(1941-05-12) Rooftops Are Dirty
Details for Rooftops Are Dirty!
Summary: Erica finds Josie skywatching on the roof and tries to rescue her from the dirt.
Date: May 12th, 1941
Location: Hogwarts Central Roof

It's probably well known all around school by now that Josie likes the roof. She's up here almost every day, except during the worst parts of winter, in some part of the ramparts or another. Today she still near the staircase, but she seems to be more interested in looking up at the sky than the views the louvers would provide, as she's lying flat on her back using her hands as a pillow.

Erica is not a fan of the roof. For reasons in which brings her here today. With a leather utility belt around her robes she is equipped with all of her latest cleaning potions. As the door swings closed behind her she draws a purple glass atomiser with a golden air bulb. A label on the glass denotes it as 'Formula K.' Spying Josie she lets out a little gasp, "Oh nononono! Josie! You are going to be filthy!" This would be the reason she avoids the roof! Debris from the wind, bird droppings, moss, a world of filth and shudders for Erica. The bottle is holstered again so she can wave her hands and offer to help Josie up.

Josie looks up, from her point of view anyway, as she hears the gasp. She giggles and sits up, "So? I get way dirtier than this doing chores on the farm." She does stand up, however, probably to help relieve Erica a little.

Erica whimpers and flails her hands now begging to help her tom boy friend up. "Yes, yes. Well you don't do chores with me in view. Please, oh it gives the heebie jeebies. At least let me clean up that spot first?"

Josie accepts Erica's help, and then nods, smiling, "Okay." Though she probably doesn't care for herself, she does do her best to brush herself off as well.

Erica whips out a brush from her utility belt and starts to help Josie out with the dusting off. When it comes to the more personal places on Josies person Erica helpfully passes over the brush. It really does help with getting everything, like she bristles are clingy without being sticky. Meanwhile Erica takes the oppertunity to pull out a piece of fabric the size of a towel from a satchel on the belt. The fabric is laid out over the place where Josie was laying and then she starts to rifle through her collection of phials and jars in her belt of cleaning wonders.

Josie is doing her very best not to giggle too much as she's dusted off, though it doesn't help that she's ticklish. She does, however, take the brush and finish the job of brushing off the dirt. Handing the brush back, she watches curiously what Erica is doing. "Isn't there a simple spell, instead of doing all that?"

Erica smiles, "There is, but don't want to get into trouble for 'casting in the halls' besides, this is all for people who aren't very good with cleaning magics." Her tone is perhaps a little condescending, she has such pity for those who aren't as talented in that regard as she is. "Or the Squibs and such. No worries about spells fizzing out or going overboard. With this, you can clean up the exact area you want it to…" As she speaks she continues to search for the righ phial, "Wha-la!" She plucks one out of it's strap and with a delicate ritual of uncorking the phial she leans far over so her feet are feet away from the fabric and her arm is stretched out so she can drip one little drop from the phial onto the treated fabric and then *poof*! The moment the drop hits the fabric the fabric evaporates into a sparkly cloud of tiny bubbles that quickly dissapate and leave behind a Josie sized rectangle of perfectly cleaned roof top. While it's not good as 'new' it is as good as an ancient castle roof can get. "Ta-da!"

Josie's eyes widen a little at the display, and then she grins, "Wow! That /is/ brilliant!" She moves to sit down in the newly cleaned spot, and says, "You should have made a spot for yourself, too, so you can sit down." Then, she admits, "I don't really know any cleaning magic. I mean, except for what we learn in class. I'm better at the dueling spells."

Erica was a bit busy tucking the phial back into it's place when Josie went to sit. So when she hears Josie's voice change positions she goes a bit wide eyed. Her tone that of someone trying not to panic when a troll is coming up behind their friend. "Uhmm, Josie…You miiiight want to stand up and take three big steps towards me. I should have mentioned sooner there is a tiiiiny wait time." Her head ducks with a very awkward heeheh giggle. While it's not an instant poof of froth, there is a bit of foaming happening everywhere Josie touched and came into contact with the cleaned spot. Erica's hands are quickly sorting through her cleaning products to locate the Defoamer. "It's here somewhere, just stay calm and I'll probably find it long before we get you to Nurse Spleen… I am so SO sorry Josie!"

Josie gets a confused look, then looks down at her hand where it's touching the ground. She quickly jumps to her feet, stepping away from the clean spot, as her feet and backside start to get covered in foam. She hadn't seemed to get mad, however, or that frightened, giggling instead as she starts to follow Erica towards the hospital wing. "It's okay. I should know enough by now to ask."

Erica walks with her head down as she tries to find the antidote quick as she can, but she also wants to make sure Josie is fine and not foaming away into nothingness as they go. "As I should not be so caught up in my products that I omit warnings. Idiot me. But we will get you all fixed up I promise. Hopefully there will be very little damage. I know the defoamer is here somewhere…" With every step down the stairs she is getting a little more panicked. Seeing some people on the steps she squints and waves hand, "Out of the way. Going to the Hospital Wing. Shoo! Make room people!"

Josie continues to giggle a little until Erica mentions damage. "Wait, damage? I thought this was just soap." She looks at her hand, and says, "Well, at least it's not hurting." A little more worried now, but still not scared. She continues to follow Erica, her step quick.

Erica is trying her best to keep a level head, but there is a bit of haste in her tone. "It just aggressively turns what it thinks is dirt into bubbles. Since it views dead skin cells as dust and or dirt… it tends to aggitate the skin, because that's not the potion doing the bubbling." She winces apologetically at Josie, "It's the dirt and in this case skin, turning into bubbles."

Josie bites her lip, looking down at her hand again as she hurries along after Erica. "So it can't tell the difference between live skin and dead skin?" Still, on seeing how panicked Erica gets, she says reassuringly, "It'll be okay. Even if it takes some skin, Nurse Spleen will be able to fix it."

Erica nods rapidly as she continues to worry anyways. "I just don't want you hurt, and mad." She has rather a small pool of friends and including Josie in that pool is important to her. "It does, but even the healthy skin has some dirt in the pores. It's rather amazing for spots when it's diluted some." Erica's skin has looked rather amazing the past few months. She was a victim of spots (zits) before that. "Eureka!" She pulls free a phial that was in the loop next to where she usually hold the Foaming Scourger. "Here…" She uncorks it and holds it out in the air abouts where Josie can put her hands under it like a faucet. "I'll pour, you rub."

Josie smiles again, and says, "Oh, okay." She holds her hands under the pouring potion and starts to rub it in quickly. "I won't be mad. I mean, maybe if it ate all the way to my bones, but a bit of sore skin is fine. Anyway, I'm the one who sat in a bunch of potion that I didn't understand." She pauses, and asks, "Please don't tell Professor Slughorn that I did that."

Erica gives Josie's back a light little rub as she leads her friend into the hospital wing, "I won't tell if you don't!" She winces and takes a deep breath. "Spleen is going to be mad… Probably going to lose points." She sighs and frowns but then offers a soft smile and continues to escort Josie, willing to brave the punishment to make sure her friend is all right.

Josie shakes her head, "No, not your fault. I'll say that." And, sure enough, when they get to the hospital wing and Nurse Spleen comes to see them, she slips into an explanation, "I was stupid and sat on some cleaning potion before it was done cleaning." No long-winded explanations, no unnecessary details. A simple mistake, no need for lost points. And she continues to talk that way as she's led in for treatment.

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