(1941-06-25) On the Tracks to London
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Summary: An interlude of students by the ever popular Harkiss Trolly.
Date: 25 June 1941
Location: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

A little while into the train ride back to London finds Melody Abernathy wandering the aisle, peeking into compartments in search of her little brother, Eoin. Eventually she makes her way to the car where the Harkiss Trolly can usually be found, with it's sweets to get all the kids on a good sugar high before seeing their families again. There are the usual millers-about, sometimes a raised voice, but usually that's followed with good natured laughter and jokes.

Being officially no longer a student, Melody isn't in her uniform as most others still are. She has officially joined the ranks of Adults. More or less. Her attire couldn't be called fashionable, by present standards, it's more… eclectic. A pale purple shift dress that breezes around her like a cloud, flat sandals, and her blonde hair is held back by a clip that holds two deep purple flowers and has a gap between them where a third flower may once have been. She's been a little more flustered than usual, likely resulting from her having to trot through Hogsmeade in order not to miss the train. But now that they're well on their way, her usual half-dream expression is back, even while she searches for Eoin.

Though still in her uniform, Morrow still manages to look unconsciously fashionable thanks to the little details. The nipped-in tailoring at her waist and the subtlye flare of her pleated ebon skirt, for example. She's standing patiently in line for the trolley behind a pair of younger Ravenclaws, idly toying with a dainty pendant necklace and gazing distractedly out the window at the countryside rolling by. Absent-mindedly stepping a little further aside to allow another student to pass by, the brunette is, for once, without her little gaggle of friends. Actually, rumour has it she's not even sitting with them for the journey, after being invited to join a few Slytherins in one of 'their' compartments.

Well, for one reason or another, it seems she's made the excuse for a moment of 'fresh air', as it were. Becoming aware of someone not simply standing, waiting their turn, she turns her vivid blue eyes toward Melody, arching a brow at the obviously searching young woman.. and habitually flicking a glance over her attire.

Anson Abbott is a muscular, meat-headed, health-oriented, Gryffindor. He just happens to have a soft spot for Cauldron Cakes, that's all. He's standing at the Harkiss Trolly, collecting a veritable pile of the things, using his remaining school-year allowance as though it were payday. He's wearing his school robes, of course, but the voluminous sleeves are rolled up as far as he can get them to go. Only, they keep slipping down and he has to shove them back up.

He turns to leave after settling up, slowing as he spots Melody and Morrow. He grins slowly at Selwyn, his brow creeping upward. "Hello, Melody. Hey, Morrow. How's the.. party?" There's a hint of amusement in his voice. 'Well, well. Fancy meeting you here.'

Stepping from a compartment that is quite close to the sweets Trolly comes recent graduate Brody Iolar. He slides the door closed behind him, leaving only the young Hufflepuff Lissie inside. He takes a moment to steady himself with a slow breath, straightens his remarkably plain Muggle attire, and then casts an eye around the corridor. He blinks in surprise at finding Melody at the Cart, accompanied by Morrow and Anson. He takes the few steps to close the distance and then greets all around saying, "Good evening Abbott. Selwyn. Melody… I wasn't sure if you would be on the train or not."

Taking every moment to spend outside before the long train ride, it is the very last call to board before Eoin does so. Face red, curly hair a bit damp atop his head, and perspiration dripping down the sides of his face. …And a big, thrilled grin on his face. Hey, the child was having fun. Now that Eoin is on the train, however, he has taken out a puzzle to help the journey not feel like it's going on forever. Sweaty robes have been discarded with his trunk, leaving him in just the shirt and pants of his uniform as he strolls along the aisle of the train. He's looking for… Hmmm. His green eyes peer about, stepping carefully to the swaying motion of the train and clutching the puzzle ball in one hand. The lineup for the trolley is barely given a glance, showing no notice to it as, instead, Eoin blinks and drops to one knee, letting out a quiet, "Hey." He wasn't paying too much attention to the surroundings, so as he picks up the chain, as the youth bends to the floor a taller student steps back and trips against the boy, nearly tumbling with the added motion of the train until the student manages to grab onto a seat and keep himself standing. He glances in agitation towards Eoin, who, blinking obliviously, slowly stands. "Is anyone missing a chain?" Is said slowly as he holds it up, his voice not carrying in the slightest and most likely too quiet for the chatter in the train car.

While Eoin holds up his hand, chain dangling, he loses focus on that when he catches a single name being used in greeting. Thus, his gaze darts around until he spots Melody, an eager grin tugging across his face as he lifts a hand… He hmms at the puzzle in it, and then simply waves his hand with the toy.

Distracted by looking for Eoin, but honestly she's usually operating on some level of distracted, Melody blinks when her name is said, and turns to the source. She recognizes the younger Quidditch player, even if they don't really know each other and she doesn't pay much attention to the game in general. She smiles at Anson, lips parted over slightly large teeth, then includes Morrow in it as he addresses her as well, and offers out a vague, "Alright." She seems to focus more on Brody, giving a second, "Alright." in greeting. "I couldn't miss the last ride," the Hufflepuff Alumni notes lightly. Then she hears a voice under the buzz of conversation, and twists to find the target of her search waving from a few feet away. "Eoin, there you are." Her tone is warm and she holds a hand out to beckon him near. "What've you found then?"

Shuffling forward a steo or two as the line moves - assuming Abbott has left anything to purchase - Morrow offers the boy an unperturbed smile in response to the greeting. "Abbott. And it's perfectly pleasant so far, thank you. How about you? Enjoying the journey?" If she's surprised to find that he hasn't been dangled out of the baggae cart by his bootstraps, it doesn't show. Her smile extends to include Brody and Melody - and there's a mild look askance at the red-haired ragamuffin wreaking almost havoc nearby - before she finally gets to the trolley and can make her order. Turning her attention to that, she abandons the congregation briefly to their chat. "Some coconut ice, please.."

"Hey! Watch where you're going." Anson isn't speaking to Eoin, though the sprat is certainly the genuine cause of the collision. He addresses the older boy sternly, his brows narrowed slightly. "He's just a kid," he elaborates when the other student glares. And looking away, he smiles vaguely to Melody and nods his head toward Brody. "'lo, Brody."

Distracted, or at least pretending to be distracted, he seems to have forgotten Morrow entirely. And then, belatedly, he says "A very pleasant journey." He does seem somewhat surprised at it, but he doesn't go into detail. "Let me get that for you." He produces some knuts, making as though to pass them off to the trolley. What a gentleman!

Brody nods his head in agreement with Melody. "I suppose I could have taken the Floo, but it is a shame to miss the last ride." He gazes around at the train car affectionately for a moment before turning his attention on Eoin. He jerks a thumb back toward the car he just left Lissie in and says, "I just gave the broomstick I made to Lissie. I think you have some competition for the team next term."

As appearances go, it would seem Eoin has missed the whole unfortunate event of the student losing balance, and Anson's remark. For now, the stout boy greets Melody eagerly. His thick lips turn into a purse as he considers the crowd, gingerly taking a step or two to carefully avoid knocking into anyone even through his excitement to go to the summons. He doesn't quite make it there before he blinks. "Huh?" Eoin's gaze swings towards the older student, suddenly remembering that little nudge of a foot against his side as the source of it tripped. Oops! His ears turn a bit red as his green eyes flick from Anson to the student, and he bobs his head downward in an apologetic bow. "I'm sorry," he says unhurriedly, but genuine. A smile, almost fleeting, is giving up to Anson as his gaze passes over him, and Eoin shoots a glance over to Melody as he finishes his steps up beside her. The question about what he's found brings out a stunned, "Oh!" as he looks to the chain in hand, holding it up for her to see.

Having missed the bit of commotion, when Anson addresses the older boy involved in the collision Melody's countenance darkens slightly. She will not suffer anyone to be picking on her brother, but she isn't entirely certain of the situation. In light of this, she settles on a somewhat stern frown to the boy Anson speaks to, but as soon as her eyes are off him it's forgotten and her smile returns. "Ta," she nods to Anson, for picking up what she missed. Her hand lifts to rest absently on Eoin's shoulder as he stops beside her, her smile settling on Brody. "With all you've taught him this last year, I bet he'll be well able to hold his own." When Eoin holds up the trinket he found, it gets a moment of study. "Oh, I'm sure someone will be well sad that they've lost it. If you can't find who lost it, Eoin, we'll keep it safe and you can bring it back next term and one of the professors will surely help you find the owner." The fact that she does pay attention to things around her is evidenced when she looks to Morrow, and offers the opinion on the girl's choice of snack, "Those are lovely."

Morrow offers a bland sort of half-smile toward Anson as he belatedly answers, and a warmer one to the trolley-lady who hands her the paper bag of coconut ice. "Good, good.." she murmurs, before pausing with a blink as the taller lad hands over the coin for her treat. "Oh.. might as well drop a liquorice wand in, too, in that case." she advises the elder woman, cheekily. Accepting that, she turns and steps out of the queue's path, flashing Anson a grin and *snapping* the tip of the wand off with her teeth. "Thanks. Always a pleasure."

With that, seeing as the car is getting ever so slightly crowded, the brunette begins a sedate stroll back toward the corridor and compartments - not so brisk that the Gryffindor couldn't join her… it's just common sense might dictate he ought not to. She waves the liqourice at Mel in passing. Doesn't anyone ever wave normally at the ditzy blonde? "I know, aren't they?" She offers the bag out toward the girl to help herself to some if she likes. And then, just like that she's gone. For now, anyway.

"Yes, add the licorice twist." Anson has the grace to not seem perturbed at Morrow's presumption, though his eyes glint with subdued amusement. And then with not-so-carefully-concealed annoyance when she turns to walk away. He weighs his options, the indecision clearly written across his face. For a moment, he puts off the call by leaning down a bit to address Eoin. "Not my chain, mate. Thanks, though." The Gryffindor flashes a big, cheerful smile down at the chubby Hufflepuff, then to his sister. "Of course. I hate bullies." And boy, they hate him too.

And then he's off, pursuing Morrow in long-legged strides. Soon enough, he's alongside her, turning sideways as he walks to avoid crowding her right into a wall. "I was hoping for a word at breakfast," he begins. His voice has a familiar wheedling tone to it. "It's about Harriet. I talked to her.." His voice fades from hearing as the pair move off, Anson gesticulating with a handful of Cauldron Cakes.

Brody smiles and nods in reply to Melody. "I am certain that he will do fine," he says with a wink toward Eoin. He jerks his thumb toward the compartment Lissie is in and says, "I heard from some Prefects that Lissie was wanting to go out for the team next term, but with her brothers in the war and her family situation they can't afford her a broomstick." He shrugs his shoulders lightly and then says, "So what are you going to do now that school is over?"

When Melody mentions finding the owner of the chain, Eoin decides to start that task immediately. There's a quick excuse made to the two older former students, and he hurries to a nearby compartment to make inquiries. Melody declines the offer from Morrow as the other two move on their way, and then she looks back to Brody now that they're on their own, more or less. "That's wonderfully kind of you to give her one. I've not doubt it'll serve her well," she notes, with complete sincerity. "I'm still not sure," is her answer to the question. "I'm sure I'll think of something over the summer. And there will be dances in Shropshire on the week ends." Not exactly a long term planner. "Are you going to pursue Quidditch?" is asked in return.

"Well, I hadn't planned to. You know how hard I have been working on my broomsticks. I had always planned to open my own shop. But then…" Brody sighs with a touch of confusion. "About a week before NEWTs I got a letter from Puddlemere United inviting me to come and try out for their team. They had apparently came and saw some of our matches and liked the way I looked. I don't know… I am a little nervous about it, honestly."

She had heard the whispers from mutual friends, although the pair haven't really had much of a chance to catch up in the past few weeks. Excitement for him lights Melody's eyes and she reaches out and puts a hand gently on his upper arm. "Oh dear, you must though. What a wonderful opportunity for you." Her hand falls away and she adds, "They don't just ask any old person who can fly, you know."

Brody glances downward toward Melody's hand as she reaches out to him and he smiles faintly at her reassurances. He nods slowly and says, "Maybe so. It would be a disappointment to not at least go try out. As you said, they don't just ask anyone, and I don't see them asking me again if I let this chance slide by. I just don't have very high expectations of actually making the team. I can always make brooms after I see how tryouts go."

"It's usually best not to have expectations," Melody says with surprising logic. "Then you won't be terribly disappointed if things don't go well, and you'll be wonderfully surprised if they do go well." Her smile is encouraging, but her thought is broken by another student excusing themselves to push past the graduates. Melody takes a few steps sideways, getting more out of the line of foot traffic. "When is your tryout set to be?"

Brody turns with Melody, turning his attention toward the passing student. He is silent for a moment as he watches the student go and then finally his eyes shift back to meet Melody's. "A week after graduation, so sooner than I had thought. I had intended on finding a place to live this week, so I guess I will have just enough time to find one before tryouts."

Melody considers this, then suggests, "I wonder if you might want to just find a room for a week? They have them at the Leaky Cauldron, don't they?" She pauses before explaining, "If you do get on the team, I'd imagine you'd be doing a lot of traveling, so maybe you wouldn't need your own place right away."

Brody nods his head slowly and says, "I had thought of that too. That would at least let me figure out if I make the team and plan from there." He trails away for a moment, his eyes once more traveling to the students in the corridor. "Well, we are probably getting close to London. I should go and collect my things…." he says slowly. His eyes return to Melody's once more and he says, "Hey Melody? …. Don't be a stranger, okay? I have enjoyed this year with you." He trails away as if he'd like to say more, and then shakes his head slowly and steps away to head back to whatever compartment his things are stored away in.

"Send me an owl, would you?" Melody asks as Brody turns to go. "Let me know how your tryout goes. I'll be rooting for you." She really does mean it, clearly from her earnest tone. "Good luck, Brody," she calls after him. With him heading off to gather his things, she guesses it's a good idea for her to do so as well, and her steps take her in the opposite direction.

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