(1941-06-20) A Letter for the Window Leaper
Details for A Letter for the Window Leaper
Summary: After Anson had to dash from his reading Madam Cassandra pens him a letter and after some searching makes sure it's delivered to the young man.
Date: June 20th, 1941
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall
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During Breakfast with mail delivery a snowy white owl with a collar and an all seeing eye pendant around its neck circles about the tables, searching, it passes over Anson a few times, but then lands next to him. The eye on the collar blinks and it's pupil dialates as it takes Anson in more closely. Then the owl releases the letter in its claws onto the table and takes flight once again.

Dear Mr. Window Leaper,

I have for you the rest of your reading that you could not receive due to prior engagements.

To refresh your memory, the first card in the Self-Image Position was the Eight of Swords. I'm sure you remember your promise to try to not be so arrogant in the future.

The card that I'm unsure if you were aware of as I was explaining it in your speedy egress was the position of Romantic Energy, which is the overall emotional and romantic energy between yourself and M.S. The card in that postion was The Lovers. Harmony and Beauty are at work here. Dedication.

The next few cards I made note of so that I could pen you this letter. The third position is called the Union. It gives insight into the interplay between yourself and M.S. The card here was the World Card, it's meaning is one of coming full circkle in a final act of completion. A oneness with the world around you comes from the Beyond. Closure and completion, accomplisment and fulfilment these are all words that make up your interplay together.

The First Partner position gives insight into yourself. Or how you must be for your query to come into being. Having the Temperance Card in this position means that you must fine moderation in all forms of your self, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional. Walk the middle path, find balance and even-handedness and I believe that M.S. will realize you are a person worthy of her attention and affection.

The Second Partner position gives insight into M.S., what forces are at work in their life. Having the Three of Cups in this position means an abundance of emotion and communication. A freedom of expression. Good friendships and enjoyment and celebration in life. I remember you mentioning her friend giving you advice. It seems to me that the opinion of her friends and peers means a great deal to her, as does having fun. So perhaps she is not ready for the life of a committed girlfriend. At least not yet.

Finally the last card is the Romantic Future position. This position illustrates the potential for you and M.S. as viable partners. I am sorry my Leaper friend, but an inverted Four of Swords means that there is no rest for the weary. Conflict prevents introspection and understanding. Fatigue.

It seems to me that you will have to do a lot of hard work to change who you are, to meet her standards, but even then, if you do and if you win her back, you are in for a quite fight to remain that person, to conform to her demands, and even then that just might not be good enough for her in the end.

Remember the endless ladder filled with broken or off-kilter rungs. I think we both know that I was seeing your real question as well in that crystal ball. I hope you will consider returning to my shop in the future. And not just to cover your fee. My door is opened to you Leaper. This time, please use my door. I look forward to seeing you again.

Good luck,
Cassandra Vablatsky

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