(1941-08-05) The Wand Chooses the Wizard
Details for The Wand Chooses the Wizard
Summary: Ollivanders Wand Shop is getting busier as the back-to-school shoppers come out.
Date: 5 August, 1941
Location: Ollivanders Wand Shop, Diagon Alley

It is a summer afternoon. The weather is cool and overcast.

This tiny shop can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. There are thousand of small, narrow boxes in here. Every single wall is covered by the haphazardly stacked wand boxes. Most of the boxes are white but randomly one can spot other colors like pastel blue, light yellow, brown, rose pink, and others. The fact that there is a difference of various inches in the length of each box when compared to the rest of the collection makes the walls look like the creation of some sonambulist bricklayer. Towards the back of the shop there are two rickety stool one set in front of a work desk covered in wood working tools and the other set behind it. Every single surface in the shop is covered by an almost invisible layer of dust that if closely inspected turns out to be mostly sawdust.

This is the day he's been waiting for. Daedalus has been excitedly asking on a regular basis when they come shopping, looking forward to getting his books and supplies. It's this shop, however, that holds the most excitement for him. He rolls into the shop ahead of Tim and Annie, but ends up stopping not too far inside.

Tim continues to hold the door, first for the children and then for his wife who gets a quick kiss to the cheek as she heads inside. Once he's in he steps to the side and looks around the shop with a soft whistle. "Been an age, am I right Annie?" He reaches over to give Dae's hair a little ruffle. "Alright my lad. Here we are! Just go ahead on up to the counter and ring the bell. We'll be right here. Watching from a safe distance." He gives the boy a little chuck to the shoulder and the irishman's grinning at his own joke.

Annie steps into the shop, Aurora balanced on one hip, a smile flashing to her jokester of a husband. "I'm sure we'll hardly need t'be," she chides him gently. She doesn't seem inclined to step further inside herself, however, lingering closer to the door with the baby. Her head dips and she looks to the wide eyed littlest Moody. "One day we'll be here for your first wand, poppet." As if in reply, Aurora gurgles happily and waves one biscuit clutching hand.

Clarissa already has her wand, of course, so she hangs back with Tim and Annie. She looks around a little unnerved, perhaps finding the quiet shop creepy. Daedalus, on the other hand, seems fascinated as he looks around. He grins up to Tim, and says, "I'll try not to blow up the store." He wheels forward then, right up to the counter and then reaching up to tap the bell.

Tim ooos out like he's just been struck by a brilliant idea. "Teething Biscuit Wands!" He takes his daughter's wrist between thumb and finger gently and makes her brandish about her biscuit like a wand. "Those would be a hit, right?" He looks to the girls for their input.

"Babies waving about wands is never a good idea!" Comes some unsolicited but expert advise from deeper within the shop. The sound of a curtain being pushed aside is soon enough followed by the sawdust covered presense of the legendary wandmaker, Garrick Ollivander. A chisel is slide away into a tool belt that is removed and hung on a hook on one of the shelves close to the workshop in the back. "So for whom am I selecting a wand for?" Unfortunate angles keeps Daedalus from his immediate view.

Annie laughs at Tim's idea, tilting the baby so that he can more easily manipulate her chubby arm. "I believe Mr. Ollivander has a point, so as long as they're all biscuit and no magic," she says agreeably. Her attention turns to the wandmaker, and she offers a pleasant, "Afternoon, Mr. Ollivander. Lovely day." It's an observation that doesn't necessitate prolonged conversation, letting the attention go rightfully to the star of the day getting his new wand.

Clarissa giggles as well, but to Annie's suggestion she says, "What if they just light up?" Daedalus, meanwhile, rolls his wheelchair back a bit so he can see Mr. Ollivander. "Me! I mean, I need to buy my first wand, please." He glances back to the others and then back to Mr. Ollivander.

Tim seems rather pleased that they like his idea. "Right, just biscuits shaped like wands. No wood, no cores, just sweet tasty goodness." He gives Aurora's treat a look that she knows well, it's a often played game between them. She shakes her chubby arm in a no-no Da fashion and with that 'gonna get it!' expression in his eyes he gums at the air at the treat. It makes the baby giggle, it makes the wandmaker frown.

Ollivander clears his throat at the shenanigans and it schools Tim quickly. "Right, well then, let's see my boy!" Garrick comes around from behind the counter and from his pocket comes a tape measure. Both chair and boy are measured and scrutinized and then with a, "That should do it!" He leaps onto a ladder and climbs up it. One box is pulled from the top shelf and then it is only Annie who probably sees the signs that that ladder on wheels is about to be put to use and the awaiting family are standing along the track!

Annie gives Aurora a little bobble, keeping the baby smiling as Tim sobers up, at least for the moment. She watches the wandmaker with interest as he takes measurements, eyes following his movement to the ladder. "Step back," she murmurs, making sure Tim and Clarissa are clear of the tracks as she steps aside herself.

Clarissa, who was busy watching Tim and the baby, blinks as she looks up at Annie's comment, and then quickly steps back so she's no longer in the way of the track. Daedalus, meanwhile, continues to watch Mr. Ollivander with fascination as he retrieves boxes from shelves.

"…I dinnae want a different wand." The shop door opens to the sound of an argument in progress. A young, ginger girl slumps into the wand shop, arms crossing defiantly.

A man whose red hair suggests kinship follows behind the girl. His tone is gentle, but firm. "Yer goin' to at least try a few, Moira. Nae more complaint." To anyone that has lived in or spend considerable time in Hogsmeade, the pair are unmistakable as the Mayor's son, Alistair Woodcroft, and his daughter and the village princess, Moira.

Tim has just moved to Hogsmeade with the Wife and kid and taken in other kids! Enough research was done that he does place the Woodcrofts when they enter. His hand goes up in that sort of way that he's feeling like he's been slowed down and can't get a warning out in time. He himself was heeding his wife's warning and was taking a step back to avoid the rolling ladder piloted by Garrick himself on a hunt for a few more boxes for Daedalus to try out.

"Watch out!" Garrick shouts but when the ladder would before the door and assuredly knock the new entrants on their Scottish backsides it veers and like a roller coaster it rolls along the shape of the door, up and over the portal but not in front of. It is with an impish little tee hee that Garrick spends a moment above the door grabbing a box before he pushes off again and continues to zip here and there around the shop. Finally it is with an arm load of boxes does Garrick return to put them on the counter. "Pick one my boy. Let's get this show on the road."

Annie has spent a fair amount of time in Hogsmeade and is familiar with many of the locals. Of course, she knows the Mayor's family by sight, offering a nodded greeting as she sways slightly, keeping Aurora moving. It's not as successful as she had hoped it would be, the baby getting a bit fussy now that Daddy has had to mind his manners. Before any crying can begin, Annie leans to murmur to Tim, "I'll take her out for a stroll before she gets into it. Mind the others, love." There's a quick kiss before she slips past the Woodcrofts, getting the baby back out into the fresh air and distractions of Diagon Alley.

Looking between the different options of boxes, Daedalus reaches forward and points to one, probably at random. "I'll try that one, first." He looks up towards the new arrivals than for a moment, curious. He, at least, hasn't met these Hogsmeade locals yet. Clarissa, either. The slightly older girl looks between both Moira and her father, then waving a little to Annie as she steps outside.

Moira balks, wide-eyed at the ladder curving overhead, even though Alistair seems unperturbed, apparently familiar with it. But she won't let it ruin a good snit. "I want Granddad's wand. He said I could have it."

Alistair sighs and looks to Tim and Annie, giving the man a grateful nod for his attempt to rescue them from a tragic ladder collision. "Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Moody. Pleasure to see ye here." He gives Annie a polite bow as she goes, opening the door for her. As Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade, he makes it a point to keep up with the residency of the village. "I apologise for my daughter. She's nae very happy with me at the moment."

Tim still gets a bit of a dopey expression when he gets farewell kisses from his wife. Like it was his first kiss ever. But she reminds him to mind the kids and he nods and he gives everyone in the shop a big proud, those are my girls smile. But then Daedalus is selecting his first box and Tim watches closely smiling off the side to Clarissa and giving her the fingers crossed for luck gesture.

As he's handed each one, Daedalus gives a little flick. The first two do nothing at all. The third sizzles and smokes, though no actual harm is done. The fourth is even worse, sending a few boxes flying off the shelves. He very gingerly puts that one down. Finally, with a walnut wand, he gives a flick and some beautiful blue sparks fly out. He grins, looking back up to Mr. Ollivander.

Alistair gestures toward Daedelus as the walnut wand shows such promise. "There, Moira, yeh see? Maybe one of these wands will give ye a showin' like that."

Moira was quite entranced at the pretty show of sparks, and she gives Daedalus a bright smile when he finds his new companion. But her father's words only bring back her frown with a roll of her eyes. In her defiance, she pretends she didn't hear him and walks over to Daedalus. "Awright, ya? That wand must be the right one. That was so pretty!"

A young-looking woman comes into the shop. She doesn't have a child with her, though she does regard those who are in the shop already. She has a wand, too, and this is worn in a holster where it is easy for her to draw. She carries a box under one arm; this appears to be locked, and on it some letters can be seen: "Mag… L… ent". Her gaze sweeps around the room, and then the grey-clad witch leans against a wall, watchful, yet relaxed at the same time, rather like a watchdog in repose.

Ollivander begins to put together the wand kit to go home with Daedalus and his, "One Walnut wand, 10 inches, pliable flexibility with a Phoenix Feather core. Very impressive Mr. Mulciber. Very impressive. Take good care of your wand and it will take good care of you."

Tim comes up to exchange money for the wand with a big smile and a pat to Daedalus' shoulder. "That's a beauty there Dae. Ye don't have to put it away yet, just careful how ye wiggle it about."

Nodding to Moira, Daedalus smiles brightly, and says, "It was! I hope it is." And, indeed, it does turn out to be the right one. His eyes widen a bit as Mr. Ollivander calls the one impressive, and then nods seriously, "I will take good care of it, I promise." He smiles up to Tim and nods, holding the wand as he looks back down to it to make a closer examination.

Moira gasps. "Phoenix feather! That's really rare, innit? I've got a rare wand core, too," she brags. Even as her father lifts a finger to try to hush her, she blurts out proudly, "It's troll whisker. Bet ye've nae heard of a troll whisker wand before."

Expecting Ollivander's Wand Shop to be crowded, Daniel isn't surprised as he steps inside. It's standing room only, packed with hopeful firsties and their families, gushing about wand cores. The nostalgic scents and sights make Daniel's lips curve into a smile. But easing into the shop, he comes face to face with Effie - a recent acquaintance. His smile quirks wider. "Ah. The lovely auror."

Garrick does his best not to look completely reviled and like someone just dumped ice down his spine over hearing the little redhead's proud boast of what her core is. The way he says, "Lovely." sounds like he has bile stuck in his throat. "But taking on someone else's wand is just that. You will be using someone else's wand the rest of your days my dear. Don't you want to live to your full potential?"

Effie turns her head, and her lips twitch into a smile. "Hello there. The mysterious coffee-man." She inclines her head to him in greeting, then shifts her weight. She keeps an eye on the rest of the room while still looking mostly at Daniel. "So this is what we look like in broad daylight, hrm?" Her head tilts a little, and then she looks at the others once more. Her lips form the words 'troll whisker' and her nose wrinkles. "Imagine gathering those…."

Daedalus looks to Moira curiously, and shakes his head, "I didn't even know trolls had whiskers." He grins, then, though. Then he looks to Ollivander again curiously, and then back to Moira in concern, "Maybe you better try. My sister says Hogwarts is really tough, and she's really smart. You don't want something making it harder."

Moira pinches up her lips in concern when Daedalus warns about Hogwarts' difficulty. "Really? Oh…" Apparently her peer's opinion matters more than the experience and wisdom of her father. But Mr. Ollivander's lack of support for her wand bring a defensive frown. "My granddad says that wands can change masters. He says that some wands are family hair looms." That's right: hair looms.

Alistair places his hands on Moira's shoulders, giving Ollivander an apologetic sigh. "Please forgive my daughter. She quite…spirited today. Moira, we're here to try other wands, just in case your granddad's wand isnae the right one for you. Trust Mr. Ollivander. He knows loads more about wandlore than Granddad does." He looks hopefully back up to Garrick. "Perhaps ye have some recommendations?"

Daniel chuckles with a light nod. "Yes. Glad to see you looking so well rested." Glancing past Effie, his eyes settle on the spirited, copper-haired girl. His eyes flit to her father and linger for a moment. Smiling over at Moria, he says, "Heir looms are rare things. But likely there's a wand here that's been waiting for you its whole life. Ought to give it a chance, at least?"

Tim squeezes Daedalus' shoulder and carefully and gently rolls the boy back a bit. "Do ye wish to stay a bit longer?" He gives his head a little tilt towards Moira. They seem to be hitting it off and far be it for Tim to cut a blossoming friendship short. The Irishman also seems perfectly fine with staying a bit longer, he does have a curiosity about this troll whisker wand ordeal. Is it the right wand for her?

Garrick Ollivander nods to Mr. Woodcroft and out comes his tape measure and he rounds about the counter to squeeze through the growing crowd in the small shop and then once he reaches Moira he tries a bit of charm, "My lady? Might I have the honour of taking your measurements? I only wish you the best wand. If it proves to be your heirloom then I shall gladly arrange for a comfortable box and polishing kit for its care and storage." He twirls his hand in the air as he bows before the Princess of Hogsmeade.

"Reminds me that I need more polish, too," murmurs Effie to Daniel. She looks to Tim and Daedalus and smiles. "Congratulations on your new wand. I hope it serves you well and faithfully." Her fingers brush the holstered handle of her own wand, and she smiles fondly.

Daedalus bends his neck back to look up to Tim, and nods quickly, "Yes please." He then looks back to Effie at the congratulation, giving a bright smile, "Thank you." He seems quite pleased indeed with his new wand. Not even really willing to put it away yet. He looks to Moira, then, giving her a smile but just waiting, curiously, to see what she says.

The interjection by Daniel gives Moira pause. She just stares at him silently for a moment, uncertain how to respond to a complete stranger. At least it seems to quell her attitude a smidge, softening her up for Mr. Ollivander's follow-up. She relents and nods to permit the wandmaker to perform his measurements. "Granddad's troll whisker wand is ten inches…it's made of spruce." He needs to know these things, right? Catching Daedalus's smile, she returns it, her sea green eyes shining brightly.

Daniel's smile widens as Moira stares, drawing out a hint of dimples in the creases of his cheeks. Effie's quiet comment draws his attention. "Can't imagine you'd brave the rush of firsties for wand polish." His cants his head, studying the box under her arm with interest. "Now you have me curious, Ms. Auror."

Tim's emerald gaze shifts overhearing Daniel's address towards Effie as 'Ms. Auror.' Clarissa and Daedalus both are given little squeezes to the shoulder to get their attention. "Goin' to check on Anns and Ro. Be just outside iffin ye needs anythin'." With that he nods in greeting to everyone he passes as he makes his way outside to check on his wife and daughter.

"Do I now? How delightful," Effie counters Daniel. "Curious as a cat, a kneazle, or more so?" Her lips twitch. "The wand polish is an afterthought; I have other business here." She nods to the box under her arm. "Besides, watching the rush of firsties is always so… rewarding. Who knows…. maybe when I retire, barring too many pieces missing, maybe I'll apply for a teaching position…." She winks. "Or maybe a guest lecture, who knows." She watches Tim leave for a moment, then offers the children a little wave. Might as well be a *friendly* public face of the Auror Office.

The angles and quickness of the tape measure as it zips this way and that over and around the young woman is rather a blurr. "There we are." Is murmured by Garrick once he's finished with the measurements. The information provided for by Moira is taken with a little smile and nod, though it's a bit distant like he's not really paying much heed to the specifics about this lesser wand. The wandmaker then with his mind on the task once again he goes patrolling about the shelves and stacks of long thin boxes. At one time he hmmms and with the deft fingers of a Jenga master he pulls out a box from the bottom of a tower of boxes. It looks like it was a 'wall bearing box' but the tower doesn't even tip when its removed. "Girl certainly cold be Blackthorn…" Is mumbled as he does so before he goes to gather another box. "Dragon Heartstring…" When he returns to the counter with an armload of boxes he uses his arms to sweep the left-over boxes from Daedalus' choosing right off the end of the counter to make room for the new pile.

Seeming fascinated by Ollivander's work, Daedalus almost misses that Tim heads outside. He glances up to Clarissa, but she gives a nod, a confirmation that she's staying put even if she doesn't say anything. The girl seems kind of shy, in fact. Daedalus looks back to Moira, watching with interest as she's presented with the wands.

Moira eyes the blackthorn and dragon heartstring wand warily as it is handed over. She glances up to her father, and he gives her an encouraging nod. She waves the wand and…KRA-KOW! There is a crackling burst of light right in front of her. She squeals in surprise when the little explosion blows her backward into her father's legs.

Alistair catches Moira and tips her back onto her feet. He gently plucks the blackthorn wand from her with two fingers and offering it back to Garrick. "Ah…perhaps another, Mr. Ollivander."

Daniel chuckles with a glint of mirth at Effie. "Defense Against the Dark Arts, I assume. Can't think of anyone more suited to it." As Tim passes, and returns his nod. He flinches with a wince at the crackling burst of Moira's magic. But with a chuckle, he says, "Powerful, that. But keep at it. Your wand will find you."

There is a subtle shift in Effie's posture at the mini explosion, a hint of wary tension, and she takes a half-step towards Daedalus and Clarissa, almost protectively. Yet the affable smile remains on her face. "Apparently I need remedial lessons in Basic Paperwork," she laughs to Daniel. "But then, that training comes after NEWTs. She eyes the blackthorn wand, and then tilts her head again. "I wonder if maybe eliminating the troll wand as her proper wand might be a good idea?" she murmurs in a thoughtful tone.

Daedalus jumps as well as the explosion goes off, even more than Moira perhaps. "Are you…" Then, though, it's obvious that Moira isn't hurt, and he relaxes a little. Not much, though. He still looks somewhat panicked. Not saying a word to draw attention to it, Clarissa just reaches to take his hand for a few moments, until he can calm again.

Tim is back inside like a flash when the small explosion happened. He takes a quick once over of what's going on and then seems to nod along with Effie's aloud pondering as he works his way back through. "Everyone alright?"

Moira gives Daedalus a red-faced smile. "Yeah…I'm awright. I tried to tell them my wand isn't here," she mumbles. Next she is handed a rigid birch wand with a unicorn hair core. She swishes it…causing an entire row of wandboxes to fly off of their shelf. A sycamore wand with dragon heartstring simply fizzles and lets out a rather rude sound. A laurel wand with unicorn hair does nothing at all. The next, hazel with unicorn hair, lets out a series of sparks, and the hair of those nearby begins to stand on end. Handing the hazel wand back, Moira slumps her shoulders. "Can I please just use Granddad's wand? Pleeeeease?"

Ollivander is looking rather perplexed as he scratches at his chin one of the tips of his hair is still lightly smoking from when the sparks flew. Hazards of his job so that's not what's upsetting him. It's the failure to find a match for the young lady. "Alright, do you have the wand with you? Let's see what you've got."

"Everything's fine, sir, just wand-choosing. You know how it can be." Effie smiles reassuringly at Tim, and then at the children. "Don't worry; neither Mr. Olivander nor I nor Mr. Kneazle will let harm come to the children." She looks at Daedalus, then Clarissa, and then Moira. "I must have gone through…. oh, over twenty wands before my wand chose me. I lost count after twenty, at any rate." Then she looks over at Daniel. "I'm afraid I don't have your surname, so Kneazle it must be."

Daniel leans against the wall near the door. With a bit of a grin, he watches as Moira tries out each unruly wand in turn. But hearing his new appellation, he glances over at Effie. He chuckles. "Mr. Kneazle. I like it. Though you could call me Danny too."

Daedalus nods to Tim, though he doesn't exactly look at it. Clarissa speaks up, however, "We're fine. Dae just doesn't like when things blow up." Watching as Moira tries out more wands, however, seems to calm Daedalus down. Fascination with the process, it seems, outweighs the initial shock.

Alistair sighs with some frustration, nodding to Ollivander. "My father insisted I bring it, 'just in case'. Have a look." He reaches into a pocket in his robes, withdrawing a wand with a band of Celtic knotwork carved into the handle. He offers it over to Garrick for inspection. "My father had it specially made. I'm afraid I dinnae ken who the wandmaker was, though. Could have been Mr. Hawthorne. It was before I was born."

As soon as the wand is in sight, Moira's eyes widen, gleaming with enchantment at the simple length of wood. "It wasnae Mr. Hawthorne," she says, shaking her head. "Granddad told me. It was his friend, Artifex Mulciber."

Tim smiles at Moira and gives his wards another round of attention getting pats to the shoulders. "Anns is waiting kids. Let's nah keep her too long, right? Oh, a Mulciber?" He gestures to his Mulciber wards. "Maybe someday soon if it's alright with ye Mr. Woodcroft, Moira can stop by the cottage so the kids can talk Mulcibers and wands and such? But for now, best we take our leave and continue on with our shopping."

Ollivander takes the wand and looks it over like the connoisseur that he is. He rolls it around between his fingers. Tests the balance by perching it on one finger at the top of the handle. He even lifts it up to wave it around beneath his nose for a wafting sniff. "Ten inches, surprisingly swishy… spruce. Not one of Hawthorne's that much is obvious." That fact seems to very slightly tick up the wand a notch in standing with Hawthorne's friendly rival. He flicks the wand while holding it up to his ear. Finally the moment has arrived. "Very well my dear girl. Let's see…" Like a King offering a Knight a sword he lays the wand over his forearm offering the handle to Moira.

"Danny seems a little familiar, no?" asks Effie. "Mister Danny Kneazle. Very well. I'm Effie Grant. So. Now you know." She chuckles softly, then shifts her weight with a slight wince. She shifts to allow the others to leave, but her attention is focused curiously back towards the girl and the troll whisker wand.

Moira gives Daedalus a wave goodbye, brightening at Tim's suggestion that she come visit soon. But when Ollivander begins his examination of the wand, her eyes are fixed on wandmaker and her prized treasure. When it is offered, she glances to her father, who gives a nod of assent. Her hand trembles a little as she reaches for it. It's the first time she's actually been allowed to touch it. She takes a deep breath, and wraps her fingers around the handle. The moment she touches wood, the wand begins to emit a trail of dark, forest-green mist full of occasional green sparkles, like stars peeking through a fog. As she waves the wand about, it leaves a ribbon of the ominous mist behind; it's rather pretty in its own way. With each swish of the wand, there is a deep sound, like a distant, breathy groan. It's not exactly the bright and lovely display of Daedalus's wand, but it is certainly not a rejection. Moira is beaming brightly, her lightly freckled face glowing with excitement. "Did ye see that? It's so pretty! Mr. Ollivander, tell my Da, please? Tell him this is my wand?"

Daniel cants his head slightly, catching Effie's wince. But with a light nod and a soft smile, he says, "Now I do. Ms. Grant, it's a pleasure." Leaning against the wall, Daniel has left plenty of room for Tim and his two wards to exit. Still, he shifts further out of their way as Daedalus passes in his chair. Should Tim or either of the children happen a glance up at him, he casts an easy grin. However, as Ollivander presents the troll-whisker wand to the little princess of Hogsmeade, Daniel's attention fixes on them with a hint of curiosity. He inclines his head, observing the wand's response with interest.

Ollivander watches the display, he crosses his arms and squints some. He looks from wand to girl to wand to girl again. One hand lifts to itch at his chin. "Well Mr. Woodcroft. I say that My lady Moira here, and her grandpappy's wand are actually quite the match. New territory here, very interesting. While I'm sure that there is another wand somewhere in my vaults for her, I doubt that she will feel the connection with any of them. If that connection ever wanes, my door is always open. But for now…" He is reluctant to admit it, "I'll have this boxed up and a kit arranged."

Moira lets out a squeal and literally jumps and spins in place, excitedly bouncing in circles. "So I can keep it?" She finally stops spinning to look up at her father, her sea green eyes large and so sweet. Who could possibly deny that face? Apparently not her father, as he sighs and nods. She squeals again and throws her arms around him. "Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye!" She nearly forgets to hand the wand back to Mr. Ollivander to let him box it up nicely.

Effie watches the mist, and she steps back to avoid it. Her eyes narrow briefly, but then she shrugs her shoulders and smiles again. "Troll whisker. Huh. Learn something new every day, hrmm Mr. Kneazle? Like novel wand cores and proper names?" She shifts her weight once more, touching the box under her arm to make certain it is secure.

Ollivander arranges a bag for Moira's wand, leaving a box for it on the top of the other contents so that she can put it away. He does wave his hand in front of his face as he walks through the dissipating mist to give the bag over to the very excited girl's father. Some money is exchanged for the starters kit and service and then the wandmaker coughs as he steps back behind the counter and out of the mists. "Now, who's next?"

Daniel nods at Effie's words, but his gaze remains on Moira and Ollivander with a subtle smile. "And witness what can come of staying true to a conviction." With a soft laugh, he glances back over at Effie. "And what else are you here to learn then? I admit, I'm still curious. You didn't come here for wand polish." His eyes flit to the box under her arm. But now Ollivander calls the next customer, which would be Effie. His grin widens.

Moira gathers up her treasures, clutching them to her chest. "Thank you, Da. Thank you, Mr. Ollivander!" She couldn't be any happier as she follows her father out of the shop, pausing briefly at the door to give everyone an excited wave goodbye.

Effie looks down at Moira, and she smiles. "May it serve you well," she says quietly. Then she grins at Daniel and steps forwards, limping faintly, waving the dissipating mist away with her free hand. She places the box on the counter; it is marked with an M.L.E. seal and locked. Other than that, it looks rather a lot like a wand box. She turns her head towards the waving girl and waves back, then turns to look at Ollivander. "This wand was found at a crime scene. It's badly damaged, and we weren't able to identify either it's last spells or its owner." She looks at Ollivander a moment. "If it is possible to identify the wand, it would be a great help." She nudges the box towards him. "I know that may take some time, but if you are willing to take custody and sign for it, I can return at your convenience. Also…. some wand polish would be grand…. and if I could schedule a wand inspection of my own to make certain of its working order, I would be appreciative." She offers a charming smile, then turns her head towards Daniel. "Does that satisfy, Kneazle?"

Daniel chuckles and returns exuberant little Moira's wave as he leans there next to the door. But his attention soon returns to Effie. He listens with keen interest, and when she turns to him, he smiles as if surrounded by canary feathers. "Almost. Sometimes answers just invite further questions, don't they?"

Effie snorts, then pulls a receipt out of her robes and a self-inking quill. She smiles as Ollivander signs it and takes the box. "It's set to open for only you or me," she says quietly, nodding to the wand-box. Then she tucks the receipt away, and quietly arranges a wand inspection. Finally she leans against the counter as Garrick goes to get her polish, sighing softly.

Daniel rests his head back with the quirk of a grin. Hands in his pockets, he waits. He seems in no rush. Though there are many curious sights in the shop, his gaze lingers on Effie. As she leans against the counter, Daniel says, "So. Your wand core. Was it anything unusual?"

"Unusual to me at the time." Effie half-turns. "But no, nothing out of the ordinary. Unicorn hair, rowan, rather bendy." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Good wand. It's worked well with me for…. well. Nineteen years. It doesn't seem that long. Not at all." She sighs softly, then tugs a pouch out of her robes and takes some money to pay for the polish. Once she is done she steps away from the counter, tucking the polish into her robes as well.

Daniel arches a brow. "Unusual to you? Perhaps our experiences were similar then. I was thrilled with my dragon heartstring. Aspen." He draws the wand in question. "Hard. Might explain the slight fracture." He steps up to the counter now that Effie's business is concluded. He sets it down before Ollivander.

Garrick takes up the wand and examines it close with a frown. "It's had some rough treatment. But nothing I can't fix. Shouldn't take too long either. It's good you didn't wait. One moment, sir." Daniel nods and as Garrick heads off, he leans on an elbow against the counter and glances back over at Effie.

"I'm Muggle-born, yes…" Effie turns her head to look at his wand, and her eyes widen slightly. "My goodness. It has been through a bit, hrm?" She pulls her wand out of its holster; it looks like she could have just purchased it. "I've been told I'm a bit obsessed with keeping mine in shape, but then, my life relies on it. What happened to yours?" She moves over to the lone spindly chair and sits down on it.

"Like Mr. Ollivander says, rough treatment," says Daniel with a grin hinting at mischief. "And I rely quite well on my own. Yet another thing we share, it seems. S'why I brought it in." He cants his head as she settles down on a chair. "Not on-duty?"

"On-duty. Taking a brief break before going back to hand in this receipt. You're awfully curious, Mr. Kneazle. Why? Surely I'm not that interesting." Effie frowns slightly.

"It would seem you are. Am I to you? No other reason for you to linger, is there?" Daniel chuckles softly. He rests back against the counter, watching her.

"Yes…. actually, there is." Effie reddens slightly, then clears her throat. "Which is sitting for a moment or two before getting back to the office. I've not had a real break yet today…. surely I'm entitled." She eyes him again, gaze sharpening.

"Course," says Daniel with a light nod. He glances off after Garrick Ollivander who has vanished into the back of the shop. Pushing off from the counter's edge, he saunters to lean against the wall next to Effie's lone chair. He tilts his head, watching her. "Couldn't help but notice your limp. Was it there last night too?"

Effie looks up at Daniel, then sighs softly. "Aye. It was." She regards him thoughtfully, her gaze steady. "You're watching me, then? Why?"

Daniel's smile quirks wider. "Am I?" He chuckles. "Perhaps a bit. Where else should my attention be? As I said, you're an interesting woman."

"But you give so little information in return, Mr. Kneazle. That's hardly an equitable relationship." Effie laughs softly. Then she stretches out her leg, drawing up the skirts of her robe just above her knee, and tugs down the long stocking. There is a long, jagged scar that runs down the leg.

Daniel's smile fades as Effie reveals the jagged scar causing her limp. A subtle shadow settles across his eyes. "Dark magic doesn't heal so well, does it." He lowers his gaze. "Can't say I have any scars as bad as that." He pauses. With a side-long glance, he meets her gaze and adds with a soft smile, "I've got a few. But they're a bit harder to show in the middle of a shop. And I doubt their stories are anywhere near as interesting as yours."

Garrick Ollivander's footsteps announce his return from the back of the shop. He re-emerges, interrupting whatever Daniel might have said next. "Here you are, sir. Good as new. But do take care not to put quite so much strain on it, yes? It's not as pliable as some wands."

With a broad smile, Daniel saunters back to the counter and nods. "I'll be more careful. How much do I owe you, Mr. Ollivander?" A few sickles does the trick, which Daniel readily sets down. Tucking away his wand, he steps away to allow the next customers to step forward.

Daniel returns to stand before Effie. In a quiet tone that wont carry beyond her ears, he says, "I suppose our relationship isn't quite equitable." He pauses, studying her. His smile widens with a hint of mischief. "How about this: when we see each other next, I'll answer your first question as fully as you answered my comment about your limp. Alright?"

"It doesn't heal so well, and I have strained it rather a lot of late." Effie shakes her head. "Some of the bombed-out buildings make grand hiding places for more than Muggle criminals, and they're dangerous to search with blackouts going on. I'd prefer not to end up back at Mungo's, so. Here I am, resting it. Better than it was, at least. But…." Effie laughs again. "Which question will you be answering, Mr. Kneazle?"

Daniel chuckles - a rich, relaxed laughter. "The first one you ask, Ms. Grant. Is that fair? Or would you rather I answer one before I leave?" He tilts his head, studying her.

"Who are you, Mr. Kneazle, and why do you find me so fascinating? I doubt I'm the first auror you've ever met." Effie rises slowly to her feet. "That is my most pressing question. Or pair of them, I suppose, though they are rather linked together."

"Those are big questions, Ms. Grant. It would take much more than revealing the extent of my scars to explain who I am. But, if they are so intertwined, then your true question must be whether who I am has made me find you, as an auror, interesting." Daniel nods, accepting her question. "I assure you, it isn't the auror that interests me. It's the woman who chose to take up such a dangerous line of work to protect us all. You are someone worth noticing, Ms. Grant. And that's all there is to my interest." He nods with a half-bow. "It was a great pleasure seeing you again."

"Ah…." Effie's cheeks flush. "My father fought in the last war. He fought to protect his mates, and to protect his country." She shrugs her shoulders, evidently embarrassed. "He's lame now, but he bears it with courage. He takes joy in life. He tried to enlist for this war, but he's too old, and, of course, wounded. He trains dogs for them, though, his collies." She lifts her head. "What I do is so small beside his courage, but I serve as I can. I serve so others may know peace."

"As I said, you are someone worth noticing, Ms. Grant. Your stories will be far more interesting than mine." Daniel pauses, observing Effie's flushed features. With a growing smile, he steps in closer to say, "Some time when you're off-duty, perhaps you'll come by the Natrix Dance Hall. That’s where I work. As a bouncer. Might explain the fractured wand. Now I've answered yet another question. Do you feel more at ease, Ms. Grant?" He studies her eyes.

"I do feel a bit more at ease, aye. But… please don't make me out to be a hero. I'm just Effie. Not terribly interesting, or special, or anything. Just Effie." She shrugs her shoulders, and her cheeks flush even redder than before. "Thank you, Mr. Kneazle. I may come by. I may indeed."

Daniel nods with a light chuckle. "I'll watch for you then, Effie. Hope you find it a place where you can feel at ease and have some fun, at least for a night." He nods to her. "Until then." With one last quirk of a grin, he heads off with a purposeful stride.

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