(1941-06-23) Meet Argent
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Summary: Lucian takes Morgana to meet the newest little hippogriff, Argent. Camilla reveals her recent dangerous activities.
Date: 23 June, 1941
Location: Fawley Farm, Hogsmeade

The late afternoon sun burns brightly overhead, seemingly fixing its gaze upon a Scotland that it usually neglects. The heat has left many of the animals on the Fawley Farm in a lethargic state. The hippogriff paddock is nearly abandoned, as most of the 'griffs are preferring the shelter of their stable or the shade of the trees around the edges of the field.

As Lucian and Morgana stroll up toward the fence, Lucian lets out a shrill whistle. From within the stable, there is a rumbling squawk, and one of the wooden shutters pops open. The head of Dragon, the leader of the herd, pokes out, giving Lucian another squawk, then it vanishes back inside. "Ah," says Lucian. "I guess Dragon's not coming out today. Far be it from me to argue with a hippogriff. Anya, look there!" He points way across the paddock, where the snow white Tulip and her mate, Skywise, are resting in the shed. Between them stands a much younger hippogriff — merely a foal — with silver feathers all over, save for a white "mask" on his face.

Morgana brought a lot of different clothing to the farm. The rare heat has her in a light sun dress, but she wanted to bring pants just in case she can sneak a ride in. However seeing that everyone is simply basking about in the sun and Dragon doesn't even want to come out of the paddock she figures that won't happen today.

When Dragon does poke his head out, she of course gives him a bow anyway, it's only polite! However when she spots that pure white coat of Tulip, and the smaller foal near her she reaches out to lightly hit his arm several times in excitement. "Look at him! He's so small! I can't believe she had a baby!" Her voice is a touch higher in octave than it normally is and she beams as she approaches the fence, waving to tulip in excitement.

Lucian smiles broadly at Morgana's happiness, the sight of it filling him. He links his hand into hers and tugs her along to walk around the outside of the paddock to reach the far side. They might as well take advantage of some of the shade provided by those bordering trees. As they near the north side of the paddock, Skywise rises to his feet and turns to face them through the fence. Though nowhere near as large and imposing as Dragon, the young male is still a full-grown hippogriff, and to be reckoned with. Lucian looks to Morgana, waiting a moment to bow together to offer their respect to Skywise.

Morgana squeezes his hand tightly as they walk around the fence. She's happy for the shade, her time 'away' definitely left her paler than usual and the rare sun would definitely turn her red if she stayed in it too long. When Skywise takes his place to show that his permission must be granted she smiles at him, bowing with Lucian, but never taking her eyes off of him. She's holding back her excitement, knowing right now she just needs to be calm and respectful.

Skywise regards the two humans skeptically. It's been some time since he's seen Morgana, but perhaps there is recognition, as he apparently decides she is safe and worthy, and returns the bow.

Lucian gives Morgana another smile as he moves forward to climb through the fence. "Hullo, Skywise. How's the proud father?" Once they are in the paddock, he reaches into the bucket they've brought, taking out a dead ferret and offering it to Morgana.

Permission granted! Morgana slips through the fence with Lucian and takes the dead ferret. She of course gives it to Skywise first, since she needs to get in his good graces first before she probably gets to see Argent. "He's a fine boy, he looks like he'll be a great flyer." Once he's been fed, she'll look over to Tulip and smiles at her. She bows again, deeply and respectfully. "I am sorry, I was kept away for far too long. I just hope I can be forgiven my dear friend."

Once the humans are inside, Tulip rises as well, waiting her turn. When Lucian and Morgana bow, she eyes them for a moment…then bows to Lucian. When she looks back to Morgana, she lifts her chin and gives out a warbling squawk, then looks down to little Argent, who is peeking out from under Tulip's white wing.

Lucian reflexively grips Morgana's arm, tugging her backward. "Tulip, this is Morgana. You must remember her." He looks to Morgana with a frown of worry. "I'm sorry, I didn't think she'd be like this."

There is a moment of hurt in her eyes, but Morgana fixes her posture and takes several steps back. "Six months is a long time, I can understand. Besides, she has someone else to protect now. She can't just let anyone see him." Morgana removes a decorative neck scarf and hands it to Lucian. "Maybe let her smell this, she might remember that."

Camilla comes from the northwest. Out of the forest line that borders their property. She is in the jacket that her grandfather gave her, she never goes ranging in the forest without it, even in the hot weather. But something has changed about the jacket, it's missing a sleeve and her bare arm can be seen with a scrape still bleeding mildly. The ripped off sleeve dangles out of one of the pockets and as she comes out of the tree line she makes quick work of trying to clean up. Get her curls back up into a pony tail and clean off her face, tears and the Forbidden Forest make for a dirty face. But when she hears voices over at the paddock that she was going to simple pass by she suddenly smiles recognizing who they belong too. The clean up is hurried all the more and her brogue is light and cheerful. "Are those two of my favorite humans?" She slides off her jacket as she rounds about to get a better look inside and greet her beloved visitors. The jacket also used to drape over the worse of the scrape on that arm. She keeps to the edge of the paddock, too weary honestly to go through the rituals the creatures require. Her arms to reach out and hands wave for said two favorite humans to come to her for huggy greetings.

Lucian glances back at the sound of Camilla's approach, and he holds up a hand of caution to her. "Tulip is upset." He hopes that's all the explanation Camilla needs. He takes the scarf from Morgana with a nod, and steps forward slowly, offering it up toward Tulip. The white 'griff gives the scarf a nuzzles sniff, then suddenly snaps it out of Lucian's hand. The young man recoils his arm quickly, tossing a concerned glance back at Morgana.

Tulip holds the scarf in her beak, then bends down to drape it over Argent's head. The little silver hippogriff looks up, nuzzling into the fabric. Then, with a push from behind from Tulip's wing, Argent trots forward. Almost immediately, the scarf gets tangled up in his legs, and he tumbles down into the dirt. The more he struggles, the more his limbs and wings get wrapped up in the scarf. Tulip looks down to her foal, then up to Morgana…and she takes several steps backward. Even Skywise merely looks on, doing nothing to help the baby.

Morgana turns over to Cami and gives her a nervous smile. "Hey Camilla, I'll be over in a second." She of course keeps her eyes on the Gryffs, and watches as the scarf is taken from Lucian and given to Argent. Watching as the foal stumbles toward her, getting caught up in the scarf. As both parents step back and seem to be giving the signal that she is supposed to help? Either why she'll get take a few steps closer to Argent, kneeling next to the new 'griff and start to untangle the scarf. "Now little sir, that's not how the garment is worn. Shall I show you how?" She's of course waiting for Argent's permission now, as she gathers up the scarf.

Camilla takes the cue easily and lift a finger up to her own lips and much like the new parents she keeps her distance and watches how the young'uns interact. The finger over her lips turns to most of her fingers coming up to hide the smile as she watches the interplay.

Lucian looks on with worry, ready to pull Morgana out of harm's way at the first sign of aggression. Thankfully, the adult hippogriffs do not deliver an horrible, bloody death to his girlfriend.

Argent's pleas for help come to a surprised stop when Morgana appears to untangle him. He still struggles through it, apparently thinking he's helping. But even with his squirming, the scarf soon comes free in her hands. The little 'griff scrambles to his full height of about three and a half feet tall. His big eyes stare at Morgana with all of the intimidating pride of his forebears…but damn if isn't just cute beyond words.

It is absolutely adorable and part of Morgana just wants to make high pitched girly noises at him and pinch his little beaky cheeks. However she keeps her composure as the scarf is freed and Argent takes his pose. "Look at you, already so tall, I can tell that you will grow to be very tall, and your wings strong and powerful. Just like your father." She says, offering her hand to the foal. "However all of your grace and refinement, that is from our mother." She doesn't take her eyes off the griffs, but she side glances at Lucian and Cami. See! Not food! Yet.

Lucian lets out a breath of relief, nodding to Morgana and giving Camilla a tense smile. Then he offers Morgana a reminder, mouthing the word "bow" while he mimics the motion with his hand.

Camilla makes a little slow version of invisible pom-pom waving for a moment to celebrate Morgana's success when the young lady looks her way. Then for Lucian she gives a reassuring smile and a nod of her head, they are doing good.

Bowing! So important and so very awkward when the creature is only 3 feet tall and you're on your knees. However she does it, keeping eye contact as she has always been instructed to do. Granted she might also be the teacher in this situation, showing young Argent how humans should be have.

Argent observes the display of respect, tilting his little head curiously. He glances back to his dame, and Tulip warbles at him and then bows in Morgana's direction. Taking his cue, Argent mimics the movement rather gracefully, his wings quivering with an excited flutter when his mother coos her approval. Argent stands upright again, and starts hopping about in circles, squawking happily. Tulip steps forward, giving her offspring a little nuzzle, then dipping her head to give the same to Morgana's cheek.

Lucian's jaw drops open in a stunned smile. "Stars above. She wasn't upset with you. She just wanted Argent to trust you. Clever girl."

Camilla much like Morgana wants to just squee in delight so she has to cover up her mouth entirely. But she can't help the little bounce in place on her side of the fence.

Morgana smiles at Argent as he does his bow and once he starts bounding and hopping she breaks into a smile and laughs. When she gets that nuzzle she'll wrap her arms around Tulips neck and nuzzle against it. "Yes, she is very clever. We have that in common. I think Lucian is nearly had a heart attack though." However she gets back to her feet and bows her head. "I have one more person to greet, if you'll excuse me." Morgana gives a quick bow before she walks over to Cami to give her the over due hug. "It's good to see you, I"m sorry I've been away for so long." SHe feels like she's been saying that a lot lately.

"Heart attack. That's an understatement. I'm not sure my heart has actually started again." Lucian lets out a long, slow breath, happy to find some measure of calm after the tense greeting. "But you're right. She's clever just like you. Right down to being damn near impossible to read sometimes."

Camilla wraps her arms aroud Morgana and gives her a bear hug with a bit of swaying side to side at the hips. Just really squeezing all of the love she's missed the last six months into one big hug. "Shh. No apologies on this farm. You're here and that's what matters." The hug is finally loosened with a quick peck to Morgana's cheek. But then the wand comes out playfully and she smirks to Lucian. "Need it started again?" But then the wand is used to wave him over so she can scoop him into a hug too not yet completely releasing Morgana yet either.

"My dear, I am an open book." Morgana says with an innocent smile, before she is pulled into the hug. Once the hug gets larger she'll smile and nod her head. "There is a reason we both get along so well. You should hear what she has to say about you." She says with a raise of her brow. "Very well I won't start up the apologies again. However I hope you don't mind us crashing here for a few days. I took some time off from work and I figured this would be a great place to get that started."

Lucian offers some obligatory grumbling about the show of affection, but obliges nonetheless, reaches over the sturdy fence as best he can for a hug of greeting. "Ah, yeah…I sort of told Morgana we could stay in my old room. Unless you've turned it into a proper attic again."

Camilla gives Morgana's cheek another kiss. "You can stay a long as you like, this is your home too. Josie is going to be home soon enough too. It would be good to have you both bumping about to keep an eye on her. I've got some plans that will have her worrying, so it would be nice indeed." Lucian then gets the sort of big smooch on the cheek any mother likes to give their child to embarrass them with their love. "Shall we head inside for some supper and to see what sort of mess the critters have made of Lucian's room? Get it all fixed up for you." She's forgotten in her excitment at having them home about her own messy state and scrapes.

Grayson Loring has not been invited out to the Fawley Farm today, but it seems likely that the Fawleys don't work on formal invitations. And he made a friend the last time he was here that he was eager to check on. So here he comes toward the small gathering, cradling a kitten-sized kneazle in his arms. The animal protests feebly, swatting at him until he stops and sets her down. And she immediately begins purring and prowling around his legs, tail arched. "Little git," he mutters. But fondly.

Approaching — nearly tripping over his ginger friend several times — Grayson raises his hand. "Forgive me for presuming, Madam! But this little troublemaker seemed to be calling me." He grins hugely, reaching up to rub at a few days' stubble that the normally fastidious dragonologist has let grow in.

"Yes, I can go inside, but first there is something very important I need to do." Morgana pulls out of the group hug and reaches down to the ground to pull something out of a satchel. Tucking it under her arm, she'll go back over to the dead ferret bucket and drag it over. She spends moments spoiling the new family with treats before she presents Argent with his gift. It's a deep blue blanket much like the one Morgana gave Tulip a few years ago. While it's a bit big for him now he'll surely grow into it. Once a few more hugs and nuzzles are done, the Unspeakable goes back to the group, tilting her head at Grayson. "He's a new addition."

"Wait…what have they done to my room?" Lucian pales a bit, and a bit more as he looks Camilla over for the first time. "And what happened to you? And who is this bloke?" He gestures to Grayson. So many questions! He tilts his head, peering at Grayson's feet. "Careful…keep the kneazle away from the paddock. To the 'griffs, that's lunch."

Camilla steps back away from the fence and goes to slide her jacket back on because it's big and bulky and getting in the way of the hugs. It's about then that she remembers the sleeve was ripped off and she gives a sigh. But shakes it off and puts on a big smile. Lucian and Morgana and now Grayson's visit outweighs the sadness of the ruined very sentimental jacket. "Grayson! I said you're always welcomed and I am a woman of my word. You just might have to leave a scarf or something when you're not here. She's a mewling whirlwind looking for you. Thinking she's old enough, but I keep telling her, she needs a few more weeks with her mother before she can go taming dragons with you." Lucian does the warning for her so she gestures them all towards the farm house. "Introductions and explanations over some lemonade." She's very good at herding creatures and she is obviously using the same techniques to herd her family and friends away from the paddock and towards the House.

"You missed me, did you, Moppet?" Grayson dips down to stroke the kneazle, pressing a kiss into his fingers. "You want to come with me? Next year. Maybe." He pets the animal and straightens, looking to the other two visitors. "Forgive me. I am Grayson Loring, a dragonologist with the Ministry of Magic." Of course, he has no idea that he's speaking to two other Government employees.

Letting himself be herded, Anson follows after the group toward the house. "Oh, I didn't mean to intrude on dinner. Roe — excuse me, Miss Scamander — will be wondering where I am. I am, after all, her.. er.. chaperone on this trip." His clumsiness is rather apparent as he stumbles over this sentence. "But..er.. a bite or two wouldn't hurt. If Moppet can join me."

"Any dinner here is sure to include an extra friend or two." Morgana says, and as Camilla suggests that inductions happen over lemonade, she obliges, since it's always against the rules to go against Cami's wishes. She hops over the fence and waits for Lucian to follow before linking her arm with his. "I'm sure your secret belongings are still in there." Morgana says with a sly smirk.

Lucian gawks at Morgana for a moment, his cheeks flushing. He clears his throat, pretending nothing is wrong. Nope, not at all. "No…I mean, whatever you mean…I have no idea what you mean. I took all of my belongings with me." For someone who spent seven years in Slytherin House, you'd think he'd be more skilled at subtlety and deception.

Camilla gives Lucian a side-long glance as she saunters rather quickstep back to the house. She opens up the front door with a wave of her wand and leads the way inside. Once inside she sheds the ruined jacket again and hangs it up on the coat tree by the door. "I wouldn't know what you are talking about. However, the Mascots know are probably very aware of whatever it is you have no idea about. You know how they get. Godric especially, he loves it up there, so don't be surprise if you fine mane hair that's not your all over the place." Not to mention Badger hair and shed snake skin and molted feathers. But at least she didn't turn it into a storage room or gym!

Camilla continues to lead the way into the kitchen, she pumps the sink and washes up her scraped up arm and dirty hands and face. "Mo, there's a pitcher in the icebox. Please?"

Grayson seems to be troubled — not emotionally, but quite literally. His ginger kneazle friend keeps running right in front of his feet, causing him to stumble or come to abrupt halts. Finally, he crouches down. "Having fun, are we?" Moppet — for so he seems to have named her, regardless of what she was called before — just cants her head to the side and meows, very loud.

"I'm hungry," explains Grayson. "And there might be something in it for you. So if you don't mind.." And suddenly, the kneazle is all complacence, purring and following along as he goes. "So what didn't you leave behind?" The question is innocent, but tinged with amusement, posed toward Lucian.

"Nothing," Lucian says a bit too insistently to Grayson. "I mean…ugh, just…never mind." Morgana gets such a look; she's got a scolding coming for even mentioning the unmentionable. He pauses by the coat tree, gently touching the torn edges of Camilla's jacket. With a frown, he steps into the kitchen after her. "Cami, what happened to you?" He asks the question more forcefully this time, his voice laden with concern.

"But of course." Morgana says with a smirk, letting whatever secret she's keeping about Lucian's hidden things stay a secret. She also washes her hands, because she was handling animals after all, but she flicks her wand to get the beverages and glasses on a platter and floats them out to the sitting room. "Yes Cam, now that the Tulip debocle is over, lets get back to your secret mission in the woods." Though she does clear her throat at Lucian's words but smiles at Grayson. "Unspeakable Morgana Rashley, pardon my rudeness."

Camilla wipes her hands dry after smoothing back some sproingy wild curls that aren't staying in her hastily put back pony tail. Sometimes Camilla can be perhaps infuriating with the whole zen thing. Now is such a time as she simply states like she was talking about a gopher hole, "Troll Traps." She double checks the scrap to make sure it's nice and clean before dabbing it dry with the towel. "I have been mapping the vacated area the Starchasers left behind to find the safest path to take Grayson and his colleague Roe into the forest to help them with an investigation into the new findings about the centaur conflict." Her voice has a nonchalance of, see nothing to worry about.

Grayson also tends to his hands, washing them thoroughly and making sure to spray water down on his little companion. Just a reminder, really, of who is the adult here. "Oh, Unspeakable Rashley, please don't apologize. I'm presuming upon your party here." And then Camilla is explaining her dangerous doings since their last meeting, and Grayson casts her a downright affronted stare.

"Forgive me, ma'am, but I could have been of assistance. Truly. If you'd told me." The dragonologist sighs, glancing back at Lucian and Morgana. "I hate to hear of anyone putting themselves at risk on my behalf." For a moment, he seems set to launch on a tirade — genuinely disturbed, upset. But then Moppet tries to claw her way up his calf, and he squats down to scoop her up.

Lucian finishes washing up as well, turning slowly to nearly mimic Grayson's expression toward Camilla. "Merlin's arse, Cami. You went into the forest alone? Are you out of your bloody mind?" He clenches his jaw, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You know I'm just an owl away, right?"

Camilla laughs softly without a care, "Gentlemen I have been going into that forest alone since before you were born." She points towards Lucian before she begins to portion out the lemonade and passes around the frosty glasses. "Thank you for the sentiment, but it was better I go at it alone. I have found a path. You have the supplies, I am sure by now, on Saturday I think will finally be the right day. Putting a few more days between the full moon and the expedition wouldn't hurt."

"You cannot possibly be older than I am," replies Grayson with good humor. "But I acknowledge the point. My recent studies of forests and deserts have all been rather…far from here." He shrugs apologetically. "Still, the next time you venture into an 'active' area" — this is a military term for dangerous — "..please take someone along. A trick I learned in China. Four eyes are always better than two."

And here's Moppet, right up into his business. Grayson is forced to stop lecturing while he tends to the kneazle, giving it another kiss on the forehead and a whispered "Shut up, you little monster," delivered in the most affectionate terms. He looks up. "…But you've secured a fairly safe route for Miss Scamander?"

Lucian scowls, shaking his head firmly. "I don't acknowledge the point. The centaurs weren't losing their minds and stirring up the whole bloody forest before I was born. Different circumstances call for different methods, Cami. You know better, and you've got easy access to people that can watch your back."

Camilla settles down into a chair and from the cushions slithers a rather large silvery snake with a green belly. It coils around the ranger and nuzzles its head up at her shoulder. A quick smile comes when the snake tickles her neck with its tongue. "I was referring to my Lucian's birth." She might not say the words my son but it's in her tone. "I agree, which is why I look forward to having the multiple pair of eyes on the path I've discovered. Yes, fairly safe. It's discovery would have been more difficult with unfamiliar feet needing instruction." She offers Grayson a serene smile after gently accusing him of probably being more harm than help trapsing through the forest.

Over the rim of her lemonade Camilla looks towards Lucian, "You know that I have to stick to regulation or all of this is gone. If anyone found out that you came along with me. He would destroy everything and would have every right to finally do so." While she's calm there is a tich of this is why I wanted you to go R.C.M.C told you so towards Lucian.

These are dangerous waters. Grayson listens in silence to first Lucian, then Camilla. He takes a breath before speaking. "If China taught me nothing," he says after awhile, "It taught me to think… unconventionally." He doesn't elaborate immediately, tending to the kneazle that simply won't leave him be.

"I am," he says carefully, "of course constrained by Ministry policy." Don't tell him anything he really doesn't need to know, is the apparent translation. "But I am far more interested in results. If this gentleman — sir, did I catch your name? — is able to help protect Miss Scamander, then please. Do not let us stand on ceremony, I beg you. My priority is the safety of my friend."

Lucian tenses up, his fists clenching, but his gaze is no longer directed at Camilla. This anger is aimed elsewhere. He takes a slow, steadying breath to try to soothe the beast inside before he looks up at Grayson. "It's not that easy," he concedes to Camilla's point. "My name is Lucian Pride. I used to be Lucian Proudmore. The 'he' Cami is talking about is my father, Actaeon Proudmore. He's hell-bent on ruining Camilla. If she does anything against regulations, he'll make sure the Ministry comes down on her for it."

Camilla places the drink aside so she can lean forward and place her hand on Lucian's forearm trying to offer some soothing support. "You do know that I want you there. There's no chance that He started all of this, but I sincerely don't put it past him to have some hand in the intensifying of the issues. I dislike having to think that way, but the only way I can think of taking you along is a great deal of deception and you know how I feel about that. You have a wonderful life in London now. I don't want to do anything to take you away from it." She rubs at his arm and her expression is very soft and fond. "Thank you my little lion. You will be there in my heart and in spirit beside me." Then it's time to sooth Grayson. "Having a smaller party in this case is not entirely a bad thing. I will take an arrow before I let either of you two come to any harm."

Grayson watches Camilla with Lucian slowly, seeming to take his time to absorb Lucian's words, as well. When he speaks, his voice is carefully modulated. "Oh, yes, I see the difficulty." He's busily soothing a kneazle who, as it happens, has jumped up onto him. "Damnit, Moppet." Not an effective soothing trait, as it happens.

Detaching claws from his chest, Grayson considers the situation. "I do wish, madam, that you'd understand I am here purely as an arrow-catcher. But, regardless, I have no idea of imposing more than I already have. If you say this is the best way to proceed, I trust you." A pause. "Entirely."

As Lucian's ire has risen, his very presence seemed to shift to something more primal, more bestial. However, Camilla's touch and her maternal words bring him some measure of calm, and the lion's mane settles…mostly. He nods, letting out a grumbling sigh. "I'm going to go help Morgana clean up the room, and try to get some sleep." Defeated, the young man stalks toward the stairs, giving Grayson a half-hearted nod as he passes. His footsteps can be heard all the way up to the attic. He pauses before the door to his old bedroom, mumbling quietly to himself, "Something's got to be done about him…"

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