(1941-07-18) One for the Gossip Pages
Details for One for the Gossip Pages
Summary: Corina gets jilted, and has some mostly harmless revenge.
Date: 18 July, 1941
Location: The Natrix Dance Hall

Polly smiles, lightly sipping a glass of wine.

Corina is never one to make a subtle entrance, and when she arrives on the arm of a finely dressed man, she is greeted by several Natrix employees by name. She is dressed in fashionably daring silver gown, dripping with pearls, many of which draw attention to her ample assets on display. Her typically moonlight-white hair has been coloured a platinum blonde tonight, no doubt to avoid raising questions among the Muggles.

No soon has the famed courtesan been seated by her date, than another man rushes into the club to whisper something in the gentleman's ear. With deep apologies, Corina's evening companion is making his goodbyes, instructing the club staff to get Corina anything she likes and send him the bill. Just like that, the elegant woman is left alone. She lets out a frustrated sigh, resting her chin on her hand and pushing out her already pouty lips. "Bother."

Polly sips her wine, giving the other woman a friendly, but formal, nod. She glances around the establishment, her eyes peeled for any interesting details.

Polly looks the other woman over, an approving smile on her face. She sips the wine with elegant grace as she sways in time with the music.

Corina lifts a slender arm and waves over the sommelier. "Darling, I'm positively heartbroken," she says melodramatically. "What can you recommend to mend my spirit?"

The wine steward considers for a moment. "Madam, we have a lovely 1918 blush that I believe would bring a splash of colour back into your evening. It would go marvelously with an appetizer of melon and prosciutto."

Corina flashes the man a heart-stopping smile. "You dear man. Please make it so." She sits back as the sommelier steps away, crossing her legs and lazily casting her gaze around the club for something…anything interesting. She briefly meets Polly's smile, returning it with a momentary arch of her eyebrow, trying to determine if the younger woman is attempting to get her attention.

Polly watches the exchange with a smile. She remains quiet, only watching, but a hint of curiosity can be seen. She continues to watch as she sips.

Corina waits patiently, sipping at water until the sommelier returns with her wine and appetizer. Before he goes, she places a delicate hand on his forearm. "Vito, my sweet. The gentleman did say to get me whatever I want, yes?" A mischievous smile forms on her lips. "I want to buy wine for everyone tonight." At the steward's surprised expression, she nods deeply. "Everyone. The whole house." And so it begins. Word spreads quickly that Corina Silver is filling everyone's glasses tonight, and the orders come pouring in. She watches the activity with a cheshire grin, pleased with her little act of revenge for being jilted.

Polly looks around the area, her gaze wandering over the crowds. Pointing to a woman a few tables away, she says, "That's way to much make-up. Don't you think?" She says this to no one in particular. She looks at others in the room, particularly women around her age, and chatters away about various beauty flaws.

Polly pulls out a magazine, its colorful cover and bold headlines revealing its nature as a tabloid. She shuffles through the pages, smiling or frowning at each picture as she flips through the pages.

Corina enjoys a few sips of wine and just one bite of melon and prosciutto. But what really seems to sate her appetite is the praise and smiles she receives for her "generosity". She spent the man's money, and took credit for it. It's turned out to be a good evening. She rises from her seat, and soon a host is bring her coat to her, offering apologies if anything was wrong to lead her to leaving so soon. "Not at all, my darling. Everything turned out just right. Ta-ta!" She kisses the host on the cheek, and struts out of the club like a proud cat that just caught the canary.

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