(1941-07-17) Attack of the Momma Fox
Details for Attack of the Momma Fox
Summary: Camilla, Lucian, and Morgana visit Josie at St. Mungo's.
Date: July 17th,
Location: St. Mungo's
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic
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The afternoon started simple enough, Josie left to visit Harkiss candy. A couple of hours later, now, she sits on the bed in a small room with transparent walls, in the well protected magical bugs ward. At least, as a patient, she doesn't have to deal with the bubble head charm they put on healers and visitors. Still, she looks rather bored, though perhaps a little nervous as well, as she flips through whatever book Samira would've found for her to read.

Healers are much like Doctors in that they don't make very good patients, or mothers of patients. The Healer in charge of Josie's case is drilled for information by Camilla. But doesn't get much in the way of many answers at all because the Healer is called away to handle another case. She barely has the bubble around her head before she's pressing through and demanding access into the containment. Cause she wants to hold Josie dammit!

Lucian strides into the ward alongside Camilla, his a worrisome scowl hardening his features. "There she is," he comments, pointing to the quarantined room. "Josie? Are you okay? What the hell happened?" He presses one hand up against the glassy wall as he casts his Bubble-Head Charm with the other and follows Camilla inside.

Josie looks up as she hears the commotion, immediately standing up as Camilla and Lucian are finally allowed in. She looks quite relieved. "I don't know! I guess at some kind of disease going around, Samira kind of explained it, she had it too. But I was showing some kids the hot chocolate I like, at Harkiss, and one of them didn't stop making animal sounds and just transformed. Into a sugar glider, I hadn't even heard of those before. It was kind of like when you guys change, except his clothes didn't go with him. Billy… He's one of the Gryffindor chasers… Anyway, he and I helped the sugar glider get untangled, and we both got scratched before we knew it was contagious. So… I guess I get to find out what it's like to be an animal. Samira says it only lasts a day, but some parts stay after. Like she has cat ears still."

Camilla sighs so deeply that the bubble aroud her expands and worbles as she comes over to wrap Josie up in a big hug. "Och childe. What am I ever going to do with you? Huh?" The film of the bubble presses against the top of Josie's forehead as Cami does her best to give it a kiss. The hug given is that tight sort that Josie gets a lot, it's the worried sick mother hug.

"You survive the Forbidden Forest unscathed, but a visit to the candy store puts you in the hospital. Bloody hell." Lucian can't help but chuckle, but there is little mirth behind it. "So, can't they tell if you're sick or not? You seem fine to me."

Josie holds on tight to Camilla as well, for a few moments. Then she steps back, and shrugs to Lucian, "I guess they can't tell until it's been a few days. But they seem pretty sure I'm sick. I think most people who get scratched are." She grins, and says, "Yeah, I really didn't think going to the candy store would be more dangerous than the forest." It's Sunday night, and Josie is in a room with a bed and transparent walls. Camilla and Lucian are with her, and they are protected by bubble head charms, as all visitors are required.

Camilla was a few minutes behind the message when it arrived at the farm to her arrival. Those few minutes were spent running around the house quickly like a headless chicken and shouting for all at the house to hear, though it was mostly directed at Lucian, that Josie had been taken to the hospital and to grab some floo powder and to come along harstily. The other thing she was doing was collecting some of Josies favorite things. Out of her satchel they come to be stacked and arranged the quarentined little clear box they have her girl in. "If I didn't love you so much I would hide you girl. Going someplace for hot cocoa, they use that skim milk at Harkiss'." She really is in mothering mode. Offended that her and Josies hot cocoa treat that she makes special was had without her being the one to make it almost has her as upset as the contaign. "Well, we're here now, I'm not leaving this box until you do."

Lucian grumbles. "This whole sickness seems dodgy to me. Changing into animals? It sounds to me like someone was trying to find a shortcut to becoming an Animagus, and it went out of control. Bloody moronic." Trust Lucian to find something to aim his ire at in any situation.

Morgana has decided to never leave the farm house again when she is visiting it. Everytime, someone gets into some sort of trouble and she's rarely there to see it start. So of course she arrives to the Magical Bugs ward a bit flustered. Even her hair is messy from the floo she took to get here! Messy hair! Unacceptable! Either way, she gets her bubble head charm on and slips into the 'room.' "Okay, what happened? Your note made absolutely no sense."

Josie reassures Camilla, "I didn't go there for the hot chocolate, you know I prefer yours. But they know how to make it there, and I wanted to show those kids. They didn't seem to know what they wanted to get." She looks to Lucian, nodding, but then Morgana arrives. She waves a little, though seems happy for the new visitor. "A kid in Harkiss turned into a sugar glider, and scratched me, and I guess I'm going to change into something in the next few days," she summarizes.

Camilla cheers up some when she's assured that her hot cocoa is irreplacable. But she's still in the after affects of being extremely flustered. "I just might ask St. Mungo's how much these things cost and buy two for the farm. One for you and one for you!" She points to her two 'kids' and just a bit of a glance is angled towards Morgana pointedly, but then she is needing another hug and so she tugs Josie back to her for another squnch. "Seriously, going to have to imprison you both to keep out of trouble!" She chuffs out another sigh. "Is there anything I forgot? Anything you want from the house Josie?" She fiddles with the things she put about, sparing a moment of her flustered mother foxing to give Morgana a grateful quick hug. "Thanks for coming so soon."

Lucian goes to Morgana to welcome her with a hug. "I didn't have a lot time to write it. 'Floo to St. M for Josie' seemed like it would get you here." He gestures to Josie, giving the girl a sympathetic half-smile. "She's probably got this weird bug that's going around. Personally, I think it's a curse some idiot accidentally created trying to shortcut his way to being an Animagus. I'd like to get my claws on that twit."

"No, your note said; 'Fl-squiggle, a capital S, with more squiggles and a word I guessed was Josie." Morgana dishes out the hugs as they are presented and tilts her head at Josie as she tells her story. Walking closer she'll peer over the young girl before she furrows her brows. "Can I see where ou were scratched? I've heard murmuers of this bug, but I haven't been in the office much since I got back." Since she decided to take a vacation after her long assignment.

Camilla frowns as she continues to fuss over Josie, "Wouldn't be the first time someone's tried a short cut to becoming an Animagus." In her flustered state Lucian's skeptisim and accusations have a greater affect on the usually zen woman who handles Lucian's aimed ire more gracefully, letting it roll off her back as the saying goes. But poor Camilla is a bit beyond her limit after the month they have all had!

Lucian snorts, muttering back at Morgana. "You're here, aren't you?" He sighs and braces his hands on the footboard of Josie's bed for support. "I wonder if the Healers have even considered that angle. I think I'm going to have a talk with them about it."

Josie hugs Camilla again, just as grateful. "Don't worry, it's just turning into an animal, you do that all the time." Then she steps back again, and says to Lucian, "Healer Goshawk is the one in charge, if you want to talk to him." She shows Morgana her hands, but adds, "They already did the patch up spell."

"Of course I am." Morgana says with an innocent smile before she walks closer to Josie and takes her hands in hers. "Oh, well that's unfortunate, that makes it far harder to study if it's all healed. There might have been some magical residue on the wound." With all this talk about Animagus, she taps her finger on her lips. "I wonder if there is a correlation between what animal you become and what transform into as an Animagus." Yep, she's in work mode, but there is a curious glint in her eye as she looks at the two Animagus' in the room.

Camilla proves to be one of those horrbile patient's moms because she's a healer too again and she does lift up Josie's arm to make sure that the Patch Up spell worked out well. "I would need to know or see what certain people have turned into to give a more educated guess. What I'm curious about is if I am in fox form during a trasnformation if it works like it does with Werewolves." This thought and the rememberance of rumours about this being another form of Lycanthropy have her suddenly more in panic mode and she does the opposite of not worry and tears well up in her eyes. "Come on and sit down here, let me trim your nails get you cozy." She bites her lip an takes a shuddering breath as she tries to find her zen. But Josie ending up like Demetrius is about her worst nightmare. "Why don't you two go do that talking and research. I'll stay here with Josie." Yes she is banishing Lucian and Morgana to try to keep them from getting sick, it's clear even though she's trying to keep a grip. "I'll send less scribbly messages to keep you updated."

"I doubt it," Lucian says to Morgana, shaking his head. "Your Animagus form is an expression of your innermost spirit and emotional core. It has to be discovered through intense internal exploration. It can't just be revealed like peeling off a bandage."

Josie grins a bit at Miranda's idea, and says, "I hope so, I'd like to know." Then, Lucian makes his point, which is a bit disappointing perhaps. She hugs Camilla again, but obediently steps back to sit on the bed again. She thinks a moment, then comments, "Maybe. Samira said you might be able to keep me company because you're an animagus. And anyway, you'll probably be able to talk to me after a change anyway."

"Are you trying to shoo us away before we get the juicy details?" Morgana says with a sly smirk, but she can see that Cami is in full on momma fox mode and getting in the way of that is likely to get her bitten. "Still, it would be curious to see what would happen if you were to get infected and see if you turn into something else. Than again I am sure I could just flag down a Healer and ask them if they have had any Animagus patients."

Camilla nods and gives Josie's arm a little supportive squeeze. "I am not going anywhere girly." She pulls out her wand and sits down on the bed after she's tucked in Josie. This is something that she has probably been seen doing and with frequency with Demetrius. Using spells one finger of Josie's at a time to make sure that her nails are trimmed down and smoothed out so there are no pokie bits as blunt as blunt could be. The nice thing about the spell is there is no sharp little loose bits to manage afterwards. "I am trying to shoo you because it is late and Josie is going to need her rest if she's going to be transforming." She's heard it's an ordeal. "One of my kids getting this is more than enough. Thank you." Yes, she just included Morgana in among 'her kids'.

Lucian sighs and leans over the bed to reach out and ruffle Josie's hair. "I'll come back in the morning with hot chocolate. Don't go turning into anything weird. I couldn't show my face in public if you became a slug or something." He smirks playfully at her, rather like a big brother might. "I'm going to find this Goshawk bloke. You coming, Anya?"

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