(1941-08-01) The Daily Prophet - Zoanthropy Cure Tests Yield Promising Results
Details for Daily Prophet - Zoanthropy Cure Tests Yield Promising Results
Summary: An article in the Daily Prophet reports on promising results of early tests for a Zoanthropy cure.
Date: August 1, 1941
Location: St. Mungo's
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic

August 1 – Tests have begun on a cure for Zoanthropy at St. Mungo’s. Virgil Goshawk VI, Healer-in-Charge of Magical Bugs and Diseases announces that early results have yielded promising results. At this current rate of success, a cure may be distributed as early as next week.

Ministry representative Arnold Eele has stated that receiving the cure will be mandatory for all infected witches and wizards to avoid further contagion.

This magical disease causes infected individuals to experience involuntary transformations into various animals. After a 24-hour transformation period, each person reverts to human form. However, each individual retains characteristics of their animal transformation.

Healers report that almost 200 wizards and witches have been affected since June 28 by the outbreak of Zoanthropy. However, Magical Law Enforcement suspects that far more have suffered from the outbreak, but have not come forward.

Identities of several creatures remain unconfirmed. Notable unresolved cases are the wolf-sighting on July 3 and the hummingbird incident on July 18, which resulted in 127 galleons in damage.

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