(1941-07-10) The Daily Prophet - New Quidditch Team - Hogsmeade Flying Hogs
Details for New Quidditch Team - Hogsmeade Flying Hogs
Summary: A new Quidditch Team has been allowed into the British and Irish Quidditch League. The Hogsmeade Flying Hogs!
Date: July 10th, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade

When known werewolf, Demetrius Orpington retired and moved to Hogsmeade to live the quiet country life, close to the R.C.M.C. Rehabilitation Centre, no one could imagine what would happen next. Under the watchful eye and lessons of R.C.M.C. Ranger, Camilla Fawley, many interested people learned how to work with Demetrius safely. In 1939 Demetrius began to teach some local Quidditch enthusiasts what it means to work as a team on a Quidditch Pitch. Over the years Demetrius acted as a coach and the Team roughly created the dimensions of a pitch and a local carpenter helped them turn a few of the larger local trees into six to regulation hoops.

The Flying Hogs is what this rag-tag team calls themselves. It is the name they have been fighting for. To be recognised by the Ministry's Department of Magical Games and Sports as a member of the British and Irish Quidditch League. Lucky for them, Quentin Palancher, Chief of the Department of Magical Games and Sports has a soft spot for the underdog story and so there will be a new team in the circuit in the coming Quidditch Season. Construction has been going on all month as the Flying Hogs are scrambling to get the rest of their pitch up to regulations.

Reception of the exciting news is mixed in the small country Village. Many are pleased with the hard work their neighbors have done and received due reward for it. Other's are grumbling about the change the village might face having something so fancy like a real quidditch pitch and their own Quidditch Team might bring. Many of the grumblings do include the fact that the teams coach is a werewolf. Even some of the team members that were interviewed are not thrilled that they can not trust their coach and have to go through such strict protocols in dealing with Demetrius' curse. Now that they are a real team, will they find themselves a new Coach?

It is certainly an interesting time for Hogsmeade Village and the Hogsmeade Flying Hogs and Quidditch.

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