(1941-07-03) The Daily Prophet - Wolf Attack Raises Fears
Details for Daily Prophet - Wolf Attack Raises Fears
Summary: An article in the Daily Prophet lays out the facts on the recent wolf attack in the Mysticked District. Wild rumors still abound.
Date: July 3, 1941
Location: Mysticked District
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic
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July 3 – Reports of werewolf sightings on June 2 in the Mysticked District remain unconfirmed.

“There has been an outbreak of witches and wizards transforming into animals of all sorts and this wolf is most likely one of them,” stated Deputy Commissioner of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad (MLES) Solomon Shacklebolt.

St. Mungo’s has confirmed seven cases of involuntary transformations of witches and wizards into various animals. The healers have yet to determine the cause. After 24 hours, the victims revert to human form but retain some characteristics of their animal transformation.

Eyewitness reports confirm that a large wolf chased a girl through Horizont Alley. MLE constables arrived immediately on the scene, but the wolf fled the scene. According to Mathilda Knott, their stunning spells missed the wolf and hit the girl instead.

St. Mungo’s Healer George Wilkins identified the girl as Miss Samira Prince, a 7th-year at Hogwarts. She remains in critical condition in the Spell Damage Ward at St. Mungo’s.

The moon is in its first quarter and the MLE spokesperson cautions the Wizarding community not to jump to any conclusions. However, there are reports throughout the Mysticked District of hunters from the Werewolf Capture Unit patrolling the streets.

The identity of the witch or wizard transformed into the wolf remains unconfirmed.

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