(1941-07-03) Picnic with Feathered Guest
Details for Picnic with Feathered Guest
Summary: Aiden tries to eat a sandwich in peace
Date: 03-07-1941
Location: Hyde Park
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Aiden is lying in the grass reading a book with his bag next to him. His foot appears to be tapping to a rhythym that only he can hear in his head. Aiden is mouthing the words as he reads before setting aside the book and pulling out a sandwich, he unwraps it and begins to munch on his corned beef sandwich.

Suddenly a crow more or less crash-lands next to him. The crow's eyes rest on the sandwich. STARE at the sandwich. And finally it makes a determined hop forwards to try and get its beak into the sandwich.

Aiden pulls his sandwich back and takes another bite looking at the crow. He chews and swallows before speaking. "Hey you back off wouldja bird, I'm tryin ta eat me sandwich here." He says looking at the crow. "This is human food not bird food." Aiden says taking another bite the young boy cant help but smile though he does like animals.

The crow looks highly irritated. Even its squawk sounds irritated. Ignoring the boy's words, it hops forward again, this time with more determination to peck the sandwich and get a bite out of it.

Aiden pulls back again this time grabbing his bag and he slides a bit back. "Come on now wee lil bird leave me sandwich alone would yeh? Im hungry this is me lunch." He says taking another bite and looking at the bird some more, though something seems to make him feel almost sorry for the crow.

The crow has no intention of giving up on the precious booty so close within reach. It tries another tack now, fluttering up to land on Aiden's head instead and give his hair a little tug.

Aiden reaches up at this point and swats at the bird a few times keeping the sandwich in hand. "Oi bird tha' hurts ya know, knock tha' off woud ya?" He calls swinging at the crow more ferociously. "This is my sandwich yer not gettin it."

The swinging only serves to make the crow angrier. It tries a direct landing on the hand that holds the sandwich, talons digging into Aiden's lower arm to find something to hold on, leaving a scratch there.

Aiden tries even harder to smack the bird now. "Ouch! That really wasnt nice yeh dumb bird get off me armI want ta eat me sandwich yeh bloody pidgeon." Now he knows its not a pidgeon but the bird has really upset him.

In the melee the crow manages to tear a block of corned beef out of the sandwich and, happy with his booty, takes flight to settle down again some feet away from Aiden. Keeping a wary eye on the boy while it happily munches.

Aiden rubs his arm a bit and looks at his sandwich. "Bloody bird ya scratched. An' ya stole a piece of me corned beef sandwich me mum made tha' fer me." He says oddly enough he chuckles. "Im sure yer jus' hungry too arent ya." Aiden says taking another bite of the sandwich.

The crow would agree if it could. Probably. It gobbles up the rest of the corned beef happily and stares at the boy again to see if more might be given voluntarily.

Aiden takes another bite and starts chewing, he tears off a decent hunk of bread and meat and throws it to the crow. "There ya go, Im sure we can share the sandwich."

Ooh. The crow flaps excitedly and hops to where the meat and bread landed and begins to gobble it quite hungrily. It also seems to satiate its appetite for it starts to take flight again. Making sure to brush Aiden's cheek almost gently with a wing before rising up into the sky and out of sight.

Aiden chuckles takes a bite and waves at the bird looking down at his scratched arm. "Hmmm should I go get this looked at?" he wonders to himself.

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