(1941-08-20) Creature Camp: Pet Fair and Petting Zoo
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Summary: The Second Day of Creature Camp is a bit laid back, pet purchasing and petting zoo.
Date: August 20th, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade - Creature Camp
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This Creature Camp has a different vibe than it usually does in the past few years. There is no sense of pressure for this camp to financially be a success. While safety is still a big deal there is less of a push for say people to buy as many of the pets available as there has been in the past.

After lunch Camilla gathered everyone up to show them the way onto the farm where many of the pens have been re-purposed to create a lovely little zoo of harmless creatures and animals. Every animal that is on show is for sale as well.

There is a covered booth with some stools around it and a high lipped counter that is full of puffskeins to pet and cuddle with.

Along the railing of the wrap around porch of the farm house there's always been perches but today they are occupied, every single one; Owls and a few ravens are happily perched there. Many of the Owls are retired Post Owls, some from old age, others suffered injuries so while they are for sale, there is a agreement that the Owl will only be a pet, and not be used for Post and Delivery purposes.

Pens each dedicated to certain animals such as one for goats of all ages, one for pigs, one for rabbits, one for sheep and one that has a couple of gentle calves old enough to be separated from their mother.

Within the barn which is opened and free for people to enter and look around in has several wingless horses and even 3 Granians that are for sale. One of the stalls is occupied by a litter of Kneazles that are just coming of age to be adopted. They share the stall with 4 Cats and one litter of kittens. All within the stall are for sale of course. Anything that is not for sale is inside the house or off in a distant paddock that's off limits today.

Around the pond there is a "If you can catch it." open season on the frogs, toads, turtles and salamanders. A little rustic sign is planted on the shore of the pond that gives prices based on species and size.

Camilla is manning a table that is up on the porch in front of the Big House's front door. A til and a master price list on the rest of the table. There's also a scale to help determine prices. The vantage point of her little station also gives her a prefect over view of all of the pens and even into the barn as much as one can see in from the outside. A little kitten is currently inside of the scale and Cami scoops her back out with a soothing little purr. The animal is very happy with the buyer and so Camilla is very satisfied to pass the kitten across to the camper. "May you both bring each other great joy and companionship."

By now, Josie is less of a camper and more helping to run it. So, after spending some time helping out some kids in picking out their pets, she runs back over to the table to sit down by Camilla. Sain, who was lying down nearby, jumps onto her lap. As she starts to pet the cat/kneazle, she says to Camilla, "It's going pretty good so far."

Camilla beams down and over at Josie and reaches over to give her hair a little rake back with her finger tips. "It is going pretty good, isn't it? Haven't had one person complain about the adoption policy yet." In years past there usually is at least one person that complains about the rather strange adoption policy Camilla has, since she can oh, communicate with most of the pets given here, the buyer must not just be able to provide a good home, the animal must also feel a connection and be happy to be going with the buyer. It takes a lot more than just having the money to get a Fawley Farm pet. Camilla's petting hand goes as it often has in the last month to affectionately stroke the fluffy squirrel tail Josie still has. "So I found dessert from day before yesterday squirreled away under the stairs this morning. Was that you? Or someone else?" The question comes with a soft smile. She doesn't mind that it was done. It's just not usually Josie who does it so she's jut having a little tease at her wards expense.

Josie giggles, shaking her head, "No. I got squirrel jumpiness, not that." She might, actually, once have done that kind of thing. Years ago, when she was still getting used to having a home. But that's long since passed. "I was talking to Lissie last night, I'm glad were able to do that whole chore payment thing. Kind of hard to believe some families don't like magic because of religion. I'm glad her mum, at least, isn't like that. Of course, she's a squib, so she knows about it still."

"Pretty bird. Who's a pretty bird?" Young Rubeus Hagrid smiles cheerfully at one of the ravens perched up on the railing, but the bird doesn't seem especially interested in talking back just now. It stares at the enormous lad warily, perhpas not yet convinced of his good intentions. "I think he likes me." He beams up at Camilla and Josie, his big, round face glowing with the absolute joy brought on by being surrounded with so many animals.

Camilla sighs with a soft little frown. "Well you know me, I can't deny my strays." She winks down at her first adopted stray and then looks back to give a monitory sweep of the pens and activities. "You are a very good person Josie. I am very proud of you. I don't want you to think otherwise amidst everything that's happened." Such as her grounding Josie. But then she is all warm smiles over at Rubeus and the raven. A caw comes from her and the raven petulantly tucks down its head and becomes a puffball of feathers. A poop later and it caws back at Rubeus. Like a mother proud of a child making polite introductions Camilla gives a nod, "He does. He's just a little shy and isn't very happy to be on display."

Josie nods with a grin to Camilla, and says, "Yeah." She looks to Rubeus, and says, smiling, "You can trust her, too. Camilla's not just making sounds, she can speak a lot of animal languages." She continues to pet Sain, her cat/kneazle on her lap, as they talk.

Rubeus's mouth drops open in speechless astonishment, his black eyes ping-ponging back and forth from Josie to Camilla. He moves his bulk so quickly toward the steps to the porch that it startles several birds. "Really? Yeh can talk to animals? Do they talk back?"

Camilla gives Josie one of those looks that anyone, with the sort of humble streak a mile wide like Camilla has, being outed for a special ability would give. But it's quickly followed by a serene smile. "They do, if only to tell me that my accent is horrible." She teases in a sweet sort of self-deprecating way before giving Rubeus a wink. "How are you finding camp Rubeus? Not working you too hard are we?"

Josie just smiles back to Camilla, are too proud of the woman to avoid mentioning anything. She looks back to Rubeus, then, curious at the question as well. "Yeah, I remember my first time here, it felt like so much work. Fun work, but still a lot of work."

Rubeus shakes his head with a bright smile. Working too hard with animals? Is there such a thing? "I love it. There's so many animals. I wish I could get to know all of 'em. I don' suppose…" He dips his head, as if that would make him seem any less gargantuan. "…that yeh have any dragons?"

Camilla must hold up a finger to beg just a moment so she can help to point some other camper towards their desired animal area. Then she's back to the conversation with a bigger almost mischievous smile. "Well Mr. Hagrid, because you have worked so hard already, I think you deserve a little secret… because maybe, juuuuust maybe, a friend of mine on the last day just might be bringing with him an egg and a just newborn hatchling with him on the last day. We very well, if we're very lucky, just might get to see the egg hatch too. They are from the same nest so the little sibling shouldn't be too far behind in hatching." It's clear in her tone even as zen as she is that she's just as excited about getting to see this as any camper might be.

Josie is surprised about this as well, it seems, and she looks to Camilla with wide eyes of her own, "Wow, really? Brilliant!" She grins to Rubeus, and then back to Camilla, looking very excited about this as well.

Rubeus's eyes grow to the size of wagon wheels. "A baby dragon?!" The words pour LOUDLY out of his mouth before he can cover it with his hands. He looks around conspicuously, then gives Camilla an apologetic grimace. He removes his hand from his mouth and whispers, "Josie! A baby dragon! We're goin' to get to see a baby dragon!"

Camilla doesn't seem to mind Rubeus letting the cat out of the bag so loudly. Thankfully most around at the moment are enchanted with the creatures and animals that they are cuddling with. "There might also be a very special…" Her voice lowers in to conspiring stage whispers. "A very special prize for those that win the competitions in the next few days. Having to do with…" Look left. Pause. Look Right. Pause. "Being able to help feed the baby." A finger goes over her lips and another long 'know what I mean' long wink is given to the two youngsters.

Josie can't help but giggle a little at Rubeus' loud exclamation. But she nods quickly in agreement, grinning happily. She looks back to Camilla again then, amazed once more, "Oh, wow. That would be so nice. Wouldn't it?" This last is asked to Rubeus.

Rubeus's gasp is so long and deep that there may be brief worry that he'll pass out. "Feed…the baby? Oh, lor'…oh, blimey. Nice?" He looks to Josie? "A ham and cheese sandwish is nice. This is…oh…oooooh. I have ter win…I have ter win…" The young half-giant start wringing his hands and muttering to himself, working himself into quite a state.

Camilla has to cover up her lower face with both hands to hide the delighted expression at Rubeus and Josie's excitement. "There is going to be plenty of opportunities to win one of the competitions. If you ask me, I'm no seer, but I think you might have a fair shot at winning the Bale Tossing competition." She gives a very certain nod of encouragement to Rubeus then a conspirators wink over to Josie.

Josie grins to Rubeus, and says, "Yeah, there's lots of competitions. Just try hard, and I'm pretty sure you'll win something." She gives a quick and emphatic nod to Camilla's suggestion, and says, "Yeah, but you'd do great at that."

Rubeus nods vigorously at Josie. "I'd better go find out what the rest of the competitions are!" Because he doesn't have someone right here who could tell him, does he? "I have ter practice!" Giving Camilla and Josie friendlybut hurrieswaves goodbye, Rubeus bustles away as fast as his long, thick legs can carry him. He's got a baby dragon feeding to win!

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