(1941-04-13) Spivs at Borough Market
Details for Spivs at Borough Market
Summary: Elly and Katie are approached by a Spiv at the Borough Market while they are shopping.
Date: April 13th, 1941
Location: London - Borough Market

Elly gets her ration book through her husband Jack. The little book she clutches bears the symbol that it's a ration book meant for the family of a member of the military. A little boy toddles along with his mother walking under the protection of a large wicker basket that fits nicely on his mouther's hip. Ribbons that come off of the basked are prettily braided and then braceleted at the end for Squidge to keep hold of so he doesn't get lost. The boy was practically raised in a market atmosphere, admitedly the two major places of his life, Pub and Market. The Borough Market holds wonders of such a mundane nature that Elly can't find at the Carkitt Market. So here she is, bustling about looking for that special something to inspire her for the dinner special. "Coo, would ye look at that Squidge." She lifts up a small container of spring berries and takes in their scent like they were a bouquet of fancy roses.

Daniel Hind had been to the Borough Market much earlier in the day, calling during the wholesale hours that he's fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of because of the chippy. This time of day sees another Hind in the market. Well, a Ferguson now, but always a Hind at heart. Katie has the very same ration book as Elly, her own tucked away in her purse as the redhead searches for something special for Gavin's dinner. He's been going through a bad patch, the war and it's hardships taking a toll on him, and Katie is keen to find a way to lift his spirits. She steps up near to Elly and her little one, glancing at the berries, then scanning the rest of the produce on offer.

Elly gives a beaming sunny smile over to the other woman that comes up beside her. "Aftahnoon loverly. Don't these look sweet as pie, doncha fink?" Then coming right up behind the two women comes a man slick as auto grease, hair so shiny and stiff it could blind in the right light or stab an eye out. The ends of his pencil thin mustache also looks like it could put an eye out. A *ting* could almost be heard as his lips and mustache spread in a Cheshire Cat smile. "Could I interest you ladies in something even sweeter?" He lowers his voice, "I'm talking about deals and treats beyond imagining. If you will follow me, I'll take you to a little slice of heaven." The wench is still smiling at the man, however she uses her foot and leg to draw her son in against her. Nearly tucking him under the layers of skirts she wears like she was right out of some historical fiction.

"Alright," Katie greets the blonde witch, her smile automatically blossoming as she nods to the woman's observance. "Pie or tarts or a lovely crumble." The musing stops as they're approached by another, Katie turning to regard the man levelly. Her ease would have lasted had he not been so 'silent movie villain' looking, but that has her guard up at once. Still, she's admittedly a little curious. It's a risk, but perhaps one worth something special for Gavin. "Beg pardon, sir, but were yeh speakin' t'us?" she asks innocently. Her eyes shift to Elly as she asks, "D'yeh know th' gentleman?"

"Coo, a crumble! That's the stuff!" Elly sounds a bit like a pigeon as she coos but then they are interupted by the Spiv and she gives him another good once over. "Not that I remember." Is the answer to Katie's question. "Betcha he's one of them Spivs we've been warned against…" That part is whispered to the other woman the Spiv is trying to work over. "I say we give him a kick to the shin and report'm."

The threat has the Spiv on High Alert and more proverbial grease oozes from him as he bows and takes a step back, "There's no need for that pretty ladies. Just a simple man trying to make a decent living. I have five hungry mouthes to feed at home. You understand, don't you? It's a fine service, specialty goods that you've not seen in months, I promise."

Elly quite literally turns her nose up at the offer and keeping her son close at hand she hmphs and starts to step closer to the merchant at the berry booth. The basket of berries are purchased and by the time she has the oppertunity to point towards the Spiv, he is gone.

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