(1941-08-26) Creature Camp: Dragon Day
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Summary: For the end of camp and Farewell Day, it is a perfect time of year for Camilla to call in some favors and her Dragonologist friends from all over to arrive with young dragons that have just been set on their own by their mothers. A rare opportunity to get to meet the dragons of the world. Remember, waivers were signed!
Date: August 26th, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade - Campgrounds
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A large outer ring of wagons have circled about the exterior fringes of the camp. Camilla has formed up the group of Campers that wish to be involved in meeting dragons and much like a tour guide is herding the Campers about giving them information about each of the dragon breeds. "We're about to have a very special treat. A nest of eggs was abandoned by the mother and so unlike the other younglings we are going to meet today, it has taken these two a lot longer to hatch. But under the care of Harvey Ridgebit we're about to meet two Romanian Longhorns. One recently just hatched, one is being shy and is still in the egg, but we just might be able to get to meet him today. Now, who can tell me what Romanian Longhorns look like?" The Ranger walks backwards in such a way that it's like she has eyes in the back of her head. Even managing to step over a bit of root instead of tripping over it backwards. Her eyebrows perk up and she looks over the group to see who has an answer for her.

Josie walks near the back of the group, not from any lack of interest in seeing the dragons, but more her sense of responsibility, keeping an eye on everybody else. It's quite possible she knows the answer to the question, but she doesn't answer immediately, letting the others, especially the younger campers, get first shot at the question.

Aiden shakes his head as he walks. His eyes alight with amusement and wonder they are dragons and he was briefly reptillian not to long ago. His forked tongue flicks out a few times rapidly, his eyes showing his happiness. This camp has been the most fun hes had all summer and this, this is the most awesome part.

This is it. The big moment that Rubeus has been waiting for. Dragons! The large boy bounces on his heels, jsut barely able to contain his excitement. At Camilla's question, his pudgy hand shoots into the air, high above the other students. "Oh! Oooh!" He waves his hand about, desperate to get the ranger's attention. He whispers loudly to Josie and the others nearby, "I know this! I read a book abou' dragons last year!"

Camilla can't help but softly chuckle and smile at the fact that Rubeus thinks there is any chance that he might not be seen. "Yes Rubeus? What do Longhorns look like? Hurry now, we're almost there and the question will be ruined." It's true, surely the wagon she's leading them two is coming closer into better view and a very large man with a larger presence is stepping down from the back of the wagon holding a squirming creature and what looks like an egg in his arms like he was the proud father of twins.

Josie grins back to Rubeus, nodding to him. She gestures for him to answer, as well, and just continues to follow along. She does look ahead, though, growing a little more excited herself as she sees the man, even if she can't yet see clearly what he's holding.

Aiden watches Rubeus his tongue flicking here and there. He waits eagerly for a response from him he has no idea what they look like. But Dragons are cool yes?

"Um….uh…." Now that he's been called on, suddenly Rubeus can't seem to find the words. So much pressure! "Th-they…um…they're green? And…they got long horns? Oh! That mus' be why they call 'em longhorns!" He smiles proudly at his epiphany, glances to the other students as if for validation.

Camilla bows her head in a nod, "That is right, they are named after their beautiful long golden horns. The little one we are about to meet only has tiny little gold nubbins right now. But they grow an inch a month so you can imagine the sight of an elderly Longhorn. It makes aging a Romanian Longhorn pretty easy to do. So if you meet one with veeery long horns, respect for your elders has never been more important. Now Campers, I would like to introduce to you Mr. Harvey Ridgebit. He is the first and still only human to be able to catch a Peruvian Vipertooth. I'm sure most of you know of the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary? Mr. Ridgebit is the founder of it. He is also the reason we have such a treat today, so please, help me in warmly greeting him - but not too loudly, we don't wish to startle our visitors."

Harvey has a very wide almost dragonish smile as he greets the campers with a nod, "So good to be here! Thank you, thank you. I have heard tale of all the wonderful activities done this week. Who among you were victorious in the competitions? Hmmmmmm?"

Josie nods to Rubeus with a grin, and then claps gently but excitedly for Harvey as he's introduced. To his question, she indicates Rubeus, then adds, "And if they didn't win anything else, I think Aiden, and Lissie if she catches up, should count for helping to get the centaur artifact back."

Aiden smiles and blushes slightly. "Ah thankth Jothie. Thatth really nithe of ye' ta say. How are ye Thir?" He asks Harvey as he claps and hops up and down. "Im exthited Dragonth are amazin' creatureth yea?" He says as his serpentine tongue flicks a few times.

Rubeus waves excitedly to Harvey, trying to keep quiet. With his pinched lips and flushed face, the rotund lad looks like a great, round balloon about to burst. "We get ter see baby draaagons," Rubeus mumbles in a sing-song voice. "We get ter see baby draaaaaagons!"

Harvey nods and carefully passes off the Romanian Longhorn egg to Camilla. That's so he can have two hands to handle the little baby dragon that looks rather like a lizard version of a rottweiler puppy with wings! It is already very bulky with muscles and even though it's small it is built solidly. The golden horns on its head glitter in the day light as it lifts it head and the pooch dark green flesh like a toads throat puffs out and then out again. The lispy greeting from Aiden has Harvey looking at him quite curiously. He was warned by Camilla that several of the campers had been infected with the latest epidemic. It's not that he's realizing that the furry thing on Josie's backside is not a fur mantle or backpack. There is a moment of puttering in a processing mode but he shakes free of it rather quickly. "Alright. That puffing of the throat means that he is getting hungry. Champions of Creature Camp, please form a line right here…" His freer arm is used as an indicator of where the campers need to queue up. That hand then digs into a pouch on his hips and his large fist pulls out again, bits of raw meet dangle out of the spaces in his hand here and there. The first in the queue is offered, "One piece at a time. Keep your hand off to the side and away from the mouth, just like a marshmallow, skewer the piece of meet there on his horn and retract your hand quickly." Harvey has the little dragon in a rather firm and careful hold.

Josie grins as she watches the Dragon, totally missing Harvey's expression on seeing her tail. Sure, and may not be the handsomest dragon, but is still a dragon. Having not won anything, she hangs back, rather than joining the line, but watches with excited attention.

Aiden steps forward to the spot aforementioned or rather pointed out. "Righ' here thir? Thith ith where yer wantin uth yeth?" He asks his forked tongue flicking again a few times rather quickly in his excitement.

Rubeus looks for an opening to get to the front of the queue, but the flattening of a few other students to do it is more than the conscientious boy is willing to risk. So he waits for the others to line up before stepping to the back of the queue. That's when he notices Josie standing apart. "Josie? Yeh didn' win anythin'?" He glances longingly at the dragon hatchling, then back to Miss Davies. "Um…y-you should take my place," he says hesitantly. "Yer older…an' yeh work really hard."

Josie looks to Rubeus in surprise at that, and shakes her head quickly. "No, you earned it. I'm not taking anybody else's place, especially not a friend's. Don't worry, it's fine." She does, perhaps, seem a little envious, but she sounds very firm in her conviction not to steal the spot from someone else.

Camilla leans in to whisper to Josie, "Go on, I couldn't have done this without you and that meeting with the Merfolk could have gone sideways. Go on, just mind your tail doesn't get singed."

"Yes my good boy, right there. Come on forward, seems you are first. Here you go." A cubed piece of meet is deposited into Aiden's hand and the Longhorn hatchling seems to be excited himself, that pooch of skin under it's chin inflating and deflating a bit more quickly now.

Camilla also smiles to Rubeus, "Room enough for the both of you, that was very sweet of you, thank you Mr. Hagrid."

Aiden takes the meat and as instructed he carefully skewers it taking his hand back quickly. "Jus' Like tha' Yea? There ya go ya wee li'l Dragon bebeh. Im bettin yer juth' a wee bi' Ocrath aren' ye'?" Aiden asks him as he stands back just in case of course cant be to careful right. His tongue flicks a few times excitedly as he watches.

Rubeus wrings his hands, but nods to Josie, accepting her decision. "Alright. I jus' thought for sure you'd win summat." He gives Camilla a shrugging smile, then realises the queue is moving and he needs to catch up to the other winners.

Harvey is having a terrible time understanding Aiden. But the boy seems to be speaking to the Hatchling and not him, so he remains quiet but for to praise, "Well done." after the dragon has let out a small but hot gout of flame that sears the meat dangling from his horn. The dark green scaly creature then lifts its head to tilt it way back and nip and chew and tug its meal from its horn. Once devoured it's throat is puffing again and Harvey calls out, "Next!"

Lissie takes a piece of meat, and she eyes it for a moment, then laughs. "And there's your ration-card for the week, little bairn," she murmurs. She steps forwards, looking the dragon in the eye a brief moment. "I'd love tae pet you, Little One, but I think you'd take my hand off as it smells of mutton, now." She skewers the meat and skitters to the side warily, then laughs as the chunk is roasted and gobbled down. "Look just like one o' the sheep dogs…. except they expect us tae cook the meat. Good thing, too…" She offers the dragonologist a little bob of her head, then backs away shyly, still watching the dragon.

Josie looks back to Camilla with an excited grin, "Really?" Then she practically bounces to hug her, as best she can without knocking the egg out of her arms, "Thank you, thank you!" Then she turns, stepping over to get in line after Rubeus.

When it's his turn at last, Rubeus tip-toes up to Harvey and the little dragon. "Awww, lookit 'im! So cute! Can I ho-…" He doesn't even get the request out before Harvey's expression tells him no, he cannot hold the dragon. He dutifully takes the bit of meat, and making cooing sounds at the hatchling, he skewers the meat onto its horn. He's paying Harvey no mind when the warnings come that he is leaning in too close, and doesn't even seem to notice how much thinner his eyebrows are when he's waving goodbye to the dragon.

Josie giggles a bit as she sees the state of Rubeus' eyebrows, but he seems unhurt so she steps forward eagerly as well. Unlike him, however, she's careful, taking the piece of meat, putting it on the horn, and extending it at a safe distance, "Here you go." Then she asks Harvey, "How much do they eat in a normal meal?"

Harvey also looks a bit puzzled at mention of rationing. Being on a Dragon Preserve in Romania has kept him quite out of the loop of War Time Muggle Britain. But she gets a smile, "Once he's got a full belly, there will be time to give him three pets total per person. I also believe that Ms. Fawley will be arranging another chance or two to touch the other dragons." When Josie has given her piece and asked her question he opens up his hand that is now empty. "About that much." A jovial chuckle giggles the large man's belly and like a black haired Santa he then presets the next present. Allowing each of the campers to give a pet to the dragon's belly. Much like a puppy again the hatchling rolls in the trusted arms of his imprinted parent and golden claws give the belly a little itch and then the claw lulls off to the side and the dragon goes into lazy lizard mode. Harvey once more waves those in the queue forward one at a time.

The only one to be kept behind is Rubeus who Camilla preens at motherly like, stroking his eyebrows first with fingers to clean the soot away, and then with her wand and zoooooop, the singed nubbins of hair grow back. She manages to not over do it, so it's nice thick eyebrows again for Rubeus. "There now, off you go, Rubeus, just one finger, hmm?" If he used his whole hand to pet, he'd cover up the dragon entirely after all.

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