(1941-05-22) Happenings in Hogsmeade
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Summary: Students enjoy another Hogsmeade Weekend where two very different students from competing houses find there might be more in common between them.
Date: 1941-05-22
Location: Curious Creatures Pet Shop, Hogsmeade
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The sun is daring to start its journey to slip past the mountains in the west, and more often than not, the smells of suppers being cooked and served in the various pubs and inns here at Hogsmeade waft through the cool spring breeze. Naturally, the streets are more populated with students than normally, given that it's Hogsmeade Weekend and here in Curious Creatures Pet Shop, one might find some students intermixed with all sorts of interesting oddities. Along one corridor is Walburga Black, a few Slytherin girls nearby that are chatting about the latest gossip. "Noir naturally only loves the very best. I don't want him sick by giving him something lesser cats would like."

Stepping into the shop, Josie waves to the shop keep. Her attention is, at first, on the variety of pets on display, but she makes her way towards the cat food as well. The Gryffindor girl pauses as she steps into the aisle and sees so many Slytherin girls, but just for a second. Then, despite the differences of their houses, she gives a friendly, "Hi," as she steps to look at the food on display.

A friendly hi is heard, and that gets the Black's attention a moment as Walburga's eyes flick up to the girl who spoke. For just the briefest moment there's a look of confusion before the eyes go cold and she says "If you're looking for a high place to jump from, I know a few." in her deadpan tone before one of the Slytherin girls snicker. Her eyes look over Josie slowly before she says "I know Gryffindors are known for their brawn, I didn't know they ate pet food as well."

Josie keeps her cheerful demeanour, answering back, "Naw, I know all the high places. I'm up there all the time. But, if I'm ever looking for a hole to crawl into, I'll be sure to ask." She reaches up to take some of the cat food off the shelf, not quite the expensive stuff, and says, rolling her eyes, "It's for my cat." Apparently she couldn't come up with a smart come back for that.

"Touché." says Walburga in a flat tone although a tug of her lips upwards shows a smirks Josie doesn't take the hit without something given back. "You can tell a lot about a witch by the pet she has. Take for instance that mudblood with the disgustingly tight curled red hair, that house mate of yours, Lissie Kier. The things she clings to are the stuff out of barns, it shows because of how rowdy and uncivilized she behaves. Those like us who have cats as companions? We're far more intelligent." There's a pause given as Walburga thinks on a few things. "What color is yours?"

Josie doesn't react to the term 'mudblood', as might be expected. Of course, having been an active member, and even for a short time co-leader of the mud club, especially during the reign of Flint, she's kind of been involved in many taking pride in the insult. Instead, she says, "I don't know, there are some pretty smart animals that live in barns. Like Lucian's hippogriffs." Then, she answers, "Grey, with black stripes."

"Everything else is just a beast, and beasts need to be locked up. It's not like they can really think for themselves." shares Walburga still with her smirk. "Grey with black stripes? Hmm. My Noir is pure black, as he should be. I don't recall your name, but given you're in Gryffindor, I'd probably win a wager that I don't know your family."

Josie just giggles, "Say that in front of one of them, see where it gets you." She has her cat food, she could leave, but she doesn't. She actually seems to be enjoying the conversation. "You might. I'm Josie Davies-Bates. My dad's an auror, he was the one that did a demonstration duel with Professor Dumbledore a few years ago. And he was one of the ones who came to investigate Flint." This last she adds with a bit of a smirk of her own.

As Walburga listens to Josie talk about her family name and a little history, the smirk seems to melt away as the lips move in a thin flat line of dissatisfaction. "An Auror? How…nice. My eldest brother perhaps sees him at the Ministry." as the last part is forced through teeth. "It takes all kinds to make the world go round, we need someone to do the low things in life so that we better witches and warlocks can focus on far more important things. Tell me, Davies-Bates, what type of work will -you- do when you're a witch?"

Josie grins a tiny bit more at Walburga's reaction. At least, until she basically says it's a less important job. "Other than being Minister for Magic, what can be more important than protecting people from dangerous criminals?" Then, she answers, "Same thing, I want to be an auror like him, and eventually Minister for Magic if I can." Yep, she does have big dreams. "Sometimes they come from the auror's office. But he's made me promise to look at other things too. So, maybe the RCMC, like Camilla." Then, she adds, since it's apparent that Walburga cares about family names, "Camilla Fawley. She's going to be my stepmother."

"There's lots of things that's more important than chasing around the globe after people, even more important than the Minister." says Walburga and she has to pause to think a moment, as she tempers her irritation. "Such as being a wife and mother raising a proper wizarding family with the right values and knowing ones place in the world. Your family….it's not a real wizarding family is it? The Davies-Bates?" asks the Black. The words are sharp, but perhaps Josie is smart enough to pick up that Wally is trying to learn more about the girl. "Why is a Fawley acting as a blood traitor? What is it your family offers?"

Josie grins and says, "You can be a wife and mother and still have a job. It's only Muggles who think women have to stay at home and cook and stuff." She watches for a reaction to that. But, she does go on, "If you mean a pureblood family, no. My dad was the first wizard Bates, and I don't think there's any magic blood in the Davies family. But it's a real wizarding family, now. Just not an old one." She actually frowns as Camilla is called a blood traitor, "Because she can see people as they are, not just what blood they have."

The way Josie describes things seems like she's speaking a different language as Walburga's brow lifts up in a high arch. "Why would I cook?" before she laughs coldly. "How absurd, don't you have house elves? No, I suppose you don't. My family have many and /I/ have my own, his name is Kreacher - he was my yule present last year from my most delightful grandfather, Cygnus Black the Second…you might know him, he owns Black Bestiary. So if you're thinking of the RCMC, and if you're a smart witch and not a stupid one, you'll find that in the real wizarding world there are some who can actually help you get to where you're wanting to go. RCMC, I could see you as the head of that. I'd say you probably wouldn't be getting your own pet food, but then again, even I like getting Noir his favorite treats." as she shares a small (very small) actual smile at the thought of them treating their cats.

The reaction catches Josie off guard, especially at the mention house elves. One type of creature she doesn't know much about. "No, we don't. Camilla taught me how to work for myself. I don't need anybody to serve me." Still, it's obvious that she's been thrown. But, soon she's curious again, "Where's Black Bestiary? Haven't been there before." But, it sounds like she does want to visit. And, she nods in agreement about treating their pets.

"You really are new to the wizarding world if you haven't heard of Black Bestiary!" exclaims the Black! A few of the Slytherin girls laugh mockingly to back up their leader, but she puts a small hand up to quiet then. "Shh, we can't hold it against her for not knowing what she should know. If you're looking for Black Bestiary, then you simply have to follow your nose to Knockturn Alley. My grandfather owns it, did you know he used to be an agent at the RCMC? Dragons was his specialty." as she dangles perhaps a tasty worm to the fish on her line.

Josie looks a little suspicious, just for a moment, as Walburga defends her for not knowing something. But, she hides it quickly, just showing her interest again. "Brilliant, I'll check it out this summer. Assuming they stop bombing London soon so I can go there."

"Bombing? Oh yes, those stupid muggles who want to destroy everything with those odd things that fall out of the sky like rain. Personally, I think the wizarding world should just put a stop to this whole nonsense. Muggles are dangerous, and dangerous things need to be put away and know their place so they don't go harming proper society. You just can't reason with these things." as she shakes her head. "Even you would agree, we should stop this whole nonsense before they destroy everyone."

Josie nods, and says, "Yeah, I do. I wanted the Unity Act to work, so there wouldn't be any more secrets, so we could help protect the Muggles. And help stop stuff like this from happening. Always thought the secrecy was stupid."

"When the muggles are put in their place, and their tools to destroy themselves are taken away as are their abilities, then the wizarding world won't be distracted by less important things." says Walburga with a nod, no doubt saying something she's heard before.

Josie frowns, and says, "But that would be ruling them. That's more like Grindelwald. I think Cassius Malfoy had it right, not Grindelwald. We can help them without ruling them." Of course, if Grindelwald didn't take such an anti-muggleborn stance, her own opinion might be different, as she does seem to agree that the Muggles need help and guidance. It just seems to be a matter of degree.

"In the end, we will be ruling them - it's just that some want to lie to the muggles and others simply desire the truth to be upheld; that we cannot have the muggle proclivity to destroy both our worlds to happen again. If you have the stomach to lie to them, so be it, you don't strike me as a witch who'd be happy to lie. But just as we guide and enforce rules via the RCMC, so would we do with the muggles ultimately one day. You'll see, Davies-Bates. One day, our worlds will have peace." says Walburga, the sharpness in her tone going up as she speaks with passion.

Josie frowns again, but this time it's different. She's not angry, perhaps just a little unsure of, or confused by, her own beliefs. "I seen how bad Muggles can be to each other, so, maybe, yeah. I hope so. Just as long as muggleborns aren't being ruled, too," she adds, regaining some conviction.

"We're all ruled by something or someone." shares Walburga, looking at Josie's eyes and studying her a little bit in silence after that. "Those who know their place delight that the wheel of life moves best and easiest once all the spokes, cogs, rims, bearings and such are in place. I know it probably isn't what some like to admit, but deep down inside we all want to be needed, we all want to know where we fit in the world. It brings comfort!" An odd choice of words from a Black, and there's even the smallest tug in the corner of her lips to show a hint of a smile as she seems to mean what she says in her direct sort of way of talking."

Walburga adds, "Besides, Josie….mudbloods are needed in the future society. It's you who know far better how muggles think and act. Just like the RCMC, perhaps we'll have a ministry devoted for the care and management of muggles and you'd probably be very good in ensuring they're looked after.""

Again, it's hard to argue either point, and Josie nods. But, she says, "But a person's place doesn't have anything to do with blood status. Anything. It has to do with what they want to do, and what they're good at. Everybody should have the same chance to be important. To be who they want to be." She seems to have found her footing again.

"Giving people false hope is lying to them. There are certain families in the wizarding world that are at a higher natural ability than others for particular tasks, duties and whatnot. Our blood is simply what our base is, the foundation which we build ourselves on. Add our experience, schooling, personal desires and such and then you have built the mansion which houses our character. But it all starts from that tiny thing. Somewhere…who knows where…a blood traitor chose to be with a muggle, and hence the magic found itself through your family and to you - you can't tell me that muggles can do magic, they can't. It's a proven fact. Their place in the world is to toil in ignorance of our power, or so others wish….so they can toil and toil, fight and bicker and end up trying to destroy us all. They do that because their elite give a sense of false hope, so all their social classes can fight and not progress. It's pure chaos." with a shake of her head. "And not everyone can be important - goodness, imagine a body where the foot decides it's going to tell what the body needs to do instead of the brain! Ha ha ha!"

Josie shakes her head, "Not Muggles, but muggleborns can do magic. And do it just as good as anybody else. My dad almost defeated Professor Dumbledore, in their duel. He has defeated many pureblood dark wizards and witches. And look at Professor Viridian. Nobody can say he's not good at magic." Then, she adds, frowning again, "And you're wrong, about Muggles. Poor Muggles don't have any hope. They just try to survive."

"Exactly, muggleborns can do magic because the magical gene was passed through the muggle line via a blood traitor, that's the only explanation. So obviously, blood matters. The headmaster is a half-blood, he's not as powerful as some think. But now isn't the time or place to talk about him." says Walburga. There's a silence for a bit, and the Black walks over towards Josie, looking over her still. "I don't know much about muggles, I try to stay away from them and their kind and instead leave a buffer between us. If I'd need to speak to one, I'd use someone else to carry a message, someone who understands them and their ways. But think about what I said, I feel that deep inside when you think about these things, you'll see you and I have more in common in our thoughts about certain things than what you'd have guessed. Just be true to yourself, never lie." And that leaves a grin on Walburga's face, it's perhaps a little unsettling."

Josie watches Walburga in return, but she nods, "Yep, we probably do. Not everything, for sure, but maybe a lot." She nods, again, and says, "I guess not everybody on the magijugend side were as stupid as Flint." She turns, then, to go pay for her cat food.

Walburga smirks at the last comment from Josie and looking back at her little group she says, "Come on, there's things I need to buy for Orion and then we can head back to the school." The Slytherin girls head out following Walburga, the bell at the door ringing.

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