(1941-06-22) Chivalry Is Not in This Knight's Code
Details for Chivalry Is Not in This Knight's Code
Summary: Oh, Oberon.
Date: June 22nd, 1941
Location: Hogwarts - Slytherin Common Room
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It is a summer night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.
Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

Caught between exams and the freedom of the summer holidays, most students don't quite know what to do with themselves. Unless it's storming too hard to push out against the rains, most students will surely be found scatters across the Hogwarts grounds. But truly clear skies and warm sunshine is exceedingly rare in the Scottish country-side. And so, Samira, ever sensitive to the slightest cold, seeks the warmth of the grand fireplace of the Slytherin Common Room.

Curled up in one of the deep, leather armchairs before a roaring fire, Samira sits bundled up in a thick blanket. She stares distantly at the fire, lost in deep contemplation. A cat snoozes curled-up in her lap. The girl's hand rests upon its back, long-since having forgotten to continue stroking.

Riddle likes the fire as well, more for pyro reasons than warmth, but it's the reason his usual high backed chair is reserved close to the fireplace. It is with a very quiet step that Riddle settles down in his chair and opens his journal to begin reading at his notes there.

Samira's gaze flits to Riddle as he settles beside her, facing the flames. Often the pair have occupied these two ideal spots. While Riddle's usual chair is always reserved - Samira has little trouble driving others out of whichever seat she would claim. The Common Room is quiet. For the moment, they have privacy. And so, she speaks. "This summer, Oberon is keen to learn to control blood from me."

Riddle looks up from his book and over at Samira offering her a cordial smile. "I think you'll find that we are all keen to do so. Something to do while we rotate homes over the summer. That should be very interesting indeed." He nods and then looks back down to his journal. As he reads something his lips move subtly as he is concentrating on taking that last bit to memory.

Samira smiles and offers a respectful nod of acceptance. Of course, she would be pleased to teach them. Curled up in her chair, she watches him for a time. "Had /you/ asked, I would have accepted at once. I've enjoyed working with you. And the others. But Oberon demanded it of me. And I told him I would consider it." She pauses, watching Riddle.

Riddle nods his head as he listens to Samira's comments. He is very hard to read, a mask of diplomatic neutrality. "I believe the issue at the core was the need for asking." He dabs his index finger on his bottom lip before turning a page. But after he's read the remaining sentence he does look up and offer Samira another friendly smile. "I'm glad that it is all settled now. I very much look forward to a more open exchange. That is after all what we're about. Any luck with locating a flat?"

Samira shakes her head. "Not yet. I suppose my uncle has been particularly busy lately. Hopefully, I'll be able to arrange that once I arrive at his home off the Hogwarts Express." She tilts her head, studying him. "Tom. Did he tell you what happened? What he did?" The girl seems simply curious.

Riddle nods and bows his head. "He informed me of what happened. The physical contact is something that I regret. I'm sure I don't have to explain Oberon's personality type. He is not one to take slights or allow things he is apart of to be slighted. Intensity in the dictionary depicts Oberon beside it. He is very good at what he does. I am sorry that you found yourself on the wrong side of things. But as I said, I am glad that things have been worked through and that it won't happen again." He extends a free hand over to her. "We will make an unstoppable force, together."

Samira's brows lift slightly as Riddle reveals that he did know. But a soft smile grows upon her lips. Riddle has always been able to hold her attention and even respect. But now she watches him with keen interest. She accepts his offered hand with a broad smile. "Yes. We will. And I can handle myself when it comes to Oberon. I was simply curious if you knew. And you did. Good." She nods, smiling over at him with a hint of impish mirth. "That's all I wanted to know."

Riddle leans over in his chair to bow his head down over her hand in his, he does not kiss her knuckles but the gesture is similar. "I am glad you came to me about it as well." His tone makes it clear that he will stay out of matters between other Knights unless in situations like these they come to him for mediation and or advice. He has another smile for Samira when he lifts his head and returns to a settled position on his high backed chair by the fire. "Don't let me interupt any further meditation." His companion is snuggled up with a cat on the sofa beside him by the fire.

Walburga steps out of the Girl's Dormitory area, a small den of Slytherin girls with her. "I don't see why we can't have a train compartment just for pureblood baggage, I don't want any contamination from those muggle lovers!" with a scowl spread across a face crowned with two furrowed brows. She does spy two Slytherins she does now and gives a nod towards each, "Prince, Riddle. You two are invited of course for the party on the train, there's even live entertainment being put on."

Samira's hand tightens gently within Riddle's hand and offers him a nod of respect - one she would not off any other be they student or teacher. With her hand released, Samira settles deeper in her chair, nestling her cheek against the leather armrest. The cat in her lap stirs slightly as she moves, but soon falls back asleep. Samira offers only a small nod in response before closing her eyes. Warm and cozy in front of the fire, wrapped up in a blanket and snuggled with a cat, Samira's eyes soon drift closed. Moments later, Walburga's interruption makes her stir slightly, but she doesn't respond, leaving the invitation for Tom to accept or not.

Riddle gives Walburga and gaggle a genteel nod in greeting. "Ladies. Perhaps we can speak to Slughorn about allowing someone to shrink down everyone's luggage into another container to keep it preserved for those with your concerns Miss Black. I'm sure that the safety and privacy of your belongings is something that can't go ignored. As for your invitation, thank you, it sounds intriguing. I will make it a point to at least a visit when I am able."

Walburga nods to her girls and with a gesture to Riddle she says, "Riddle has the right idea, that's what ought to happen. A nice solution to a revolting problem." giving him some praise. She turns her gaze back to Riddle, this time noting Samira is happily snoozing away. "You'll know the particular car, we'll be having no interlopers allowed in. It's bad enough we have to let them on the train and to this school….honestly, every muggleborn is a danger to wizarding society. Why can't people see that? It just takes one slip-up and then we have good wizards being burned at the stake again, or worse, those muggles invent something even more terrible which kills indiscriminately. Muggles." she says the last bit with distaste.

The bit of wall that forms the door of the Slytherin Common Room slides aside, allowing entrance for Antonin Dolohov. He steps into the common room, his robes swishing at his feet. Dark features survey the room before settling upon Walburga and Riddle, whereupon he walks across to join them. "Good evening Tom, Walburga."

The door to the Slytherin common room isn't closed for long before it opens again. Niles Avery walks in and heads straight for Riddle's fireplace chair, casually tugging the sleeves of his robes into place. "I thought that was you ahead of me, Dolohov," he says. "Having fun out and about the school?"

Riddle nods his head as he listens keenly to Walburga's latest railing against Muggles. A small little smile tugging at his lips as he does. "Dangerous slope." He nods and then two more enter and he nods his head to them. He does lift up a finger to his lips to call for some consideration in volume for the sleeping snake curled up on the couch beside his chair. "What is the entertainment you mentioned Walburga?"

Walburga hears her name called and she glances to Antonin, "Good afternoon, Dolohov." and just before she speaks to Riddle she welcomes Niles with a "Avery." and an upward tilt of her chin. "Parkinson is going to be playing guitar as well as singing, there's quite a few new songs specifically about Slytherin history and even some about current going-ons."

Looking around toward Niles, Antonin dips his head and says, "Avery, I didn't even see you behind me. I suppose I had too much on my mind. But yes, I suppose I have had fun, or at least as close as one can call it here." Turning back to the others, Antonin slides into a chair with the group.

"Black," Niles says, nodding to Walburga in return. Then, after Riddle signals for them to keep it quiet, he lowers his voice and adds, "Hello, Tom." Walking over to one a chair, instead of sitting down he stands behind it and leans his elbows on its back. "There's lots of fun to be had around here, Dolohov," he says to Antonin with a smirk. "But what's on your mind?"

Riddle maintains his softer volume, "The holding pattern between Exams and End-or-Term Feast is a bit maddening. Isn't it. Everything is all review. But only a couple of days left before freedom. Then it's literally fair sailing for Niles and I." He gives a smile that actually holds some excitement and joy at the thought of their summer plans of hoping to blow up some German U-Boats if they are given any trouble while sailing.

As the conversation unfolds around her, though Riddle keeps it quiet, Samira peeks up at them all. And at last, she stirs, slowly lifting her cheek from the leather armrest. The cat murrs in soft protest as she shifts, pushing herself up into a proper sitting position. However, she keeps her legs still folded and hidden under the blanket wrapped around her. She stretches, lifting her hands high over her head and arching before she releases a contented sigh. With a small smile she glances from person to person.

Walburga probably wasn't the quietest, she doesn't have that level. "It's a time of sending owls to family far and wide to let them know you'll see them over summer. And a last week to get in teaching those mudbloods where their place is, in case they might forget it."

"Oh, yes," Niles says, a glint appearing in his eye at Tom's reminder of their summer plans. "Very fair. I can hardly wait." As Samira stirs and wakens, he looks round at her. "Prince," he says. "Welcome back to the land of the living." Then his lips twitch with amusement. "Poor Mudbloods. What did they do to deserve the wrath of Walburga Black?"

Riddle turns his head to give Samira a look that could be construde as apologetic for the disturbance that awoke her. "Existing." Is his answer to Niles' question about mudbloods and Walburga.

Samira grins up at Niles and with an impish giggle, she says, "Ah, they know what they did. Or I suppose they don't remember." Tilting her head to the side, she looks curiously over at Walburga. "You mentioned a party? On the Hogwarts Express?"

"What did they do to deserve my wrath? What did the DO? They're living!" says the Black, the tone of her voice climbing, as Riddle responds quite succinctly. Oh dear! "Behind every mudblood or halfblood is a wizard or witch that's a blood traitor! These people WILL kill off the wizarding world, they'll be responsible bit by bit for taking magic and our way of life away. A witch or wizard who wants to dally with those muggles…" she pauses, nearly gagging at the thought, having to blink her eyes and clear her throat, "…ought to be obliviated and charmed from ever doing magic. Exile! Exile!!! Let them go play with the muggles." her voice now reaching a caustic shrill. She breathes a few moments, collecting her thoughts and her voice goes back to its normal flatness. "Our world deserves protection, we deserve better than people like the Headmaster who lower the standard by praising mediocracy."

Niles smiles slyly at the others, and then, as Walburga starts going on her rant against Mudbloods and Half-bloods, his smile turns to a grin. By the end of it he's laughing under his breath. "See, Dolohov?" he says. "I told you there was fun to be had around here." Then, to Walburga, he adds, "It must take so much energy, hating Mudbloods so much, all the time."

Riddle looks up and over at Niles with a little tick at the corner of his eye that is closest to the rising fury of Walburga. Within his eyes he has a 'you just had to poke the dragon, huh?' While he can do without the ear ache, he does seem to be amused by the way Walburga rips all things Muggle to shreds. But he makes very little comment to anything she said, instead calming asking her, "What are your plans for the Summer, Walburga?" Perhaps a touch oddly he places his hand on the arm of the sofa beside him instead of on the own arm of his chair.

Samira listens to Walburga's rant with an ever present hint of mirth. And as always, she remains aloof of such a conversation. She neither condemns nor defends muggles, having no interest either way. Absently, she strokes the rather large and fluffy white cat. Its tail flicks briefly.

Antonin scoffs from his place in the plush chair and says, "Walburga knows that I find my moments of enjoyment around here from time to time. She witnessed one such moment the other evening in the black lake. Isn't that right, Walburga?"

Walburga lifts a dark brow in a high arch at Niles, "There's nothing funny about it. You either are…" but Tom and Antonin shoot two barrels of questions at her and she pauses to reflect. "Yes it was." she says to Antonin with a nod before replying to Riddle "We'll be heading to Central America poking around old ruins in too hot of jungles for a family holiday before returning back and then off to the Ministry for an apprenticeship. I believe there's quite a few events planned too, but I'm not too sure."

Niles just smirks at Walburga, his eyes dancing with amusement. "Well, there's at least one thing funny about it," he says. "And it's a very, very funny thing." He looks between her and Antonin, and his head tilts to one side curiously. "What happened down at the lake?"

Oberon emerges from the Boys' Dormitories, stifling a yawn, perhaps awakening from an afternoon nap. He scans the room, nodding to Tom, and noting Samira sitting in "his" chair. "Niles, it's just in Walburga's nature. She's got unshakeable conviction, and I admire her for it." He gives Walburga a respectful nod, then turns to Samira, looming over her. He considers a moment, then unceremoniously scoops Sami up out of the chair (to the poor cat's chagrin, no doubt), plops himself down, and deposits her in his lap.

Samira glances from Antonin to Niles as the mention of a lake-side incident. But then Oberon approaches "her" chair. She watches him with the insolent defiance of a cat, having no intention of moving. Caught off guard, she can't quite stifle her squeak as Oberon scoops her up. The fluffy white cat darts away, startled. Sitting side-ways across Oberon's lap, still wrapped in her blanket, Samira shifts hesitantly. She peeks up at him with a hint of caution. But then, lifting her chin, she rises with slow, languid grace. Letting her blanket pool around her ankles, she streeeetches before slinking closer to the fire, as if she had wanted to sit closer to the warmth all along. Settling down at the hearth, ignoring Oberon, she leans to pull her blanket back over her folded legs.

Looking to Niles, Antonin grins and says, "A story for another time, friend. For now I have matters to attend to." With that, Antonin rises and bids everyone farewell before heading back out of the Common Room.

Riddle lofts a brow at Walburga, "South America? I'm suprised you got through all of the travel restrictions." Then there's a swooping-scooping-plopping thing going on directly beside him. "Oberon. Let's not, hmm?" He stands up and gestures to his chair. "Samira, if you would like." He also offers down a hand to help her up. His expression to her similar to that which he had earlier when they were discussing Oberon. "Take care Antonin."

After a long day of uh…practicing, Lucinda Slughorn finally makes it back to the Common Room. The blonde girl steps into the room and smiles as she sees the large congregation of fellow housemates, walking toward them slowly. "Oh, hey you two, mind if I join you?" She half-jokes as she looks at Samira and Oberon, casting a wink. "How has everyone been today?"

Walburga offers a rare smile to Oberon for his comments, but she does watch Niles now with slightly narrow eyes. A new voice comes in and Walburga greets Lucinda, "Hello, Slughorn. And see you around, Antonin." before she glances back to watch Niles. Her arms cross over her chest.

Samira glances after Antonin who suddenly takes his leave. But Riddle soon captures her attention. She smiles up at him and accepts his kind offer with a deep nod, but she doesn't rise. "Thank you, Tom. You are very kind. But it's warmer here. It's alright." She leans to the side on her palm, resting her cheek on her shoulder. Comfortable. She glances up at Lucinda as the fair-haired girl approaches. With a little quirk of a grin, she says, "Hello."

Niles grins at Oberon. "I know," he says. "That's what makes her so interesting. And so easy to get going." He nods to Antonin as the other boy gets up to leave. "All right, Dolohov," he says. "Have fun out there." He nods in greeting to Lucinda when she shows up, but then he turns his attention back to Walburga and just smirks at her.

Oberon adopts a smug grin at his successful conquest of the chair, and crosses on leg to rest on the other in a relaxed pose. "I don't believe in 'let's not', Tom." He gives Antonin a casual wave as the boy departs, and Lucinda a nod at her arrival. "It's your funeral, Niles." He chuckles, and offers Walburga a wink. "Go easy on him."

Lucinda sits herself on the arm of Oberona's chair, smiling down at him. "How were you results, Oberon? I suspect most of the castle is celebrating tonight." With a bit of a shrug, the blonde shifts to get comfortable, obviously pretty hard given the chair.

Riddle settles back down in his chair when the offer is declined. One leg crosses over the other and he pinches at the bridge of his nose a moment before folding his journal back open. "I'm keenly aware Oberon, which is why I am forced to beg for some ounce of chivalry." Tom's not ever cared much for Oberon's lack of chivalry. Perhaps it's more the who than the what in this case. But that seems to be the last of his effort since Samira handled the issue herself. "Does anyone happen to speak Phlegm — I mean Welsh?"

Walburga is staring at the now smirking Niles, and her face is one that isn't pleased. The more the boy will grin, the more those two brows come together over her eyes in a valley akin to the shadow of death. She's glowering in silence, but she's getting steamed.

Niles looks right back at Walburga, and the more her brows come together, the wider his grin gets. It splits his face from ear to ear, showing a great many of his teeth, and his eyes glimmer with mirth. "Did you have something to say, Black?" he says.

A chivalrous gentleman would offer Lucinda the chair. Oberon doesn't so much as move his elbow to give her more room. He conquered this chair, and he will defend it with his last breath! "I did fine," he assures Lucinda. "E's and O's all around, as expects. And Tom, chivalry is just a way for the weak to control the strong. Real honour is in standing for what you believe in, regardless of whether it is unpopular with others." He gestures to the imminent explosion between Niles and Walburga. "Black understands. She knows what's right, and to hell with anyone that thinks less of her for it. Right, Walburga?"

Looking like she didn't exactly want him to move, Lucinda beams down at Oberon, "Oh, that's great! My results weren't too great, but I did okay." She says, loud enough for everyone else to hear. The girl loops an arm around Oberon's shoulder, not really doing anything, but hey, if she can stake her claim (or invite him to stake his claim), even better!

Riddle looks around to each face that's collected around him. "Welsh, anyone?" He asks like a professor giving a pop quiz question for extra credit. He does seem rather invested in the question and its answer.

Walburga lifts a hand and levels a finger pointing towards Niles. "If you can't grasp the simple concept of the revolting nature of muggle and wizarding folk interbreeding, then you're about as useful to the wizarding world as the entire Gryffindor quidditch team losing the only thing they're good at." There's a slight pause, a heartbeat, before she says as her voice goes upwards, "Great Merlin's beard, Niles, no wonder your family was kicked out…rotten apples from a rotten tree!"

Niles seems to enjoy Walburga's tirade right up until the point she brings his family into it. His grin instantly disappears, the amusement in his eyes vanishes, and both are replaced by a deep glower. "Leave my family out of it, Black," he says curtly. "I know what filth looks like when I see it. I don't need you lecturing me on who's rotten." He lifts one corner of his mouth in a sneer. "You should learn to take a joke."

Oberon accepts Lucinda's arm, though his attention is now focused elsewhere. He lifts his chin, only now beginning to look concerned about the Niles/Walburga conflict. "Too far, Walburga," he says sternly. "Niles isn't your enemy, and neither are the Averys." No matter how much he might respect Walburga, when it comes down to it, he's been standing up for Niles for years. He looks to Tom, deferring at last to the more diplomatic of the boys.

Riddle holds up a hand, like a referee, "That's too far Walburga, you're putting words and notions on Niles that just aren't there. You're simply proving him right that your nerves are are easily pressed. Don't give him the satisfaction. However, don't bring his family into question, they are nothing but solid Pure-Blood folk. Keep your ire sites where they should be, and that's not on anyone in this room." Both parties diplomatically admonished he once again asks his question for a third time, patience waning. "I am to take it by the absolute lack of answer to my question that no one speaks Welsh?"

Walburga still scowls when she gets a rise out of Niles and that smile of his is gone, but Tom and Oberon speak and just as quickly as she was to get angry she collects her raw emotions. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. No blood, no foul. Right Niles?" before she uncrosses her arm and offers out a small hand. She doesn't move, but the hand is out. Diplomatic Wally.

Niles just looks at her for a moment, his eyes narrowed to thin slits. Then he looks sideways first at Tom and then Oberon, and then he inclines his head just an inch or two at Walburga. "Right," he says, stepping out from behind his chair and grasping her hand. Releasing it, he then nods to the others. "I too have business to attend to out in the castle," he says, and he turns on his heel and stalks out of the common room.

Samira smiles from her place on the hearth. The argument was an entertaining spectacle, but now she gives Riddle her attention. "No. Only Arabic." Then in her native tongue, she adds an apologetic, "Aasifa."

Oberon chuckles at Walburga's diplomacy. It's probably the best that can be hoped for. With a sigh, he waves to Niles, then gives everyone else a shrugs when he's gone. "Never a dull day in Slytherin. Stars above, I love this house."

Mischief ma…er, diplomacy done. Walburga's hand goes back to crossed over her chest and finally regards Tom's question about Welsh. "Why not just hire a translator?" she asks, totally missing why someone would learn another language.

Riddle nods his head and bows it in a silent farewell to Niles. The bowed head stays as he looks down to the opened book on his lap. There's is a twist of aggitation and disappointment shown in his lips. Fingers drum over what appear to be blank pages and as his fingers strike the page though black inked words appear and then face back into the paper. He chuckles silently at Oberon's expression and nods his head some more. Then a little tilt of his head angles towards Samira to angle a grateful look her way. "Oh, only?" His voice laced with a teasing drawl, he's aware of the difficulties of learning that paticular language so her only knowing it amuses him. In better spirits he looks up to smirk at Walburga, "Because I'd have to kill them afterwards." It's reeeeeally hard to tell if he is joking or not.

Samira's smile quirks wider. "A bit of ancient Egyptian too, I suppose. A bit. Still quite far from Welsh." The white cat from before creeps into the circle of Slytherins. It eyes Riddle and then Samira before giving a soft meow. Samira chuckles and lifting a hand of invitation, responds with a light mewl of her own. At once, the cat crawls into her lap and settles down. Her hand strokes down its back and she glances back up to the others.

Walburga uncrosses her arms before she says "I'll leave languages to you all to ponder, I have an itch to scratch." Off she steps towards the exit.

Oberon reaches over to briefly put his hand on Tom's shoulder. "Don't worry. I'll kill them for you." What are friends for? He gives Walburga a wave. "See you at dinner, I suppose." He leans back in the chair, slightly pinning Lucinda's arm behind his neck. "Why do you need a Welsh speaker anyhow, Tom?"

Riddle holds up his fingers so his index finger is only a hairs width away from his thumb. The gesture aimed towards Samira with a little bit of a smile. The smile angles to Walburga when she proclaims her exit. "Wait to hurt someone for just a couple days more Walburga, hmm? Abe will be very cross if someone messes up his Cup Win." Then to Oberon, "Come on Lestrange, in all your adventures you never went to the land of Phlegm? Picked up anything? I just have two words, don't even know if they are Welsh. But it makes sense if they are. D-W-R and G-O-L-C-H-I. Anything?"

With an impish giggle, Samira says, "Well, in Arabic, words with the three consonant 'd w r' root relate to a dwelling. Or arsenal. But I don't suppose that helps." Warm and toasty by the fireplace, she shifts her weight comfortably to her other hand. Her gaze flits towards Oberon in 'her' chair and Lucinda draped over him.

Lucinda shifts to sit in Oberon's lap, finding it more comfortable than the arm of the chair. She giggles a bit and smiles happily up at Oberon, flashing a look at Samira, almost like 'come join us'.

Riddle hmms and looks down to the book opened on his lap. "It very well could be a reference to a structure of some sort. For all I know about Welsh and it's origins and hooks. Think I'll go search out Goshawk." Virgil's a Pure-Blood Ravenclaw and Welsh! He's got to have some clue about these two words. When Lucinda shifts into Oberon's lap he can't help but close his eyes a moment to conceal the eye roll. His gaze goes to Samira as well, a little tip of his head inviting her to come along as well, allowing Oberon and Lucinda some privacy.

As Lucinda lands in Oberon's lap, he puts his hand on her butt…to shove her off. "Respect the space, Slughorn." He looks over to Riddle, arching an eyebrow. "Someday you're gonna tell me what this is all about. Good luck with Goshawk. Getting a straight answer out of a Ravenclaws is like herding centaurs."

Samira observes Lucinda sliding into Oberon's lap. She does not appear to have the slightest inclination of joining them. She blinks as Lucinda gets shoved to the ground, but makes no attempt to defend nor assist the fallen girl. Instead, she glances to Riddle and catching the inviting tilt of his head, she smiles and rises with slow, languid grace. The cat jumps out of her lap with a grumpy murr.

Lucinda narrows her eyes at Oberon, a soft growl rising in her throat. She gets to her feet and makes her way away from him, a look between anger and sadness in her eyes as she moves over to the over corner of the Common Room and sits in a cubbyhole.

Riddle smiles looking rather proudly at Oberon, and then down at the shoved Lucinda, but its his friend who he responds to. "Someday very soon. Since you're not busy, care to come with? I'm sure Virgil will find himself more forthright with your presence." He closes his diary, tucks it under one arm while the other arm pops out at the elbow closest to Samira, "Shall we then?"

Seeing as things seem to be winding down, Oberon nods to Tom and rises to his feet, stretching a bit. "Alright, but we'd best be quick. I've got classes soon."

Samira's smile gaints a hint of impish mirth as Riddle suggests poor Virgil will be more forthcoming with Oberon present. She gravitates to Riddle's side and accepts the offered arm. She peeks up at Oberon, and allows Riddle to lead her away.

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