(1941-07-19) Am I Doing Something Wrong?
Details for Am I Doing Something Wrong?
Summary: Camilla and Josie have a small chat in St. Mungo's while Josie waits to transform.
Date: July 19th, 1941
Location: St. Mungo's
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic
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It's been about a day and a half now since Josie was scratched, and is just down to waiting. They're pretty sure Josie is infected, but not positive, so they'll let her go in a few days if she hasn't changed. For now, though, she lays in her bed looking extremely bored.

Camilla has done her best to bring anything and everything she can to make Josie's stay at the hospital more comfortable. Having the blasted bubble around her head more often than not is growing wearisome for the Mother Fox. But she always keeps things positive and zen. A deck of cards is shuffled as she approaches the bed to sit down at the foot. "What's that name of the card game you showed me our first Summer?" The nostalgia is clear in her voice, seems like a lifetime ago, but also just only a blink ago as well. "Thought you could show me again…" Camilla is no card shark and when she tries to rainbow shuffle the deck more than half of the cards spit out randomly and explode about the bed covers. Her gaff has her giggling. "Watch out casinos, here comes Cami!"

Josie sits up as Camilla arrives, grinning as she too remembers. "Don't remember what one it was, but bet I can come up with something." She giggles as well as the cards go flying, and reaches to start gathering them up. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. Creature Camp has funding options, right? For the kids who can't afford it? There was a new firstie this year, his name was Rubeus. He really, really likes animals, and… Well, he's really really big too. He gets treated mean for it, which is silly. Anyway, I promised him I'd see if there is a way he'd be able to come."

Camilla isn't above cleaning up her own mess too and she helps Josie collect the scattered cards. "Does he mind doing the hard work? He is welcomed to come free of charge if he wants to work. I guess with the money we're due soon, that we could offer some help. It's going to be strange to not need the Creature Camp to be a big successful cash cow this year." She breathes out a sigh of relief that worbles the bubble around her head. "Of course I'm sure He will still have his spies there and any little thing goes wrong and snap goes his jaws." Finished cleaing up the deck of cards she passes her stack to Josie so the expert can shuffle and deal. "You know… am I doing something wrong? Do you need me to be stricter or something? Because you're like a whirlwind girlie. Got me worried sick. Leaping into Troll Dens, getting some strange disease… makes a Guardian wonder is all." She tilts her head and squints through the bubble. "Do you want to live with your dad now? I mean I should have probably asked you sooner. But I guess I was just being selfish…"

Josie shakes her head and says, "I'll think he'd mind. He seems like he works hard, especially if he gets to come." Then she shakes her head again, quickly. "No! You're not doing anything wrong. And dad wouldn't let me live there now anyway, with the bombing." She shakes her head again, and says, "I went into the troll den to rescue you, nothing else. And who knew going to a candy store would be dangerous. I just —" the next word, however, comes out as a squeak, which seems to surprise her.

Camilla looks as if she forgot about the war going on with everything else that's been happening. "I am not trying to get rid of you please don't think —" She realizes that Josie just didn't hiccup, she squeaked and there is a crack in her serene exterior. Standing up rather quickly she goes to knock on the wall of the quarentine but doesn't take her eyes off of Josie. "I'm right here sweetie. I'm right here. Take deep breathes and I'll get a Healer."

The expression on Josie's face is pained, rather than fearful. Her face changes, elongating, even as she's shrinking. In mere moments, she's vanished within her clothes, and scrambling to get free. She's a squirrel, with the colouring of Josie's hair. Though it takes a few moments for her mind to change as well, and in those moments she's still Josie. Made evident by the fact that she says the equivalent, in Skweek, of, 'This is brilliant!'

Camilla watches with one hand clasped over her mouth and the other out reached. She was told to keep her distance if and when the change happened so she doesn't get scratched in the transformation process. She's even a bit teary eyed seeing the pained expression. Then there's a squirrel climbing out of Josie's hospital robes. "Oh my goodness!" Cami breathes out. Then the breath catches in a daww and the hand finally lowers from her mouth. "You are the cutest thing!" Is coo'd out in Skweek. But then the healers have arrived and she is rather bruskly escorted out so all of the protocols can be enacted. "I love you Josie!" Is called out a moment before the door of the quarentine is shut with her on the outside. Quickly she finds a place where she's not in the way and she stays there with one hand splayed out on the glass to show as much support and comfort as she can through the barrier.

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