(1941-07-01) Shopping Trip Gone to the Cats
Details for Shopping Trip Gone to the Cats
Summary: While in the market a few days after getting scratched by the magpie, Xylina makes her own surprising transformation and causes a little excitement.
Date: July 1, 1941
Location: Carkitt Market, Mysticked District
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic
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It's late afternoon here in the market, and the place is as busy as it is on any other day or at any other time. Hawkers are crying out, gaining attention from passing patrons, attempting to interest them in this gizmo or that whatchamacallit that they just need to have!

Amongst all the market crazy is Xylina who is browsing at one booth that is selling, of all things, muggle books. The young girl wears a skirt and blouse, her hair tied back, and a bandage upon her right forearm. She's flipping through a book, reading the back, pondering on whether or not to buy it. Of course, the owner of the booth is all prepared to haggle the price, should she decide to buy it.

Among those strolling through the market is Lorcan Parkinson, clad entirely in black which makes him look even paler than he is. He seems alone, one arm holding a wrapped parcel. He doesn't pay any attention to any of the hawkers, but slows to browse through some fine leather gloves on display at one stall selling leatherware.

Susan Carmody looks perfectly ordinary, which is to say, in a Wizarding sense, that her appearance is a bit odd. Her hair is clipped back on either side of her face with tortoiseshell barrettes, and her poplin dress could be had in any East End shop. Browsing through the gnarled paths between the various stalls, she keeps her gloved hands, clasping her pocketbook, behind her back, as if preventing herself from fondling any of the merchandise or accidentally breaking something.

There's an odd sound that comes from Xylina as she reads the back of a book, a sort of purr that rumbles in her throat unknowingly. Just as odd, is the black banded tail that has started to grow, that flicks this way and that as it sways behind her. Must be some new bit of magicked costuming bits she picked up at another booth? Setting the book down, she reaches for another, only to stare when her hand shifts into that of a paw, "What the… mrrrowwwww?!?"

The owner of the booth stares as well, taking a step back and muttering, "Don't think I'm going to give you a discount just because you can transfigure!"

Lorcan puts down the black gloves he was about to try on, when he catches the transfiguration out of the corner of his eye. He turns to watch, obviously waiting for her to become a proper kitty.

Someone it transfiguring into a cat? Susan pauses in consternation as the girl she was about to sidle past in the walkway suddenly brushes a… a tail? across her path. Coming up short, she opens her mouth, but stops short of actually saying anything.

Before another question can be…. meowed….. the girl suddenly makes the full transformation. A girl one moment, a rather large feline the next, all wrapped up in clothing. Struggling to get free, the feline begins to hiss and growl - something is holding her back and she is NOT happy about it! A peek of tabby fur with black stripes can be seen at times, along with the bushy tailwith it's black stripes and tip sticking out of the material. Rolling around, trying to free herself, she continues to mew and growl. Evil things are clothing!

Lorcan seems amused by the girl-kitty's struggle. "You know, my Dad used to say, you shouldn't try running before you can walk.", he comments to Susan nearby. "Looks like that hasn't gone proper. Bet she's some daft mud-blood."

Susan steps aside, out of the way. Perhaps she saw something else to catch her attention?

Still struggling with the clothing issue, the feline growls a little more, and after some twisting and turning, finally finds herself free of them! Pouncing away, she turns and gives a few bats of a paw at the pile of clothing and bandages, then as people gasp and cry out around, she turns back and around, fur slowly bristling, ears laid back. A low rumbling growl is given as she seems to look for the nearest escape route. Bounding up to the nearest booth's table, she tries to run, knocking down displays of necklaces and earrings, a few chains getting caught about her.

Lorcan's haughty comment has drawn a few looks, not all of the approving. He just shrugs it off, his dark eyes following the kitty. "Someone better get her to the vet, looks she's a bit rabid.", he sneers to whoever is still around to listen. "Not sure what the point is.", an elderly woman next to him comments, though it's not clear if she means the suggestion of a vet or the transfiguration as such.

It's then a constable comes up, hearing the commotion of people yelling at the rampaging feline. "What's going on here?" The young man calls out while the feline frees herself of the necklaces that had tangled about a paw. While booth owners gesture and grumble about the feline who's messing things up, the feline is trying to once more, make a getaway. A leap is made off the table, and unfortunately for Lorcan, she lands just in front of him. With a vicious hissing growl, her paw comes out, smacking his leg, claws sinking in through the material of his pants before she uses him as a springboard to launch herself off to the side aisle, running right towards the constable himself.

"Bloody hell!", Lorcan protests loudly when the cat scratches him and tries to give her a vicious kick. But alas she's quicker and gone. "Fuck fuck fuck, these are my favorite trousers!", he rages, not caring how might hear his filthy language. "And it HURTS! FUCK!" He looks like he's ready to go after the cat, but the woman beside him places a calming hand on his shoulder, leaning down to inspect the scratch wound to see if it has drawn blood.

No sooner than the this wildcat manages to score Lorcan, the constable decides enough is enough. As the feline heads in his direction, his wand is taken out, and with a forceable swish of his wand, "Stupefy!"

A red light jets from the constable's wand, and hits the running wildcat in the side, her forward momemntum sliding her across the ground as soon as she falls unconscious. With that,t he excitement is over with! "Does anyone know who this is?" The constable does ask as he stands over the knocked out wildcat, peering at her as she dozes. "And would anyone have a cage I can put her in? They'll get it back."

A concerned witch offers a simple cage from her booth, and the constable takes careful measures to get the knocked out feline into it, "Guess we'll take you to St. Mungo's.." Looking to Lorcan, the constable does offer, "You might want to get that looked at, if it's very bad. Cat scratches can get nasty if you don't treat them right.."

"It's just a scratch.", Lorcan confirms the woman's diagnosis once he's had a look at his leg. He makes a dismissive gesture. "Take care of that mad cat, I'll go home… I'm sure we'll have a potion to heal the scratch instantly.", he says as if expecting the constable and everyone to know who he is. He leans down to rub the itchy scratch indignantly.

The Constable nods, "Then, at least clean it up, sir." A tip of his hat is given to Lorcan before he picks up the cage with the still dozing feline within. Turning away, he begins to walk off, though soon one might hear the rather angry growls echoing when the feline wakes and finds herself in the cage!

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