(1941-07-17) Reassurances
Details for Reassurances
Summary: Samira and Healer Goshawk try to reassure Josie about the Zoanthropy.
Date: July 17th, 1941
Location: St. Mungo's
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic
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Since the healers have figured out how to control the Zoanthropy outbreak, or at least its spread, the Magical Bugs Ward has settled down. But tonight, a ministry official has brought in a restrained sugar glider, three of his friends, and two by-standers. Each has been given a bed surrounded by transparent walls. Word has been sent to parents and guardians.

In the meantime, a young intern steps into the glass room. This particular intern stands out from any others due to the enormous pair of kitten ears sprouting from her wild, dark curls. "Good afternoon. Healer Goshawk will be with you soon. But, I'm here if you need anything. If you have any questions." She offers Josie a small smile, though it doesn't quite reach her unblinking, pale-green stare. Her eyes are outlined in black, like an ancient Egyptian Queen.

If there's one thing Josie hates, more than anything else, it's being trapped. So, by the time the intern arrives, she's looking a little antsy, and she hops up immediately to her feet. Whatever she was going to say, though, gets startled out of her as she sees the eyes and kitten ears. "Wow. So is that what's going to happen to me?"

Samira tilts her head and searches the younger girl for a sign of injury. Her keen gaze catches the tiny scratches on her hand. "Mm. Perhaps. It varies for each person. It's likely you will transform. And some characteristics will remain." She pauses. Most other interns might be a bit more gentle with their information. "Are you alright?" she asks in a softer tone.

Josie looks down at her hands, as well, and steps back to sit on her bed. "I can fix that now, if I could use magic. I started learning the spell after you fixed the burn that day." She looks back up, and nods, "Yeah, I'm fine. Transforming I don't mind, as long as I know it's coming. Closest thing I have to a mom and a brother are both animagi. And I like animals, it'll be interesting to see what it's like for them." All true, though also all covering that she is, indeed, a bit scared.

Samira studies Josie for a moment. Sensing her fear, she offers a small nod and settles down in the chair beside her bed. "I can mend those scratches if you like. And it is quite interesting to remember what it was like. And since you'll transform here, like I did, you won't need to worry about anything bad happening. You'll be alright."

Josie nods to the offer, holding out her hands, "Thanks." She does seem reassured as Samira continues, nodding as she listens. She relaxes enough to grin, asking half jokingly, "What if I turn into something big? I don't think an elephant would fit in this room." Not that she's likely ever seen an elephant, to know how big they actually are.

Samira draws her wand and lets it hover over Josie's hands. "I think someone turned into a water buffalo," says Samira with a quirk of a smile. "They were shrunk a bit and kept sedated." The girl's hands grow warmer, almost hot, before cooling at last. "All better." Tucking her wand away, she adds, "It can take a day or two to change. But the healers will be watching you close. And I imagine your family will keep you company. And perhaps as animagi, they will even able to keep you company in your transformation."

Smiling, Josie opens and closes her hands a few times after they're healed, and says again, "Thanks." She sits back again, brightening a little at the suggestion, and nods. "Yeah. And Camilla knows how to talk to animals. Well, most animals anyway. I don't know how she does it, but she does."

"Quite impressive," remarks Samira with a nod. It borders on improbable. But she lets Josie spin her tails without voicing doubt. And who knows? Perhaps they are true. "That should be very helpful," she says, smiling softly.

Emerging from a nearby quarantined room, Master Healer Virgil Goshawk waists no time heading on to the next patient. He gives the transparent door a tap with a friendly smile before letting himself in. Like his intern, Samira, he has a bubble-head charm. But unlike her, he shows no sign of having caught the zoanthropy disease himself.

Though he seems to give Josie his full attention, he glances at her chart, all while saying, "Hello there. I'm Healer Goshawk. Tell me what seems to be the trouble. Got a bit scratched? I see Ms. Prince has patched you up well."

Josie looks up to the healer, turning to face him so she's sitting with one leg folded and the other dangling from the bed. "Yeah, my hands are all fixed." She shows them, and then lowers them again, glancing between Samira and the healer.

"Excellent," says the Master Healer, leaning in to inspect the work. Smiling at Josie, he continues, "Now then, we've sent word to your family. We'll be keeping you here a few days until your symptoms have run their course. Don't worry. We'll be here keeping an eye on you. And you'll have fun, won't you? Is there a particular animal you hope you might become for a day?"

Samira sits in silence, watching the healer at work. She has more to learn before she'll master such a bedside manner. But she does her best, offering Josie a soft smile should the girl happen to glance at her.

Josie nods with a smile, able to say honestly now, "I think I will." She considers the question a moment, and then says, "A hawk, I think. Though, I guess I wouldn't get to fly much anyway."

"No, I suppose not. But maybe you'll still keep the wings afterwards, yes? There's a chance." The healer chuckles. "Alright, is there anything else? Miss Prince can answer any other questions you might have. And if you need anything, just ask." He pauses, making sure Josie is alright before striding off to the next patient without missing a beat.

Samira watches the Healer-in-Charge go with quiet awe. But then she quickly glances back to Josie. "Can I get you anything? Do you have any questions?"

Josie shakes her head to the healer, and says, "Thanks." She looks back to Samira, then, but this time she nods, "Can I get something to read, or something please? It's kind of boring in here."

"Of course," says Samira with a nod. She rises from the bedside chair. "I'll see what I can find. Might end up as boring as staring at the cieling. But, if you taught yourself a patch-up spell, maybe you won't find it so dull. Rest well. I'll be back." Bubble-head charm still well in place, the intern heads back out into the ward.

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