(1941-06-20) Black Hearts and Sweethearts
Details for Black Hearts and Sweethearts
Summary: A group of Slytherins - and one Ravenclaw - consider plans for the upcoming holidays. And for entertainment, in Walburga's case.
Date: June 20th, 1941
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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Well, the exams are finally over. The last Hogsmeade weekend is, too. Now there's nothing to do but wait for, in most cases, those all-important results and attend those meetings, for Fifth Years, to decide which path to set out upon next. So, the atmosphere in the Great Hall is an odd combination of fraught tension and a total lack of same, depending where you look.

Seated about two-thirds of the way along the Ravenclaw table is a small knot of girls; a recognisable clique by now, to most. Morrow Selwyn and her circle of friends. The brunette ringleader herself is perched on the table, Mary-Janes set casually on the bench, while the others are either seated there or standing. Regardless, all but she seem in excitable conversation about something… and knowing them, it's nothing to do with academic achievement.

A tall blonde, who else but Lucinda Slughorn, walks into the Great Hall with a swag and a swish of her skirt. Oh, she is at the top, finally. She looks around and smirks as she scans each of the tables, her eyes falling upon a certain Ravenclaw, running up and down her. A thin smile forms on her lips while she walks over to her. "Selwyn, enjoying the last few days of term?" She asks, keeping it calm and polite while she's surrounded by…friends? Still, she's not really that great at hiding her eyes looking over her as she talks.

Walking into the Great Hall, his head held high in a true testament to his high brow standing as the Heir of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, comes none other than young Orion Black. The golden signet ring on his right index finger that is carved with the symbol of House Black is polished and glinting in the light as always. There is an air about the boy, even at this young age, that tells of his complete knowledge and assurance of his place in the school, both as a Black and as the Grandson of the Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts. He is alone, as he walks a path that will carry him past the two older girls and toward the Slytherin table.

Drawing closer to the Ravenclaw and her companions, their conversation would be audible enough, though not overloud. One, a pretty redhead, is nodding firmly in response to something uttered by a seated, cherubic blonde. "..heard he was almost set upon by all of them."

"Surely they wouldn't actually.."

"Lucinda." The pretty brunette interjects, smoothly cutting short the discussion between her friends, as the Slytherin girl approaches; offering a perfectly pleasant smile in greeting. But, you know. Also making sure the conversation is halted, for now. "I am, indeed. Though I'll enjoy the holidays more, if I'm honest. I'm rather weary of having to hang around."

Those vivid blue eyes drift past the blonde, briefly, to note the younger Black as he passes on the periphery. Hmm. Worth stirring mischief there? No, maybe not right now. She's feeling lazy. Recrossing her legs at the knee, Morrow returns her full attention to the soon-to-be Seventh Year. "And yourself? Any exciting plans for the summer?" Her head tilts a touch, curiosity palpable. "Will you be joining us at the Academy, perhaps?"

"I will definitely be going to the Academy, Father might try to get me into a Quidditch Club for the summer, too…" Lucinda grins, she's going to be so spread thin this summmer! Sitting casually on a bench, not really caring, she looks into those blue eyes, "Remind me, you acting or dancing? I've heard you're pretty damned good at both, to be fair…" A toothy grin graces her face, leaning back on her elbows. "It'd be great to see you there again, at any rate!" She casts a cursory glance to Orion, noting the presence of the Black with a subtle nod of her head.

Orion catches that subtle nod from the older Slytherin and glances her way, dipping his own head in a similarly subtle motion of greeting. "Good morning, Slughorn," says Orion, his young voice still steeped in the tones of boyhood. "Glad to be done with your exams?" he asks, slowing his pace as he draws near the other students.

Leaning forward, settling to the conversation and effectively dismissing the company of those gathered about her - the other girls subtly budge down the table a little, likely in order to strike up their chatter again out of earshot - Morrow rests her folded arms atop her knee and regards the Slughorn girl in turn, still with that half-smile playing about her lips. "..it depends what old Beery decides on, for the show. Though I'd rather act, given the choice." More chance for the spotlight. The brunette accepts the compliment with practised ease and feigned modesty, demurely flitting her blue eyes down for a split-second, then back up.

"Honestly, between you and me, I'm going for the parties." No surprises, there. Rumour has it Selwyn's father has leased an apartment for her to use over the next few months. That just demands celebration! Weekly celebration, in fact. "And I've an apprenticeship to take up most of my time, too. So! At least I shan't be too bored." As if she needs to work! It must be a hobby of some sort. Maybe even she tires of indulgent leisure, every now and then. "And you'll be in your final year, when we return?" It's not really a question. She can count. "Do tell.. any notions of betrothal, from your family?"

Oberon sits at the Slytherin table, surrounded by several of his housemates…and utterly bored out of his mind. His head lolls around, as if trying to dodge the incessant noise from his chattering "friends". He lazily scans the room, and his eyes fall upon a group of pretty girls. Now that is far more interesting than this lot of meatheads. He stands up suddenly, ignoring the latest question posed at him, and strides over toward Lucinda, Morrow, and…those other girls that hang around Morrow — he can't be bothered to remember their names just now. "Hey, little Black," he says cordially, stepping up beside young Orion and nudging him with a hip. "You survived First Year. Well done." Girls like cute little kids…therefore so does Oberon.

"Betrothal?" Lucinda's eyes go wide. She really hadn't even thought about that yet, oh dear, she's blushing, a LOT! "N-nothing yet…" The girl looks down, trying to hide her growing blush. "Um, my parents have always been engrossed in their work, I suppose it'll happen when it happens…" She tries to reaffirm dominance, or at least not look like a blushing mess, "I'm planning on partying it up, now that I'm seventeen, yaknow? We should totally meet up in London some time…" Yup, still blushing, damnit Lucy, get it together.

Orion's brow furrows a touch as he gets no response from Lucinda, not really one accustomed to being ignored, even if he is just a first year. So invested is he in this surprise that he doesn't notice Oberon's approach until he is being hip bumped, which likely catches the younger boy in the arm about rib level. He starts and widens his stance to keep from being knocked too far off balance and turns eyes on Oberon. He smiles, however, upon seeing who it is and says, "Of course I survived! I am a Black! And congratulations on the Quidditch Cup to you. I told Walburga the other evening that I always knew you guys would pull through and bring the Cup where it belongs!"

Oberon might be ignoring them, but Morrow's friends are certainly aware of his approach; gently nudging one another in the ribs and stealing the stealthiest of glances in the young man's direction. Most of them look intrigued, or openly amused, looking to their ringleader for her response. One of them, a sturdy brunette, looks really quite displeased; only offering a mild scowl across at the Slytherin before scooping up her bag and stalking off. Oh dear.

Morrow herself? Well, she's never one to be rude. Unless it's deserved, of course. She greets Oberon with a benign smile, those eyes flitting over his attire in an appreciative down-up before settling on his features in profile as he addresses Orion. Rather than interrupt, however, she returns to her previous discussion with the tall blonde seated on the bench.

Arching a brow as she watches that adorable rosy hue assailing Lucy's features, the brunette begins to grin slightly, mouthing an ever so slightly insincere 'sorry' before speaking further. "Well, that's good, in a way, isn't it. If they're not too hell-bent on a match, you can have some fun in the meantime." The suggestion of socialising is one the brunette will rarely turn down… assuming you're decent company, anyway. She nods in mild assent and acknowledgement. "That sounds grand. Let's do that." Following this, her dark-lashed eyes are cast toward little Orion, who she offers a sympathetic grimace. "..sorry… I think I rather threw her off with my question…" Totally unintentional, of course.

Lucinda finally manages to recompose herself, smiling brightly at Morrow, not often someone can turn her into a pile of goo! "Oh, Black, thank you, yeah. I can't wait 'til Wednesday to get my results. I'm sure we all did well…" She quickly says to Black, turning her attention back to Morrow, has she even noticed Oberon yet? "Oh, it's f-fine…" Her voice quietens to a whisper, "To tell you the truth, I've been exploring a lot more lately…I wouldn't really be able to do that if I were betrothed, eh?"

Oberon adopts a smug grin and spreads his hands. "Of course we won. We're the best. Just like you. Just goes to show what good breeding can do." There, that should be a sufficent "big brother" moment to make him look good. He slips his hands casually into his pockets, giving Morrow and Lucinda a slight bow, tipping a bit at the waist in greeting. "Ladies. You're looking radiant this morning."

Orion nods along with Oberon's words as if he completely agrees that the Slytherin team, and also he himself, are the best. No doubt, that is a sentiment that has been bred and taught and pressed into the boy from birth, ever groomed to take up the mantle of Black leadership when his time comes. It is perhaps a comical view from one so young. His eyes turn toward Morrow as she addresses him and he shrugs in reply, likely thinking that HE was doing Slughorn the favor here. Once Lucinda answers, Orion nods his head and says, "Yes, I am fairly positive that I got top marks, as expected. At least, in the subjects that matter." He idly buffs his family ring on his robes as he speaks.

"How very true." replies the brunette, Lucinda's words eliciting a slightly broader grin. It really does warm her entire countenance, despite the glacial hue of her eyes. "It would be a terrible waste." Yes, far better that the Slughorn ingenue is free to be led astray by.. oh, well. Maybe a newfound friend in the Arts Club? With dark hair? And an apartment? Morrow, of course, voices none of this out loud. She merely chuckles, low in her throat, and stops teasing the girl. For now.

Is she interested in someone 'big brothering' Walburga Black's beloved? Likely not. But she's interested in Oberon, and as such he's graced with another of those enigmatic smiles, for his compliment toward she and Lucinda. "Lestrange." A deliberate, meditative pause sees her canting her head askance, lips twisting in a thoughtful expression. "..I hear you had another run-in with our mutual friend, over the weekend." That contemplative look fades to a sparkle of mischievous amusement. "..the one who likes to land on his face." Unsurprising that she'd have heard about it. She hears everything. It's just this tale was worth paying attention to.

Lucinda's attention finally turns on Oberon, her blush rising again subtly, "Oh, hello Lestrange." There's a bit of a curtsey, more than Morrow got, admittedly. "How has your year gone?" Her eyelashes flutter as she talks, "I can't wait for summer to start." Thinking about it, she turns to Morrow, "Hey, Morrow, how'd you like to join us Slytherin girls on the Express?"

"My year has been fantastic," Oberon says to Lucinda. "Definitely capped off nicely with Anson Abbott's clownish behaviour," he adds, nodding to Morrow. "I wouldn't call it much of a run-in. He was mouthing off in the Three Broomsticks. Hardly worth paying attention to. Just the usual, ignorant tripe about mudbloods and disgracing his ancestors. Not to mention his pathetic attempts to impress Samira Prince." He rolls his eyes.

Orion falls silent as the conversation takes a turn toward Gryffindors taunting Slytherins in the Three Broomsticks. He listens closely, rather than interjecting, eyes moving from one face to the next. He does smile, however, at Oberon's assessment and dismissal of the incident hardly being worth being called a run-in. He does scoff however, when Oberon says the bit about mudbloods and disgracing his ancestors. "Pathetic," the young boy says in disgust.

Morrow actually looks briefly surprised by the invitation, though not displeased. Raising a hand, she sweeps back her dark tresses with her fingertips, tucking an errant lock behind her ear in a habitual manner. "That's very kind of you." The reply is neutral enough to allow the blonde an 'out', should she find some of her housemates be less enthused about the idea, though accompanied by enough of an approving look to imply the Ravenclaw's interest. It would certainly make for an interesting trip!

Straightening her posture a touch, rolling her shoulders and stretching her arms in a relaxed manner, Morrow gently nods in understanding following the explanation from Oberon, not looking particularly surprised. Anson does have an awful hero complex, everyone knows it. But the mention of the Prince girl warrants further interest. Dropping her arms, she sets her hands on the table's edge either side of her hips and arches an enquiring brow up at Lestrange. A moment later, however, and it's accompanied by a slow smirk. "Well… I expect most boys have to at least try and impress her. It's practically a rite of passage by now, surely..? One would have to be blind to overlook her." There's warmth in the statement - she does actually like the curly-haired dancer, and certainly has no qualms about appreciating beauty. What concern is it of hers if her ex shows the same tendency? "I heard her betrothal was ended, too. She'll be beating would-be suitors off with a stick, next term."

Unable to help herself, apparently, she adds almost as an afterthought - and definitely in wicked mischief - "..though if you're among them, I expect that will probably be an even shorter-lived contest than this term's Quidditch." No, Selwyn doesn't care about Quidditch. Well, not enough to take the Ravenclaw loss badly, anyway.

Lucinda does look quite pleased with herself at the reaction from Morrow, blushing just a bit. "Hm. What happened with Anson? I didn't hear about that…" She ponders the thing and smiles a bit at the mention of Prince. "Damn Gryffindors, I suppose? Can't wait to leave this place, if I'm honest."

Oberon purses his lips, nodding slowly along with Morrow's response to the news about Samira. At her afterthought, he chuckles, giving Morrow a noncommittal shrug. "Prince is a pretty thing, to be sure. I like her, but she doesn't have the sort of…conviction that I find attractive in a girl." His gaze lingers on Morrow for a few noticeable seconds before offering a polite smile to the other girls present, as well as a wink to young Orion. He flicks his gaze back up to Lucinda. "Don't be in too much of a hurry, Slughorn. You're one of the nice things about this place."

A small den of Slytherin girls accompany Walburga into the Great Hall. The Black herself has her lips drawn in a flat line as her chin is held up, her turbulent gaze crowned with a scowling set of brows as she cuts directly in front (or between) other students. "Get out of my WAY." says Walburga cooly to one younger student before she pauses and takes a look around. Her search concludes when she sees Orion and she walks over to him. "Hello, beloved." says Walburga in her monotone voice to Orion before she gives a nod of recognition to the others. "Lestrange, Slughorn…Morrow." as she greets. She catches just the last part of the conversation and says "Oberon, are you after a summer relationship with Lucinda?"

Orion is still buffing away at his family ring and at the wink from Oberon, he nods his head in agreement. "Yes, if anyone is guilty of having admirable conviction in this school, it is Walburga," he says fondly, the warmth in his voice for the older girl is obvious and he says this as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He glances from one face to the other, a smile on his features as if he hardly expects any of them could argue the fondness he has for Walburga Black. As if on cue, enter Walburga herself and Orion turns his attention toward the girl with a smile as she demands for the other students to get out of her path. "Hello, my dear. I was wondering when you would arrive," the young boy says fondly back to her.

Lucinda fans herself playfully as she winks at Oberon. "Oh, Oberon, you say the nicest things sometimes. I'll do my best." her gaze turns to the Black girl and she smiles. "Oh, Black, good to see you again." She sucks on her teeth. "You've met Morrow, right? She really should be in Slytherin, if you ask me." This is high priase coming from the blonde, who casts a sideglance to Morrow, "Hey, Walburga, you going to be with Orion on the Express home? I was talking with Morrow about sharing a cabin with some of the other Slytherin girls."

Selwyn accepts the answer from the taller of the boys with a 'fair enough' tone implied within a simple 'hm' of response, though she holds Oberon's gaze steadily until he looks away. "..Yes." She answers Lucinda after a moment's pause, looking to the blonde and nodding as she musters a more complex reply. "Anson Abbott. Champion of the Underdogs.. whether they want him or not." Chuckling once more, quietly, the Ravenclaw then raises her gaze, the dulcet tones of another Black announcing a newcomer to the group around where she perches upon the table.

"Walburga." The greeting is returned, equally polite, with a fractional nod. Recalling, she adds in an open aside to the group at large, after the rest of the greetings have been made, "..Walburga nearly knocked him on his backside right here in the hall, last week." Lapsing to regard the affection between the betrothed youngsters, Morrow smiles vaguely, then settles to rest her ebows on her knees, fiddling with a small tendril of her dark hair then beginning to braid it idly. A glance does flit up toward the Slytherin girls, though, as Lucinda puts forth that likely unpopular idea, curious in spite of herself.

At the way Orion speaks to Walburga, Oberon has to pinch his lips to contain what could have turned into a burst of laughter. But other than a half-stifled smirk, he manages to contain himself. Thankfully he finds distraction in the revelation about Walburga. "You nearly thumped Abbott? Oh, you've got to tell this story."

Walburga scrunches her nose at the mention of Anson. "WHY are people STILL talking about him? You don't give light to losers and blood traitors, it lets those weeds grow to compete with the proper flowers and our gardens need to be pristine and cared for. And he is definitely a loser." clips Walburga to the group in a sour tone. "The stupid troll is just like every other muggle loving Gryffindor who think bravado can convincingly cover up skills that are lacking. I've heard that the Abbots are going to have a hard time finding that dolt a proper apprenticeship, he keeps burning bridges in polite society." says the girl to Oberon.

Walburga tells Orion, "Scoot over." and proceeds to sit next to him.

Orion doesn't seem to notice, or perhaps care, that Oberon is smirking at him. He swells his small chest in pride at the mention of Walburga whopping Anson, after all… none of the other Slytherin have made such a move against the mouthy Gryffindor as of yet. He does scootch over for Walburga as she slides in beside him and he takes the time to answer for her, "Yes, we will be together on the Hogwarts Express."

"He's not entirely without skills." Morrow's words might come as a surprise, at first. Though of course they're just a lead-in to what she actually intends to say. "Surely it takes some sort of talent to rouse Walburga Black's temper enough to deserve an almighty slap in the kisser, after all." Well, if she's not going to tell the stry, little Miss Prim, then the Ravenclaw will, helpfully, do it for her. "And we were talking about him, because he apparently didn't learn his lesson from that little incident." Gossip is the currency of the realm. Why pretend otherwise?

Seeing as Lucinda's words go mostly ignored by the younger Slytherin, Morrow turns her attention back there. "We'll just see which compartments are free and go from there, shall we? It's a long journey, I would rather be in entertaining company."

Oberon's grin just get broader and broader, despite Walburga's disdain for evening talking about Anson. "We talk about him because it's funny," he says, nodding in agreement with Morrow. "Besides, blood traitors need to be made an example of."

"Sounds good, Morrow." Lucinda nods, leaning back on her elbows next to her, smiling. "Being just on our could be fun too, of course…" She shrugs her shoulders, looking about. "Gosh, it's so boring without classes, isn't it? So many hours to fill!"

Walburga listens to the group but when Oberon is grinning she says "Lestrange, you look like a cat who caught a canary. Don't smile so much, it causes lines in the face. There's nothing funny about a blood traitor, it's revolting that someone with good blood goes bad. A complete disappointment to his whole family." as she frowns more. Scowl. She gently nudges the side of Orion though and says over to Morrow "There is a small party happening on the train, Morrow. You ought to come, although invitations are going out later this evening to just a select group. There's even live entertainment."

Orion glances sideways toward Walburga as she nudges him and he leans back, apparently getting the message. Down boy. His eyes shift toward Oberon, and it is clear enough that the youngest Black's lips are quivering himself, just at the corners as he attempts not to smile himself and remain quite serious. Once he has his quivering cheeks in control, he says, "Yes. That is what I meant dear. We will be together, at the party."

Oberon seems all the more amused by Walburga's dour chiding, but he doesn't prod her further. He knows who his allies are. Instead, he turns his attention back to Morrow. "You should definitely ride with Slytherin. You're too interesting to be stuck with the rest of the eagles."

Orion leans forward slightly, giving first a meaningful glance toward Walburga and then to Oberon as he says, "You know… perhaps we are going about this problem from the wrong angle…" He drifts into silence for a moment before he turns his eyes toward Morrow and says, "Perhaps you should bring Anson to the party as well. We would be delighted to have him…"

Looking quietly pleased as Oberon nods his agreement with her, Morrow apparently decides to quit while she's ahead. "Good." she replies, looking to Lucinda now with a genuine smile, apparently. "That's settled, then." That done, she rises to her feet - atop the bench - and 'unthinkingly' offers a hand out toward Lestrange, to help maintain her balance. Regardless of whether he obliges hr, though, she hops down to the flagstones daintily. Her friends nearby, what's left of them after Rosetta went flouncing off, take this as their cue to rise also. Either blithely unaware or just, by now, used to Walburga's lingering displeasure, the Ravenclaw glances toward the stern young lady as she adjusts the bag-strap over her shoulder, thumbing it into place. Oh my, doesn't that sound delightfully ominous? "Oh? Dangling some First Years by their shoelaces and jinxing them?" A pause. Looking to Orion as he pipes up, too, she adds, evenly, "I'm always open to entertainment." Though her grin turns vaguely wolfish for a splitsecond, it's otherwise hard to tell if she's serious. And then there's Oberon's backing. How curious.

Eyeing the taller Slytherin with an expression somewhere between amusement and knowing, Morrow affects an expression of theatrical fluster. "Why, Lestrange, you silver-tongued devil…" And then, it seems, as her hangers on gather, it's time to depart. Such sweet sorrow! But, minding her manners, she does offer a firmer nod toward Walburga. "I look forward to it, then." To the group at large there's a cheerful smile, a wink for Lucinda, and then she's off, strolling through the great hall with a complete lack of haste.

A wink is given back to Morrow from Lucinda, then turning back to the Slytherins. "Oberon, you never told me what you're planning on doing after we finish Hogwarts. I'm still mostly undecided. Part of me wants to try for a Ministry job or something." She asks, her voice full of curiosity.

Lucinda quickly pulls Morrow over by the wrist before she runs off, whispering into her ear. "How about we meet up later, got for a walk? Could be fun!" It's barely audible to anyone but Morrow, but she's definitely whispering!

Walburga watches Morrow and her group head off, but catches the wink between the Ravenclaw and Lucinda. Up shoots one thin brow in an arch as her lips break the flat line and purse together in curious thought. "Hmmm." she can even be heard, the cogs turning. Glancing to Oberon she asks pointedly, "Are you getting one of those…oh what are they called Orion?" as she looks to the Black and leans over so he can whisper something to her ear. "Ah yes, a summer sweetheart."

Oberon is apparently perfectly willing to oblige Morrow, playing the gentleman to help her down from the table. An immodest grin agrees with her assessment of his silver-tongued devilishness. "See you around, Selwyn." He watches her go, making no real effort to disguise it, until he is pulled back into the scene by the other girls. He blinks in surprise at Lucinda. "Gringotts, of course. I'll be a curse-breaker." Just like his father. Then he turns his attention to Walburga's question. "Why, Walburga Black, I never figured you for a romantic," he says dryly. "Why so curious?"

Orion's eyes dance with mirth as he considers Oberon and the Selwyn girl. "Interesting choice of… fling, Lestrange," the young boy teases the older student. And as if to reply to his claim of Walburga not being a romantic, well the young boy solves that by taking his signet ring clad hand and slipping it inside Walburga's hand. BOOM. There is a drift of his expression from mirth toward seriousness, however, as he says in a near whisper to the other Slytherin, "Perhaps we could make an example of the Blood Traitor at the party. The Cup will already be ours, so there is no danger of losing it. And it will be our word against his."

"I'm always curious about my friends…we're friends." says Walburga, repeating the word in her flat tone to publicly show she supports Oberon which probably doesn't come at all as a surprise. "And of course I'm a romantic, just ask Orion here." as she looks to the Black at her side when he takes her head. There's just the hint of a smile in the barest of a detectable curve of her lips. "Selwyn dated that traitor, maybe you should look closer to our fellow house-mates so secrets stay within."

"Morrow's nice, don't really see if it matters who she dated, eh." Lucinda smirks and then turns on Oberon. "Well, if you want to do anything over summer, let me know." A thin smirk on her face, she doesn't hide her checking out Morrow's butt as she walks out. "If you're in London, we should go for some drinks in Diagon Alley."

"Selwyn had the good sense to toss that git aside," Oberon counters. "A temporary lapse in judgement is forgiveable. Abbott is the one clinging to a life of mistakes." He lifts his brow curiously at Lucinda, more so when she blatantly admires Morrow from behind. Teenage male thoughts go as wild as a pack of angry hippogriffs—but composure is maintained on the surface. "That could be very interesting."

Walburga tries to follow what Lucinda and Oberon are looking at, but tilts her head slightly as if not understanding. Clearing her mind with a shake of the head she says to Orion "What are they finding so interesting?"

Orion leans around Walburga to peer at Lucinda and says, "Oh, it doesn't matter who she associates with as long as she is nice? So long as she is nice, it is all well and good if she tells something to the Blood Traitor that we would prefer for the ears of those more worthy and respectable?" He scoffs and then leans back once more. His eyes return to Oberon and he is about to speak when Walburga addresses him. He turns his head to the departing Morrow and shakes his head slowly. "I do not know, dear. Perhaps they are considering whether she will actually bring Abbott into our trap at the party?" He turns eyes affectionately back upon Walburga and shrugs, his own brow lifting curiously.

Lucinda waves her hand dismissively. "That's not what I meant, Black. She's more like you and I than you'd like to admit, I'm sure. She's a manipulator, and frankly the Abbot boy was just dragging her down." Shaking her head, she giggles and turns fully on Oberon. "What /are/ you doing this summer, Lestrange?"

"My father and I are joining a treasure hunting expedition," Oberon explains to Lucinda. "Either to the Congo or Siberia. It hasn't yet been decided which. The whole thing is sponsored by Gringotts, of course. It's all part of my Curse-Breaker training." He gives her a casual shrug. "But that'll be just for a few weeks. Other than that, I suppose I'll have to find ways to fill the days."

Walburga gives a nod and ah's as Orion explains what the two are staring at. "Of course, naturally." she says, taking that all at face value. To Lucinda she says "I don't manipulate anyone, they either do what they should or they learn the hard way. I think that's more guiding or instructing." After Oberon explains what he's doing she says, "That sounds exciting, perhaps you'll find some terrible curse runes or treasures. We're going to some ruins in Central America although after that, we're having some events at Black Manor. Maybe I'll invite that Selwyn if she comes with you two." towards Oberon and Lucinda, watching them both. "Orion dear, we can think of some fun ways to teach that Anson over the summer too, maybe he'll not want to come back to Hogwarts if we're good."

Orion rolls his eyes and says nothing in reply to Lucinda, hardly agreeing with her. Orion nods in reply to Walburga and says, "I am sure we can think of something dear." It is clear that he is growing slightly bored of the talk about summer plans and drinks, as he turns and plucks up a roll off of one of the enchanted plates and takes a bite.

"I wish I knew what I was going to do…" Lucinda sighs, shakes her head and smiles at Oberon. "I can't wait for the party, honestly, it'll be something to definitely have fun at for once." Fluttering a bit, she moves closer to Oberon. "Tell me, has your family told you if they want you to marry, yet?"

Oberon nods to Walburga, "Treasure is exactly the idea. Sadly, much of it will end up in the goblins' hands. But you can be sure the Lestrange vault will be a little richer for it, as well." He glances over as Lucinda wafts near. "If? I'm the heir of the House of Lestrange. It's my duty to marry."

Walburga nods to Oberon when he says it's about treasure, "That's always good." she says. Up she stands, and to Orion "I need to be heading back to the commons room. Shall I see you there later?" before she says to the other two "As always, it is good catching up. You two look after one another while I'm gone."

"Oh, I mean, have you been betrothed yet?" Lucinda brushes her hair away and grins at him. "Oh, I'll see you around, Walburga, it was good to see you." Her attention is mostly entirely on Oberon now, of course.

Orion nods and stands when Walburga does, "I will walk you," he says happily. He nods toward Oberon and Lucinda and then offers Walburga his arm as he turns on his heel and begins to head from the Great Hall.

Oberon gives Walburga a respectful bow of his head as she rises to leave, offering a more casual nod to Orion. "See you around, Blacks." After she has departed, he once again addresses Lucinda. "No, not as of yet. Perhaps after graduation. Father and I have spoken about it in years."

"Oh, I see. I'm in the same boat, really." Kicking her legs back and forth, she looks at him. "I suppose you don't really get a choice in these matters, do you?"

Oberon tilts his head, gazing down at Lucinda with idle curiosity. "Yes and no. I take my duty seriously. The bloodline must continue, and it must stay pure. I suppose if my father thought I was going to try to shirk my duty, he'd force the issue. But it isn't necessary. I'll try to find a suitable bride, and if I can't, I imagine he'll find one for me."

Lucinda nods her head at that. "Well…we'll see what happens this Summer, eh?" Giggling, she turns and looks into his eyes. "I dunno, I…I'm not really looking to settle down right now, honestly. It's a bit terrifying, if I'm honest."

Oberon sighs and plops down on the bench, bracing his elbows on the table behind him. "By the sound of your conversation with Morrow, settling down isn't in your immediate future. So have some fun. Focus on being a great witch. Don't worry so much about betrothals."

"Yeah. Sorry, just a lot been on my mind lately. Mother and Father have been pressuring me a bit, but I still think I'm too young." Lucinda smiles at Oberon and leans down to kiss him on the cheek. "Frankly, fun is all I want right now, I'll see where the wind takes me, I suppose."

Oberon arches an eyebrow at the kiss — unexpected, but pleasant. "I suppose so. Personally, I'd rather not wait for the wind to blow me. I say chart your own course."

"Definitely, definitely. I just…don't know where I want to go yet." Shaking herself, she slips down into the bench. "I've got a whole year to work that out, it's not all bad…"

Oberon nods. "Exactly. So take your time and worry about what's in front you of. Exert the power you possess, and it will pave the way for the power you desire." Words taken directly from his father's mouth, as most advanced Defence Against the Dark Arts students could attest. He rises from his seat, offering a hand to help Lucinda up. "It's about time for classes. We'd better be off."

Lucinda stands and flattens her skirt, smiling at Oberon. "Yeah. I'll see you around, I hope, Lestrange." Giggling, she gives him a curt, though playful, nod of the head.

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