(1941-09-05) First Day of Charm Classes
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Summary: The ever charming Professor Viridian (The Scary One) instructs a class of 1st through 3rd Years. Some shine, Some… not so much.
Date: Monday, September 5, 1941
Location: Hogwarts Charmatorium

As the Clock chimes the numerologically significant 19 minute to 1, Professor Viridian sweeps into the room, two young Gryffindors in tow. Neither looking exceedingly pleased to be here. He is an impressive figure in voluminous blue-green robes and an impressive matching hat. Stepping up to the Charmitorium Podium he surveys the class with an ambivalent disdain with his piercing hazel eyes of brilliant blue-green.

"Yes" His voice is sonorous, velvety and powerful as he gives a grin with no warmth in it. "Today we have several… 'volunteers'" Each syllable is clear and distinct and darkly smooth. He eyes them peripherally as the two fourth years tremble.

"First years. Today, you shall be learning the Launching Charm." He takes his wand and demonstrates with a strong upward flourish. "Alarte Ascendare" He repeats again more slowly with the prerequisite wand motion emphasized. "ah-LAR-tay a-SEND-da-ray"

One of the Gryffindor Boys, a young blonde fellow of 15, whimpers.

"Second years. The Hiccough-Curing Charm "Singultio" (sin-gul-TEE-oh)" He demonstrates this too with a flourish but does not cast it along with repeated a demonstration while the pronunciation is repeated more slowly.

Both his volunteers share a worried look.

Lastly he adds, "Third years. Cheering Charm "Exultus" (eks-ULL-tus)" He waves with an uplifting flourish and repeats his instruction in similar fashion. "Since this is the beginning of the new year. I would like each 2nd year to demonstrate their mastery of the Launching spell. 3rd years, your mastery of both the Launching spell and Hiccough-Curing Charm."

The Professor takes a moment to place large bulky plugs in his ears that look remarkably like potatoes. "For launching items you may use the quill you are expected to have brought to class or the ink at your own risk. DO NOT use the Classroom text." He looks back to his charges. "Waverly, assist Miss Keir" "Denshire, Miss O'Farrell"

Professor Viridian adds with a menacing, sonorous tone, "Keir, O'Farrell. These lovely gentleman will be assisting with the latter spells. Please. Do not use them to demonstrate your Mastery of the Launching Spell. Pringle just finished waxing the ceiling. He would prove most… displeased."

Both the Gryffindor boys sigh in relief.

Andara was glad to be back at Hogwarts, and excited to once again be in one of her favorite classes. She was a bit surprised when she walked in, however, to find that her class had been combined with some First and Third Years - last year, all of her classes had pretty much been all students of her own year. "Good morning, Professor Viridian," she offers to the intimidating man with a small smile as she takes her seat.

While Professor Viridian spoke, Andara busied herself with getting her supplies ready for the day: parchment and quill laid neatly on her desk, along with her wand and her copy of 'Charms for Second Years', written by none other than the Professor, himself. Bringing her attention back to the lesson, she made a mental note of which charm he was demonstrating, flipping her textbook open to find it in the first chapter for further reference. 'A cure for hiccups? Brilliant!' she thought, suppressing a chuckle. If only her mother had known there was a bona fide cure, she would have been spared all the water chugging and jump scares of her youth.

Andy regarded the Denshire boy the Professor had sent to her with an air of uncertainty. He certainly didn't look happy to be here. "Erm, hello," she said meekly, readjusting herself in her seat. Just then, she heard the Professor mention that she was to demonstrate her knowledge of the Launching Charm… 'Not too difficult,' she thought, picking up her wand and aiming it at the quill feather on her desk. "Alarte Ascendare!" she proclaims, jabbing her wand at the quill forcefully. It sat motionless on the desk, and her face reddened significantly. "Er.. I'm sorry, Professor! I know I've done it before…" She fingered her wand nervously, swallowing a bit. Perhaps if she had flourished her wand properly instead of whacking it around like a lunatic, it may have worked…

The Scary Professor walks about demonstrating the motion of the Launching Spell, his voice thick, menacing and precise. Words crisp! "ah-LAR-tay a-SEND-da-ray. da-ray, child… not dar-ay. Please no rolling the R's, Pembly. It's not that sort of spell."

Denshire, noticing the young lady's failure with a first year beginning spell swallows nervously. The dark haired Gryffindor boy with green eyes and freckles looks toward the the stairs leading to to the classroom above. From across the room, the Professor looks over with a toothy grin. Denshire swallows and turns to the second year. "Better with Healing Spells are you?" He asks hopefully

Daedalus is quiet as he listens to the instructions, paying close attention. He grins, however, when the instruction is over and it's time to try. He glances to Aiden with a grin, then turns back to put his quill in front of him and pull his wand. He gives the wand a flourish, and says, "Alarte Ascendare!" And… Nothing.

Aiden listens intently and pays as close attention to the instructions as he possibly can. He looks at his wand a bit nervously after which he looks back to Dae Aiden returns the smile as he looks at his own quill. "Alarte Ascedare!" He says flourishing his wand… Oh and look nothing.

Lissie has been listening, though she looks over at the Gryffindor boy dubiously. Then she rolls her shoulders in a shrug and pulls out her wand. She is a bit damp, having trekked over from a rather rainy Herbology class. She flicks the wand and begins, "Alart-" but before she can speak the spell, the wand slips and she squeaks, clamping her hand down over the tip so whatever comes of it would harm anyone. Other than herself; the wand shoots a few hot sparks and she squeaks again.

"ah LAR tay, Miss Wickam" Professor repeats each syllable neatly clipped. "Not 'al lar tay'" repeating her distinctive regional lilt. Odd as his ears are plugged.

Noting the slip of the wand, the blonde Gryffindor turns to Keir with a forced smile and grins worriedly. "Yes. A good grip. Quite important, that!"

Turning to the Slytherin first years, he raises an eyebrow… peering at them both, thoughtfully. "MULCIBER, MERRYTHOUGHT! WANDS HIGHER!" He demonstrates with a an upward flourish as walks closer, speaking low and crisp, "Express your desire and it… shall… be… known." Wordlessly he demonstrates the flourish once more, an empty chair flies high toward the roof and floats down in place again like a well mannered feather.

Andara offers a small grimace of a smile at the Gryffindor boy's comment, nodding shyly. "Er.. Yes, I hope so," she mutters, clearing her throat and deciding to try once more. She had seen the Professor just recently demonstrate the proper wand movement, and so she was determined to get it right this time. "Alarte.. Ascendare!" she speaks firmly with a strong upward sweep of her wand, the wave of the spell catching her feather and sending it up several feet, before it started to flutter harmlessly back down. Andara heaved a sigh of relief. Imagine if she had gotten it wrong twice in a row…

Daedalus sits up straighter at the call from the teacher, nodding to the instruction. He turns back to his quill, trying again with the upward flourish this time. "Alarte Ascendare!" This time, it works very well, and the quill goes flying into the air. He gives a happy smile as he looks again towards his friend.

Aiden takes a deep breath sits straighter and raises his wand higher as instructed. "Alarte Asendare!" He calls out again flourishing his wand. Again though nothing happens he looks at Dae with a look of sadness on his face.

"Competent O'Farrell. Next spell please." The Professor says from across the room, each word clear and distinct and turns to assist another student. The young blonde teen looks nervous but offers Andara an encouraging nod.

"BETTER MULCIBER, AGAIN PLEASE! BUT FIRST SPARE A MOMENT AND DO HELP MERRYTHOUGHT." Turning to William, the Professor looks unimpressed, "Alderton. Handsome wand. Does it do magic, perchance?"

"The first year Ravenclaw paled and after a second's thought pulled a shard of wood from his pocket. "ah-LAR-tay a-SEND-da-ray" The piece of wood flew toward the ceiling. As it slowly fell, he turns to the Professor and explains, "It's rather… um… 'particular', Sir," He nods to his wand.

"The word your looking for is, 'pe-cu-liar'", the Professor replies crisply and moves on.

"I know a good grip." Lissie shakes her hand and wipes off her wand. "It's harder when I'm half-drenched. I was on the outside of the drying-spell." She shakes her head, then lifts her wand once more. "Alart—-choo!" She sneezes, and once more flings herself on her wand to keep it from doing anything untoward to someone else.

The Professor looks up from a first over at Andara's volunteer. "Denshire," his voice low and menacing, "BOO!"

Immediately the boy starts hiccuping as his face pales and he looks pleadingly to O'Farrell.

Andara smiles brightly at what was a considerable compliment coming from this particular Professor, and nods toward her Gryffindor partner. "Very well… Er, I need to cure someone's hiccups?" she asks uncertainly. Was there a way to perform this spell on a non-hiccuping target? Suddenly, out of nowhere, the boy called Denshire started hiccuping violently. So violent, in fact, that it looked as if he was being suffocated by them! Gasping, Andy raised her wand and swallowed deeply, calming herself and remembering the incantation. "Singultio!" she commanded, and with a single wave of her wand the boy's hiccuping stopped, and he was visibly much better for it. Smiling with relief, Andara nodded to him, pleased with her success at this brand new spell.

"Expectation Met, O'Farrell." The Professor looks over, not exactly disappointed. "Denshire." The Professor just offer a toothy grin, a menacing twinkle in his eyes. "The Gryffindor boy started hiccuping again.

Daedalus doesn't even need to be asked, really, he's already scooting his chair over so he can help Aiden get the spell down. A few moments later, once Aiden has the basics down, Daedalus returns to his own desk, once again sending his quill high into the air.

Lissie raises her wand again, but once more she's shaken by a fit of sneezing. "Professor," she says, raising her hand, "May I be excused for the nurse? I've been a bit sneezy the whole weekend, and I would rather get a pepperup potion than accidentally blow up the whole class."

Andara's joy didn't last long - before she could even ask the older boy how he was feeling, he was hit with a fit of hiccups again! Fumbling with her wand, Andy rushed to try and perform the same spell again, but… as luck would have it, in her haste she lost grip of her wand and she missed her target entirely. "Oh no! I'm sorry.. Just - hold on!" Crouching under her desk, Andara blushed with embarrassment as she retrieved her fallen wand. She had to set him right before any permanent damage was done..

The Professor raises an eyebrow at the Hufflepuff Girl. "In..deed," the words roll out menacingly, "Take Waverly with you. Let Madame Spleen know he is to be charged with any necessary domesticity that may be available." He turns to help another student, an obvious dismissal.

"Exceeding Expectations Mulciber. Improvement, Merrythought. Pray, continue gentlemen." The Professors deep, velvety tone emphasized each syllable clearly as he gave a disappointed sigh to several Hufflepuff students trying to help one another, with no success.

Seeming quite confident now, Daedalus continues to work on the spell, flourishing his wand once again, "Alarte Ascendare!" The quill goes flying once again, though not quite so high this time. He frowns a little, despite his success, not so happy with less than perfection.

Straightening herself, Andara gives an apologetic look to her partner. "Sorry.. Hang on," she says, calmly raising her wand. She had to get it right, this time. She had done it before, she could do it again. "Singultio!" At her command, the hiccuping instantly stopped, and a relieved expression seemed to pass over the boy's face. Andy smiled and lowered her wand, taking her seat once more and sighing heavily. This class was turning out to be quite exhausting! Hopefully Professor Viridian hadn't noticed her little fumble…

The Professor takes note of young Mulciber's success but makes no comment, instead returning to the pair of difficult Hufflepuffs.

“Thank You, O'Farrell. Madame Spleen would have been most displeased if I were forced to send yet another student to the Infirmary. Denshire has paid his penance. DENSHIRE! NOT AGAIN, DISMISSED. O'Farrell, Please demonstrate your favorite Charm or Glamour. Not what your best at. Rather… your raisin d’êtreetre… a spell that you makes you…" He takes a dramatic pause,"…excited to be a student of Charms."

Daedalus tries again, sending his quill flying into the air once again, once again not quite perfection. Still, compared most of the class, he hasn't really had any trouble at all after his one failed try.

Andara grinned widely as she thought of just the spell to show to class. Standing slowly, she wondered if it would be alright to perform it… But then, she decided it would be well worth it! "The spell I find the most fun to perform is… Rictusempra!" Waving her wand, a wave of silver light flashed out and encompassed the fleeing Denshire boy, causing him to collapse in uncontrollable fits of laughter with tears coming from his eyes. "P-lease… Make.. it… stop…!!!" Andara bites her lip, but couldn't suppress her gleeful giggle, flushing pink as she turned to look at the Professor with a sheepish grin. ".. Er.. Well, I hope you at least know the counter-spell for that..?" She hoped so, at least for the boy's sake. He had been through quite an ordeal already, this period.

"Deftly done, O'Farrell! Quite Splendid, Indeed." The Professor looked around. "Alderton. Put that over-sized toothpick away, bouy. Come here and prove useful."

He turned back to Andara. "You have shown a talent for that particular charm and as it is part of first year curriculum, I would like you to show young Mulciber here. Lets test his metal a bit further. So far it appears rather…shiny." His tone is enthusiastically velvet, though the words are no less menacing or precise. William scampers over to the Professor dutifully, concerned clearly on his face.

With a wave of the Professor's hand, the Denshire boy's fit abates.

Daedalus can't help but giggle a little as well, as he watches the other boy get tickled by the spell. He looks very interested, though, turning his wheelchair to face Andara with a very curious look.

"Oh.. Of course!" Andara replies to the Professor with a small smile, before turning toward the first year with a patient expression. "Well, firstly, you don't want to go and grip your wand too tightly… A small flourish will do, almost as if you are tickling the subject with the tip of your wand. Wave it once, and it should have the desired effect… Oh! And don't forget. It's ric-tuh-SEM-pruh. If it works, it should emit a silver light, as well.. Why don't you give it a try?"

The Professor nods his head satisfied, and raises a eyebrow at Alderton, who gazes up with a look of worry and trust. He turns to Mulciber, "Please use Alderton here as your target of choice, as his performance today was nothing to laugh about. Perhaps you might in some small way, remedy that."

Daedalus's eyes stay focused, and he imitates Andara's movements as she demonstrates, then nods. He smiles, turning to William, flicking the wand to gently, and says, "Rictusempra!" A jet of silver sparks come flying out to hit William.

The young Ravenclaw's look of concern shatters into one of laughter and delight, oH..NO..OH…HAH..hahhah" He wriggles in his steps for a moment as the Professor nods pleased. Well done, Mulciber, Well shown, O'Farrell. 10 points each for Ravenclaw and Slytherin for their common stride toward competence", he says crisply. As the clock chimes behind him. He raises his attention toward the class. "Please do prepare for the next spell to be taught for your year. Class dismissed."

With that the Professor strides out dramatically with a flourish only equaled by his wandwork. The Alderton boy still caught in the throws of a squealing, high tenor laughter.

Andara beamed, proud to have earned her house some points so early in the term. "Thank you, Professor!" she says as he takes his leave, before packing up her things and getting ready to head to lunch. "Good job, er.. Mulciber?" she directs at the first year boy with an uncertain smile. That was all she heard the Professor call him, after all. "Hope to see you in another lesson soon!" Waving quickly, she exited the room with a little bounce in her step. If only that student knew that she was Muggle-born! Well, some things are best kept to oneself, at times.

Daedalus smiles proudly at the reward of points, and then waves to Andara. "Dae," he adds, in introduction. He waves, and then starts packing up. He does look to William, and say, "Sorry, I don't know how to stop it. It probably won't last long." But, not wanting to be late for his next class, he wheels on out as well.

The Alderton lad stops his giggling just as the Slytherin boys wheels out. He grabs his things and with a merry sign runs off to class as well.

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