(1941-06-16) Room To Grow
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Summary: Tim and Annie have little trouble deciding on a cottage in Hogsmeade, and are moving in in short order.
Date: 16 June 1941
Location: 7 Cottage Way, Hogsmeade, Scotland
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Tim strolls around the very empty, very clean cottage from behind Annie with his arms around her. It's a typical position from him when they are in private or just among family. Their jobs keep them busy so when they are together, he prefers to be close with her. "Lots of room. Small enough to still be intimate without being on top of everyone like the lil cottage on the shore." He lifts a hand from her belly to point at a large wall. "Plenty of wall space and good natural light."

Annie's gotten used to this sort of tandem walking with Tim, despite their differences in height. A little adjustment from each of them, and it's natural. "One of the rooms could be set up as a darkroom for yer photos," Annie suggests, "Or we could see about an out-building or some such…" The words trail off thoughtfully as she looks around.

Tim leans a bit to look out a window. "Looks like there's a shed or the like out in the back. Could convert that. Or add on to it. Til then I can also just use the Prophet Dark Room. Hardwick has been pretty soft about that since a Bomb dropped on my private Dark Room. But it would be nice to have my own again. Being in an out building would mean less smelly house too."

Tilting with him, Annie nods in agreement. "It would do that," she notes, nose wrinkling at the thought of his potions and powders and all. "I'd like very much for yeh t'have someplace at home again. Yer away so much as it is, whenever I can have yeh near I'd rather that." She smiles, leaning back comfortably against Tim's chest.

Tim strolls with his wife down a small corridor off of the main living space downstairs. Two smaller rooms and a wash room are downstairs here. "Re-build your parlor in here. Can even do your secret door to a restroom again." Then it's simply a lean the otherway to look into the other room. "Small desk there, Ceiling is high enough in this room to have three high bunks on that wall and that wall. So that's room for six…" Tilting about his head to peek around at her face to gauge her reaction when he brings up fostering again, without exactly being blatant about it. Sneaky Banshee!

Their shoes click lightly on the hardwood floor as the couple peruses the building, speculating on the space. Annie listens, nodding her head slightly at Tim's thoughts, but stops and turns her head to look at him, pulling back to regard him with raised brows, "Six?" There's a pause, and then she laughs and turns toward him to slide arms around his waist. Her chin tips up as she looks at him. "And that's only in this one room, I suppose? What're yeh aimin' for, an even dozen?"

Tim lifts his hands to cup each side of her face with his fingers slowly kneading in her hair and thumbs caressing along her cheekbones. "Well that's just the foster kids… the other 6… well that will take several years. But who's counting? 'Take what we are blessed with' I believe was the words used." He lowers his head down and tilts to place a soft kiss on her lips. "Bit of planning on each though never hurts. If they're summer babes all, won't hardly put a hiccup in their Ma's job." He gives that boyish smile again. After all, she was warned that he is after a big family. He hated being an only child. That and truth be told, he loves the baby making part too. But she's distracting him with that part of their plans again so he chuckles and looks back to the room over her head. "What say ye wife of mine? Care to go from three (or maybe four) - to nine? If they're all Hogwarts Age, it's just for the summer and then a few days for Holiday."

Annie grins as she sees his mind wandering off for a moment, "Lets not put the children before th'cart, love. We've got t'make sure they'll trust us with some," she adds with a laugh. "It'd be rather nice, though, to provide a close place if they're students. And I'm sure I'd know them even in passing, I can't imagine there's a single one that's not been by the library sometime."

Tim makes a bit of a face, twisted up in disbelief that they wouldn't be given permission to take in kids. Both of them are quite respectable, secret vigilante-ism aside. Now they have a big house… if…"We going to get it?" He looks around the house and then down at her with a toothy grin.

That face Tim pulls makes Annie laugh again, and a tug on his arm has them walking back out to the main room. She looks around, as if seriously contemplating the question, then twirls, steps close to Tim and nods, "I think we ought. It's lovely and we'll have plenty of room t'grow here."

Tim looks like he could sing! But he just dances instead. Scooping her up he ballroom dances with her out of the corridor, through the kitchen, into the dining area and then the reception and out the front door. But not before he scoops her up to carry her over the threshold. "We'll take it!" He explains to the realtor and after he sets his wife back down gently he pulls a writ from Gringotts out of his robes, conjures up a quill from there as well and the bartering begins. But in the end they are the owners of a lovely two story cottage a stones throw from Hogwarts. Anything still salvageable from the Square Mile house is brought over that very night. It's mostly pictures, many of them without glass any more. The couch survived as well. But Tim has also brought a catalogue with him so that they can cuddle on their beat up old couch and pick out all new furniture and belongings to start filling their big house. Everything new and picked out by them. Together.

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