(1941-06-23) The Good Samaritan
Details for The Good Samaritan
Summary: Morrow and Violet discuss what was overheard in the Club Room.
Date: June 23rd, 1941
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts Castle
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Classes are just a formality now that exams are over and grades have been passed down to the student body, but they are still a requirement. So it is that after her last class of the day, amidst a throng of excited students making plans for the last few days before summer holidays, Violet peels off from the rest to make her way outside. Her robes hang loose, revealing a plain dress beneath, and once she hits the ground out in the Entry Courtyard she stops, leaning against the side of the castle to unburden herself of shoes and stockings. Other students come and go, wrapped up in their own joys and worries, and the little Ravenclaw pauses after stuffing her stockings into the toes of her shoes, to look around at all the bustling activity.

Morrow Selwyn is, for once, without her entourage. They must be attending classes elsewhere in the Castle. That's not to say she's alone, however… at the moment, perched primly on a shaded bench in the courtyard, the soon-to-be Sixth Year is laughing at something uttered by the handsome Hufflepuff seated beside her; a rare, genuine glimpse of amusement from the ever poised young woman. It's a rich, hearty laugh, too, that rings like a bell across the square and draws a couple of startled or bemused glances from those passing close by. Even at a distance, it's apparent she's in a playful mood, reaching to shove at the lad's shoulder with her fingertips in a gesture of mock-affront.

Shaking her head, the Ravenclaw grins up at the boy as he rises to depart - reluctantly, one would expect - and her gaze trails him for a moment or two before, inevitably, it wanders in distraction over the dwindling crowd. She brightens when she spots Violet, over there by the wall, and straightens her posture, seeking to catch the young Eagle's eye and wave her over.

It takes a moment, but when Violet notices Morrow her bright smile lights up her face at once. At just the lift of a hand, not even waiting for it to be a wave, Violet is moving, practically skipping her way over to the bench where the older girl is perched. While she can appreciate a cute boy, the newly 15 year old girl has yet to join her peers in the giggles, gossip and pursuit of them. She passes the departing Hufflepuff with a cheerful greeting, and bounces up to her housemate. "Alright, Morrow. Beautiful afternoon, innit?"

"It is, indeed." agrees the older girl, turning her face upward to enjoy the sunlight for a moment as if to punctuate the answer. It's getting cooler now as the evening draws in, but it'll be light for hours yet. With a smile and a sigh of contentment, Morrow opens her vivid blue eyes again and settles them back upon the little Scottish dancer before her. "Looking forward t the feast tomorrow?"

When Morrow turns her face toward the sun Violet, who often thinks in terms of animals of all types, fancies for a moment that the older, stylish girl reminds her of a cat. Sure of herself and her place in the world, slightly aloof but able to be quite charming. It's in slightly more abstract terms, but that is Violet's general impression of Morrow. In unconscious imitation, Vi also looks toward the sun, with a much less catlike squint and wrinkle of her nose. Her attention snaps back when Morrow speaks again.

"Oh aye, very much," she says agreeably. "Th' special feasts are my favourites, they're so excitin'." At the pat to the bench Violet spins and sits in one fairly fluid movement, dropping shoes to the ground and clasping her hands together. "It's always a bit sad, though, with them that's leavin' havin' their last hours at school."

Well, a cat is certainly a far finer and more suitable comparison than the considerably less kind one, made recently, to a viper! Morrow would likely be flattered by this one, over being bracketed alongside the less regal serpent. Bracing her hands and leaning back on them slightly as Violet seats herself, the older brunette flits a glance to those shoes… but makes no comment. Who is she to judge? Quirks make us interesting, one way or another. "I suppose that's true," she admits, in her usual cool tone, arching a brow as she considers the girl's thoughtful perspective. Plainly such sentimentality hadn't occurred to her. No surprise there. "..but I'm not particularly close to any of the Seventh Years who are leaving, and most of my friends will be staying on. Still." Morrow relents to a brief grin. "It's a good excuse for a celebration, at the end of the day. Even if it's tinged with sadness for some."

Shaking a few errant locks back from her face, the Ravenclaw falls quiet a moment; oddly pensive in expression as she glances over the few students who still pad by, at intervals. None look like they're eavesdropping, but you never know. "I've been a little concerned about something, Violet." The tone is.. confiding. And soft-spoken. Though her gaze remains astray, she continues, "I was wondering if you'd give me your opinion on it."

"It's always nice t'have a reason t'celebrate," Violet agrees, nodding, her grin stuck in place. "A'course, it's just as well t'make up a reason." She sighs softly, watching the others milling about without really registering them. "I think I'll miss Elspeth t'most. She's always been so kind, an' she's been such a lovely Head Girl." From the tone, it could accurately be guessed that Violet wouldn't object to learning from that example and, hoping beyond hope, that she might even be Head Girl herself when the time comes. But that's years away yet, not worth dwelling on now, and she easily dismisses the momentary reflection.

Her feet swing as the girls sit, small bare feet scuffing up some dirt, but the movement stops as Morrow's voice drops a measure. With her lack of guile, the flash of surprise at the older girl's words is evident on her face. "My opinion?" Morrow has never asked her opinion on anything before, and she wouldn't have ventured to ever be so bold as to offer any to the more mature Fifth year. She leans a bit closer, delighted for this moment of confidence between them, and her voice softens as well. "What is it, Morrow?"

"Also true. We should have feasts in celebration of 'A Wednesday when it doesn't rain'. Or 'A Divination lesson in which no one falls asleep'." Musing aloud idly for a moment, it might seem as though the Ravenclaw has forgotten herself or the point she had intended to make. But let's face it… that's highly unlikely. Another unavoidable truth, when it comes to Morrow, is that she'll probably never be Head Girl. Popularity and intelligence are all well and good. But she hasn't made Prefect - in fact, she seems to have a blase disdain for any sort of 'formal' responsibility. She prefers to handle things on a more ahh… individual level. Case in point.

"Well… maybe I'm worrying over nothing. But did you overhear what that Slughorn girl said about the 'plans' for Anson Abbott?" Of course she did, she was standing right there. But it's only polite to ask. Let Violet choose whether she wants to feign innocence or not. Morrow privately doubts it - the littl Urquart is an open book.

Despite her eagerness at the clandestine note the conversation has taken, Violet giggles softly at Morrow's musings, being very familiar herself with the perils of Divination after a long night of studying for another class. She sobers again almost immediately, her frown an exaggerated purse of her lips. "I'd only just caught that. D'ya think it'd be something mean?" As if it wouldn't be if it involves Slytherins against that Gryffindor in particular. The thought clearly troubles her, written plainly in the consternation on her face.

"Well, that's what I've been wondering. I doubt it'd be anything good." Pushing her hair out of her face again as a stray breeze stirs it awry, Morrow levels her blue eyes on the other Ravenclaw, looking solemn. "I can't help thinking that perhaps.. how does the saying go? Forewarned is forearmed. Do you think he should be warned, just in case? Or is it none of our business?" The brunette keeps her thoughtful gaze upon Violet, waiting to further gauge her reaction to the idea.

Violet blinks rapidly, processing Morrow's words before she nods again. "It would only be fair, is what I think. Especially if it's to be many of them against just the one of him." Her head tilts thoughtfully, "Unless… well he's never exactly alone then, always around friends, he gets along so well with everyone." There's no gushing to her words that would be heard if they spilled from other lips, but an open frankness. And she amends her thought, "Almost everyone. But it would be just dreadful to have known something, and not speak up about it for his well being."

After smoothing back her hair, Morrow's hand comes to rest at the back of her neck, fingertips rubbing at her nape in an unthinkingly tense mannerism. "They're not exactly known for fighting fair, are they…" Still observing the younger girl, she nods gently after a moment's pause, having digested her words presumably. "I think you're right. It might be that he'll be perfectly safe anyway. But it's the right thing to do, giving him a chance." Dropping her hands into her lap, she clasps them loosely; legs elegantly crossed at the knee. She's without her cardigan today, given the warmth of the weather, but she's still neatly attired in her blouse and tie; the subtle tweaks in tailoring to her uniform barely perceptible but managing to set her a little apart all the same. An extra stitch here, to nip in the waist. A sturdier fabric to her skirt, ensuring it remains pleasantly flared. Not to mention the few items of jewelry she wears; a glitzy ring or two drawing notice to every gesture. But that's neither here nor there, when she has that sombre set to her elfin features.

"The thing is.." she continues, looking a little uncomfortable now. Or certainly protraying it convincingly. "..we used to go out. Used to. I wouldn't want him thinking there's any hope, in that regard, just in trying to tip him off." She pauses again, worrying at her lower lip. And then - of course! - an idea occurs to her, and she brightens in hope. "..do you think… maybe you could tell him what you overheard, Violet?"

"You've no reason to lie." Morrow points this out with a wry smile. "I think he'd take it more seriously coming from.. well, a bystander. Does that make sense? Besides.. I trust you. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. That's a rare quality in people, you know. You should hang onto that." She doesn't move, save for a gentle bobbing of her upper foot to some unheard rhythm. "..you'd tell me, right? If the roles were all reversed?"

From surprise to some form of understanding, with a sweep then right into immensely pleased with a blush rising at the compliment, as she interprets it, from the older girl, and the mention of trust, of all things. Violet doesn't respond until the last questions are posed, "Oh of course I would, Morrow!" It's still said quietly, but with complete sincerity. "I couldn't stand by and just let something that might be terrible happen." She sounds for all the world as if she would be entirely unable to bear living with herself if she did.

"Good. I thought you would." The older Ravenclaw smiles at this, the expression warming her countenance from that grim contemplation somewhat. "..so you'll tell him? For me? I think that's the only way it'll work, honestly." Another flit of her big blue eyes implies her caution, a sweep of her gaze over the almost deserted courtyard ensuring nobody's lingering about that might overhear. Especially any Slytherins. That would not go down well. "I mean, it's hardly as if you could help hearing it.. Slughorn wasn't exactly discreet, was she. You don't even have to mention any names, seeing as it's not really our business. I just do think anyone in that predicament deserves a little help. I don't like unfair odds."

"Of course I will," Violet says at once, all but repeating herself in her eagerness to be of help to Morrow. And Anson, of course, but she barely knows him. "I couldn't help it at all, she said it plain as day there, that some of the Slytherins have something planned for him." Although it wasn't specified as to when, where or how, it's surely still good enough to have a general if vague idea, isn't it? "I c'n just say that I overheard someone talkin' an' thought it might be a good idea t'let him in on it. I promise I won't even mention yeh, Morrow."

Relief softens Morrow's features, followed by a hushed 'whew' of an exhalation. "..brilliant. Thank you, Violet. I really appreciate it." She's either a superb actress or she actually means this part. Difficult to say, of course. Nodding along in assent with the other girl's summary of opinion, she tucks her hair back behind her ear in habitual motion. "That sounds like the ideal way to handle it." She pauses, tilting her head a little askance as amusement mingles briefly with curiosity across her dainty features. "..you don't have aspirations in politics, do you?"

A few beats later, and the clock tower high overhead chimes the hour, drawing Morrow's gaze that way. With the shadows growing longer across the open courtyard, the day does seem to be getting on. "Goodness, I'd lost track of the time. I'd best go and find Rosetta, she wanted my help with her packing." Well, Selwyn does have the knack, when it comes to properly transporting goods as precious as clothing. Looking back down to Violet, the taller girl begins to rise. "So sorry to dash off.. perhaps I'll see you at dinner?" Even this touch of friendly chatter is quite a rarity from her. She must really be pleased with her housemate.

There's an amused laugh at mention of politics, for nothing could ever be further from Violet's mind. "Only if they have t'do with handlin' things between Nessie an' t'others in th' Loch." Her head tilts back, her eyes following Morrow as the other girl stands, and she pops to her feet as if it's the expected thing for her to do. "Aye, Morrow, hope th' packin' goes well. See yeh round t'dinner." When the other girl goes on her way, Violet's smile fades, and she immediately begins to contemplate how best to fulfill her promise of warning the Gryffindor to use caution until he's well away from the slithery Slytherins.

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