(1941-07-23) Quidditch Camp 1941: Knock'm
Details for Quidditch Camp 1941: Knock'm
Summary: Linc Palancher hosts the game of his own creation at the 1941 Qudditch Summer Camp. There's a small turn-out. But Linc proves Knock'm can be fun for a team of any size!
Date: July 23rd, 1941
Location: Quidditch Pitch
Plot: Quidditch Summer Camp

Linc is in referee robes and gear as he takes to the air after explaining the rules of the game to the two attendees that came. The rules are easily modified for a one on one game. "This should be interesting. Quick and brutal. Let's go!" One quick Palancher Grin (tm) and he blows the whistle and the box opens to release the not two but four bludgers into the air.

Lucinda, a solitary blonde girl with her hair in a tight braid, slinks into the stands with a scowl on her face and a Silver Arrow in her right hand. She doesn't draw attention to herself but she does appear to be here to watch the game.

Billy is present and accounted for, the young Gryffindor beater walking out onto the field dressed in a set of loose fitting second hand Quidditch Robes. He watches Linc closely, not quite star struck, but obviously impressed and thankful to be in the presence of an actual professional Quidditch player. Nodding his understanding of the rules, Billy shifts his attention to Josie and says, "Well, good luck teammate." With that, he swings a leg over his broomstick and kicks off, flying off into the air as the Bludgers are set free. He tears after one as he sees it soar upward and takes quick aim with his bat and swings for the fences sending a bludger arcing toward Josie.

Josie nods along with the instructions, still not at all shy despite the squirrel tail and clawed fingers she's sporting. "Brilliant. Too bad it's just us, but should be fun." She mounts as well, flying up as well. She starts to swing towards one of the bludgers when she finds another flying right at her, so swings her bat to both deflect it and send it flying right back at Billy. She flinches a little on seeing him hit, despite the fact that she just did it, and calls, "You're okay?"

Billy was fairly confident that when he sent the Bludger flying toward Josie that it would land, after all… he is a Gryffindor Beater. He is fairly surprised when his Bludger is sent right back at him and is unable to get out of the way completely. The Bludger whizzes in and grazes him across his back in the attempt.

Reassured that Billy seems okay, Josie is back in position for the beginning of the next round. This time, Josie reacts much faster, swinging her bat almost as soon as the whistle blows, and sending a bludger right at Billy once again.

Billy is once more caught off guard at the quickness of Josie and he tries to dodge, diving low to try and get out of the way but the other Gryffindor seems to have mapped out his trajectory well and the bludger tails him, striking him directly into the knee. "Are you kidding me?" he calls out.

Again, Josie flinches, seeing her teammate hit. But, at least it isn't that bad. But, as always, she plays to win. So, when the whistle blows up for the third round, she's fast again, speeding forward this time to hit another bludger towards Billy.

Billy is off his game, that much is plain to see. Today is obviously just not his day. He pulls his broom upward, flying toward a Bludger to try and send it toward Josie. He is so focused on reaching the far away Bludger that he doesn't see Josie heading for the one much nearer. The crack of her bat on the Bludger is the only warning he gets before the bludger catches him square between the shoulder blades.

That's three points, so the match is over. Josie flies down to Billy now, and says, "Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you that hard." She circles around a couple of times before she finally turns to come to a landing near Linc.

Linc's still beaming that trademark grin, he loves his job! "That was really well played. Both of you. Here, select your prizes. Josie from this box of wallets and Billy from this box."

Billy growls at the quickly spreading bruise between his shoulder blades and he dives his old broomstick back down toward the ground. He lands and gingerly lifts his leg over his broomstick before offering Josie a smile. "Hey, it's okay. I half expected to lose unless you were terrible at hitting the Bludgers. I couldn't outrun anything on this old broomstick. Butterflies outrun me all the time if I'm not careful.." he says with a betrayed look at his broomstick. Returning his gaze toward Josie, his grin returns and he says, "But hey, if anyone had to beat me, I would rather it be another Gryffindor. At least it wasn't a Slytherin." He pauses as Linc holds out the wallets for them to pick from and he picks the one on the left. Pulling open the flap, he pulls out the Chudley Cannons lint and snorts to himself. "Well, that is better than another Bludger to the back!" he says in good nature with a laugh.

Smiling back to Billy, she says, "Thanks. Yeah, we'd never hear the end of it. This was fun, though." She steps forward, reaching into her box of wallets to pull one out. She grins as she finds a gold Appleby Arrows charm bracelet, "Fantastic! I'll have to show this to Demetrius."

Billy's joke about his prize gets a laugh from the referee and Linc gives the good sport a pat to an uninjured area about the shoulders. "Oh yeah, Appleby Arrows. You know, I've heard that they are the best team in the league." His boast is playful but his next comment is more sincere. "Would you say hello to Demetrius for me?" Then it's time to clear the pitch so the next event can take place and after shaking both of the contestant's hands he declares the event over and thanks everyone for coming.

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