(1941-06-16) Meeting a Merrythought
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Summary: In Hogsmeade to look at cottages, Tim and Annie bump into a future Hogwarts student.
Date: 16 June 1941
Location: The Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade, Scotland
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Aiden sits at a table a plate with a couple of sandwiches in front of him and a glass of ice cold pumpkin juice. He has a book to his side and appears to be writing in another. The boy has black hair and pale skin he is wearing a shirt that is black with green stripes tucked into his trousers and appears to be quite skinny. He reaches over and takes a bite of his sandwich before returning to whatever it is that he is writing.

A ginger haired wizard pulls open the outer door of the pub, letting a similarly ginger haired witch step inside before him. Her clothing is nothing of particular note, just black robes in the style favoured by those who work within the gates of Hogwarts. She turns as she steps in, a warm smile going to her companion, and Annie says, "We seem t'have come at a good time, not terribly busy right now." Being a weekday doesn't hurt that, as the students fairly take over the pub on the weekends they're allowed off the grounds. "Where should we sit then, Tim?" she asks as she looks around.

Tim points towards a table that is close without being on top of where Aiden is sitting. The boy's table does have a nice view out the window and the selected table shares the view. He leads the way and pulls out a chair for Annie and then helps to scoot her in before he takes a seat as well. But only after a small and very safe for public kiss is put onto the top of her head. "What do you think Rory and Bowie are up to right now? Probably have no cottage to go home too." His voice is quiet but filled with joy about the subject and the Irish lilt that's ever present.

Aiden jumps a bit when he hears Annie and Tim speaking he was again lost in his own little world and looks around. But when he hears the mans voice he brightens up. "Excuse me sir I don't mean to intrude but are you from Ireland as well?" He asks his brogue ever clear in his voice. "My mum and Da and I are from Eire." he says with a smile.

Annie smooths her robes under her as she sits, and smiles a bit more brightly at the light kiss atop her head. "Brilliant choice," she says in agreement to the chosen table. Her own accent is unmistakably English, but far from posh. She turns to look curiously to the source of the new voice, mildly studying the boy, trying to place him from the Hogwarts library but failing.

Tim is pleasantly interupted and while it does take the rather shy with stranger's man a few moments of blinking and processing it ends with him smiling big and boyish over to Aiden and he leans far over to offer his hand to the lad. "The very same!" Like many of the Irish, Tim never gives a straight 'Yes'. "Ballycastle. Right upon the north shore. Tim Moody, and the stunning vision across from me is my wife, Annie Moody, she's a librarian up there at yonder castle." He points to the window with the great view, that just so happens to include Hogwarts.

Aiden smiles even brighter he knows the name of course he knows the Moody name. Aiden takes Tims hand and shakes it. "My names Aiden Merrythought. My mom was a Moody as well I mean she is but… She married me da so shes not by name anymore oi its confusing." He says excitedly. "Pleasure to meet you both, you work at the school?" He asks Annie with a smile. "I should be there next year, Im not quite there yet." He says smiling at both.

"Well that explains why I couldn't place yeh then," Annie says to the young Merrythought. "That I do, so I expect t'be seein' yeh in the library orientation at the beginnin' of term." Her tone is lightly teasing, as if he's now a marked man. "Are yeh lookin' forward to it very much?" An amused glance goes to Tim, with a quick nose wrinkle that counts as Annie's version of a wink as her hand slides across the table to find his.

Tim slides his hand around Annie's and his green eyes sparkle when she 'winks' at him. A look of astonishment comes across his features and he looks around the pub. "She near-by? Your Ma. Would like to say hello to this kin of mine." All of Tim's immediate family are gone, so the distant relatives like Aiden's mother are all he has in the way of family, so he is surely interested in a meeting. He is distracted however when a pretty serving girl comes up to take orders and he quiets down and chews on his tongue. Those emerald eyes going to Annie in a manner she's familiar with, he needs her to do the ordering or he's going to be a stammering fool.

Aiden smiles and laughs. "Well I'm sure she is but not sure where at the moment." He says as he takes a bite of his sandwich and a sip of his drink. "But Im absolutely lookin' forward to it I mean doesn't everyone?" He says with his bright smile turning back to Annie. "Nothin' scared me ya know. I'm fearless." He says trying to sound tougher than he is. Its at this point he closes the book he's been writing in and notices that Tim's gotten quiet. "You ok Sir?" He asks curiously.

Annie can't help a soft laugh at Aiden's bravado, "Good on yeh then, young Mister Merryweather. The years at Hogwarts are some of the best yeh can spend. An' yeh'll be goin' in with the advantage of already havin' met one of the librarians." There's a soft squeeze to Tim's hand, and Annie looks up to smile brightly at the server. "Two butterbeers, one whisky, and two bowls of today's stew, please." She glances to Aiden's table and adds, "And another drink for the boy as well, please." She's much more at ease than her husband, clearly, and seems quite accustomed to taking up when he falters.

Tim looks grateful when his wife takes up the duties of ordering them food. He gives the wench a shy little smile of gratitude before he turns completely away from her to face Aiden. With the pretty girl out of sight and after another moment of chewing his tongue he gives a confident-ish nod. "Fine as silver lad. What about you? Do we have an author in the family? Maybe Anns will be tucking one of your books onto a shelf one day."

Aiden blushes slightly and glances to the book. "Ummm… well its not very good just ideas and stuff." He stammers out a bit. So much for his bravado. "I mean Im only a kid and well I dont know." He says taking a bite of his sandwich. "I like to write, but as I said I dont think Im that good at it."

A warm smile goes to Aiden, Annie's blue eyes filled with good humour. "Yeh'd be surprised how many people there are that aren't very good at writing that write books anyway. An' them grown adults." She shakes her head, as if in wonder at that fact. "Now, you. Startin' young, that's the way. Yeh'll just get better an' better." Her gaze shifts to Tim and she says confidently, "I won't be surprised when I'm doin' just that one day."

Aiden finishes his sandwiches and drinks the last of his drink. "Uh Oh I gotta run Im late ta meet me ma and shes goin'a be worried." He says standing and giving a slight bow to Annie and Tim. "It was a pleasure meetin ya Im sorry I gotta run. Bye." He says as he picks up his books and heads to the door.

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