(1941-08-08) The Daily Prophet - St. Mungo's Distributes Mandatory Zoanthropy Cure
Details for The Daily Prophet - St. Mungo's Distributes Mandatory Zoanthropy Cure
Summary: St. Mungo's announces that it has identified a cure for Zoanthropy and has begun distributing it. The Ministry warns that infected witches and wizards will have one week to seek it before it launches its task force to administer manditory doses.
Date: August 8, 1941
Location: St. Mungo's
Plot: Zoanthropy Epidemic

August 8 – St. Mungo’s healers have begun distributing a confirmed cure for magical disease, dubbed Zoanthropy. Reports confirm the cure erases all symptoms of the disease within three hours.

The Ministry of Magic announces a one-week period in which infected individuals may seek the cure at St. Mungo’s. Following this, the MLE and RCMC will dispatch a joint task force to administer cures to all remaining carriers.

“We understand some folks might want to keep their eagle’s eyes or blood-hound’s nose ears, but you aren’t a half-way animagus,” says Arnold Eele, Ministry Spokesperson. “Zoanthropy is a serious disease that you can spread to others.”

Those witches or wizards who do not come forward for treatment will face a hefty fine of 25 galleons.

Healers report that 238 cases of infection, but the Ministry estimates infections of at least 300. Each infected individual retains characteristics of an animal following a 24-hour involuntary transformations into various animals.

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