action for him right now. He gets his wand ready and with a smoother motion the the last time he doesn't stop short and when he says, "Multicorfors." The banner changes from yellow and black to Slytherin Green and Silver.

"Y-yes Professor," stammers Lissie, taking the handkerchief. She sits, staring at the banner, poking it listlessly a few times. She looks over at Beauregard with a helplessly apologetic expression, then buries her face in the handkerchief. Taking a few gulping breaths she manages to gather herself a little, and changes the banner to a pale, washed-out yellow.

Beauregard moves back over to his seat and he looks at Lissie. He leans in and smiles, "I think that hot pink suits Stewart very well. I wonder how many shades of colors he'll be until they get him back to his right shade." He says with a chuckle as he leans back as he did his best to make Lissie feel better.

Enid claps her hands and waves her wand and every banner in the room turns to white. "Very good class. I will see you tomorrow, besides the two of you of course. Class dismissed."

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