(1941-05-20) A Harried Situation
Details for A Harried Situation
Summary: Roe and Grayson with the help of Josie come to the Fawley Farm to request help from Camilla with the Centaur Situation. Unfortunately it's foaling season and they find Camilla doing what she does.
Date: May 20th, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade - The Fawley Farm
Plot: Centaur Civil War

As the crowds were let out for Hogsmeade weekend, Josie ran into Roe and Grayson, all ready to meet with Camilla. So, now she reads them onto the farm, grinning cheerfully as she sees her home again. She does pause by the thestral pens to pet one affectionately on the way by. But those are just one type of the many, many creatures on the farm.

Grayson takes his time wandering through the farm. His features are wide and frankly delighted — he pauses by the thestrals, and then to lean down and greet a kneazle. "Hello, mate.." His voice lacks its upper-class drawl as he speaks softly to the animal. Indeed, it sounds almost like a Cockney accent. "'oo's a lovely fuzzball, eh?" When he straightens and glances over to Roe, he looks years younger. "Paradise, Rowena!" His voice is back to its crisp, usual, self.

Watching Gray in conversation with the Kneazle, Roe looks initially some mixture of wary and amused. But when he straightens and grins across at her she relents to an answering smile and nod of assent, briefly stooping to scratch at the fluffy animal's ears, then likewise rising and casually reaching to link her pinky finger with his, should he allow it. "AbsoLUTELY." she agrees, her eyes on stalks practically as she takes in the sights that Josie herself is plainly well used to. "..do you think they're taking on farmhands..?" she utters, in an only half-joking aside to the taller man, quickening her pace to catch up with his.

From the barn there is a bit of a ruckus. A mixture of horse whickering and from time to time a bit of barking out of Cloptrop. It's roughly when the visitors arrive to the barn that the door is kicked open and with gritted teeth Camilla comes rather storming out of the doorway with a newborn Granian in her arms she is covered in the murk of birth and a handkerchief keeps her hair out of her face and clean enough. The ranger opens her mouth and instead of soothing speech a soft whicker and neigh comes from her as she speaks to the newborn she's struggling a bit to carry to a stack of hay bales covered in a fresh tarp. With a heave she lays the horse down and whips out her wand. "Josie, the cord! Gently unwind it." The colt must have been a dancer inside of his mother's belly, because the cord is wrapped about his wings at his back and around one of his legs. With wand now in hand Cami makes sure the windpipe and nostrils are clear. There is a flicker of her gaze while she does so to the two strangers she doesn't know. "Who's your friends pumpkin?" She's a country girl, Hogsmeade born and bred and her thick Scottish brogue when she's actually speaking English is enough to prove that, if the large Scottish farm failed to do so.

Grayson seems a bit surprised, but he shifts his hand to try and encompass Rowena's, eschewing the pinky-finger as a weak half-measure. He smiles at her, then over at Josie. "You live here, Josie? How marvelous. I haven't seen such a peaceful sight in.." He trails off for a moment. "Quite some time." And then he's taking in Camilla, head tilting to one side for a moment. "Apologies, madam. I am Grayson Loring, a dragonologist with the RCMC. This is my companion, and partner for this case, Rowena Scamander." He sketches a quick bow. "We've come because we hear you're the subject matter expert on the Forbidden Forest."

Josie blinks, and then rushes forward, immediately but gently moving to unwind the cord from around the colt. As she does, she introduces, "This is Rowena Scamander and Grayson Loring, they work for the RCMC too. They're investigating the centaur's war." But then, they start to introduce themselves, and she smiles.

"She's busy, Gray. Use the short version." Roe's suggestion is a gentle aside, though her blue-green eyes are rapt upon the newborn equine, and her smile widens a touch as Josie, too, realises the awkwardly busy situation. "Dreadful timing, ever so sorry." she remarks, more clearly, toward the Ranger. Apparently she's somewhat less 'posh' than her companion.. plus, c'mon. A woman better understands the importance of 'baby' over 'random bloke'. Other than this, she remains quiet and openly interested in proceedings, though she makes no move to interfere.

Camilla shoots a blanket out of her wand and gives it a flourish over the colts body. Tucking it carefully and quickly so that it covers the non tangled body and legs of the grey winged horse that's seeming to become less dazed from all of the tugging and magic that was just used to bring him to this bright place. Another wave of her wand and the blanket goes taut and keeps the colt from moving about while they work. Cami rounds the hay bales and gives Josie a kiss to the head as she passes by her ward. "Perfect timing as always kiddo." The bulk of her hands are out in the field and from the sounds of it the few still with her are inside. Because when Cami hollers, "Report!" at the barn a few voices quickly reply the status of Princess Liz. Seems mother has passed the rest of the after birth and is recovering well enough from the ordeal. After she's gotten the reports she offers her visitors a welcoming if frazzled smile. "Camilla Fawley. No doubt round the office you better known me as Doolittle." There is a soft chuckle but she remains focused on the colt while she speaks to the guest. "Dragonologist. I need you to grab a hold of the base of his wings just like controlling a Horntail fledgling. Keep him still. Not dreadful at all. Can use the help! Scamander, would you please stay at his head. Give comfort and let me know if he sounds wheezy or if his eyes go wild or glazed? Thank you."

Once she has the baby untangled, Josie steps back again to let the other two get in and do their prescribed jobs. She glances towards the barn, but then smiles again as she hears that Princess Liz is okay. Then, she looks back, to watch this care and ready to help again if needed.

There's not so much as a flicker of hesitation from Roe.. perhaps she was itching to lend a hand the entire time. Moving briskly forward, she settles to a kneel at the colt's head, settling it in her lap and lightly stroking along it's prominent cheekbone with a thumb. While she might lack the whickering ability Camilla seems to have, she knows enough about equines to offer passable comfort; leaning forward to huff soft, warm breaths across the baby's flaring nostrils and murmuring nonsensical platitudes. There's a telling interplay of maternal care and firm manipulation that's so often found in those who handle creatures.. well, those who handle them successfully. "He's beautiful.." she offers in a dreamy murmur toward Camilla, flitting the woman a smiling glance. "Do you breed them or is this just a random happy event..?"

Grayson might rely on formality in inappropriate moments, but this is not one of them. His rucksack goes flopping into the dirt as he moves forward, following Camilla's instructions to the letter. He gets his hands firmly around the base of the wings, careful not to squeeze too hard, but equally careful not to allow any movement.

"There, lovely," the man says softly. Speaking to animals, he seems to slip into a soft Cockney accent. His words are soothing, gentle, and his hands are deft. Even when he stops speaking, he continues to make soft, soothing, noises through his teeth.

Camilla waves Josie over back to her. Then with the sort of maternal care and firm manipulation Roe displays the Vet takes position behind Josie and takes her hands and leads them to feel over the exposed leg that is twisted and deformed from being coiled by the chord. "Feel that? No, chips, no fractures, nothing but warped bone. What do we do?" Cami knows her beloved ward has it in her mind to become a member of the M.L.E. someday, but that doesn't stop Cami from exposing the girl to the wonders and tragedies of the R.C.M.C. world. "Smash it, to hope the months of Skele-gro and harnesses heal it to rights? Or as your friend says, "Leave him be, he's beautiful as he is. He'll live differently, but we'll help him live and learn?" Camilla leads her ward over to the colt's wings. "They are also damaged and will just drag. What do we do?" Again Camilla gives Josie's hair a little kiss, practicing tough love is never easy so she welcomes the inquiry of Roe.

"Last breeding season we did was in thirty-eight. But nature and natural is a thing that goes unabashed here." Camilla smiles softly as she answers. To her there is a difference between breeding, which is the humans pairing up the horses in a breeding stall, and then there's nature keeping things interesting. "So aye, what you would call a Random Happy Event." An appreciative gaze is angled Grayson's way. She figured he would be the right man to get the warped wings under control.

Though it's Josie who Camilla addresses with these probing questions, Roe's dark-lashed eyes flit instinctively toward the mentioned deformities, taking them in with a neutral expression. There's a flicker of a glance to the girl, then to Grayson as he too sets about the foal, keeping it still and calm. Perhaps the only giveaway in her uncharacteristically closed features is the twitch of a wistful smile. Though, seeing as that could be for either creature or dragaonologist, it remains unhelpful to Josie, if she should look there for answers.

Lowering her gaze to the colt's head once more, hushing him in an undertone, she tucks a wayward lock of her own dark hair back behind her ear, loosed as it was from the downward cant of her head, then resumes softly stroking the creature's cheekbone and brow. There has to be an element of brutal reality, when it comes to this sort of work. Even the tender-hearted Roe knows that. In fact it's why she ended up behind a desk. But for the moment, she simply admires the animal, listening with one ear to the answer given by 'Doolittle'. "A pleasure to put a face to the name." she remarks.

Paling at the choices she's given, Josie is at first silent as Camilla leads her to examine first the leg and the wings. She looks to be near tears at having this decision, but she swallows and straightened a little, bracing herself. "If.. If you smash the leg, that's months of pain. Even if it heals right, he won't be right. We can take care of him. But.. But the wings, if they just drag, they're in his way. It might be better… Do we just cut them off? He'd still be a horse."

"The leg can be dealt with," Grayson says very softly. He lowers his head down to nuzzle at the warped wings, still softly humming at the animal. "But the others will not accept him with wings such as these. Nor will his mother nurse him, perhaps." It's as though he doesn't notice he's doing it, but once again, he speaks perfect upper-crust Society English. His features are impassive, but the way he handles the animal speaks to some deeper feelings.

He speaks the next words flatly. "In this instance, it may become necessary to ease him out of his misery." His gaze meets Josie's, level and hard. "Sometimes, sadly, the things which seem kindest may only prolong misery." And then he looks over to Camilla, exhaling briefly. "Please," he says quietly, his hard mask slipping somewhat, "Do tell me that I'm mistaken."

Camilla rests her chin on top of Josie's head, trying to provide some comfort to the girl. Her answer is for everyone, "We can keep him as pain free as we possibly can. There is potions and magic to see to that. But there's very little we can do about discomfort. There's braces that can be worn as much as possible because they can and will cause sores and rubbing raw if worn too much. If he is rejected, we can also nurse him. Especially if a certain soon to be out of school young lady thinks she's up to the task over the summer. We all know Princess Liz is a bit of a …" She doesn't want to say royal priss. So she makes faces to demonstrate the royal nose in the air and mouth twisted up in snobbish distaste. But the face is quick before setting more neutrally once more. "The wings can be removed and it is best to do it soon if it's to be done. Get all the trauma all in one go." Being born and surgery all within hours. "It is a simple enough procedure. What do you think Josie? I know you were thinking of spending the Summer in London…"

Maybe Roe agrees with Grayson. Maybe she has different ideas. But whatever she really thinks is kept obscured by the downward angle of her face, the veil of forward-sweeping dark hair. It's not the moment for a wobbly lower-lip, after all. Nor is it her decision to make, in any way shape or form. She doesn't envy Josie or Camilla, at this precise time.

Josie bites her lip, looking down to the animal, but she nods emphatically. "I can help. I can look after him." Better, in her eyes, it seems, than what Grayson suggests. "Dad will understand, and he spends a lot of time here anyway." Of course, Camilla knows there's also people she wants to check on, to see if they made it through the bombing, but she doesn't mention it now.

Grayson does not seem to be entirely satisfied as he listens to Camilla and Josie, but whatever discomfort he has is buried quickly, his features growing more neutral. He obediently keeps to his instructions, continuing to soothe the animal, holding it still easily. "Good lad," he murmurs softly. "Good lad."

Camilla kisses the top of Josie's head with a nod and then the work begins. She goes to the colt's head and whispers some more cloptrop into his ears and then in English she softly casts a spell and the large creature begins to nod off. "So while I work. Apologies for this being our first meeting. What exactly do you wish to do in the forest? Why do you need my help?" She checks the colt's pulse and then updates instructional requests. "If you could keep an eye out on the sedation wearing off. Fluttering in the eyelid. Up and down, not side to side. That's just him dreaming." Is asked of Roe while Josie is gestured over to the wings again. "Help Mr. Loring handle the wings Josie. I need this one stretched out as much as it can at this angle. And this one at that. Please hold them steady." Wand in hand she looks to all involved. "Everyone ready? We can talk as I work. If you are squeemish, don't look this way."

Roe's not actually squeamish, which likely comes as a surprise to many people. But she's also not going to sit and eyeball the woman while she's working - that sort of pressure's never fun. So the little brunette merely nods obligingly and keeps her attention on the now slumbering foal. "Certainly." Well, what else was she going to say, 'no thank you, I'm off down the pub'? "Oh. Well, we were reliably informed you'd be the person to ask to accompany us on a little expedition we've got planned.." At this point she trails off, casting a faint smile toward Gray, silently inviting him to take up the thread of conversation. He's rather better at the whole eyelash batting, dazzling smile thing, so it's a perfectly logical play, in her opinion. Shifting her weight, she settles cross-legged on the ground now, as the weight of the colt's head begins to make her knees ache.

Josie nods to the instruction, looking nervous but not hesitating in the least. She's not one to let fear stop her, even in this. She steps around to help Grayson stretch out the wing, doing her best to be gentle while at the same time firm enough to keep the wing steady. "Like this?"

"Yes, you're doing quite well." Grayson's voice is reassuring; though he still seems to disapprove, now that the decision has been made, he's committed. He straightens out the other wing, humming softly under his breath. Though the animal isn't awake, he continues to make the soothing noises, stroking and comforting. A glance toward Roe and Camilla to see whether they're ready, and he says "What else may I do to help?"

Camilla shakes her head to the offer for more help from Grayson, there is a little smirk and she points to Roe and the glance the brunette gave to her companion. "I'm fine, but I think your friend is looking for some help in convincing me to take you both into the Forest." After a littls gesture between Roe and Grayson with her wand she points it downwards at where the wings meet the creature's back and then it's a look of concentration on her face as she uses her wand as both scalpel and cauterize in one so there is minimal blood. Rather like a master butcher she works at deboning the wings and gives notice to Grayson first, "Going to come away now, gentle lift and carry it away." Another nearby stack of hay bales is pointed to, indicating where he can put the removed wing.

Roe, for her part, remains quiet as instructions are given; focusing on the task she's been given. Arguably the easiest. There is the quirk of a smile, though, as Camilla catches that not-so-subtle ploy, and the brunette glances up, momentarily, between the ranger and the dragonologist.

The smell of burning flesh is what bothers Grayson the most. His face goes a little paler as he lifts away the wing, as instructed, and he takes longer returning from the hay bale than he might. Surely he's seen operations like this before. And surely he's seen men and creatures burned, in his specialty, many times. There's even that scar down his neck. Still, the sight strikes a chord on him.

He clears his throat before speaking. "Yes. The Forest. We have come to ask your help, I'm afraid. This Centaur problem has been building for some years, I understand, and Rowena and I should like to find an end to it." It's an ambitious undertaking, and he's not even truly sure where to begin. "I thought we'd start by gathering more information. Visiting the old Star Gazer village. Perhaps a few other places."

Josie stays in place, ready to help Grayson as she can, watching what Camilla does closely. After Grayson seems distracted from the questions, she answers Camilla in a comment, though leaving the details for the adults, "We met the the Starchaser Chief, and know what the war is about."

Camilla is in no real rush to get Grayson back to the cutting board. It gives more opportunity for Josie to take the reins and shine. "Alright little lass of mine. Are you ready? Just like he did. Little gentle lift and then carry it away." After the audible pop of the bone coming free she folds and trims and a new spell is cast and turns the tip of her wand into a mass of sparkles that burst on the lain together muscle and skin and slowly the skin and muscle knits together. There are scars where the slices were, but those will fade, especially when the hair grows in. "Oh you do hmm? I would very much like to hear how that went and what the cause of the war is about."

Grayson forces himself to watch the rest of it, his features set in a grim cast. It's obvious that the sight is unpleasant to him, but given his history and work, it may be surprising just how unpleasant. Fortunately, he has work to devote his attention to. "It's a stolen artifact, apparently. The other Centaurs thought that the Starchasers stole it. I believe that if we recover the artifact and return it, a great deal of trouble will be solved." He glances at Roe and Josie before continuing. "Unfortunately… It may have been stolen by humans. Or some other outsider. We'll know more, of course, once we do a bit of poking and prodding."

Josie nods, bracing herself. The smell, or the look, or even the knowledge of what she's doing, doesn't seem to faze her now. She set her mind to this, so she does it without a trace of complaint. As the wing comes free she lifts it as instructed, and carries it over the hay bale. Then, immediately, she returns, looking to see how the animal is doing. Then, she says, "We also think whoever stole it may have broken it into pieces. They mentioned pieces, but didn't talk about it anymore than that. So, I really do think a human did this. It doesn't make sense for another centaur to steal it in the first place, let alone steel and break it. In the old grand Chief died, just the thing that made them need the artifact, and made them start a war."

Roe nods along with both of her companions in turn, though she does flinch vaguely at Gray mispronouncing the name of the herd. Someone's going to have extra homework! "Smart girl you've got here.." she remarks toward Camilla, with an indicative nod toward Josie and a smile, despite the rather unfortunate situation they've all become entangled in. "I entirely agree with her ideas. It doesn't make sense, at all, for a centaur to have done this.. and, as I understand it, they wouldn't trouble themselves with political machinations like these in the first place." Shifting her weight, the little brunette steals a glance down at the still soundly sleeping colt. Ah, ignorance is bliss. Will he miss the wings he never knew he had?

"..so yes." she continues, when she glances up again, this time looking to Grayson sidelong before directing her word to Doolittle, plain and simple. "We've a need to venture into the Forest. And not to put too fine a point on it, but we probably won't last five minutes without a guide."

Camilla draws Josie over to her again to help her wind some bandaging around the colt's surgery scars. The praise from Roe about Josie has her all beaming. "She really is, isn't she?" A kiss is quickly placed into Josie's hair before work continues. "There has been some other activity going on in the forest. It's not just the Centaurs that are on the uppity side, the other's just keep it in the forest. It does bear investigating and I am grateful for the help. If you two would like to stay close, you can use two of the cabins…" She puts the knot in the bandaging and points towards the few cabins. "We haven't been using them because they are closer to the forest line. But they should be safe enough for the night. We'll head out in the morning, just as the sun is rising. That should limit encounters with any Trolls."

Josie gives a smile at the praise, though it's not too big. Happy to be notice, that she's doing well, but concerned about the situation. She gently wraps the bandages around the little animal, but she comments, "That just helps show what I thought, that it was all a distraction. Something to keep things dangerous, right beside the school. Like someone is trying to distract someone, keep someone close to the school. In the timing, too, it all started about the same time as the triwizard stuff. Something really weird's going on." She does give a worried look as Camilla says they're going in tomorrow. "Be careful. Please don't get hurt on my birthday."

"Thank you, how very kind." replies Roe politely, following the gesture toward the cabins and nodding in apparent acceptance. "We can pack up what belongings we need and bring them here, in preparation for an early departure." She's clearly dying to ask about what other creatures await them in the forest.. but Camilla has her hands full enough, for the moment. It can wait. Yes it can! Biting her tongue, and flitting a glance toward her dragonologist companion for assurance, which comes in the form of a nod and that easygoing, crooked smile of his, the young woman watches with idle interest as the bandages are deftly fastened. Really not her area, this. But it's admittedly fascinating.

Distractedly at first, she nods as Josie speaks.. then looks up sharply, flitting her wide eyes between the pair. "Your birthday? Oh no, no we can't do that.. the next day will be soon enough!" Grayson pipes up, too, in that oddly endearing Cockney he occasionally lapses into. "Nahhh, can't have that. Don't wanna take away from such an important day, do we?" He flashes Josie a hopefully reassuring wink, before shooting Camilla a look that agrees with Roe's prompt sentiments. What's one day more, after all?

Camilla works with everyone to get a brace she customizes from some tack around the horses leg and then once that's done the hands take the colt into the barn to wake up next to his mother who is thankfully recovering from the hard birth. "Then it's settled, we will wait, it would be better for me to have some time and plot out the safest path for the three of us to take. I hate putting things off, they've gone on long enough. But perhaps we shouldn't go running in with a poking stick." She's not accusing them of doing so, just a friendly tease mostly directed at herself. Being that she's rather excited to be getting this matter handled. Requests for support on the matter have been slow going. No doubt thanks to Actaeon Proudmore who is still making Camilla's life hell for removing his Hypogriff from his estate for neglect reasons. "You two would be more than welcomed to attend Josie's Birthday Party tomorrow is you wish. I had intended to be home in time for it. But it probably best to err on the side of caution. Hmm?" She smiles down at Josie while giving her hair a little pet and tuck behind her ear.

Josie nods again, smiling in relief. "Yeah." Though, missing the party seem to be the lesser concern compared to Camilla's safety. Still, she nods quickly again in agreement as Camilla invites Roe and Grayson to the party. "That would be brilliant."

"We'd be delighted." Roe answers smoothly for the both of them, though Gray's nodding in assent in the background as he dusts off his hands. "Assuming you're not sick of the sight of us yet, young lady? Ooh, I could do some baking!" She looks positively radiant at this domesticated notion, grinning over one shoulder at her companion. He quirks a brow and tilts his head back a little in response to her glance, but pulls a dreadful face the moment her back's turned, silently forewarning Camilla and the birthday girl. "Quite so.." The magizoologist is agreeing with the other ranger, "..it'd be a pity to make a hurried mess of things now, after waiting so long for an opportunity. Well then." Stepping forward, she offers a hand in a polite gesture toward Camilla. "..we'll head back to our own lodgings for the night, seeing as there's no rush. And we'll see you tomorrow. A pleasure to have met you, Miss Fawley… a pleasure, indeed." Roe Scamander, of course, enjoys the benefits of flying under the radar at the Ministry. Or she has until now. Perhaps, in her own quiet way, she'll be able to really make a difference here. The thought seems to ensure she's in an excellent mood as she and Gray bid farewell and head off back to their campsite.

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