(1941-08-12) The Daily Prophet - Wedding Announcements
Details for Wedding Announcements
Summary: A small selection from the personal announcements section.
Date: August 12, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade Village

Wedding Bells for Kettleburn & Pettigrew

It is with great joy and celebration that Silvanus Kettleburn and Enid Pettigrew announce the affirmation of exchanged wedding vows this past twentieth of June during the Summer Solstice. The two were made husband and wife at the Hogsmeade Town Hall with all proper ceremony. This will be Silvanus' first marriage and Enid's eighth. The bride is currently the Hogwarts Professor of Transfiguration while the groom teaches the Care of Magical Creatures. The Daily Prophet would like to congratulate the two on their nuptials and hope they see many years of good health.

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