(1941-08-22) Creature Camp: Centaur Meet and Greet
Details for Creature Camp: Centaur Meet and Greet
Summary: Some of the Starchaser Herd comes to Creature Camp, hopefully to start better relations between the Centaurs and Humans after several years of tension and hostilities.
Date: August 22nd, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade - Campgrounds
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The Centaurs


There is a vibe throughout all of Hogsmeade, a buzz of excitement and tension. After several years of being on the border of the Centaur Conflict, especially with it spilling over into the village with more frequency in the last year, the Village is not entirely excited when Camilla escorts a handful of centaurs through the village to the camp grounds.

Before she left she put Josie and Lucian in charge of organizing the Campers to be seated around the camp fire in a semi circle like fashion. So the Ranger leads the band of Centaurs to the open area of the circle. "Campers, I would like to introduce to you some members of the Starchasers Herd of the Dark Forest Clan. There is a matter of great importance that I would like everyone's help with after the archery competition and for the rest of the Camp and even when you're around the village afterwards. There is a sacred artifact of the Centaurs and it was stolen, taken apart and scattered within the area. Two of three pieces were discovered. The third is still out here somewhere and it needs to be returned so the Centaurs can make peace. It is made out of obsidian with silver stars and constellation lines on it. It will look like the bottom curvature of a large archery bow. If everyone works together peaceably, I am certain that we will be successful and we will find it and things can return back to normal for these most honoured Beasts." The way she says Beast is overtly reverent. Like it is the highest of compliments dripping with respect for the Centaur's decision to be deemed Beasts instead of Beings. "Please join me in welcoming our guests and introducing yourselves." She turns to smile to the gathered part of the herd and starts an applause with a little bow of her head.

Waiting until everybody else is seated properly, as she wanders back and forth to help organize, Josie sits down at one end of the semicircle just before Camilla leads the centaurs in. She joins in the applause for the centaurs with a smile.

Aiden walks to a Semicircle and sits down he smiles and claps loudly for the Centaurs. He had seen one once before here at the village in fact. The centaurs amaze him his childlike wonder and happiness all over his face.

Cyrene and her fellow centaurs show a bit of bemused surprise at the applause. But they have grown more accustomed to the humans' strange rituals over the last year, and simply accept it with a few shrugs given to one another. Cyrene has arrived with her bow and arrows, though the bow is safely stowed on her back at the moment. Apparently carrying it in hand would have made the villagers upset, or something.

Ealisaid did not help tensions because she has come in her warrior regalia. A leather shield on her back, a spear that's long enough for her to use as a walking stick of sorts. The woodsmans axe has been polished to a shine and hangs from the belt around her torso where it meets the rest of her equine body. Her armor waxed and glossy in the afternoon light. The applause is soaked up, perhaps with a hint of a haughty air. When her gaze sweeps over the crowd of campers she spots Josie and her eyes squint a touch. She then mouthes, "No dance?" to Josie and looks for a long while like she seriously expects a dance. But then there is just a twitch of a wink before her gaze moves on and her chin lifts. "Ealisaid, warrior of the Starchasers." Her English is getting much better! But her accent of Highlander mixed with something else is still rather thick.

Lissie doesn't applaud; it just doesn't seem, well, right to her. And she still remembers the day she risked… well, expulsion or worse, to lower the rope to let them in. So the young girl rises to her feet, and she curtsies very low, her lowering knee almost touching the ground, and her too long skirts definitely pooling on the grass. "I remember…." she breathes.

Josie gets that Ealisaid is teasing her this time, so she grins back in reply to the wink. She waits for an opening, and then stands up herself, and introduces, even though she's met at least one of the centaur as before, "I'm Josie Davies-Bates, a student of Hogwarts." Just a simple introduction, and she bows and sits down again.

Cyrene chuckles at Ealisaid's bold introduction, nudging her with an elbow as she steps up beside her. "<You are a paragon of subtlety,>" she says in the Centaur tongue. Then, in English, she addresses the gathered youngsters with a sober nod. "I am Cyrene."

Aiden smiles and nods his head. "Me Nameth Aiden, Aiden Merrythought, Im going ta be at Hogwarth startin Theptember." He says with a bow to the Centaurs.

"I am Lissie," murmurs the girl, her own Skye accent very heavy. "Lissie Grant." Somehow she holds herself in the curtsey, and her eyes are still wide with awe and respect. Her hands are clasped at her waist, and she smiles softly.

Once the introductions are done, Josie speaks up, "I know the first piece was found in a troll den." She very specifically does not mention in front of the other campers that she was involved in finding it. She figures that was one of the stories Camilla hinted she shouldn't tell. "But where was the second one found? Maybe there's a pattern that will help us find the third."

Camilla bring the R.C.M.C. representative that she is speaks up, "The second piece was anonymously delivered to the Department after the article was published in the Daily Prophet. So we don't know who found it and where or how they found it. But we are glad that they sent it in. Probably had no idea what they had. Because of the culprit of the theft and scattering, we strongly suspect and hope that the piece is still within the Hogsmeade area." It's rare that Camilla sounds professional, but there you go!

"Has anyone tried the beach?" Lissie tilts her head. "I mean, one was found in a cave, and that's earth, and one was delivered, maybe by owl, so that's air. Fire would destroy it and besides, it came from the wood. So that leaves water, right? I mean…." She flushes slightly. "I just remember something about that… ah… four elements…. in a story. So…. it couldna hurt, noo?"

"Long have we attempted to divine the locations of the pieces, "Cyrene explains. "But somehow they are beyond the sight of our augurs. It is strange that there have been no omens or signs at all. Of course, that is what has caused such chaos within our clan."

Aiden looks in Awe at this. "Thath awful havin a pritheleth heirloom taken from ye an' yer kin innit? Tho are we able ta help?" he asks with a smile. "Aye Litthie ya mightin be havin a fantathtic poin' there." Aiden says as his forked tongue darts out of his mouth flicking quite a bit before going back in.

Camilla gives Lissie a little smile and nod, "It's worth the look. So everyone please keep their eyes open for it when we go visit the shore on Wednesday."

"Thanks, Aiden." Lissie grins, shrugging her shoulders. "And ma'am. It's just an idea. I mean…." She shrugs her shoulders. "Anyway, aye, will look." She smiles sheepishly, then bows her head.

Josie nods, looking thoughtful. And, Camilla (as the person present who knows her best) can likely see that she seems to have an idea of who the anonymous deliverer was, though she doesn't say anything. She nods to Lissie, and says, "Yeah, that's a good idea."

Aiden smiles looking around a bit. "So what can we do to help? How do we help?" He asks

Camilla gives Josie a little bit of a look, what might be considered a squint to some as she did notice the look. "We can speak to the Centaurs respectfully and learn from each other, so that we can all live together in peace and prosperity. So please, ask questions, get to know each other. Learn about customs, please however don't pry too forcefully. The centaurs are a private and subtle culture, filled with many intricacies that no one is expected to come away from this an expert."

Lissie tilts her head, her expression thoughtful. "I… was wondering…." she says quietly, "What if finding it doesn't bring peace? I mean…. what if the others think you've had it all along? Or what if they think…. that humans took it and you've… been…. conspiring with them… us…. all along?"

Spotting that look from Camilla, Josie gives a bit of a shrug, then turns her attention quickly back to the situation at hand. She doesn't say anything, for the moment, but looks to Lissie then to the centaurs curiously.

Aiden nods his head. "Tho what are we allowed to know about your way of life. I don' wan' ta get ye' in trouble er nothin' tha' bein' said I'm curiouth ta learn as much about the culture O' ye' tha' we can. Learnin' is fun I kin ne'er know too much."

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