(1941-06-11) Charmitorium Study Session
Details for Charmitorium Study Session
Summary: Open Practice Session in the Hogwarts Charmitorium before Exams
Date: IC June 11, 1941
Location: Hogwarts Charmitorium

It's exam time. Though half over, Charms is one of the exams that Josie still needs to take, so it's time to practice. She steps in, not too long after Antonin. She pauses a few steps inside, as she sees them, but after initial hesitation she says, in a friendly tone, "Hello."

Turning at the greeting behind him, Antonin peers over his shoulder at Josie, brow lifting as he surveys the female Gryffindor Quidditch Player. He seems a little surprised and a touch confused that the Gryffindor would speak to him, but he does offer a smirk to his friends before turning back toward Josie and saying, "Evening, Davies. I think that congratulations are in order. Thanks to your team beating Ravenclaw in your last match, you assisted us in winning the Quidditch Cup."

Glancing past Antonin, Josie starts to examine the obstacles as well. But, she soon looks back to the Slytherin, and says, "Thanks. And yeah, congratulations, you guys played brilliantly this year. I mean, I'd rather Gryffindor won, but you really deserved it this year. Next year, though, we'll see," she adds with a grin. She and Antonin are standing not too far inside.

Anotnin shakes his head with an amused smirk and says, "Next year we will see Slytherin winning the cup just as we saw this year, I am certain." His dark eyes turn to regard the obstacle course and he says, "Though I do commend you and the other teams still giving it your best effort. It is nice to see that hope is not so easily stamped out." He slips his wand from his belt and considers one of the challenges, a tall pillar with a simple vase set atop. "Carpe Retractum" he says, whipping his wand as a rope above his head and then directing it toward the vase… but nothing happens.

Nothing like a N.E.W.T. in Charms to make a student study. Samira steps into the Charmitorium and casts her gaze across the students and aids tackling the obstacle courses. Her gaze lingers on Antonin and Josie. With a bit of a grin, she meanders over. "Trouble?" she asks Antonin, tilting her head.

Josie grins, and says, "I don't ever give up." She looks back to the older girl, greeting with a friendly, "Hello." Since Antonin is working on that, she steps around to the next challenge, a wall of flickering flames. Already enchanted not to be too dangerous, but still something to be dealt with. She pulls her wand and points at herself, "Impervius Flammas." She steps up towards the wall of flame, but a hand out, and then pulls back with a slight yelp.

Offering half a frown as Samira walks forward and points out his failed spell, Antonin turns his attention back to the vase with a furrowed brow and recasts the same spell. This time, as he directs his wand toward the vase atop the pillar, a thin rope of bright light whips from the tip and curls around the vase. With a sharp pull, Antonin pulls the vase from the top and brings it flying through the air toward his open arms. Catching the item, Antonin turns his eyes toward Samira and winks before saying, "Not anymore. Coming to do a little practice, Samira?" he asks. As Josie is burned, the Slytherin's smile increases slightly, though he does not comment.

Samira nods with a little laugh. "Yes. The English idiom goes, 'practice makes perfect,' yes?" She glances over at Josie's yelp, grinning with a hint of mirth. Drawing her own wand, she beckons the girl to approach. "Come here. Let's see."

Josie shakes her hand through the air at first, as if hoping the air will cool it. Then, however, she steps over to let Samira look at it. "It's not too bad, but thanks." Then, she says, "I didn't have much trouble with that one in class, but guess I need to practice it more."

Watching the pair, Antonin speaks up and asks of Samira, "You work with Madam Spleen, right? You know a bit about healing?" He walks over closer toward his fellow Slytherin, still holding to the vase in his hands idly, not really paying attention or he would have surely set it down already.

Samira takes Josie's wrist and lifts her hand. Glancing to Antonin, she nods. "Yes. Since last year. And I'll be interning again this summer at St. Mungo's, I believe." With a small smile at Josie, she lifts her wand and stirs the air just above the pink burn. "Episky."

The burn gets hotter, but then begins to cool. Samira keeps a firm hold on Josie's wrist and examines the mended flesh. "There. Better?" she says, releasing the younger student.

Josie smiles, squeezing in and stretching out her fingers, "Yeah, thank you." Then, she says, "You're brave to want to intern in London right now, with all the bombing. I've heard it eased up but still, it could start up all over again. But, I guess that means healers are even more important right now."

As Samira begins to heal Josie's burn, Antonin looks on with a slightly furrowed brow, though he does not say anything of it. He watches as the pink skin of the burn is cleared away to reveal properly healed flesh and he says, "That is quite impressive. I have never seen someone in school that can heal."

Samira lifts a shoulder. "There is always danger in life. Only sometimes do you know what the danger is. But whether my uncle decides to permit the internship, it remains to be seen."

Turning to Antonin, she offers him a little bow of appreciation. "There are a few, I think. Thank you."

Samira folds her hands behind her back and adds, "I will leave you both to your practice. Good luck." And, with a bright smile, she slinks off to join a few other Sixth Year students.

Josie smiles, nodding to Samira, "Thanks, again." She waves as the older girl wanders off, and looks back to the wall of fire thoughtfully. Probably thinking of other methods that aren't quite so dangerous.

Nodding his head toward Samira, and then toward Josie, Antonin says, "I think that I am going to head to the other side of the Charmitorium and take a run at some of the more difficult obstacles. Good luck on your practicing Davies." With that the young Dolohov steps away and disappears onto the other side of the room.

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