(1941-08-21) Creature Camp: Bonfire
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Summary: Creature Camp Day 3: The Owl Lessons done off screen the Campers get ready to settle in for a night of bonfire stories. That is, after they've done the Firewood Chopping Competition!
Date: August 21st, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade - Camp Grounds
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After a long day of farm work and lessons on Owl care it's nice to unwind and gather around a fire and tell stories as the sun sets…

But first the fire needs fuel! So it is a firewood chopping competition, the hitch… no magic!! That's right, camper of all ages need to do a tich more manual labour and get to chopping!

Camilla stands to one side of a row of stumps each stump has an axe stuck in it at a good grab and tug angle. Next to each stump is a crate like box and behind Camilla is a large pile of haphazardly shaped hunks of wood. No piece would make good firewood, that's the camper's job to do!

"Alright Campers! The rules of the game. Step up to your stump. Lay at least one hand… not fingertip…hand on the handle of your axe - which I will assure everyone are all enchanted to only cut wood - When I blow my whistle everyone runs to the pile of wood behind me." Camilla gives a demonstrative point to said pile over her shoulder. "Pick up one piece, it can be a huge piece, it can be a small piece, this is a bit of strategy. Choose wisely and carry your piece back to your stump and chop it down to good form. One each stump there is a square, your firewood chopping much fit within that square. The first Camper to get their crates to the side of their stump is the winner of the Firewood Chopping Competition and they get…"

Like a car show sales woman Camilla gestures to the stump that is beside her, "Courtesy of Harkiss Candies, a pail of fresh marshmallows, chocolates and digestive biscuits!" Which are pretty much what'll be known as graham crackers to the Yanks. "But wait, there's more! They will also be able to use and take home this fancy golden roaster!" She lifts up a bonfire roasting stick with a pretty ergonomic wooden handle and the long stem and five tines to skewer that which is roasting is held up and hand modeled as well. "Campers take your positions!"

Cara picks up an axe and looks it over, "I wonder if these could fly. Bet it'd make a wicked turn with that blade like a fin." as she runs a fingertip gently over the head of the blade with a low whistle. Up she goes to take her position and to the other participants she gives a thumbs up and a cheerful "Good luck and try your best!"

Aiden steps up and pulls his axe out too he looks at it a smile on his face. "I think this competition will be fun." He says with an almost arrogantly confident smile on his face. "Ill not only try my best but strive to be the very best." Is Aidens reply to Cara.

Lissie also picks up an axe. She looks a little tired, but she smiles somewhat grimly. "Weel. A' least this is something I'm used to using," she murmurs. "Though I cannae use tha' roaster at home. Still." She lifts her head. "If I win, I'll share." Her smile warms, and she hefts the axe, nodding, then sets it down again, placing just her hand on it. "Was hopin' it'd be an owl." She steadies herself, then tilts her head. "An' we have tae fill th' whole crate, right?"

Though she's bit more of a camp counselor than a normal camper, Josie does take part in most of the events. So, she's in line with everybody else, and she steps up to the stump and places her hand on her axe, a grin on her face. She nods back to Cara, smiling, "Good luck!" She also grins and nods to Aiden, and again to Lissie, "Or as close to it as you can get in the time."

Rubeus lumber up to one of the stumps, smiling happily. He's a lad on a mission, and this is just step one in getting there. He smiles to the other young students that he recognises from school, giving them a friendly wave. As he rests his hand on his axe, he stage whispers to those nearby, "If I win, I'll share the candy. It's not really what I'm after."

Camilla lifts a hand, "Axes stay in the stump please. Don't want to invite a test of the enchantment now." She gives a friendly little chuckle and wink and then once everyone has thunked their axes back into their stumps and places their hand on the hand as the game starting position she lifts up an Appleby Arrows whistle (one she borrowed from Josie's win at the Quidditch Pick-Pocketing event) to her lips, they are still curled into a smile as she nods to Lissie as Josie explains. "Get set." The words are a hint muffled with the whistle in her mouth, but she raises her hand up as a visual as well and as her hand drops the whistle blows. Let the competition begin!

Josie waits for the whistle, and then she's off. She runs to grab her first piece of wood, choosing a large one, and then running back to her stump. She does good at first, handily chopping her first block of wood into the proper size pieces. Then, she's running to get her next one. This is where she slows down, as she ends up with pieces too big, and has to chop them more. It's enough to push her back near the end of the rankings.

Even as he jostles his considerable weight toward the wood pile, Rubeus announces breathlessly, "I do this all the time with my Dad. He always says we don' need ter use magic when a little sweat'll do the job!" He surely isn't the first to get his wood back to his stump, but by golly it doesn't take long for him to chop it down to size. The half-giant cleaves through the wood like butter in no time flat, and is soon on to the next piece of wood. After a few logs, he gets a bit overzealous, and buries the axe deep into the stump itself. It takes a few moments to pry it free, but soon he's right back at it, and before long his crate is full and ready for inspection. Lodging the axe back into the stump, he stands and waits, clasping his hands and twiddling his thumbs patiently.

Lissie looks up… and up at Rubeus, and then she bows her head. Her shoulders slump, and she gives a soft sigh. She bites her lip, then squares her shoulders again. "I've chopped wood before," she says to herself. When the whistle is blown she runs to the woodpile, pausing a moment to judge not just the size of the wood, but the *feel* of it, dry, damp, hard, soft…. She chooses wood as best she can, then sprints. And she chops quickly; it is evident from the start that she knows what she's about. But she's just a tiny thing, not very strong, and both the pace and the work itself, added to the work she is doing to pay her way, are too much, and her pace lags. Even with a second win, she has no chance to catch up to the half-giant. Still, she doesn't stop until all her wood is cut, and only then does she set it back on the stump. She lets herself drop to the ground beside her crate, and she leans against it as she sits, her head bowed and her chest heaving.

Aiden runs to his pile of wood at the sound of the whistle. He works hard and fast trying to keep up with the older kids. Obviously his not that bulky of a boy but he definitely tries. He misses a time or two but he picks up his pace again and finally he looks around hard of breath his own crate full and a tired but happy smile on his face. He falls to his knees and remains there for a few minutes.

Camilla, even with her daughter in the competition Camilla claps and cheers for each comeptitor. Smiling around her whistle that's kept in her teeth most of the time so that she can blow it if there is a foul of some kind, or just when the first crate looks full. Though neutral her eyes can help but go wide while impressed by Rubeus chopping of the wood. When his crate is full first she blows the whistle and claps, "Well done! Everyone, that's some good firewood we'll be warming ourselves with tonight. Mr. Hagrid, if you would come up and collect your prize. Everyone else, let's get these crates dumped into the firepit and get cozy around the circle. Who wants to start us off with a good camp fire story?" Camilla is not above doing hard work, so she is the one to pick up Rubeus' crate since he'll have his hands full with his prize and she carries it the several feet over to the fire circle and gives it a dump into the pit. That's where she stays so she can arrange the wood that's dumped into a tipi like bonfire.

There are closed crates beside each log bench that encircles the firepit "Goodies in the crates for everyone." They have less fancy bonfire roasting sticks in them, really just point head sticks, with the same sorts of goodies Rubeus received, he just gets a whole pail for himself and of course the golden stick.

Despite the fact they're competitors, Josie cheers and claps for Rubeus as he's announced to be the winner. She hasn't been this happy to lose a competition since her first dueling tournament. Then, though, she picks up her crate, carrying it to up into the fire pit. She, too, looks tired, though not as bad as the younger kids, as she plops down in the circle around the fire pit.

Lissie lifts her head, sighing softly. She rises shakily and then drags her crate over to the fire, straining, tugging, and finally getting it there. It takes her remaining strength to dump it over, and then she sinks down next to the crates of marshmallows. Her face is wet with sweat and possibly tears, and she closes her eyes.

Aiden stands up himself and starts to head to the camp fire as he passes Lissie he smile and waves.

Camilla uses her wand to ignite the fire and she comes to sit down on the log next to Lissie. Matronly fingers pluck at the red curly locks to pull them back so Cami can lean over and get a look at Lissie's face. "Did I happen to hear that you were wanting an owl sugar plum?" The backs of her fingers go to very gently and soothingly dab at the moisture on the little girls face.

Josie glances over to Lissie with some concern, but seeing Camilla taking care of her she turns her attention to the person she hasn't properly met yet. She gives Aiden a smile, and says, "Hi. You did pretty good out there, especially for your first time at camp. I'm Josie, by the way."

"Aye. Mum has one a' home, but it's really my grandparents' an' only for mum's emergencies. But I hae my ferret, an' even if she isnae magical an' cannae send mail…. weel, firstwise, I cannae hae more'n a ferret at school…. An' secondwise, e'en if she isnae strictly *useful*… I love her all th' same." Lissie's voice is a bit breathless, her accent thickening with tiredness, and she gives a weary smile. "And thirdwise, e'en if I could afford tae buy an owl, couldna afford tae feed it. But…. someday." She shrugs her shoulders. "Aye, someday I'll hae…. have…" She flushes self-consciously. "Have an owl."

Camilla reaches one arm around Lissie's shoulders to give her a little hug which she hopes is comforting to the girl. Being Scottish born and raised she has no issue understanding the girl and even thickens up her own brogue in an attempt to make her feel more at home. "I'll tell you what pumpkin. Did you meet an owl today or yesterday that you liked? I will promise that if you can pick out one of our retirees, I will make sure that he or she won't be sold and you can pick them up to take home with you on Holidays and then next year you can visit them every Hogsmeade weekend and take care of them. If you show me that you can do that. Then you'll be the proud owner of your very own owl. You can keep it here as long as you like. What do you think about that?"

Aiden looks around hes staring into the campfire. Hearing the exchange he approaches Camilla and Lissie. "Mind terribly If I was ta join ya?" He asks the Irish brogue thick at this point. Looks at the two for a moment. "On secon' though' now migh' not be a good toime yea? Ill go sit over hear it seems more like somefin that isn' me concern I apologize fer interruptin." He says heading over to a different log to sit on.

Lissie leans into the hug, sighing. She's sweat-drenched and still shaking a little, but at least she's catching her breath. Then her head lifts, and she blinks up at Camilla. "I can? You'd let me do that?" She thinks a moment, then looks up at Aiden as he approaches. "No, no, please come sit with us," she calls. Then she looks up at Camilla again. "The short-eared owl… Whisper. I think she liked me. An' I liked her. She…. I dunno. Jus' something about her…. Maybe it's tha' she's one o' the rarer owls as hunts during the day too, sometimes." She listened well. "An' she seemed a little fierce, a little lonely, an'…. Anyway." For a moment her eyes are bright and owl-fierce herself.

Since, with the noise, Aiden apparently didn't hear her, Josie shrugs to herself, not seeming to mind. She stands up and moves to pick up some marshmallows, putting them on a stick to start cooking. Before settling in, though, she wanders a little closer to the others as well to sit down again.

Aiden turns to Josie first. "My apologies thank you fer the compliment. Me name is Aiden, Aiden Merrythought." He says with a smile and bow to Josie. He heads back to Lissie. "Iffin yer sure Lass Aye Ill sit with ye' Jus' didn' want ta intrude is all ya know?"

Camilla gives Lissie's back a little rub before she lifts up to a stand. "I'll go have a chat with Whisper, see if that's something she would be happy with, but you two did seem to hit it off well, so I'm sure there won't be an issue. Leave you campers to stuff your faces with sticky gooey treats and tell stories and stay nice and warm by the fire. Josie'll help if you need anything. I'm going to head back and take care of some things." The top of Josie's head is given a quick smooch. "No too too scary stories you." Aiden is given a pat to the shoulder, "Good night Mr. Merrythought. Good chopping." With that she gives a little wave and heads for the Farm.

Josie smiles to Aiden and says, "Nice to meet you." She grins up to Camilla, and nods, "Okay. I won't. I'm not very good at telling scary stories anyway."

"Thank you…" Lissie whispers, blinking her eyes rapidly. Then, after Camilla leaves, she wipes her sleeve across her eyes. She moves to get her cloak; it, unlike her other clothing, is new and also well-made. She sighs softly, then comes back to sit between Josie and Aiden. "I could tell you a story. It's one my mum told me about. Said her mum told it to her. She said it was a real an' true thing tha' happened once years an' years ago, bout transforming into an animal, but she dinnae know naught more than her mum told her…. an' that's long enough an explanation. But maybe you'd like tae hear it?" She clears her throat, then ducks her head shyly. "It might be scary scary."

Aiden smiles at this thought and then replies to Josie. "Pleasure ta meet ya." He looks over to Lissis. "Aye I love ta hear stories, ta me scarier or more action oriented the better ya know. Me mum an' Da think I have a knack fer writin I likes ta wrire stories Im no' so good at tellinem though ya know?"

Josie nods to Lissie, grinning, "Yeah, sure, I'd like to hear it. But I bet it's not too scary, not after it actually happened to me this summer." She twitches her big squirrel's tail with a grin. "Go ahead, though. Bet it'll be fun."

Lissie grins, and she reaches out mischievously, petting the swishing tail. "But it's a pretty tail," she assures. "An' soft. I coult pounce on it like a wee catling, rawr." She mock-pounces, then flops wearily, trying not to land on the tail. "This is a tale of Skye." She looks upwards, then sits up again. "Once it was, when the mist walked the hills an' danced with the wild storm-wind, there was a man. He was a strong, powerful man, and some say he once was a laird, an' others say he was a great chieftain. But he would stride the hills of his lands, all moors and hills and wild thickets, an' not were aine as dared to rob him or do him harm, even if he walked alone. He were fierce an' had hair th' colour nigh of flame, fox-copper, an' not aine nor all who knew whence he came nor wheer, nor his age."

Aiden smiles liking the story so far when there is a pause he speaks. "You got tranthformed too?" He asks the forked snake tongue flicks out a couple of times. If one looks closely at his skin they may notice some of it still has the diamond and skull patterns of when his transformation took place. "So far it'th sounth spooky go on." He says on the edge of his seat.
Pose burst into giggles as Lissie pounces at her tail, then nods quickly to Aiden, and says, "Yeah. After spending almost two days in the hospital waiting for it to happen. It was actually kind of fun." She looks back to Lissie the, then, listening to the story attentively.

Josie burst into giggles as Lissie pounces at her tail, then nods quickly to Aiden, and says, "Yeah. After spending almost two days in the hospital waiting for it to happen. It was actually kind of fun." She looks back to Lissie the, then, listening to the story attentively.

"His name were Fergus, an' they called him Madach-Ruadh, the Red Dog. Which means fox, an' tis said were on account of his wild hair an' his wilder eyes. But he were kind an' merry they say, though he ne'er said much at all. An' years an' years he waled alone. But then, come one spring, a woman walked wi' him, a bonnie lady wi' copper hair like unto his, an' all dainty an' delicate as he were large. An' she were kind an' came unto the villagers an' brought them eggs an' milk an' cheese, an' treated them as weel as e'er a queen treated her subjects. An' she had a voice like the wild birds, an' ne'er spoke but she sang, an' they loved her weel as she loved them, an Fergus loved them all. She bore him twa' sons an' twa daughters, all red-haired. They were kind, the aine an' all, an' if they were odd, they were loved weel enough despite it."

Aiden nods his head leaning on further out listening more and more intently. "Thath great an' what elth happen' ith a grand thtory." His brogue and lisp thicking as he gets more excited.

Josie has been cooking some marshmallows, so she pulls them back now, pulling some of the gooey cooked marshmallow off the stick to eat. Even as she does this, though, she's listening attentively to the story, as well.

Lissie draws her cloak about her. "Her name were Ailsa, an' came a time when she were great wi' child again. An' were a wild night o' storms, an' she an' Fergus an' the children were in the town, wheer they'd been bringing food tae the village, for t'were hard times tha' fall. An' of a sudden, there were a blast of lightning an' a boom o' thunder, an' then a bigger, stronger boom on the door. And there were in the doorway a man bigger even then Fergus, all wild and cold. His hair were blacker than night an' his eyes were blacker still, an' yet they blazed wi' cold light when they saw the woman. She paled, an' dropped fainting tae the floor, an' the stranger roared about the theft o' his wife. Nay, said Fergus, she ne'er wed thee, an' you took her, an' she fled. An' then the stranger roared again, an' he charged at Fergus, an' they say tha' he brought lightning into the inn wheer they were. They duelled until their wands were smoking an' cracked."

Aiden smiles and nods as he leans in further almost falling from the log. The young boy is obviously almost overly excited with the story and how its going action and suspense. "Aye,thath intenth." He whispers to himself the excitement written all over his face.

Josie, too, listens more intently as the action picks up, though not as excitable as Aiden. "I've seen a duel like that, or part of one," she comments softly, but then adds, "I'll tell that story after this." And then it's back to Lissie, listening intently.

"They duelled all th' long night," Lissie says softly. "An' when the dawn came, were many the hurt in the crowd, for they couldna escape. An' someone cried, help us, oh help us Madadh-Ruadh! An' the stranger laughed, an' he took his wand and spoke cruel words. An' wheer all the children were, there now were wee fox kits. An then he cried that none but he should hae Ailsa. She screamed, but she hae no wand. Then she screamed again, an' wheer she was, there were a she-fox great wi' young. An' then Fergus an' the stranger, both roaring in anger, set forth curses. The stranger deflected one, then th'other into the crowd. An' then he an Fergus each sent a last curse towards th'other. The wands cracked an' theer was a great explosion. An' when the dawn light shone o'er the ashes o' the hall, all as could be seen were a great savage black bear herding two she-bears down the hill. An' watching, watching, angry an' protective, were a great red fox an' a fox-family shivering behind him. An' they say tha' his descendents were all born foxes. An' tha' when they grew, some could take human form again. An' that when they wed, their descendents that were true tae the line, they had fox-copper hair. But always, always, the great black bears haunted them, and roamed Skye an' then all o' Scotland. An' the madness o' the black-haired stranger an' the rage o' his wives grew in theer descendents. An' because o' theer madness, they might no ne'er take human form again. But they wait, always wait, in the deepest darkest wildernesses, no ordinary bears. They wait to devour the hand an' heart of wizardkind, tha' they might one day become human again. So if you hear the call of the red-fox, beware, for the kin of the black storm-bear o' Skye might be hunting you. Even here, even now." She smiles, then shakes back her own fox-copper hair. "I think I need a marshmallow."

Aiden claps with a huge smile all over his face. "That wath a really great tale Lass. It was full of action an' thuspence. I loved it a bunch."

Josie smiles as well, nodding quickly in agreement with Aidan, "Yeah, that was brilliant!" She giggles, and says, "Camilla can turn into a fox, but I haven't seen any black bears around and I'm pretty sure she worked for it. Her hair is all wrong anyway."

"I'm the only magic one in my family… I mean, my mum's family except her are all magic…" Lissie grins. "But my brothers and sisters all had sandy or black hair. And my mum's side…. most all blonde or brown. So…. she loved tae tell me tha' story…. used tae say tha' we lived a' the very village wheer it happened, an…." The girl laughs softly. "Weel. It's only a story. Glad you liked it. Much better than the Muggle stories my mum told my brothers and sisters." She grabs for a marshmallow and puts it on a stick. "Mmmmm…."

Aiden nods his head with a smile. "Me whole familys magic. Thoug I don' have any brothers or sisters, I do have some couthins O' courth. Ith it fun ta have siblins?" He aks as that forked tongue flicks. "I don' know abou' changin inta a fox er a bear I wath turned inta a thnake a python if I recall correctly." He says thinking. "It wath a fun and adventurouth time." Aiden says happily. "Thee I grew up in a village in Cork Ireland tho I know about thmall town legendth an' they are all oh tho very brillant. Yerth though ith the betht one Ive ever heard meself ta be thure." He says smiling at Lissie.

Josie eats a bit more of marshmallow, and says, "We didn't really have stories like that in London. Only stories my mum told me was about my dad, the wizard. And that turned out to be true." She grins, as he says this.

"As they're all Muggles an' older'n me, it was rather odd. I love them, though…." Lissie's voice trails off. "My brothers are off fighting in the war, though James an' Max both are in hospital. An' I haven't heard naught about them since I left for the summer. I haven't seen anyone from my family except my gran since I've been at Hogwarts, though my mum writes. But…." She shakes herself. "Was it bad being sick? Or animals? Is it fun having a tail or a tounge like that?"

Aiden smiles and flicks his tongue at Lissie a few times missing her face intentionally. "It wath fun an' well kinda Thcary see Mum an' Da weren' there when it happened An' I wath in Hogsmead an' it wath a gran' evening beautiful an' All next thin' I knew I was a thnake an' the lad I was talkin with ran off all thcared like. It's really fun havin a tongue li' thith it freakth thome people ou' though. So yer at Hogwarts, What house are ye in iffin yer not mindin me athkin."

Josie shakes her head to Lissie, and says, "Well, you kind of lose yourself when you're an animal, at least with us. An animagus like Camilla doesn't, but this disease makes you forget you're human after a few minutes. But in those few minutes, it was brilliant. So much fun! I really want to learn to be an animagus now. I don't mind having a tail, either, or the claws, but I do hope they get a cure before school starts. It's hard to write like this." To Aiden, she says, "I'm in Gryffindor."

"Why does it turn people into such *different* animals, though?" asks Lissie. Anything that isn't about her brothers. She fumbles with putting the marshmallow on the stick, as if she's never done it before. "And you were going to tell a story about a duel, right?" She shivers a little and draws her cloak closer. "I'm in Hufflepuff."

Aiden shakes his head back and forth. "Not sure ath ta why it turnth uth inta such differin beathth." He says scratching his head a bit. "But yer right it wath kinna thcary not thinkin fer yerthelf. But jutht with the inthtinct of the animal." He says nodding to the other two. To Josie he smiles. "Me whole family Merrythought an' Moody wath in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I too wan' ta learn ta be an Animaguth though."

Josie answers Lissie, "My brother, or, well, he's not really my brother, but whatever, Lucian thinks the plague came from someone trying to cheat their way into being in an animagus. Everybody who is one is their own animal, so that's probably why." Then, she says, "Oh, yeah. It's not as interesting a story. After I got my letter, and found out about wizards, I met a man, an auror, that was in charge of looking after me. He's the one that set things up with Camilla, so I could live here. Anyway, it was my first Christmas at Hogwarts, and Camilla and him came to walk me and Lucian back to the farm." She settles in as she starts to tell the story, relaxing a little more into telling the tale.

Lissie pops the marshmallow into her mouth as she listens to both Aiden and then Josie, and her eyes go wide. She blinks, then sighs and smiles, silent as her mouth is full of the unexpectedly sticky, sweet, incredibly wonderful goo. She makes a sound of contentment and listens.

Aiden smies and ooh wait a new story he loves stories after all. "Aye thith ith what it thould be. Thtories are brillaint." He says happily his eyes filled with childlike wonder.

"Lucian and the auror, Bannon, they didn't get along," Josie continues. "So me and Bannon walked ahead and Camilla was kind of yelling at Lucian. Then, all of a sudden, there was a whooshing sound, from behind us. There was a giant snake made of fire, coming out of the woods! Bannon and Camilla turned and started throwing spells at it, to try to stop it, but then there was shouting and a bunch of stunning spells came shooting at us, all of us, out of the woods."

Lissie gasps, her eyes going wide. She doesn't actually say anything, because she is still unsticking her mouth, but she makes a muffled 'mmmff!' sound of surprise. She just stares at the older girl, leaning forwards to listen.

Aiden smiles and leans on the edge of his seat. His whole face is alight with with anticipation its all terribly action packed he oohs and ahs.

"I'm in the dueling club," Josie adds in explanation before she goes on, "But I was still really lucky. I managed to deflect the stunning spell that came at me. Then Lucian was protecting me, he was casting left and right to keep spells from hitting me. Bannon even figured out what the snake was, he called it fiendfyre, and started to cast the counter spell. But then a man appeared right next to me, and he just grabbed my arm and the next thing I knew we were in a warehouse in London. The man took my wand, so I kicked him, and he tied me up. His name was Kriegsbruder, he was a German dark wizard that Bannon had been hunting for years. He was holding me prisoner, to draw Bannon into a trap."

"How terrible!" Lissie shudders, wrapping her arms around herself. A knot of wood bursts into popping flame, and she jumps a little, then gives a high, nervous laugh. "What… happened?"

Aiden places a reassuring hand on Lissies shoulder here if she lets him. "Thounds like it wath a theriouthly terrifyin experience. What happened next lass?"

"He went on for a bit," Josie says, "just ranting about how Bannon had kept ruining his plans, getting in the way. But then, Bannon and Lucian showed up. They didn't even wait for the ministry to help, they just charged in, though Lucian had a spell on him that made him hard to see. After they got through his men, Kriegsbruder threatened me, but Bannon was too fast, and said take his hands off for his daughter. Bannon was my father, and that so I found out. And they started to duel. It was amazing, spell after spell after spell, apparating all over the place, throwing so many spells I thought the roof is going to cave in. Then Lucian was there beside me, he untied me and we apparated home, so I didn't get to see the end of it, but my dad came home a little while later, saying that Kriegsbruder was going to Azkaban. And that's the story. I wish I saw the end of the duel, but what I saw was so amazing. Haven't ever seen anything else like it."

"Wow….." Lissie breathes, turning briefly to smile at Aiden. She looks at Josie. "I'm so glad you're all right. An' was… was your father all right, too?" She trembles still, clasping her hands together. "I'd love to see duelling, but…. not if someone might…. you know…. die…." She ducks her head. "Wonderful story."

Aiden nods his head happily and clapping. "It muthta been a brilliant thite ta behold ta be thure. But I cannae imagine what kinna fear ya were feelin I mean it muthta been a terrifyin thin ta witneth innit?" he asks with a sincere show of concerne. "Ya I mean I hope yer da was alrigh' I mean I hope nothin happened ta him."

Josie nods quickly and says, "Yeah, he was fine. He still is. He and Camilla are going to get married, or at least they say they're going to. They've been saying it for two years now. Anyway, yeah, I was scared, but not that bad. I mean, I was scared for six whole years before I got my Hogwarts letter, so a bit of danger didn't seem so bad. I was used to it, I guess."

"So your father's going to be your father?" Lissie smiles, and she claps her hands. "Weel. Maybe marriage is *their* scary." She beams, moving closer to the fire. "Glad for him, and her, and you. You deserve tae be happy."

Aiden gets quiet for a few moments as he thinks about things. "Me family on me mums side are all a lot of Aurors. Tha' ith a Moody family career choice." He says with a happy look on his face. "Me gran' da's older sister is Galatea Merrythought, she taught at Hogwartth fer a while." Aiden says proudly. "Defence againtht the dark Artth to be specific. Though sheth not there anymore."

Josie grins to Aiden, and says, "She was a great teacher! I really wish he didn't have to go, I miss her classes. Professor Lestrange isn't nearly as much fun." She looks to Lissie and says, smiling, "Thanks. It will be really nice." Then she hops to her feet, and says, "I'm going to go lay down, I'm really tired. Good night!" She waves to both, smiling, and then wanders off.

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