(1941-06-14) Our Very Own Place
Details for Our Very Own Place
Summary: After living in homes that have been 'handed down' in one way or another, Tim and Annie, while on a picnic with little Aurora, contemplate a move to Hogsmeade.
Date: 14 June 1941
Location: A rocky beach in Ireland

Tim sits on a blanket with his wife on the rocky beach below their Irish Dob Cottage. Tis a beautiful near summer Sunday. As they watch Ro play with the rocks and a bit of seaweed Tim tightens his arm around his beloved's shoulders. "Darlin', wot do yee think about havin' more? If a bit temporary like… Summer is coming up and there's fliers all over the Prophet about kids needing a safe place. With ye back at work, I figure it wouldn't hurt to get a cottage with a few rooms. One for us, one for Ro, turn another into a bunk room…" His green eyes peer though ginger lashes at her, watching her carefully. "Tis just a thought."

Annie's already cleared up their lunch things, and put aside the basket they brought to the shore. The only things left are a handful of strawberries that were dipped in chocolate and some mushy peas that Aurora just loves gumming. Speaking of, Annie reaches over to delicately pull a piece of seaweed from the baby's hand as she tries to find her mouth with it. It's sort of cute, she looks like she's trying to beat herself in a round of boxing. "Havin' more?" she questions, looking over to Tim. It takes a second to click, "What, more children? I rather thought we would," she teases lightly. Annie looks out at the water thoughtfully. "Where would we look for something?"

Tim gets that boyish grin when she points out that she does want more kids, in the making babies sort of manner. "Hogsmeade, close to school for ye and any kids that are of the age." He looks over towards their cottage. "Would be nice for Ro too, to be someplace that's a more tight knit community. Not us out here miles from the pub." Which is the only place of community they have here. "Ro's room would be the nursery if we are blessed again. With the bunk room for the displaced kids. I grew up feeling pretty alone, hate to think good kids feeling the same way because bombs are dropping on their homes. Ye know?"

Annie nods and looks back over to Tim as he voices his thoughts without a trace of any stutter at all. They've come such a long way. One hand comes up to tenderly stroke the angle of his strong jaw. "Yeh know," she says slowly, as if still thinking over the words even as she's lining them up to say. "I've still been poppin' in on the cottage for lovely Mister and Missus Thurkell there in Hogsmeade. Yeh remember th' one? Last messages I got from them included some photos of their lovely little grandchildren, an' they've still made no mention of comin' back from America any time soon…" She lets the words trail off, looking up at Tim.

Tim tilts his head into the caress and also in thought. "We'd have to make sure they don mind. Also maybe an extension, add another room. The babe can sleep with us this summer… Maybe see about buying it from them out right." He strokes her thigh and has a very soft smile on his face as he looks her in the eyes during this life changing discussion.

Blue eyes widen in surprise at the suggestion. "D'yeh think we could afford t'buy it, Tim?" she asks with something of a hopeful lilt in the words. "If they haven't come back yet, I don't see it likely they will, with the war an' all. So much safer in America. And I'm sure they'd be kind t'us with the price an' all."

Tim chuckles softly and nods while leaning in to kiss her. The surprise and excitement on her face just spurrs the desire. "Coor I love ye so." is whispered over her lips and then he's nodding again. "I've been alive a bit longer than ye, lived below my means all these years. Both the house and this cottages was inherited, all bought and paid for. Since we've not taken any vacations lately, haven't been spendy that way. I think that we can offer them more than enough so they can live comfortably in America. Wot do ye think love? If nothing else we can decide on the move. Even if they don't wish to give it up. There's other cottages to be found in Hogsmeade. We can talk again soon about fostering when we're settled on all that."

Annie can't help but giggle at Tim's choice of words, murmuring, "A bit, yeah." She leans forward to give baby Rory some peas, then settles back against him again. The thoughtful look has returned to her face as she listened. "D'yeh suppose maybe we could use this as our chance t'pick out a place for us? Not somethin' inherited, chosen by someone else, but somethin' we choose together and make our home with the little ones?"

Tim goes from resting his chin on the top of her head to ducking down enough to kiss her neck below her ear before kissng her hair and resting his chin back down again as she ponders out loud. "I think that's an excellent idea. Their cottage is sentimental. I remember it very fondly. Will it feel like our place though? Like ye said, will it feel a bit inherited?"

Turning her head, Annie smiles at Tim. "I love yeh so. Our very own place… how excitin'." The smile turns impish as she suggests, "Why don't we pack it in, an' head back home? Maybe see if Bowie wants t'spend some time with little Rory so mummy and daddy can have some time to themselves." There's an eyebrow waggle to emphasize the thought.

Tim is popping up quick as he can without jostling her too much. It is moments and he's scooped up their daughter and zooms her around in circles spinning her about in the air like a super hero while Annie tidies up. He then uses Rory to chase down her mother to hurry her along back up the path to the cottage.

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