(1941-06-26) Gone Too Long
Details for Gone Too Long
Summary: Lucian and Josie realize that Camilla has been in the forest for too long.
Date: 26 June, 1941
Location: Fawley Farmhouse
Plot: Centaur Civil War
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After riding the Hogwarts Express to London, for a change, Josie was a bit late getting home. And she does not appear to be in a good mood as she comes through the door, wearing her more Muggle style clothes. Camilla should've been home by now, long before now in fact, so she calls out, "Camilla?"

The usual warm, motherly greeting from Camilla doesn't come. In fact, the house is relatively quiet until the sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs breaks the silence. "Josie?" Not Camilla's voice. This one is male, and familiar. Lucian, the most unlikely of big brother figures, skips the last step to meet Josie. "Hey, Jo…Camilla's not with you?"

Normally, Josie would greet Lucian cheerfully, and though she does smile some, is not with her usual exuberance. "Hi." She starts to say something, but then stops, looking to Lucian and shaking her head a bit. "No. I just got back. Isn't she here?"

Lucian frowns, shaking his head. "No, I thought she was going to pick you up. I figured she just left early before I got up. Unless…" Lucian frowns, turning to go check on Helga's food dish. Empty. "Unless she didn't come back last night." Lucian has never been able to mask his emotions; his worry is painted all over his face.

Josie shakes her head, and says, "No, I went to London today. Some of the old magijugend were threatening another Gryffindor, calling him a blood traitor. So I took the train, so maybe nothing would happen if there was a bunch of us there. And after, I saw London…" Her voice grows a bit squeaky, as she says this, and the source of her mood is probably apparent. But, she pushes that aside now, she has a lot more to worry about, "Was yesterday the day they were going in the forest?"

Lucian nods grimly, a flash of frustration showing in his eyes. Even the news of a Gryffindor being tormented isn't enough to cheer him up. "Yes. She and those other two from the R.C.M.C. I just assumed they'd come in late, but…Helga's not been fed. Camilla never forgets to feed the animals."

There's not many things that can scare Josie enough that she's unable to hide it. This, however, is one of those things. "But she knows the forest. She knows all the dangers. If something happened…" Then, perhaps unable to accept the alternative, she says, "She'll be alive. But we gotta go find her."

"The forest isn't the forest she knows anymore," Lucian says bluntly. He won't soften the truth, not for Josie. She's a tough kid. "This centaur war has turned everything upside-down. I warned her…" He growls out a sigh. "We aren't going anywhere, Jo. This is way too dangerous for you. You need to stay here and tell Morgana what's going on when she gets back. Maybe…try to reach your father." Lucian grimaces even saying those words. He and Bannon may be on civil terms, but it's no secret that he has never liked the man.

Though she goes a little more pale as Lucian reminds her of the changing circumstances, Josie does nod, "That's why she had to go in. To try to stop the war." She shakes her head then, and argues, "You're not leaving me behind! I can't just sit here and wait. You know I can handle myself!"

"This isn't the streets, Josie!" Lucian snaps, immediately winces and holding up a hand for peace. "This is different. This isn't what you're used to. I'm not even used to this. But I've got an edge you don't, and I'll be faster on my own. Jo…I'm going to bring her home."

The snapped comment does, however, startle Josie enough that she stops arguing. She looks at Lucian for a long moment, but then nods a little. "Yeah. Alright. But you better come back, too."

Lucian sighs and kneels before Josie. When did she get this tall? He puts a hand on her shoulder. "I will. I promise. Now go write a letter to Bannon. He needs to know what's going on." He stands up, giving her one final look of attempted reassurance before heading upstairs to change into more suitable clothing.

Josie nods a little, and gives a fraction of a smile at Lucian's reassurance. She turns to go upstairs as well, turning off towards her own room instead to, presumably, write that letter. She does close her door, however.

Lucian doesn't spend much time, as he's in a hurry to get out after Camilla. Regardless of his reassurances, there's no telling what kind of danger she could be in. He emerges from the attic, climbing down to the second story to knock on Josie's door. "Josie? I'm heading out. Morgana should be back soon." No answer. He knocks again. "Jojo?" Silence. "Shit," he curses, throwing the door open to find her room empty, her window cracked open. He takes off like a shot down the stairs. The front door slams open, and a sleek, golden lion leaps out over the porch, landing on the dirt path and bounding off toward the forest. Must he rescue everybody?

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