(1941-07-04) Not All Snakes Have Two Legs
Details for Not All Snakes Have Two Legs
Summary: Finley and Aiden have a little chat before one becomes a snake
Date: 7/3/1941
Location: Central High Street, Hogsmeade
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Aiden is pacing back and forth on the street rubbing his lower arm where he has a bandage wrapped around it. "What ta do today, its a wee bit early fer me ta head to the three broomsticks fer me food an' writin." He says thoughtfully to himself the young boy appears relatively young definitely not at Hogwarts yet.

Yawning a big yawn as he came into the main part of the street, Finley looks quite disheveled and like he'd been sleeping in a tree. Probably doesn't help that he's going a couple leaves in his wild curls. Since it's summer he's had to leave his wand somewhere else, not that he usually uses it for most things. A good punch to some git's nose does the trick as well as with any jinx.

Aiden continues to pace back and forth not so much paying attention at this point. "hmmm… I wonder what, should I do?" he asks himself than notices the othe. "Oh 'ello mate how are ya?"

"Oft find that if ye need ta ask yerself what to do, you're not going to get anything fun done. Means you got things that you think need ta be done." Finley says as he deftly plucks out one of the leaves and tosses it aside as if it were perfectly natural thing,"I'm good as always." He says cheerfully hooking his thumbs into the waist of his trousers and grinning broadly.

Aiden smiles and nods. "Aye Im well meself. Me names Aiden Merrythought wus yers?" he asks politely. "It's juss me normal routine was disrupted now its hard ta determine what I should do." Aiden says. "Do ye like Quidditch?"

"Finley Fane Higgins at yer service." Finley says doing an elaborate bow towards Aiden,"Aye. That's why I'm a beater for the Gryffindor team. Love knockin' bludgers at people. Almost knocked a couple of folks from their broom too!" Well would have if the other beaters hadn't knocked it away but that's the same difference right? "Nice ta meet ye Aiden."

Aiden smiles and holds out his hand. "Pleasure ta meet ya Finley. Im hopin ta be a seeker meself when I go to Hogwarts." He says himself. "I start in September I do." Aiden smiles as Finley regails him with his Quidditch Adventures. "Do ya have a favorite team mate?"

"Not really. Ain't a single bad member on our team any more. We had a right git but he sort of had a mental thing and had to go to St Mungo's." Finley says shrugging indifferently. "Near e'ryone wants ta be Seeker. Not me. Ain't one for that sort of thing. Much rather be knocking bludgers at people."

Aiden looks himself up and down. "Well as ya see I aint got much the build of a seeker." He is rather tall and thin. "But to be fair Im good an' fast thas why I want ta be seeker not fer glory or nothing just you know to have fun an' play ta me strengths."

"Me brother's not the normal build and he won loads of games for Gryffindor 'for he graduated." Finley says shrugging a bit about it."If ye got skills then ye can do it. Look at me. I absolute shite at Seeker but I make a fair beater." He says laughing cheerfully.

Aiden nod slightly and gets a weird look on his face its almost a grimace of pain and he grips his stomach slightly. "Well ta be sure thats right, I can…unnerstan' tha'." He says trying to smile as the pain increases.

"Are ye ok? Cause ye ain't lookin so good." Finley says as eyes the young man. He might not be the most observant about some things but even he could see the kid was in pain,"Sure ye shouldn't be at like St Mungos or somethin'?"

Aiden nods his head up and down. "Im fine mate." He says but at a closer look his skin appears to be darkening and going some what scaly it seems.

"Uhhhh…. I don't think yer fine. Yer gettin' all scaly." Finley says eyeing the lad nervously. "I think ye should get ta some adult and get to St Mungo's mate. Yer definitely NOT fine."

Aiden shakes his head as it elongates and his arms start to meld to his side and his legs start fusing together his eyes beginning to go black. "No I'm O…." The rest is lost in serpentine hisses.

"Uhhh… Bye!" Finley says as he begins taking off full speed. He is NOT sticking around when there's a person turned into a snake. There are limits to even his insanity! This would be one of them. He wants to put enough distance between him and the snake as possible. He wasn't sure if someone just cursed the poor kid or what but snakes are bad, the two legged variety are bad enough but when they're real ones…

Aiden flicks his tongue now forked his pattern diamonds and skull looking markings up and down his body. He starts to slither after the boy hissing alot his mouth beginning to open fangs drop. Aiden the 4'10" ball python looks about to strike.

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