(1941-08-11) A Mudblood's Oath
Details for A Mudblood's Oath
Summary: As Thyri rests at St. Mungo's Hospital, she asks Daniel to swear an oath to protect her.
Date: Thursday, August 11, 1941
Location: Maternity Ward and Infant Care, St. Mungo's Hospital
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It's been a rough evening and into the wee hours of the morning Thyri is kept under close observation and as color begins to return to her features and the responses have slowed she has been left alone with Daniel in a small side of the maternity ward. The sun is rising, spilling some warm light through the windows by the time she begins to stir having passed out during the earlier portion of her stay.

The sound of others still invade beyond the calm little bubble, the blanket draped over her shifting as she wakes. Still somewhat wan looking, she makes a sound and gathers a deep breath. The moment of calm is broken as she rushes so sit up from her reclined position, hands quickly moving to her stomach and feeling the swell still, one worry is averted. "What is going," she's confused, looking like she may very well push herself up from the bed.

Considering how long it's been since he last slept, Daniel doesn't look too worse for wear. His hair is a bit more disheveled than usual, and his eyes are a bit red. No, he wasn't the father. Just a friend (just met). He had to explain more than once.

Daniel expected no more than a passing conversation - perhaps he'd give some directions. But somehow, he finds himself still at this mysterious woman's bedside. The smart thing would be to leave. This wasn't his problem. But somehow, he can't bring himelf to get up. He stares out the window, waiting.

The moment the woman stirrs, Daniel's murky green gaze darts to her. Leaning forward, he rests his elbows just above his knees. "You're alright. You and your baby are safe. You're at St. Mungo's Hospital. Remember? And I'm Danny."

A string of words sung out in Swedish follow his words and panic briefly climbs to a fever pitch before everything once more settles into her memory. Thyri blinks, catching her breath and stilling herself as is unable to get that far with the spell of dizziness that overwhelms her. Laying back slowly, she stares at him for a time with dark eyes before she repeats his name in her accented tone.

"I remember…" she promises faintly and then closes her eyes, hands pressing to the swell of her stomach. "Has anyone come looking for me?" she asks of him as her head turns to look at the door, rotating on its resting place on her pillow. "Or have we been alone since we arrived?" she then looks to him, that sharpness is there despite the color of her skin.

Daniel watches her with a frown of concern. As her panic rises, the young man lifts a hand to calm her, hushing her in a low, soothing tone. Shaking his head, he says, "No. No one has come looking. The healers stabilized you. Saved your child. And you've been resting here since. The nurse might be in again to check on you though."

Focus remains on him as he speaks and Thyri swallows, nostrils flaring as she drags quick long breaths in through her nose and out again. That calculating gaze slips from him to floor and around the room, darting as if assessing all that is around her. "And you," she says, dark eyes pinning him again, the sheen of sweat begin showing along her brow, "Why did you stay?"

"You asked me to." Daniel studies the woman for a moment before glancing away and settling back in his chair. "And you don't seem like you'd ask something like that lightly." His gaze shifts back to her where it lingers.

Thyri weighs him in silence through observation before she nods, "You so easily understand others?" She is wary all the same but finally seems to accept his presence to a degree. "It is a surprise, that is all. We do not know each other…and I am not your responsibility…" she pauses and with a great deal of hesitation she adds, "Still, I must thank you…" she lifts a hand to touch her cheek and then up to the mess of tangled hair from her flight. "Danny," she begins, "What is your full name…who are your people?"

"Daniel Smith. And my people are muggle folk." Daniel tilts his head, watching her with an arched brow and a bit of a grin to see what she'll make of that. It shouldn't be a surprise, given how well he wears his muggle attire.

Her expression slips from uncertainty, to unease and finally a narrowing of her eyes follows. "Or course you are," she says, really getting a look at him before a sharp breath is drawn and she places a hand to her stomach. Rolling to her side, she begins to shove the blanket beneath the curve of her to help support the creature within. "It is likely for the best it was you that found me…your blood alone means I can trust you…" a tinge of pain but she never lets out from beneath her study. "I heard you…the oath last night..unless I imagined it…would you take another oath…"

Daniel chuckles, untroubled by the narrowing of her eyes. He is well used to the scorn of purebloods, and even some halfbloods. But it turns around, it turns out that's why she can trust him, Daniel blinks. With a slow nod, he says, "I swore a sacred oath among my family's people. And I swore on the few things I hold dear." He smiles, bringing out a hint of dimples in the creases of his cheeks. "What oath would you have me swear now?"

The easy smile draws her attention all the more, eyes searching his face before she considers a long moment. "I will be in England, possibly for the rest of my life…will you give an oath of protection? That in a time of need and until I release you that you will watch over me and more so my child once he or she is born?" she lets that sink in before adding. "You have aided me already, you do not have need to aggree to this," she points out.

Daniel rubs the back of his head. "An oath… of protection?" Releasing a sigh, he leans forward on his elbows once more. He gazes over at the woman with an intent stare. "I'm not what you'd likely call a good man, my dear." His accent slips, becoming somewhat harsher. "And I'm not what you'd call, altruistic. I fink you'd be better off with a Ministry Official houndin' your steps, keepin' you proper safe."

Brows furrow and Thyri meets his gaze, quiet as he talks himself down. "Those who will likely come after me are not good people either," she expresses, dark eyes flickering across his face before settling once more to meet his gaze. "The Ministry is not necessarily safe…and when I do take that step, I do not know if I will find the help I have come for there. I am taking a risk…but one that I need to take. Take the oath, if not for me than do so for my child." Though she realizes he is likely slipping away, the tone in her voice shifting.

Not slipping away as much as she might think - or as much as he'd like. Watching her with a subtle glint in his eyes, Daniel says, "I don't even know your name. Who's chasing you. And you don't know me. I've got my own affairs. Might be that my protection brings down more trouble on you that you were running from, eh?"

"Thryi Helstrom," she says rather blatantly, answering him. "No one is chasing me yet, I fled my husband," she says in a lower tone. "For reasons that do not need to be explained, only that my child and I do not need to be associated with him…my brother lives here in England, but I am not certain how he will feel when he finds out what I have done. He is close to my husband….and I need time, time to dissolve my bonds and be free. I could not make it happen where I was…and maybe not even here," she says.

Daniel's eyes glint with a hint of recognition. As a muggle-born, he keeps track of fascist wizarding movements like the Army of Truth. And the Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute has crossed his radar once or twice. He sighs, glancing off towards the door. "And you want me to protect you. To follow you around?" He meets her gaze. "I'm not a guard dog. And the rare times when I've been asked to keep someone safe, I've been well paid."

Thyri's gaze darkens some at the mention of money, the edge of her jaw tightening as she looks back across the room and towards the door. "Of course you were," she says, her fingers curling just a little bit over the curve of her stomach. "I do not need a guard dog, especially one so well maintained," she lets out a long breath. "I can not pay you, what I have with me is all I have…" she lets her voice trail before she grinds her teeth. "A message then, I can pay you for that. Sent to my brother, expressing that I am in England and urgently need to speak with him…and all I ask you to do is gauge is reaction. I need to know if he values blood of allegiances," she says and her hand wanders from her stomach to some clothing when she realizes she is not wearing the cloak - of course she is not.

Daniel sighs, averting his gaze. For a time, he simply stares off at the door. At last, he glances back at Thyri and in a low, quiet tone, he says, "It might not be the wisest choice for either of us… but I'll protect you, Thyri. No need to pay me. I make enough as it is."

Forestalling her question of her cloak, Thyri regards him in silence as is her wont to do. "You are right to ask for payment.." she remarks and considers, "If my brother will stand for me, I will not hold you to this oath but he remains loyal to Ove even after the death of his twin…" she lets her voice trail and her hand hesitates, reaching out across the distance between them, palm turning up as her fingers fall forward to welcome his grip.

Daniel shifts, easing closer at her bedside. He takes her hand and holds it in a warm, secure grip. Staring down at it, he brushes his thumb across the top of her hand. "Might be even less wise for you to seek him out, than it is for you to seek protection with me." He glances up, meeting her gaze. "You want to anull your marriage and build a life for yourself and your child here. That the short of it?"

His touch makes her tense, her fingers flexing as secures his grip around offered hand. Thryi stares for a moment at the connection before her dark eyes flit up to him, holding there. "I would have stayed if not for this little one, but yes..that is all I want." She tightens her grip suddenly as her head moves on the pillow so she can look at him more directly. "This child will come in several months time and if he has not come for me by then, he will come for the baby, I am certain, especially if I am to have a boy," she whispers, voice nearly as tight as her grip. "Do you still wish to offer your protection?"

Daniel smiles up at her, casting his dimples into sharp relief. "It would seem so. Doesn't seem like either of us as much choice, does it? That keeps things simple, I suppose." He nods to her. "I'll keep you safe, Thyri Helstrom, and your child. I swear."

All too easy, Thyri is shocked into silence with his given oath. A long breath is let loose and her hand relaxes in his but does not let go. Brows once furrowed ease ands he closes her eyes; it would appear the burden has been passed to another and the exhaustion that had been waiting for her to give sweeps back in. "Thank you, Daniel Smith," she says, hand giving a squeeze to his.

Though the burden is felt, Daniel doesn't show the strain. He nods, squeezing her hand in turn and stroking across its top with his thumb. "Rest now. I'll stay with you."

Eyes open and she pulls the pillow down to catch the curve of her jaw as she remains near the edge of the bed clasping hands with her only ally in the world. Thyri stares down at their joined hands, finding strength in having support from a muggleborn wizard. Her grip loosens but remains yet, as if anchored finally enough to allow genuine exhaustion slip over her and steal away her consciousness, remarking below her breath, "We should leave as soon as is allowed." A soft sigh escapes her.

"We will. As soon as you've recovered enough. You can continue to rest at my flat. Likely, it's one of the last places anyone would look for you." Daniel reaches to adjust the blanket, to cover her further. "And my wards will keep you safe. So rest. You've made it safe."

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