(1941-07-07) A Year Later
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Summary: It's been a year since they've seen each other when Colton and Kimiko meet by chance at the market.
Date: 7 July, 1941
Location: Carkitt Market
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olton is at a crate that is up ended for the shell game. A bit surprisingly he is not the one with hands on the shells. That is in the hands of a cousin of his. He's got the task of warming up the crowd and encouraging them to just spend a knut or two for only a bit of fun! Another of his tasks is look-out along with a few other of his cousins who are also milling about. So it is when his eyes land on a certain old friend of his that he only gives a quick whistle before he's strolling after the young lady. A flower girl sitting on the corner is also kin so she gets a kiss to the top of the head as he steals a lovely little bunch of flowers from her basket before he picks up the pace to bob and weave to catch up with Kimiko Saito. "Ay ay ay Pidgeon." He hides his face behind the boquet before offering it out to her. "Long time no see."

Kimiko has make a habit of coming to the wizarding market in recent months, as supplies have grown more scarce in Muggle London. It has forced her mother to adapt her cooking and attempt a few rather unusual recipes — sometimes with entirely unexpected results, such as a sushi roll that giggled every time she tried to cut it. But for the most part, it has been boon to the Saito family.

Kimi strolls through the stalls, marvelling at many of the strange and wondrous wares. She stands out in the crowd of robed witches and wizards, wearing decidedly Mugglish attire, such as her light gray wool coat and matching hat, a blue skirt, white leggings beneath, and her black Mary Janes. Her dark hair has grown longer since her Hogwarts days, now reaching several inches past her shoulders, and today she is wearing it down and loose.

So wrapped up in her shopping was Kimiko that she didn't spot the young gypsy and his cousin's shell game, else she might have…well, she isn't sure what she'd do. But there he is, appearing out of thin air with flowers for her. She cannot help the sparkling smile that comes so naturally to her. "Colton? Oh my God, I can't believe it's you!" Her cheeks turn a pale pink as she accepts the bouquet and gives him a little bow of thanks.

Colton is and forever will be a hugger so he comes in after he returns a quick bow to give her just a little quick hug around the shoulders. "It's me! In the flesh, believe it. Sorry if I smell a bit musty…" He lifts up a shoulder to smell it. "Been ruin diving til Dale come dragged me out for a bit of Clan Time." He gestures about him pausing for just a flick at many of his kin that are all spread out through the market. "You look great Pidge! How have yeh been?"

Kimiko maintains her smile, but stiffens a little at the hug, never quite sure how to respond. But it's harmless enough, and it seems to make Colton happy, so all is well. "I've been really good," she says, a bit surprised at how at-ease she feels. "I mean, things are difficult in London. Father insists we have to stay to protect the business interests. Honestly, it suits me so I can stay at W.A.D.A. They're doing all they can to protect it, just like the Mysticked District."

Colton nods and leans over to rest a shoulder on one of the columns. "Yeah? Wish I knew some people in the Ministry, I'd do a shake down so that your parent's place got the same coverage. I hear that is a thing. Glad to hear W.A.D.A. is going well?" She didn't say exactly, but her wanting to stay there despite the bombs is telling enough that he assumes. "Have you done a production yet? Hope it doen't go like the panto, with Beery in charge an'oll."

Kimiko sighs, shaking head head. "The fiasco at the pantomime wasn't Beery's fault. It was Professor Kettleburn that was supposed to keep the ashwinder under control. He should have known how unlikely that was." She waves a hand, dismissing the subject back into the past. "But yes, I've had several performances. Later this year we'll be putting on a performance of 'The Sorcerer's Garden'. I'm going to try for the role of the white rose."

Colton smiles and taps a white flower that was in the boquet he gave her. "Should wear that, hope it bring yeh good luck Kimi. I'm really glad that yeh seem to be happy and doing alright." He points around before asking, "Here for a walk or shopping? I can recommend some stalls…"

"Shopping. Just picking up a few things for dinner. Hopefully nothing that will make Haha too squeamish." Kimiko tilts her head to regard Colton. "What about you? It's been about a year since I've seen you. What have you been up to? Ruin diving, you said?"

Colton gives that a devil may care goofy grin he still has. A gesture is made, "May I help you put together something really nice? Bit of a traditional dish for the Clan. Think the Saito's would like it, though…" He leads the way and sure enough he does seemingly go to the vendors that he can speak in that fast paced hardling understood manner of the Shelta. Bit by bit he gets things passed to him a parcel at a time and he offers to put it into a basket and carry it about for Kimiko. All the while chatting casually. "Aye. Yeh know me and my dreams of finding King Arthur's tomb… Research and the like…mostly my gut, has me digging about Lothrien, lowlands of Scottland. It used to be the castle of King Lot. They were on again off again enemies and so I was hoping to find something. Battle journals, paintings, spoils of war… anything to give hints of where to start looking for Arthur." Finally on the last and flattest parcel he pulls out a quill and starts to scratch what looks like a recipe.

"Flounder a la Quinnland…" He points to each of the ingredients and walks her through the steps. "I hope it's a hit with your parents. I'm easily found round here on the weekends. Or the ruins during the week. But maybe, I'll dust meself off and even shave and comb my hair and come and see a pretty White Rose up on stage." He reaches out to lightly boop her nose. "Yeh break a legs and enjoy that dinner!" His cousins have been calling him trying to get his attention through the whole sharing of the recipe. "See yeh soon I hope." One rakish wink is tossed before he starts to jog backwards and then spin about to rough house away with his kin.

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