(1941-08-14) Bad Apples
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Summary: Walburga tries to warn Daedalus about certain houses at Hogwarts, and Dae meets a friend of his mom.
Date: August 14th, 1941
Location: Carkitt Market

It's a warm summery sunny August day, and the Carkitt Market is a raucous clash of sounds and sights with merchants hawking all sorts of interesting things from their garish carts or stalls to get the attention of the passerby. There's one young witch dressed in a rather old-fashioned black dress with a serious looking expression on her face as Walburga's chin is held upwards. Behind her is a house elf that's carrying a black and white striped canvas bag that holds no doubt whatever she's buying today.

Through the sounds of people chatting and merchants trying to sell their wares, and the animals some are trying to sell, comes the clickety-clicking sound of clockwork gears as Daedalus rolls into view from Merlin Square. He pulls back on the levers he was holding on to on his wheelchair as he approaches the crowded market, pulling to a stop and then starting to manually push himself along as he navigates the crowd, stopping regularly to look at something on sale with curiosity.

As Walburga cuts through the crowd, she pauses by one stand that is selling enchanted pinwheels that glitter and sparkle with an unseen wind propelling it. "Far too colorful." remarks the Black in a flat tone before saying "I'll take the green one with that sickly yellow sparkle." as she orders it before glancing across a sharp shoulder and spying a young boy nearby on a wheelchair. Her eyes narrow as she's sizing up the boy.

Daedalus stops at a booth to examine something labelled a 'secret keeping journal'. "Only your touch will be able to open it," the salesman is saying, but Daedalus says, "Maybe later, thanks." He does seem interested, but for whatever reason continues on. He stops again, however, as he sees Walburga watching him. "Hello."

The hello by the younger boy is met with still a set of narrowed eyes before she flicks the hard gaze towards the man selling secret journals. "Those are handy to have on you, never know when you might need to make a list of names or notes. Kreacher, take the pinwheel and put it in the bag." The house elf, standing behind her, says "Of course, mistress."

"I don't think I've seen you at Hogwarts. You do go to school, don't you? You look old enough."

Daedalus glances back to the journals again, and says, "Yeah, going to ask if I can get one later." He looks back, then, and nods, "Well, I start in a couple of weeks. This will be my first year." He's grinning as he says it, and sounds excited.

"What's wrong with your face?" asks Walburga when the boy begins to grin, ignoring his excitement. She has her brows crease in a small frown before she says "The study of magic is a serious thing, not some little past-time to keep you busy in-between dreaming amongst the pixies pulling your hair." She looks him over again, plainly looking at the wheelchair. "You won't be much help playing quidditch, perhaps there's other clubs you'll get involved in like Chess. What house do you think you'll be sorted to?"

A thin witch limps into the market, carrying a covered cage. She moves slowly, looking at the stalls, but also, at the same time, studying the crowd around her. There is a watchfulness to the grey-clad woman, and she finally comes to a stop not far from the children. She turns her head briefly to look at them, offering a kindly, if tired smile, then looks over a stack of quills.

Daedalus answers, "Just because it's serious doesn't mean it can't be fun too." But still, he does grow a little more serious. "Probably Ravenclaw, that's where most of my family goes. But my sister is in Slytherin, so I might end up with her."

Walburga says, "Ravenclaw is alright, the very best though go to Slytherin. Everything else is either a house reserved for the simpletons or those who are best suited to be assisting and not doing anything amazing." as she explains the other houses with natural bias. "What's your name? I'm Walburga Black." before she looks towards the witch who haves to them.

"She's wrong, you know." The blonde witch turns her head. "About the houses. All have produced stellar wizards and witches, and all have produced some…. less-than-stellar graduates. And some that could never graduate. But to say that two of them are useless…. is ridiculous. Headmaster Dumbledore, for example, is a brilliant wizard and from House Gryffindor. I, myself, am a Gryffindor, and an Auror, and have served with honor. So." She laughs softly. "What she is saying is silly. Be a credit to whatever house you are Sorted into. That is all you need do."

"I'm Daedalus Mulciber, but almost everybody calls me Dae," he answers, not initially making a comment about the bias. He looks back to the adult, however, and says, "Yeah, my mother was in Gryffindor too. And she's an auror too. Do you know her? Xatanna Mulciber."

Walburga listens to the older witch speak and she doesn't seem at all impressed. She crosses her arms over her small chest, the black bows crinkling slightly before she gives a solitary hah. "Oh yes, the house that takes great pride at being mediocre, who accept everything and anything as they happily ignore the traditions and history of the wizarding world so they can be in the spotlight. They confuse scandal with relevancy. Lets see, there was the complete loss of the Quidditch and House Cup, that whole nonsense with the Eibons. Should I go on? How about the wanton destruction of the wizarding world and letting revolting giant half-breeds at Hogwarts! Oh no, lets forget the safety of all the other students and the sanctity of magic and why not just bring in cornish pixies and goblins while we're at it." Looking to Daedalus she says, "Stay away from that house, it's full of bad apples that are rotting away what used to be an alright house."

"Ah yes, the wizarding world. So tell us all about the failings of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs out in the real wizarding world, Miss Black, instead of in your little sheltered nook in school. For every half-blood and muggleborn I have to deal with as a criminal, there are just as many, if not more, who are pureblood. Oh, and pleeennnty of Slytherins and Ravenclaws amongst the lot, little missy." She turns anbd looks at Daedalus. "Your mum's a wonderful woman, and one of the bravest I know. Been through a lot together. Xatanna Mulciber. She was my first partner. And then she took me as a partner twice more." She grins widely. "If she's ever told you about the week of the purple paperwork, that's my doing."

Daedalus looks a little unsure, now, looking between Walburga and Effie. He brightens again, however, as Effie turns out to know his mother after all. He nods quickly, giggling, "Yeah, she told me that story. Brilliant." He turns his wheelchair so he can more easily see both Walburga and Effie, though he himself makes no more comments in the war of houses.

As Daedalus and Effie seem to know one another, Walburga simply says a short and sweet "Just remember, bad apples." before she looks over to Kreacher. "Come Kreacher, I want to get a few more things before dinner." and off she begins walking away.

"And people who think they're better than others just because of who they were born to or what House they were Sorted into…. those are often the worst apples of all," Effie murmurs sadly. "My name's Effie Grant. Your mum saved my life once. If you ever hear anything bad about Gryffindors…. or other things like that…. just remember. Your mum saved my life." She shakes herself, watching Walburga walk away. "That poor, deluded girl."

Daedalus smiles to Effie again, and says, "Nice to meet you." He looks after Walburga a moment, and then says, "Clarissa, my sister, said Gryffindor and Slytherin don't like each other much. She said it was a rivalry, but I guess some people take it really seriously."

"They are rivals, and some people *do* take it too seriously. And some people also don't like those whith Muggle ancestry, whether half-blood or Muggle-born. They think we're lesser…. beings. Some of them don't think we're proper witches and wizards." The Auror sighs softly. "It's a sad thing, really. This is what causes wars. Thinking some people are… less. Are…. not really fully…. people."

"Oh," Daedalus says, frowning. "I know what that feels like. Sometimes the Muggles in London treated me that way, when I went out." Then, he adds, "But I'm staying with a Muggle born now, since the evacuations. She's as nice as anybody I've ever met."

"They don't know how to deal with people in chairs. Or canes. My father is lame, can't walk at all without a cane. And even then, it's slow going. People just stare at him sometimes. It makes them uncomfortable. But see, usually the treatment is more… pity. They think you can't do anything, but, you know, you're still… human. But with others…." She pulls out her wand, and murmurs softly, "Sellacreo." Nothing happens, and she just shakes her head. "I don't usually do this out in public." This time she sketches out a chair. "Sellacreo," she says again, and this time a small stool appears with a rather revoltingly purple plaid cushion. "Oh, nice, Grant. Bloody wand," she adds fondly, then lowers herself onto the stool while she tucks her wand back in its holster.

Daedalus can't help but giggle a little at the purple cushion, but he doesn't comment. Instead, he says, "Maybe with the adults. But the kids aren't even that nice. At least some of them. Some ask a lot of questions, but I don't mind that. Well, except I can't tell Muggles about potions blowing up."

"I dont normally advise lying, but I'll tell you what. Next time, just tell them it was polio. Polio's a Muggle disease, and it's rather awful. It can make you not able to use your legs properly, and only doctors really understand it. You tell them that, and you won't have to worry about too much. You can just say you were very young and very sick, and don't remember much before the chair. Saves a lot of awkward explaining, hrm?" Effie smiles gently.

Daedalus smiles again, and nods quickly, "It does!" Then, he adds, "It isn't all a lie, either. I really don't remember much before the chair. I was four, I think." Then, he adds, "I probably won't see them for a while. I'm not allowed in Muggle London with the war on, and in Hogsmeade I can tell the truth."

"It you *have* to lie, and it isn't a good thing, but sometimes…." Effie sighs. "Well. Stick as close to the truth as you can. Best to not ever have to lie, but…." She raises an eyebrow, and her lips quirk. "By the by, I'll talk to your mum, but my husband and I have a place in Hogsmeade now. We'd love to have you come for dinner sometime."

"Mum's still in London, with dad, I'm staying with her cousin Tim and his wife. Me and Clarissa both are, Locks is still at home," Daedalus explains, but then says, "But I'd like to come visit! But it would be fun!"

"It would be fun. I'll talk to her when I go into the office." Effie inclines her head. "Do you like dogs, by the way?" She looks thoughtfully at the boy, her eyes curious, yet gentle.

Daedalus nods with a smile, and says, "I like dogs. Well, the nice ones. I don't like the ones that bark and growl and stuff at everybody they meet, but most dogs are nice."

"My husband and I have three adult collies, and a litter of fluffball collies. There are five of them, and they're just about three weeks old. Tumble all over everything, but they're cute as anything." The woman laughs. "So if you'd like to see them, you can. Think many of them may go back to my father for training…. a lot of people had their dogs… well. It's a long story. But they can work as well as be pets. So they're more likely to be wanted."

Daedalus grins and says, "Yeah, I'd like to see. I hope I can come visit." Then, he adds, "But I gotta go. Annie, that's Tim's wife, she'll be looking for me soon. It was nice meeting you!" Waving, he turns his wheelchair to start rolling away.

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