(1941-08-04) No Rest for the Wicked
Details for No Rest for the Wicked
Summary: Effie and Daniel share a drink late one night at the Leaky Cauldron. To Daniel's surprise, Effie turns out to be an auror.
Date: Thursday, August 8, 1941
Location: Leaky Cauldron

The hour is late - a bit too late for decent folk. But there's still an hour or so before the barkeep closes up for the night. All sorts have gathered at this border between the muggle and wizarding worlds. Daniel steps in from Charing Cross and removes his muggle-style fedora as he scans the room.

Effie sits alone at a table, drinking something steaming from a mug and eating rashers and some chicken pie. She rubs at her cheeks briefly, then takes another drink from the mug. "And the Yanks actually drink this on a regular basis…." she grumbles.

It's hard not to notice the small spitfire of a woman sitting alone. Daniel's murky green gaze lingers on her as she rubs her cheeks and takes another sip. He only just catches her grumble over the noise of the pub and a grin grows on his lips. His path to the bar detours near her table. "Sounds like something I should try. What is it there?" he asks gazing at her with an easy smile and a glint of interest.

"Supposedly coffee, though it doesn't taste much anything like what it smells. Still…." The woman looks at Daniel, and her lips quirk into a smile. "Still, it does help to keep me up. Not that I have to stay awake much? longer." Effie shakes her head. "The chicken pie is better by far."

"Coffee?" Daniel laughs with a shake of his head. "I suppose it does take getting used to. An 'acquired taste' it's called. I do need to stay awake much longer. Mind if I join you for a cup? Likely will do more good than a pint."

"I could mix in some firewhiskey and it'd do just fine. Aye, have a seat. I know it's an acquired taste, but this…. well. This isn't much like the coffee my parents had, when they did have it, which was almost never." She shrugs. "Why do you need to stay awake?"

"As they say, no rest for the wicked." Daniel gives Effie a playful wink before heading for the bar. It isn't long before he sets a cup of black coffee down at Effie's table and he settles down across from her. Lifting his mug he nods to her. "So why don't you need to be awake much longer?"

"Because as soon as Wellsney checks in, I am officially off-duty and can go home," answers Effie. "Paperwork-free, and a long weekend. And that…. is a welcome one." She shakes back her hair. "And I would be in big trouble if I were wicked…." She laughs, winking back. "Are you wicked?"

Daniel leans forward on his elbows, studying Ellie's fair features with a mischievous grin. "Not tonight. I'm drinking coffee, see?" He tilts his cup to show the dark brew. "So are you're on-duty right now?" He arches a brow and glances around. Leaning in closer, he says, "On a stake-out? Looking for someone?" He glances back across at her. "MLE?"

"Auror business," answers Effie, softly, with a nod. "If Wellsney gets back in the next half-hour, I go home. If not…. I go back out…." She motions vaguely to the Muggle-side entrance, her lips twitching. "Lucky for him, my paperwork is legible." She sighs, then finishes her chicken pie. "Either way he owes me a firewhiskey. Why are you up and needing coffee?"

"Hold on, says Daniel, shaking his head. Placing a hand on the table he peers at Effie, brows lifted. "An auror? Damn." He laughs, settling back in his chair to regard her with an impressed smile. "Doubt any of them nasties down in Knockturn would guess it, not for a moment."

"Did you expect more missing pieces?" Effie laughs softly. "Or do I look too…. soft? Domestic?" Her lips curl half-ferally, and her eyes twinkle with amusement. "Yes. An auror. For nine years." She leans back, drinking more of the coffee, and then she frowns. "I swear this must have been brewed at St. Mungos…."

Daniel laughs, watching Effie with a glint of mischief. "Nine years… and not one has touched you." He regards his coffee and lifts a shrug. "Not as bad as that. Then again I think mine might be a fresh pot."

A scruffy wizard of middling age sidles over to stand by the grand fireplace. He and Daniel pair exchange a glance but nothing more.

Smiling back over at Effie, Daniel cants his head slightly. "Is it true you have your own bed reserved at St. Mungo's?"

"Now I think you are flirting," murmurs Effie. She laughs again, a free and glad sound. "Just the other day a child called me 'old', I'll have you know." If she catches his glance or the man he glances at, she gives no outward sign. She shifts a little in her seat, then pushes back both her plate and the mug. "I do have a bed at Mungo's, yes. I may need it after this coffee."

Daniel watches Effie with a softer smile. "No, I hope it stays cold and gathers dust. The world needs more aurors like you out and about." Drinking the last of his coffee to its dregs, he sets the empty mug down. "I hope your Wellsney gets back soon. I enjoyed meeting you." He rises to give a slight bow. With a broad smile, he adds, "Rest well, lovely auror."

With a glance off at the scruffy wizard, he cants his head. A motion to follow. And he does. The pair head off towards Diagon Alley without so much as a backward glance.

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