(1941-05-15) Josie's Theory
Details for Josie's Theory
Summary: As Josie walks the RCMC officials back to the gates of Hogwarts, Josie provides an unpleasant theory as to the cause of the trouble.
Date: May 15th, 1941
Location: Hogwarts Grounds
Plot: Centaur Civil War
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The sun has begun to set on the Hogwarts Grounds as the trio departs the Centaur camp. Grayson, re-armed, keeps patting the knife at his hip, as though to reassure himself that it really is back. And he keeps his wand in hand, though it's pointed downward. Despite the nervous tics, his features are relaxed, cheerful. He says, idly, as he walks along "And so, young lady, what were your take-aways from that meeting?"

His gaze turns toward Josie, scrutinizing her as though he's just laid down a challenge. And then he smiles, as though to reassure the young woman. "You did well in there. And I notice that you didn't say everything which came to mind. That's a talent." He glances aside at Roe, as though to see whether the younger RCMC operative agrees.

"I didn't say everything that came to mind either!" protests the brunette, misinterpreting that glance of inclusion, though she's grinning slightly as she speaks. "..I got the impression it wouldn't be appreciated. But yes." Roe turns that smile upon the girl walking with them, too, in turn. "You did do well. Glad to see Kettleburn's taste in aides remains of a blatantly high standard!" She doesn't heap praise or pressure on Josie, seeing as Gray's already asked the question and there's no need to overload the child.

Her own wand is holstered beneath her oversized jacket once more, the garment pulled a little more snugly about herself as the evening gets cooler. Plainly she's the less military-minded of the two.

Walking with much more confidence now, now that she has her wand and broom back, Josie smiles to the compliments. "Thank you." Then, she frowns, and says, "I think it doesn't make sense, that this would be purely a centaur thing. They said the artifact was in pieces. If it was a play for power, it would've just been stolen, and probably used already. And, poisoning the grand Chief? That seems too sneaky for centaurs. If they don't like someone, they seem to come out and say it." She pauses, both to take a breath and probably to find the words for what she wants to say next.

With a sidelong glance at Roe, Grayson grins. The expression is rather smug; arrogant, in point of fact. "She has a mind, Rowena. Look at that." The tone drips sardony, but when he looks back at Josie, there's a new measure of respect in his gaze. "You put your finger on it, precisely. Humans poison and steal. Centaurs wage tribal war. The new Grand Chief would have wanted to come into his position honorably, even if it were by combat."

He paces on a few steps before continuing. "A question that is always valuable to ask in these matters, however, is cui buono. Who benefits? Why would a human benefit from overthrowing a Centaur? If it were merely theft, the Chief would be alive." His features grow distant for a few moments, reflective.

"I agree on every count." Roe doesn't seem surprised at the very mature points being made, simply nodding in assent with each. "I didn't think it was the time to pry about the mention of 'pieces', though I noticed it, too. And yes, I imagine if the bow had been stolen for political gain within the clan it would have already been made use of. Quite right, clever girl. So, with all that in mind it certainly does suggest outside interference. A thought I find even more disturbing, if I'm quite honest." Briefly, the petite woman falls silent, rubbing at the back of her neck with the fingertips of one hand - all that can be seen thanks to the overlarge sleeve.

Returning Grayson's broad grin with a contrastingly demure curve of her lips, she ventures a response to his hypothetical, seeing as he's quiet now. "..who's to say it has anything to do with the politics at all? Maybe someone wants to see the herds wipe each other out. What easier way than to turn them against one another in Civil War?" She stumbles over a clump of grass, but rights herself with the practice of a natural klutz.

Relaxing a little as both confirm that her idea wasn't silly, Josie nods to the next question. She almost says something, but pauses as she instinctively reaches back as if to try to help catch Roe as she stumbles, but then grins as it turns out alright. Then, she says, "Back before Hogwarts, when I was with the Shore gang, he'd sometimes do something to start a war between other gangs just to distract the Italians from something he was doing. So what if someone wanted to distract someone, someone who would want to stay close and protect the students here instead of getting involved somewhere else? Starting a war right beside Hogwarts seems like a way to do that."

Like that, Grayson's features turn to stone. There's a horrible anger in the expression, despite its absolute immobility. He stops where he is, barely noticing Rowena's trip, barely noticing Josie reaching out to offer assistance. "You're both right," he says very quietly. And then, in a neutral tone, "Bugger." His gaze flits toward the towers of Hogwarts, then back to the pair of women. He clears his throat softly.

"Pureblood fanatics often target other magical races. I saw it in China, with the Japanese poachers. If Pureblood wizards are the only true Wizards, then humanity is the pinnacle of Magic." His voice drips with scorn. "So why not exterminate the Centaurs here? Particularly if it demands Albus Dumbledore's attention."

There's a sheepish smile for Josie, as the much smaller girl seems prepared to catch her. It's not easy, getting through life with two left feet. But anyway. "Well, whether we're right or not.. that doesn't help us resolve any part of the conflict." points out Roe, wistfully. "We can hardly approach the Swift Arrows with 'oh, hello, how do you do, by the way.. we think it might have been a human who stole your most precious artefact' can we. At least we have the beginnings of trust and negotiation with the Starchasers.. we can't ruin that opportunity by throwing all mankind under the proverbial bus. Not until we know more, anyway." Looking suddenly weary, the young woman rubs at one eye with the heel of her hand.

"I really hope we're wrong, personally. It's just too horrible to imagine. That someone would risk such bloodshed within such fascinating creatures, and in such proximity to Hogwarts.. all for the sake of power and glory. Doesn't bear thinking about."

Josie nods quickly and says, "That's why I didn't say anything there. I didn't want them blaming all of us." Still, as Roe seems to have trouble imagining it, she frowns a little. "People would do that." She seems entirely sure that there are such evil people in the world. "Just look at what the Muggles are doing now." Then, back on topic, she says, "But maybe Professor Dumbledore should know. Don't know what he could do, but if someone is trying to distract him, he should know about it."

Rather gently, Grayson reaches out and touches Roe's shoulder. "Yes. It's horrible. But they've already done far, far, worse. Just not here." His features haven't lost a touch of that implacable rage, though he makes an effort to moderate his tone. "And you're right. This changes nothing. If there are answers to find, the first of them is in that forest."

He looks over at Josie, something in her tone causing him to twitch an eyebrow upward. "You're right, young lady. But as you say, there's little he can do about it even if it's true." Grayson taps his chin absently. "This has been years in the making. We need to end it before it reaches whatever the culmination is."

"Perhaps so.." muses the brunette, apparently the only one who hasn't witnessed true horror at this point in her life.. and that's something she's rather grateful for, thank you. Rousing from her reverie, however, as they approach the gates, she addresses Josie once again, veering on a tangent. "..you know the ranger they mentioned, don't you. How well? I mean, we could always send her 'official' word and enquiry.." Roe glances up at Grayson a moment. "..but I do tend to think such demands on people's time is better delivered by a friendly face, don't you?"

Josie looks up to Roe, and then answers, nodding, "She's family. I've been living with her every holiday, mostly, since the summer before I started at Hogwarts. And, she's going to be marrying my dad… I think. They've been engaged a long time. But maybe they just haven't had time, my dad's an auror, so busy a lot."

"Good. Hopefully she won't be too livid that we've involved you in this, then." Grayson grins — and like that, his anger seems to disappear beneath the mask of a cocksure nobleman. He slides his wand away, casually, as though surprised to find it still in his hand. "I look forward to meeting your parents, Josie. Particularly this Fawley woman." He considers for a few moments. "Where should we look to meet her?"

"How lovely!" replies the yung woman, with seemingly genuine warmth. "A wedding! And well.. an auror and a ranger? If they're to credit for how you've turned out, then they're bound to be the most excellent sorts." Unlike her companions, Roe doesn't seem the type to ever appear anything other than cheerful and smiling. Maybe a trip to the forest will knock that out of her. Or worse. But for the time being, she draws to a halt, looking up at the gates of Hogwarts with a fond expression, leaving Josie room to answer Grayson in her own time.

Josie answers Grayson, "At the Fawley Farm, in Hogsmeade." The two have likely heard of the place, given its where the Ministry usually sends injured or sick creatures to be nursed back to health. It also provides a summer camp for Hogwarts students every summer to teach about magical and non-magical creatures. "If you see a lion wandering around, that's just Godric. He's harmless." Then, she says, "If you come to see her next weekend, it's a Hogsmeade weekend, I can be there to introduce you."

"I shall be delighted to stop by. I'm certain Miss Scamander and I can handle Godric." Grayson grins again, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "He can't be as hard to Stun as a dragon, can he?" His voice is teasing. "I've heard of Fawley Farm of course, but I've never had occasion to visit." What with being out of the country. His smile widens. "And it's been quite some time since I've played with large felines. I love the predatory cats."

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