(1941-07-16) White Wyvern's Waifish Waitress
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Summary: Valda is the newest staffer at the White Wyvern, and it's not exactly her dream job. But an old friend appears to brighten her day.
Date: 16 July, 1941
Location: The White Wyvern Pub

It's still early in the evening, which means Knockturn Alley hasn't fully awakened yet. So the dark and dangerous crowd that usually occupies the White Wyvern is only barely beginning to filter in. The five rowdy young men seated together at a particular table are the sort that act like kings of the alley…at least until the truly frightening folk appear.

The pub's newest employee, the young, blonde Valda, is presently leaning in between two of the young men, placing frothy glasses before each of the five. "Here is four beers, and for you is mead, no yes?"

The cocksure fellow gives Valda a grin and a chuckle. "No. Yes. No yes." At the waitress's withering sigh, the five lads burst into laughter, and Mr. Cocksure reaches up to give her bum a squeeze.

Valda stiffens at the inappropriate touch, her jaw clenching. If only this punk realised who she is, he might not be so disrespectful. If only he knew how easily she could erase him…. She shakes off the thought and simply walks away, ignoring the jeers and chuckles from the ruffians.

For once, Samira doesn't look out of place wearing her cloak with the hood up. But what /does/ draw attention is the fact that she is a young girl, all by herself. But she carries herself with a calm assurance beyond her years. This is exactly the sort of place she should be. So there must be more to her than meets the eye.

Samira steps into the Knockturn Alley pub and catches sight of Valda just in time to see her bum squeezed. She also notices the dark glint in Valda's eyes that soon passes. Drifting off to one side, she settles at the bar on her own and watches Valda, waiting for her friend to notice her. It might be a bit difficult, given that her dark gaze now shines as a pale green hue, and has dark outlines as an ancient Egyptian Queen may have worn.

With only a few other patrons in the pub, it isn't long before Valda gets around to the hooded young lady. She stands across the bar from Samira, keeping a stoic expression (the White Wyvern isn't the sort of place that demands its employees smile). "I can get you anything?" she asks in her thick, Eastern European accented speech.

Samira's lips quirk into a grin. "I think just tea. And I'd love to know when your shift ends. Soon, right?" The little one speaks with a distinct hint of Arabic in her accent, letting more slip through than usual.

Valda lets out a soft sigh, pinching her lips. Another patron making a pass at her? Does it ever end? "Tea…is coming right up." She turns away to get the tea (or what passes for tea in a place like this), but then she balks, something clicking in her mind. That accent…she peers back at the girl, then her eyes widen. Vainly hopeful, she murmurs, "Samira?"

Samira ducks her head with an impish giggle, a rare sound amidst the sinister chuckles and rachous laughter that unsually fills the tavern. "Yes. Tis I. Thought I might send an owl, but then… decided to surprise you." She shrugs and peeks up at Valda from under her hood with a grin.

For what is probably the first time since she was given this job, Valda's mouth discovers a smile. She hurries around the bar and rushes up to Samira, throwing her arms around the other girl. "I am such glad to see you! You are good? You are needing anything?"

Samira wraps her arms tight around Valda. "I'm alright. I wanted to ask /you/ that question. And I've missed you." With a squeeze, she draws back to peer up into Valda's face. "How have you been? Can you take a break and have a drink with me?"

Valda nibbles her lip thoughtfully, then holds up a finger. "Just moment." She scurries away to the other end of the bar, where Cyril Malfoy is tending and going over the books. After a brief, quiet conversation, she returns. "I have early break. Boss is liking when I bat my eyes at him."

Samira snags Valda by the elbow to tug her closer with a giggle. "Ah! You little minx," she says, grinning up at her. "So sit with me. Tell me everything. You're living in this area? Working too? It's good you've found work." She peeks past Valda at Cyril, curious.

Valda giggles softly, shrugging her shoulders. "It is innocent. He is kind to me. But…" She lowers her voice to a quiet murmur, "This work is only job I could find. And only place I can live is…" She looks around suspiciously. "Near here. I do not wish to say loud."

Samira nods, glancing off at the suspicious characters sitting not too far from them. "I understand. Wise to be cautious. I imagine you must apparate a lot." She pauses glancing off towards the cocksure fellow from before. "I'm sorry you have must suffer such rude patrons."

Valda sighs and shrugs. "It is what is. If they try to do more, Pete is hurting them. But no, apparating is not so good idea. In too many places there are jinxes to stop it, and some are very sloppy. Much splinching can happen."

"Ah. I'm glad that I didn't attempt it coming here. But at least you're safe with Pete. That's good to know. I know you could take care of yourself but… we don't want that to be necessary." Samira leans close and slips an arm around behind Valda's waist to give her a quick, affectionate squeeze.

"Yes…safe with Pete," Valda mutters unconvincingly, leaning into the hug. "I am happy to see you, but why do you come here? This place is not safe. You…you look like a target." She shrugs apologetically at the comparison.

Samira drops her gaze, quiet for a moment. With a shrug, she leans forward on her elbows. "Wanted to see you. That's all. I'll be fine. And I won't stay long. I'd love for you to come and visit me. You'll meet my brother."

Valda tilts her head. "I did not know that you are having brother. But I would like to meet him. He…he is like you? Not from here?" Her brow lifts hopefully. The fact that both girls are foreigners was part of the reason they bonded back at Hogwarts.

Samira nods, glancing back up at Valda. "Yes. A true Egyptian wizard. He lived there for far longer than I did. I think he'll like you. I'm sure he will." A faint smile flits across her lips. "I hope you will visit as often as you can during this summer."

"If I would have time, I will come," Valda says, nodding. "I work much a lot to pay for my bills. Where you are living now?"

"Not far. I will send you a note soon." Samira glances to the unsavory hooded figures nearby before grinning back up at Valda. "If I'm such a target, perhaps I should go before it gets much more crowded. Or darker outside. Best not to apparate, hm?"

Valda shakes her head. "If you are apparating all the way home, maybe is safe. But not in here. It is jinxed inside," as is the case in most homes and businesses. "Come with me. I will walk you outside to a safe spot."

"Ah. Thank you. That… might be best." Samira slides down off her stool and sneaks a glance over at the Cocksure Wizard and his friends. Slipping an arm behind Valda's waist, she keeps close at her friend's side, ready to follow her somewhere safe.

The rowdy young men do take note, and the closeness of the two young ladies only spurs on more snickering and lewd comments.

Valda rolls her eyes and pays them no mind as she leads Samira out to the street. Already it's nearly dark, the last rays of sun straining to make their presence known in the dim alleys. "Thank you for coming to me, Samira. It…it is good to have a friend." The Latvian girl smiles, her eyes glistening with emotion.

Samira ignores the rowdy men and remains close at Valda's side. Out on the street, the diminutive girl smiles up at Valda with a rare affection. She steps in to hug her yet again. "Always." Stepping back to peer up at her, she adds, "And please. If you ever need a safe place, tell me. Or anything at all. Alright? We need to look out for each other. You do the same for me, yes? Ask everything of me that you'd want me to ask of you."

Valda nods, squeezing Samira tight. "I will try. You will take care of yourself, yes? I look forward to your owl and meeting your brother." At last she pulls away, stepping back to give Samira room to safely apparate.

Samira steps back and smiles across at Valda. "Soon. I'll send the owl tonight. And be careful." Lifting her hand, she gives a little wave of her fingers. But then closing her eyes with a frown of concentration, she vanishes with a loud CLACK.

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